Running To Commit Political Suicide



And If You Don’t Like Any Part Of That . . . you Can Kiss my Jewish Pro-American, Pro-Israel, Pro-Zionist, Pro-Religion, Pro-Life, Pro-Free Speech, Pro-Gun Ownership – Ass!


What Couldn’t . . . or More Appropriately – What Wouldn’t be Done by Republicans, is Just Humming Along with the Courtesy of the Group of Socialist (Communist) Members of Congress Led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Media are Either Part of it . . . or are just Fools who are Too Self-Absorbed in themselves & Ratings, so they can be Heard, Seen and/or Read to Understand just how Complicit they are in the Downfall of their own Freedom of Expression.

I Understand . . . that the Wild-Eyed Cortez with the Flailing Arms and Insane Comments, is really an Attractive Subject for Articles . . . so I Understand why the Media are all over Cortez, since she is Exciting to Write & Speak about. And She makes for Great Television.

And I also Understand that the Media of Today, were Taught by LEFTIST Teachers who had Never Left School and have No Understanding of the Real World, or the Consequences of the Real World . . . So Neither Do Today’s Media.

Cortez Is A Train Wreck Waiting To Happen & Nobody Wants To Miss It.

What the Media Chooses to Ignore . . . are the Consequences of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as Cortez Openly, Not Surreptitiously, But Openly Divides America between the TAKERS & THE MAKERS, Dropping all the Pretense the LEFT have so Skillfully Created (RINOS Included) over the Generations, as Cortez Slices & Dices Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Washington Swamp (Insiders).

Then There’s Ilhan Omar . . . The Young – First-Term Black, Moslem Pro-Sharia, Hijab Wearing Minnesota Member of Congress, who is the Face of Things to Come to America, who has Recently said in a Speech to American Highschool Students, that she is Disappointed in America, because this is Not the America (YET), which she Immigrated to from a Refugee Camp in Kenya.

Omar Hates Israel . . . and has made Plenty of Anti-Semitic Comments. She’s also Pretty Stupid, who Doesn’t Think before she Speaks, that there are Cameras & Microphones Everywhere . . . to Record the Lies & Exaggerations which spill Forth from her Moving Lips.

Hearing Omar Is A Daily Reminder Of The Threat That Is Already Upon Us.

And To Add Onto This Toxic Stew . . . is Rashid Tlaib The Palestinian-American – Yet Another (In My Opinion) Jew-Hater, Who Called Her President A Mother-Fucker in Front of her Son and the World’s Cameras & Microphones.

These are the Faces of the LEFT, which are Finally Crawling Out from Under their Rocks, to the Chagrin of Pelosi, Schumer, the RINOS et Al, all of Whom aren’t yet Ready for a Face to Face Political Battle for the Heart, Soul & Truth of America.

Because Of These Three Communists . . . The Truth Shall Set America Free!


There Is Definitely “Democrat” Socialism . . . Which In Itself – Is A Massive Oxymoron. There is No Such Thing as Socialist Democracy, since Socialism . . . Is Simply Taking From Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Give To Someone Who Wants To Take.

And Based on this REALITY, to what Extent does the Government Have, or Should Have the Power to Take What is Not Theirs . . . to Give to People who Never Earned It?

But More So . . . If The Government Can Take What Is Not Theirs – What Can’t The Government Take? And Who Is To Decide What The Government Can Take? And What Are The Limits?

And What Happens To Freedom Of Expression . . . To People like me, who Rant & Rail Against Government Overreach . . . Against The Marxist Manifesto – “From Each According To His Ability, To Each According To His Needs”.

If the Government Can Take What is Not Theirs . . . & Give to those who didn’t Earn it, What Can’t The Government Take-Away & Redistribute?


What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Managed To Accomplish . . . Is to Awaken a large Number of the American People to the Reality of the LEFT & Socialism . . . that the Government wants what’s Yours, and the LEFT (Democrats) Is Leading The Charge.

What Cortez & Company Have Also Managed To Accomplish . . . Is that White People, Successful People, Business People, Men & Conservative Women COULDN’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ANYMORE – As to What the LEFT have to say . . . Other than the LEFT have themselves Proven to be the Racists Within our Societies, who seem to Only See Good & Bad in the Color of one’s Skin and the Reality of one’s Fake (Contrived) Gender. . . White Is Bad. Black & Brown People who aren’t Conservatives are Good. Yellow is Neutral – for Now that is. Men Are Bad. Women who aren’t Conservatives are Good. Birth is Bad. Abortion is Good . . . AND ON & ON.

And Everybody But A Conservative Gets A Trophy Just For Showing-Up.

I am Watching with Glee as the Ocasio-Cortez Gang Has-At-It With Pelosi – Ripping Apart the Democrats as the Democrats Gush Political Blood Without A Leader Amongst them, other than this Piece Of Work . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As LEFTIST Women Like To Say . . . YOU GO GIRL!

Beet Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hear Hear Howard,your best commentary go man!

  2. Being about your age HG and having some shared experiences / education / vision / culture , I lack the ability to put into print many of my thoughts / views as succinctly as you have in your First Three Lines of this one ! 🙂

  3. If you object to government taking your hard earned money you are greedy. If you feel entitled to to that money someone else worked hard for you’re NOT? AOC will astoundingly get re-elected by the low life voters that put her in the first time.

  4. I cannot believe the 3 of these women get any air time at all. There is not greater country than America for opportunity. Being poor growing up and watch other kids in the same place (at 5years of age) and now 86 years old I have seen so many really be wonderfully well off that worked hard including my self who served in the Korean war enlisted not drafted and we all lived thru WWII and our age at that time made us all very patriotic and respectful of our flag. USA USA USA FOREVER

  5. Do you know what’s really scary Howard? That there are many sheeples that will still vote for the demon rats or the fiberals, dippers and greens no matter how communist they become. We know the truth because we inform ourselves and it with complete amazement that I wonder why some sheeples are so dumb with all the means we have today to really educate ourselves with smartphones, the internet etc…

  6. Which country is better than America?The LIBERAL IDIOTS keep DEMEANING it, but NEVER name other countries which they would prefer to live in.MOVE OUT if you don’t like it!These IDIOTS have “constipation of the brain” & “diarrhea of the mouth”, along with TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome], a serious BRAIN DISEASE for which there is NO CURE!The LEFT keep accusing the RIGHT of being RACIST, yet they constantly ATTACK the JEWS, et al! NO DIAPERS will be large enough to CONCEAL this DISORDER! AMEN!

  7. So when are Cortez, Omar, & Tlaib going to give up their $150K+ salary to show how it should be done? The mess we’re in now has all to do w/allowing people in this country from non-compatible countries (different language, distinctly different religion) who do not assimilate. If they feel this country is that despicable, why come here; why stay? They aren’t here for a good life; they are here to overthrow this nation by hatred & creating chaos. Insurrection w/in Congress; & left to do so.

  8. Another great one you have written. Thank you as always. I do not understand why they do not get rid of all of them who are such liars and hate our country as well as your’s.n’such language they use on T.V. so unlady like. Sick and shameful is all I can say Just sick and shameful. JL :)) Myrtle Beach S.C.

  9. AOC is the gift that never stops giving. The best thing about her is that she’s a moron that DOESN’T KNOW she’s a moron. The pearls of ignorance that drop from her never-ending babbling are better than anyone could hope for and best of all, she’s driving Pelosi crazy. Pass the popcorn…

  10. Howard, I’m sick & tired every time I look online or TV (including Fox) to see AOC’s face plastered all over it with the latest ‘pearls’ of the day she has to spate. The woman is an uneducated bartender who knows nothing about economics issues who got elected by default because non of the democratic supporters of her opponent showed up at the polls because they were so sure they got it in the bag. Will somebody please remove her face From my TV, I’m just tired of listening to this BS.

  11. Mr. Galganov ! Thank you again for saying so clearly what I and others need to hear to keep us going and having hope. The smoke and mirrors clear after reading your articles. I certainly am believing that we the people will overcome this sham of complete takeover by the leftist socialists that have crawled out of their cocoons and are trying to ruin our great country. God bless and keep the United States of America and our friends and co-patriots in Israel !

  12. ” to what Extent does the Government Have, or Should Have the Power to Take What is Not Theirs . . . to Give to People who Never Earned It?”

    When Leftists do it, they call it “redistribution of wealth.”

    When the govt does it, they call it taxation, “paying for the costs of an investigation,” and other scams.

    When the Mafia does it, it’s called “Extortion.”

  13. Howard, you are a thinker and a writer. I am a thinker but not a writer. I’M WHITE. I’M A MAN. I’M A CAPITALIST. I AM A CHRISTIAN & I BELIEVE IN MERITOCRACY. My freedoms are not negotiable.The media lives for controversy. Part truth is still a lie. There is no alternative truth. Wise people usually recognize lies. One threat that is already upon us is Islam. Transplanting Muslims into the USA is equivalent to infusing cancer cells into one’s body. 202 will be a Battle for the Heart, Soul & Trut

  14. It’s incredible what three women in the US Congress and one MP in the Canadian Federal government can achieve, so much media attention they outdo their Leaders. I mean OAC, Ilhan Omar, Rashjid Tlaib and our own Iqra Khalid who brought in M103, a big move to restrict Freedom of Speech. Beware USA and Canada, these women are not intimidated or afraid, they are on a mission. When the Camel gets its head in the tent, the body will soon follow.

  15. OMG what a GREAT editorial today!!! Even though I am a female, there is something to be said about “women not speaking until spoken to”, an old Victorian way of communicating. I DO believe in the Freedom of Speech and for that sake and sake alone … Thank G-d these 3 Dimwit sorry excuses for womanhood … That they do exercise their Freedom of Speech!!! Praise the Lord & Pass the ammunition!!! They just may be the reason for Trump’s win in 2020!!!

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