Say The Lie Big Enough – Often Enough . . .


There are very few People who Read, Watch, Absorb & Analyze the News More than I do. Of that I am all but Certain.

I BELIEVE IT WAS NAZI PROPAGANDA MINISTER JOSEPH GOEBBELS . . . Who Said: Make The Lie Big Enough . . . Repeat It Often Enough & They Will Believe It!

When I Say “President Trump Never Said It”, I truly Mean President Trump NEVER SAID that he wants to Ban Moslems from Entering the United States of America.

What I Heard President Trump Say . . . Was More in-Line With This:

I want to Ban People from Coming Into America from Moslem Countries where Terrorists Abound. Those aren’t President Trump’s Exact Words . . . But Neither Are The Words Used By The LEFT and their Media Cohorts, about President Trump Banning Moslems.


There’s A Funny Thing About The Truth . . . Contrary to much LEFTIST Opinion, there’s His or Her Truth, and then the Truth from the Other Side. That’s BS. There is only One Truth. There are Opinions coming out the Wazoo. And Everyone is Entitled to his or her Own Opinion. But There Is Only One Truth.

Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels . . . Was Right – Make The Lie Big Enough . . . Repeat It Often Enough & They Will Believe It! And Thus – all of a Sudden, with Zero Substantiating Proof – President Trump Banned Moslems, Hates Hispanics, Detests Black Americans, Is A Misogynist, Is An Anti-Semite and Is an Overall Racist.


Joe Biden is the Perfect Example of the Peter Principle . . . Raised Beyond His Level Of Competence, which to me, is why President Obama chose this Dunderhead to be his Vice President, or why the Party chose for Obama, and why the DNC want Biden to be their Presidential Candidate, in case he might win, which is a Possibility, even Remotely.

SO . . . When a Totally Unaccomplished Person Like Kamala Harris, who has Purportedly Screwed Her Way To The Top, and was a Disaster as the California Attorney General says BOO to the Ex-Vice President (Joe Biden) of the United States, and he Falls over Himself Apologizing for NOTHING, based Upon a Big Lie by a Nobody . . . It Shows The Power Of The Lie Amongst The Weak-Kneed Of The Mind. Goebbels Was Right.

I Didn’t Like The Social Venereal Disease Of The Brain Before . . . I Like Her Less.


According To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . American Border Patrol, Customs, ICE & Everyone Associated with Keeping American Borders Safe & Available to Legal Entrants, Are No Better Than Nazis, who Operate Detention Centers for People who Illegally Enter into the United States of America . . . AS CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

I Don’t Mind When They Lie About Themselves To Their People . . . But – When they Change History, or Play Fast & Loose with History because they’re Stupid, or for Political Gain . . . That’s a Whole Different Story.

I’m Pretty Sure that I Understand Ocasio-Cortez, because I Truly Believe that she’s Simply as Dumb as a Rock, and has no Idea Whatsoever about the Validity of the Garbage that Spills out of her Mouth so Effortlessly.

But I also Understand the Media & the People who Use the Stupidity of Cortez as a Means to Push their LEFTIST Agenda. Ocasio-Cortez, as I’ve Written Many Times, is so Stupid . . . that Cortez Doesn’t even Know how Stupid she Really Is. But the People who are Making Hay as long as her Sun Shines, know how Stupid Cortez is, and will use every Opportunity to take Advantage of her to the Fullest Extent Possible.

BUT – WHEN A DUMB PIECE OF WORK LIKE CORTEZ . . . Debases the People who Work in Customs & Immigration by Comparing them to Nazis, and Disgraces, Reduces and Impugns the History and the Nature of the HOLOCAUST . . . She Might As Well Be Taking A Public Crap On All Jewish People . . . Past & Present – Myself Included.

BUT WORST THAN CORTEZ . . . Are all the People who Came to Her Defense, and all the Millions upon Millions of People who have Said Nothing Against such a Scurrilous Claim as Cortez has Publicly Made, Including & Especially the Media . . . It Is Terribly Disheartening.

What Bothers Me As Much . . . are my Jewish Co-Religionists, who are Basically on the LEFT (I am A Conservative), who are Deaf, Dumb & Blind to this Outrage, as if they Feel that Somehow, they are Immune to this Outward Slap In The Face.

Then Again . . . The Holocaust Might Not Have Happened Without Compliant Jews.


It’s Easier To Defend The Truth . . . than it is to Defend & Remember the Lies. And when the Real Campaign Starts for the Presidency, after the Socialists (Communists) who are Running for the Democrats choose their Candidate, He or She will have an Enormous amount of Lies to Explain or to Propagate. Either Way . . . He, Or She & They, will Get What He, Or She & They Deserve In 2020.

A Republican House – Republican Senate & Four More Years At 1600 Pennsylvania.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The demon rats called us Conservatives smelly Walmart people and clinton called us a basket of deplorables. What I don’t understand is what kind of people will vote demon rat when what they are promising right now apart from the moon and the stars is unfreakinbelievable. The total yearly budget for the feds is $4 Trillion dollars which include a $1 Trillion deficit. What is being promised now will cost $30 Trillion a year. Looks like your right about the lie thing, they believe it.

  2. hear hear,kamel toe harris didn’t come up from her boot straps,she came up from her knee pads.

  3. Remember the saying. ” If you speak the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said.” Repeat a lie a hundred times and people will believe it. Just look at Climate Barbie as an example.

  4. Krushchev predicted the demise of USA heading toward socialism (communism). Takers don’t do math, don’t understand economics, don’t care, and will take all they can get for free. That’s what they will vote for. Unfortunately there are more of them than there are of us. 2020 for President Trump has no guarantee. Likewise Canada faces the same predicament and there is no guarantee that Trudeau will be deposed. Watch for goodies to be handed out by the Dems and Cdn libs as we approach elections.

  5. To be brutally honest, I personally would approve a restriction on all Muslims, especially becoming citizens, since we are seeing them get into Congress. Enough & they will begin to make laws, & we know where that will lead. Look at what’s coming out of the freshmen Muslim congress women’s mouths. No surprise whatsoever they run as Dems.

  6. The problem as I see it is the media. They will aid and abet the Socialist/Communist candidate in upholding all their lies, and will viciously attack those who call them out. Only enlightened voters will know the truth. May God provide us with millions more of them than we need to re-elect President Trump and super-rule our Legislature!

  7. Let us remember that Islam identifies all of us as infidels that must either join that cult of death or pay subservience or be enslaved or destroyed. Further, arriving to Saudi A and other such carrying A Bible is a criminal offense, and more.
    Why should that cult, Islam, Muslims be accepted to a Western society? The vast majority of terrorist acts are carried out by that cult’s adherents. And Islam remain as a grisly religion/cult that uses slavery, mass rape, etc.

  8. Greetings: I’ve got to add one thing… If Muslim leaders are so respected and loved by their adherents, WHY THE HELL DO SO MANY MUSLIMS WANT TO COME HERE? They come here to take over!!! We are the INFIDELS! GOD FORBID the day we allow SHARIA LAW!!!

  9. Howard, just one added note about the truth ~ Trump said he wanted a more complete vetting before those from Muslim countries come into the US. Now, that makes total sense considering. The ban was only for a period of time, so the vetting could come into play. He didn’t mean forever, just so that more vetting was done properly. He has had Blacks, Hispanics, Jews & G-d knows how many men & WOMEN working for him! A racist??? HELL NO!!! (Kamel Toe Harris? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)

  10. The Dem primary is shaping up like a high school election. One person says free this, another adds free that and another says free everything. To me this is like buying votes which is illegal. There are people dumb enough to believe that these idiots can give them Free Everything and will vote for them, which scares the hell out of me. Our country was built by hard working people with a moral compass not by the Washington Politicians as Obama had proclaimed. Our country is under attack.

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