I’d Like To Say That I Can’t Believe It . . .

A Curse On Most Of Our Academia:

I Loved the Pomp & Circumstance of the Celebration for the Fourth on the Washington Mall. I loved the Vison of President Lincoln Staring Down the Reflecting Pool at the Humongous Crowd towards the Washington Monument.

I loved the Tanks, the Bradley Fighting Vehicles, The Tribute to America’s Troops & History, the Flyovers and the Speech of President Donald J Trump.


It Would Be Nice If I Said I Can’t Believe It . . . But That Would Be A Lie.


I Believe It! . . . I Believe that People are so Stupid that they Believe Whatever Nonsense comes out of the Voice of Someone who can Act, Sing, Dance, has a Title or Simply Speaks on the Media.

I Believe It! . . . I Believe that People are so Ignorant, that Learning & Questioning in itself has become a Task Beyond the Reach of Most.

I Believe It! . . . I Believe that People want to Believe whatever BS it is, that they Want to Believe, and look for Approbation Everywhere & Anywhere for their Beliefs.

I Believe It! . . . I Believe that Hollywood, Television and the Overall Entertainment Industry in General, has Created far more than just a Phony Alternate Universe, where People not only chose to Believe in the Unreal, but Rather, a Universe whose Values are Upside-Down & Inside-Out.

What Can One Say . . . about a Society where almost Half the People would Prefer to Believe in Lies, Rather Than Believe in the Truth?

What Can One Say . . . about a Society which Believes that It’s Good to Destroy the Remnants of History? That Masked Goons are Acceptable? That Voters DON’T have to Prove their Citizenship? And People who Sneak into your Country ILLEGALLY ARE NOT ILLEGAL, but are just Undocumented?

What Can One Say . . . about A Society that wants to Hide or Jettison Its Past, and Not Celebrate Its Present & Future, Nor take Glory in its Accomplishments?

I Wish It Wasn’t True . . . But It Is – That The Entire Planet is on a Collision Course with History, where we Seem to be Doomed to Repeat the Mistakes of the Past, Whether we Like it or Not, Whether we Want to or Not – Heading Inextricably Towards a New Yesterday, Because Far Too Many People have either Forgotten or have Never Learned the Past.

The Writing Is On The Wall . . . for all to see, where Hatred has become the Watchword & Lies have Become the Battle-Cry of the LEFT, where Independence in the Mind of the LEFT Only Belongs to the State . . . and no one Questions who it will be who Controls the State, Or Where Freedom is Only What The Government Defines to be Freedom.

WE ARE ON THE CUSP . . . Where Socialism (Communism) & Freedom will Meet in the Battle of Armageddon, where Good . . . Will do Battle Against Evil, where Truth will Meet Mendacity Head-On, at a Horrific Cost – Where Only One-Side Will Walk Away in Victory.

This Isn’t New . . . Only the Players are New. Where for Thousands of Years, the Script has been Written and Re-Written to Suit the Changing Times.

I Depressed Anne & Several Of My Family & Friends The Other Day.

How Many People Watch America’s Favorite Cable Morning News Show – Fox & Friends I Asked?

Some said 10-Million. Some Suggested 15-Million. So they were all Shocked when I Told them that about ONLY 1.5-Million People Watch the Most Popular Morning Cable News Show, which Barely Rates as a Percentage Point of an American Population Exceeding some 330-Million.

Not To Labor The Point . . . But the Mainstream Media on ABC, CBC & NBC Doesn’t do that Much Better, given the Number of People who Live in the United States of America.

The Print Media, which is in Serious Decline, is Barely Hanging-In-There . . . So Where & How do the People of the United States of America get their News & Information?

But It’s Not Just The United States Of America . . . It’s Global.

The Tyrants Of The World Feed Their People All The Crap They Can Create, While Social Media in Most of the Western Hemisphere & Parts of Eastern Europe & Australia Pick Winners & Losers Amongst the Politicians & Regimes, who will make Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Others Even More Powerful than they Already Are.

The Day Of Reckoning Will Soon Be Upon All Of Us . . . and as I have Asked in the Past – On Which Side Of History Do You Want To Be Once The Dust Settles?

The Future Is What We Will Make Of It . . . Don’t Be Silent.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, have you EVER know me to be silent? LOL

  2. Howard,
    Sad to say but I do believe you are correct. Communism has been, and will always be, a curse upon humanity. Upon whose alter millions have been slaughtered. There shall be a day of reckoning and it will be ugly. Be prepared, cling to your guns, your bible and the belief that good shall always concur evil.

  3. Let us hope & pray freedom of communication spotlights the truth of history in such stark relief it can no longer be ignored, dismissed, or maligned. Thank you Howard.

  4. Everything that you said is true. All too many people read an article only as far as it is what they want to see and read. As soon as it deviates from what they want to read, they stop reading, thus the warped views that people have. If they have a preconceived idea about you, they will not even read your articles. People will vote along party lines regardless of who is in the party or where the party is leading them. It is as if they are cheering on their favourite sports team, win or lose.

  5. Leftists are stupid because they are lazy. They are lazy because they are stupid. This loop is becoming a noose. Our necks are on the line. For our very survival, we must do more to enlighten the stupid.

  6. Politics today equates to liberal socialists allowing a stand-up comedian, football player, actor or entertainer to do brain or heart surgery on themselves. They are willing to adhere to those views, even though they are usually totally unqualified.As you said, “Half the People would Prefer to Believe in Lies, Rather Than Believe in the Truth?” They apparently slept through ALL of their history classes and refuse to evaluate actual history. Love the editorial Howard.

  7. The Day Of Reckoning Will Soon Be Upon All Of Us–very well said, Howard! Should we question if GOD has begun to show his WRATH regarding those who dishonor HIM via the two most recent earthquakes–just a thought?Remember Sodom & Gomorrah the notoriously sinful cities?Yes, “almost Half the People would Prefer to Believe in Lies, Rather Than Believe in the Truth?”, but the TRUTH shall CONQUER! On a POSITIVE note, “the Flyovers and the Speech of President Donald J Trump” gave us HOPE again! AMEN!

  8. HG, Barry Jackson is so correct! I confess; when I was a leftist, it was solely because I was lazy. I copied my parents and voted Liberal. I voted simply to get it out of my way. That made me stupid. But after waking up 40 years ago, i made Educated political choices. That brought me here to totally embrace your editorials, plus the icing on the cake are the comments from your educated subscribers. My thanks and appreciation to all!

  9. Those are not “beliefs” Howard They are truths and I enjoy reading your editorials that expound on every one of them!
    My stipend is in the mail.

  10. 4 famous quotes. The truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth! It’s funny how everybody considers honesty a virtue, yet no one wants to hear the truth! The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it! (George Orwell). Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed! (Nietzsche).

  11. You are right again my friend. IMO, our greatest enemy is the communist infested Dept. of Education who has trained our last two generations to EXPECT TO BE TAKEN CARE OF! God Bless You Always, Howard.

  12. At the airport recently, no one was watching CNN on the TV’s. Almost everyone was on their handheld devices. In restaurants, doctors/dentist waiting rooms, etc. everyone is on their phone. The leftist social media has taken control of the narrative, and if they don’t like your politics (usually conservative), you are shadow banned, blocked, etc. Google, Facebook, YouTube and the rest of the leftist high tech companies have hijacked our collective minds. It’s dam close to Orwell’s Big Brother…

  13. You always hit the nail squarely on its head, and it’s often pretty frightening to contemplate what’s coming if people don’t wake up. That said, we still need to hear your truths. Don’t stop sharing them, please. By the way, I just read an interesting little article that says people confuse honesty with truth, positing that they are, in fact, not necessarily one and the same. Just food for thought.

  14. Fake news is the scourge of this era. The media has taken over the minds of the people, creating fake realities to such an extent that not only do we no longer know what is real but we adopt as our own thoughts that which we have been told.

  15. Bang on Howard !!! Robin Williams got his first job at The Kingston Trio’s Trident Restaurant in California.
    He worked their as a busboy…and always had this flair for humour and entertaining people. Bob Shane (of The KT) knew Robin would “make it” someday. Over the years, Robin & Bob kept in touch. Robin Williams often expressed his anxiety & depression over the PHONINESS of Hollywood and people, in general. Comedy helped Robin cope but inside he felt this world was an awful place. RIP :&gt

  16. Howard I agree with you, we live in a crazy world where what was right is wrong and what was wrong is wright, everything is upside down or downside up. This all was foretold in scripture in the new and the old testament long ago as in; Isaiah 5:20-24 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and many more. From my point of view we are living in an exiting time of history where in soon (this generation) we will see the last of bible prophesies come to fruition.

  17. What a”World” we live in ! What is right and just is “false” and what is wrong is “truth”. It is hard to believe, except in my Biblical beliefs. ROUGH times are soon coming. So tighten your seat belts !

  18. MSM articles are all in lock-step, from AP. There are a couple media who write their own & those I read daily. As for society in general, I too agree with you. If population is brain-dead (trained by educators to be so), they believe what they are fed as tho robots. Hollywood has intentionally demoralized the world as they’ve increasingly portrayed sex, & now deviancy) as normal behavior. AND Hollywood is in Calif which may be finally getting 1st of multiple quakes from The FAULT as forecasted.

  19. This taken from a character in a novel by Dean Koontz: Beware actors who can become anyone they wish to be; they are in fact no one at all, cold and empty, though they can be pied pipers to the masses.

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