There’s Nothing New Here – Just Worse Than Normal


I’m Closing-In on turning 70-Years Old, and in the Annals of History, that Doesn’t even Measure to the Standard of a Hiccup – but During the almost 70—Years, since I’ve been Alive, I have seen Plenty, Read Plenty, Heard Plenty, Lived Plenty, Learned Plenty & Are Still Going Strong . . . But I’ve Never Seen The World Like This.

Whether We Want To Admit It Or Not . . . The Sane People of the World have Allowed the Lunatics to Take-Over the Nut-House, and in this Ridiculous Era of Everything Goes & Nothing is too Extreme . . . They Drag Us Down, Right Along With Them.


The Perfect Scenario To Me – Is The American Women’s Soccer Team . . . And their Captain, Megan Rapinoe, who wouldn’t Sing her National Anthem, Didn’t want to Stand for her National Anthem, wouldn’t Place her Hand over her Heart during the Playing of the American National Anthem – And Took Every Opportunity While In Europe & On International TV To Crap All Over President Trump.

BUT RAPINOE WASN’T ALONE . . . There was no Shortage of American Women on that Team, who Followed their Capitan’s Anti-American Lead, while Playing for the United States Of America, in their Common Uniform Bearing the American Insignia.


But That Wasn’t It Alone . . . I Realize that Many, if Not Most of these Soccer Player Women are Lesbians, Megan Rapinoe Makes A Big Deal Of It, of which they are Very Proud to Confess, which Poses no Issue for me . . . But, did They have to Act Like Loutish Pieces of Work, using Filthy Language, Un-Sportsman-Like Antics on the Field, to be Akin to Testosterone Laden Jackasses, just to show that they can get Right Down into the Gutter of Debasement?

The LEFT Go Out Of Their Way . . . to Teach that Winning Isn’t Everything. And Participating is the Most Important Thing. And that Running-Up the Score on your Sports Competition is Disgraceful . . . Yet – Isn’t That What The Women’s Soccer Team Did?

Megan Rapinoe Made It As Clear As Crystal . . . THAT NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES – WINNING IS EVERYTHING!

I Am Blessed To Be Married To A 100% Woman – Through & Through, who likes to Dress Nicely, do her Hair & Make-Up, have the Door held Open For Her when Going In or Out, and being Complimented from Time to Time on How she Looks.

Anne Is What I Think A Decent Woman Should Be . . .

Anne, besides Editing and Taking Care of our Day To Day Lives, is now More or Less Retired. But Anne is Still Aware & Active.

As A Younger Woman . . . Anne used to Fish & Camp with me in the Wilds of the Canadian Far North. Anne Rode Horses Cross Country, Trains Dogs, is a Proficient Shooter of Handguns and Carbines, Anne Drives a Massive Ford 250 and her Classic Miata. And Anne Lives with me, which is no Easy Task.

And Through It All . . . Through Thick & Thin, Health and Health Problems, During Thin Years & Years of Plenty, During Death Threats Against me for my Conservative Freedom of Expression Position, Anne Ran our Advertising Agency, which did Extensive Business Throughout Canada & the United States.

Anne Doesn’t Swagger, She Isn’t In Anyone’s Face & Doesn’t Cuss!

Anne and I Have No Children, Much Less A Daughter, but if we did, one of the Last Things I would want, is for our Daughter to Emulate the Behavior we’ve seen and Heard from so Many of the American Women’s Soccer Team in Victory.

The Big Lie, Is They Were Playing For America . . . Maybe Some – But Not All.

In all Reality . . . These Women (Girls) were Playing for Themselves. Because, if they were Playing for America, they all would have Willingly Stood for their Flag. They would have all Sung the American Anthem. They would have all Placed their Right Hand over their Heart during the Singing. AND NONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE TRASH-TALKED THEIR PRESIDENT!

To Most Of These Women . . . It was all about Notoriety, Money (Equal Pay), Trash Talking and their Sexual Proclivities. And now that they’ve Won the World Title . . . SO WHAT?

They Rode American Coat Tails . . . They all got Ribbons and or Trophies, they got their Big Tickertape NY Parade. They Swaggered like Victorious Amazons, and they Proved how Tough they Were. And What Exactly Does That Give Them Or America?


These Women Did NOTHING to Make America a Better Country. Or to Promote American Exceptionalism. They Offered some Great Sports Entertainment for what it was Worth . . . and to me – the way they Swaggered & Demeaned their Anthem, Flag & President – On & Off the Field, were the Example of how Young Girls Shouldn’t Act . . . Lesbian Or Heterosexual.

Personally . . . I’m Proud to be Married to Anne for a Host of Reasons, beyond the Fact that Anne is a Woman Though & Through . . . Anne is Capable, Smart, Talented, Loyal, Respectful, Not In-Your-Face, Compassionate, Reserved & Grateful for who She is and for what she Has.

She Doesn’t Have To Act Like A Lout To Be Noticed Or To Feel Important.

I Can’t Imagine a Decent Guy Wanting to Spend his Life with a Piece-Of-Work like one of Most of these World Cup Soccer Players. In my View, these Young Women are the Furthest Thing I would Consider to be Real Women of Multi-Value. But then again, they are a Perfect Product of Today’s LEFTIST Society.

If Not Already . . . These Soccer Women Will All Make Great Democrats.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. 100% spot on Howard. I’ll tell you what. Was Married, three adult kids including a daughter. Wife went all selfish and turned from her Christian values and now we are divorced. Took the older two with her and her lies. I have a wonderful woman in my life now, that is a “lady” and just a blessing. A real man knows the value of a REAL woman. A happily married Christian man know what a Proverbs 31 wife is. These Dykes are horrible examples on all levels, shame on them.

  2. The right is trying to speak out about the left looneys taking over the asylum but we are being cut-off because 95% of lamestream media is leftwing and are doing everything possible to silence the right. Apart from 50% of FOX News and lots of internet people like Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder and Mark Levin, the left dominates the information narrative and too many dumb sheeples believe the bridge from New-York they are being sold.

  3. Spot on Howard. Those soccer bobs only wish they were real women. Gutter snipes deluxe.

  4. I think something like the boy’s 13 or 14 year old national amateur soccer team thrashed them. What I saw was soccer in slow motion.

  5. It takes an effort to behave with class, honor and dignity.
    It takes no effort or intelligence to act in a manner that is disrespectful to your fellow.
    This false sense of entitlement that many people exhibit is because these people have never had to be responsible for the consequences of their actions.
    Overgrown child is what we used to call them!

  6. Well said. I agree 100%. If they asked ME to help ‘sponsor’ their team…I would tell them NOPE, You all DON’T deserve it and then I would suggest they play in ANOTHER COUNTRY, NOT the USA.

  7. next they will want muff diving turned into an olympic sport.

  8. It really has never been easy to be a lady. I know that I am not quite a lady, but anyone who knows me, knows that I have one of the biggest hearts on the planet. I am not sympathetic, I am empathetic & that part of me is what made me a good surgical technologist. Yes, I learned my job well & truly was an excellent tech. I was there when the surgeons truly needed me. As for home life, I can only say after 56 years of marriage to the same man, I also have tenacity & a great love for my hubby.

  9. My heart aches as I see this type of behavior – then my temper kicks in. I, also, am married to a REAL Woman, not only does she like her door opened, me to let her go in front of me, etc. – I enjoy doing those things b/c she is a REAL Woman. One thing that infuriates me is our tax $’s being spent to send jerks like this to represent us. They should be reminded they represent us all – not just those who agree with their attitudes & lifestyles. There are plenty of really good athletes in the USA!

  10. I can vouch for everything you’ve written about Anne – I’ve met your lady wife & she’s quite a wonderful person. She’s a dog lover & you are both very lucky to have each other. Have you heard a lovely rendition of the American National anthem sung by this little girl with a powerful voice – I shall forward it to you!! You’ll be very amazed!!!

  11. The LEFT is so ANGRY that Hillary LOST that they don’t want the RIGHT to SUCCEED at ANYTHING! The LEFT preaches to the RIGHT that ‘Winning Isn’t Everything’, unless it concerns THEM! These girls [or whatever they call themselves] were DEMEANING to the USA and to Pres. Trump. They’ve Won the World Title, but have TURNED OFF many Americans. They don’t DESERVE an invitation to the White House! POLITICS should STAY OUT of SPORTS! RAPINOE and her COHORTS are/were just plain DISGUSTING. MOVE OUT! AMEN

  12. The soccer women you speak of sound like spoiled kids growing up, given all wants & likely threw tantrums if not. As for societies today, multiply spoiled children by millions & here we are. I’ve said couple times before but we are fast approaching Noah’s day. 1st nail in coffin was taking prayer from school then all so-called public places. Then legalized abortion; 4 yrs ago legalized homosexuality,etc., now Constitutional safeguards 1 by 1- free speech, guns, & Christian religion. Won’t stop.

  13. I was thinking, what if this was 5 years or so ago when Obama was president. Say I was in the position of these soccer players and able to speak in front of the world. Would I trash talk Obama? No I wouldn’t. I would say nothing about him unless someone directly asked and then I’d say “I don’t want to talk about him.” Why can’t these sports stars and Hollywood stars talk about their craft instead of politics?

  14. First of all a Happy Birthday to you coming up.Wishing you many more to come. AS for Anne she sounds like a lady like I was brought up to be like a lady.I am not perfect I have said bad words but have cut them out pretty much . As for the girls on our soccer team all I can say about them is SHAME ON YOU EACH & EVERYONE of YOU. To me YOU EACH of or not WINNERS YOU ARE AMERICA’S LOSERS for what you did to our Beautiful FLAG and SONG. SHAME YOU ALL ARE DISGUSTING FOR WHAT YOU HAVE SHOWN OUR COUNTY

  15. Those girls and others like them who mock Judeo-Christian values, our flag and national anthem, will ultimately pay a heavy price for their acts. Evil and wickedness never triumph in the end. My wife and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary on New Year’s Day. We are so grateful for your editorials that give us hope that there are others who stand firm against the evil encroachments that confront us each dayi.

  16. Thanks always Howard & a very happy birthday w/many happy returns of the day Sir!

  17. And they will be cheered by many for it. Sports over all. The true opium of the people.

  18. If these women are future, just like the Gang of Four
    In the House…we are in for big trouble. During my lifetime
    I never scene such provocateurs! Last month my wife and I
    celebrated 50 years marriage… We have gotten Ed
    thru this lifetime by being supportive of each other.
    Respect is needed, not rudeness!

  19. Howard, you expressed my beliefs exactly. However the Sane People of the USA have not Allowed the Lunatics to Take-Over. We have done everything we can do short of assassination. Those females should not be celebrated by us. They should never receive any support from any political organization. If they insist on degrading the USA, they should not be allowed to even represent the USA in the future. They could represent “the world or something.” Have a wonderful celebration of your birthday.

  20. First, Happy (upcoming) Birthday Howard. Good Health + Good Luck + Many More. Secondly, I know I speak for most (if not all) CANADIANS, when I say the UNITED STATES is a FANTASTIC COUNTRY and the AMERICAN PEOPLE are the BEST IN THE WORLD !!! Having said that, when singing the U.S. National Anthem, EVERYBODY in that stadium & EVERYBODY playing on that sports field should STAND UP + SING + PRAISE + HONOUR the AMERICAN FLAG in all its glory !!!

  21. To the rude/crude Women’s soccer team- since the USA and it’s President ‘offend’ you so much – pick a country you think is better and move there permanently. We don’t need/want you here. Same goes for the four freshman women in the House. Take your ideology, family, friends & move to another country. Give up your citizenship/visa and never return. Your attitude is a poison to our values and to the TRUE feminine principles. You don’t deserve the freedom and opportunity of America.

  22. Captain, Megan Rapinoe is rude, crude, lewd and socially unacceptable. Megan Rapinoe and her team mates are a disgrace, their behavior is very sad!

  23. When I saw Megan Rapinoe standing without her hand over her heart, I lost all respect for her and the team!

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