In Spite Of It All – Happy Fourth & God Bless America


It’s Only A Matter Of Time . . .


If I Said & Wrote What I Actually Think . . . About the LEFT in Canada, the USA or Elsewhere in the World – It Wouldn’t Be Nice!

The LEFT Are Cruising For A Bruising . . . Of That I Am All But Certain.

If US Border Agents . . . in Fact Disparaged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – So What? She Deserved It & More. Here is an Idiot voted into Office by other Possibly Bigger Idiots.

What should you Expect from People who have been Accused of Being Nazis, while simultaneously Operating CONCENTRATION CAMPS on American Soil, and that the Presidential Wannabes want the Entire Border Enforcement Division (ICE) Fired?

So Let Me Pile On Some.

Ocasio-Cortez Is A Flaming Idiot, Dumb, A Liar & A Tax-Cheat . . . who is most Probably, for the First Time in her Life, living on what should be Easy-Street, being Paid $174-Thousand Per Year with Unbelievable Perks & Free Travel for Doing Nothing other than Disparaging America & Being Stupid.


What Part Of Illegal Doesn’t The LEFT Understand?


Whether He Or She Was Either A Man, Woman, Child or Infant . . .

Ocasio-Cortez Called Border Control Detention Centers . . . Concentration Camps, yet, this Idiot Cortez has no Idea Whatsoever, of what Happened to Prisoners (Jews) of Concentration Camps, who weren’t Allowed to Go Home, who were Tortured, Experimented Upon, Beaten, Raped, Dehumanized & Worked to the Bone BEFORE They were Murdered, If They Even Lived Long Enough To Be Murdered.

And if this Buffoon does Know . . . than she is even more Vile than I Suspect.

When Offered An All-Expense Paid Trip To A Real Concentration Camp – No Dice.

To Cortez, A Trip Such As This Would Only Be Conservative Propaganda. Yet, Many Thousands of People take a Trip like this Every Year – Called . . . The March Of The Living, for them to Factually Understand the Reality of the Holocaust & Concentration Camps.

Ocasio Cortez Claims She Is Partly Jewish . . . which Gives her the Right to Criticize Jews, because Many Spanish Jews left Spain During the Spanish Inquisitions in the 1400’s (More Than 600-Years Ago) . . . the Jews known as Conversos.

So . . . according to this Numb-Skull, Cortez’s Family was Probably One of the Conversos based on no Real Knowledge whatsoever, even though Cortez Refused to Take a simple DNA Test to Prove her Scurrilous Claim.

Ocasio-Cortez Also Claimed that Women at Customs Detention Centers were Forced to Drink out of Toilets . . . And the LEFT is going along with this Outrageous Lie too. God Only Knows What She Herself Has Been Drinking?

It’s Enough . . . It’s More Than Enough . . . It’s Beyond More Than Enough!

And Now a Conservative Reporter (Andy NGO), Minding his own Business while Covering an ANTIFA Rally in Portland Oregon, was Severely Beaten-Upon by Thugs, Without a Cop-To-Be-Seen, who is somehow according to the LEFT, the Culprit of his own Demise . . . Is So Far Beyond The Pale That It Demands A Call To Action.

Most Of The LEFTIST Media Didn’t Even Cover The Beating.


Do You Want To Be On The Side Of Liars & Socialists (Communists) Or The Truth?

I’m Sick & Tired Of All The Polls . . . Which Show how Badly Trump will be Beaten in 2020 by this Democrat Candidate or by that Democrat Candidate. Or that Biden is in the Lead Here, Harris is in the Lead There, Sanders is on the Rise, Sanders is on the Decline, Pocahontas Discovered that she’s Not an Indian After-All & BETO Swallowed his Chewing Gum . . .

The 2020 Election Is A Year & A Half Away . . . So What Are They Talking About?

In 2016 . . . Neither the Media Nor the Pollsters got Remotely Close to the Outcome of the Election, which to them, saw Crooked Hillary Winning the Presidency in a Walk-Away. So Why Believe Them Now?

Why Believe Anything The Media Says Or Writes?

THE TRUTH . . . Because The Truth Will Be Told – Is that the LEFT, in one way or another will get their Comeuppance, because this Insanity Cannot Continue Unabated Forever.


The Right Will Rise In Defiance . . . The LEFT Will Cower In Shame.

And Because Of This LEFTIST Nonsense . . . Several Generations Will Have Been Lost In The Dustbin Of History & America Will Be Torn From The Inside Out.

In The End Though . . . America Will Be America – The LEFT Be Damned.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great article, Howard. And you’re right, they can go home whenever they want. Unfortunately, the Jews that were in the REAL concentration camps could NOT go home. Our world is becoming one big fantasy!!!!!! I shudder to think what’s ahead of us!!!!!!!! Marlene

  2. Greetings and HAPPY CANADA DAY & HAPPY 4th! This article is one of your very BEST and hits the nail on the HEAD!

  3. The Left are without dignity and too stupid to cower, and are too stupid and undignified to know they’re too stupid. They beat their chests like excited baboons with every crazy, out of whack, anti-anything notion they can come up with. They make no sense and have no real direction, only to hear their own angry, misdirected voices. They just blurt and act like dimwits, and their kind jumps on tables and scream like mad apes. They is nothing deeper to them than that.

  4. Thank you for your insight, your well-wishes, and your desires for the world good. And Happy belated Canada Day to you, Anne, and all Canadians.

  5. Right again Howard! AOC has many fans who actually think that she is a super intelligent genius, wise and relevant. She is an antagonist who disparages everything good and moral, denying the reality of the Holocaust & Concentration Camps. She thinks right has become wrong and wrong has become right. She can say anything she wishes with no danger of backlash because of her political position, just like Hillary. Why do any of us, especially Democrats, Believe Anything The Media Says Or Write???

  6. In 2016, the Media and the Pollsters were ASSURED that CROOKED HILLARY, et al, would win–due to their CROOKED DOSSIER SCHEME! Of IMPORTANCE is the fact that the WHOLE TRUTH has YET to be REVEALED! The RIGHT has already begun to RISE and the LEFT will, AGAIN, “Cower In Shame” after the 2020 election outcome! The RADICAL LEFT have NO SET GOALS, except to DESTROY AMERICA and to ATTACK and DEMEAN the RIGHT! Pres. Trump will WIN again and continue to make us PROUD of our Country! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  7. About the rise of the right, I hope it happens much sooner than later. We have to stop this insane road trip into socialism, communism of the left. What will it take more to wake up the brainwashed sleeping sheeples of Canada and the U.S.A? The main culprit here is the far left fake news lamestream media that don’t report any of this and keep bashing the Conservatives and the sheeples in most parts believe all the crap being sputtered on TV, radio and the internet.

  8. I wouldn’t waste any digital ink writing about AOC, it only serves to put the spotlight on her. Ignore and treat her with the contempt she deserves. Some TV channels did show what looked like pretty poor confinement conditions but can we believe what we see or is it smoke and mirrors. Clowns and idiots the Dem Candidates may be but they are supported by clowns and idiots, more of them than saner intelligent people.

  9. I hope your statement “The LEFT Will Cower In Shame” is accurate. I do not think any of them know what shame is anymore. For sure not any of those running for President. What a sorry, sorry sight! Makes me feel ashamed of them and what they stand for and people actually applaud them.

  10. Happy July 4th, USA Independence Day, everyone!! I find it ironic that it is the ‘immigrants’ from non-English speaking countries to the US that are now the ones speaking/yelling anti-US rhetoric. I find it downright ignorant of voters to put those anti-American people in Congress to yell louder on a national stage. It is the result of US policy to bring in divergent immigrants/refugees that is becoming ‘the beginning of the end’. Globalists policies pushed at G20 summits are being successful.

  11. AOC is Jewish as Pocahontas is Indian. What a sad excuse in both cases!

  12. The truth has become alien to the Left. John 8:31-32 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” God bless.

  13. I love you Howard, don’t get upset Anne it is the way your husband writes. This is just to beautiful. Cortez is as nutty as a Christmas fruitcake. I love my country but do not like what is happening to it nor to yours as well. They are all as crazy as they can be, and telling out young people how wonderful they are like they are movie stars and those people are nutty as well. Be 78 yrs old tomorrow the 4th of July I am thrilled to be living in this country always have been and honor our Vets.

  14. I think AOC has a place in politics, she shows how stupid you can be and still be elected by stupid voters.

  15. HAPPY 4th of JULY TO ALL AMERICANS !!! VIVA THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!! Fantastic Country + Fantastic People !!! Julie & I are leaving Montreal, Quebec…. and moving to HAWAII next month. My g-f Julie is from Albany, NY, and she is the most wonderful person I ever met in my entire life. And Howard….all the best to You and Anne too !!! Dreams come true in Blue Hawaii !!! ALOHA :>) – Brucester

  16. Happy 4th to all USA residents. We hope that the prediction that the left is running out of steam is true.

  17. No one could have said it better. Excellent article!

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