A Reason To Celebrate The Fourth



Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Headed Home, back to Canada from Tupper Lake in the NY Adirondack Mountains on July 1st. Our plans were to Celebrate July 1st (which is Canada-Day) on the South Side of the US Northern Border, but in spite of the Multitude of Canadian Flags flying in Tupper Lake, which has no Nationalistic Meaning other than . . . Spend Your Canadian Money Here, we Prefered to go down with the Sinking Canadian Ship in Canada.

Besides . . . Tupper Lake Was No Great Getaway.

In Late October, Canada will be going to the Polls to Elect a New Government, which might Indeed be a Repeat of our Old Government, since the Liberal’s Trudeau Literally Bought and Paid for the Media, In Trudeau’s $600-Million Media Bailout Package to “Deserving” Media.

And Who Will Decide Which Media Is Most Deserving? . . . The Union Representing The Media Of Course. And to Whom does this Union Wholly Support during the Time of Elections? If you Said Liberal . . . Move to the Front of the Class.

Then There’s The Other Problem . . . Our Canadian Academia is and has been Doing Everything it Possibly Could to Dumb-Down the Current & Future Electorate, all but Guaranteeing a Never-Ending Electorate to Liberal Causes . . . Until We Run Out Of Other People’s Money.

In a Recent National Poll . . . Canadian Millenia Voters were asked what Made them Proudest to be Called Canadian. Amongst their Top Answers . . . National Healthcare, Multi-Culturalism and the Toronto Raptors (A Sports Team Of American Players).

There was Nothing About The Various Freedoms Canadians Think we Have and the Freedoms which we do Have, which Far Too Many Canadians Take for Granted. They Ignored a Separatist Province of almost 25% of the National Population, where the Unrestricted Use Of The English Language Is Against The Law, as are the Wearing of Yarmulkes, Hijabs, Turbans, Stars of David & Crucifixes, while in Government Service.

There was No Mention of the Incalculable National Debt, Provincial Debts, Municipal Debts, Individual Debt, High Taxes, Failing Socialized One-Size Fits-All Healthcare, High Cost of Energy in an Energy Rich Country, Unsustainable Entitlements, Massive Government Pensions, Bloated Civil Service, Failing Infrastructure (Roads & Bridges), and a Nation which tries to Buy Love Abroad by Spending Borrowed Money, but Fails to Come even Close to Meeting our NATO Commitment.

And Now There’s A Growing Separatist Movement In Alberta From Canada.

To Add To All Of This . . . The Canadian Conservative Party Is Led By A Liberal (Andrew Scheer) In Conservative Clothing. And the Socialist NDP (Jagmeet Singh), who is a Joke as Leader, seems to be on the Rise, as is the Communist Green Party.


As long as Donald J Trump and the Republicans have a Real Shot at Keeping the Presidency, Holding the Senate & Winning Back the House . . . No Matter Who Canada Elects In October, he will not be ABLE to Move Canada so Far to the LEFT, that Canada Will Become Irredeemable.

I Will Support Andrew Scheer With Everything I Have . . .

I Won’t Support Scheer Because I Believe Andrew Scheer will Move us Further Away from the Brink. But Rather, because Andrew Scheer will Most Probably Not Bring us any Closer. Just as I believe that Trudeau, if given 4-More Years, will Bring us over the Edge.

I Remember When Canada Really Stood For Something.

But if Canadians think in Large Part that they’re Proudest of their Country because of Socialized Healthcare, where Finding a Family Doctor is Becoming an Impossibility, and getting Prompt Health Service if You’re not Dying is only a Dream, Multi-Culturalism is our Finest Moment, and the Toronto Raptors somehow Makes Canada Great . . . I’ll Cheer The Fourth & Fight (Pray) For The Canada Of My Youth.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, do you have a Pledge Rider patch available for those of us who cannot make it? Also, please schedule a ride from central Florida to wherever. If you do I will be there

  2. When people are attacked by thugs for no reason, the section of the country where this occurs is irredeemable. I believe that in the not too distant future, the states on the U. S. west coast will become a country unto themselves.

  3. I share your thoughts Howard. In a recent poll, as expected, most immigrants support Trudeau. How can we ever enlighten them?

  4. The intelligence of the average voter is very low. 90% of the crap we hear from politicians and media is trite designed to keep us like good little monkeys in line. It is mostly meaningless and unimportant, yet we lap it up like it was the be all to end all. The future is grim considering politicians are more fascist and self-serving and voters are more ignorant and lazy who can be manipulated with empty, colourful candy.

  5. Sorry to say, for good reason, I do support the quest for Alberta to separate from you know where. My perspective on Canada Day is this: Denis Coderre, the poster boy for quebec’s aspirations of ingratitude to Canada, the one who dumped 8 billion liters of Montreal’s premium excrement into Canada’s river and insulted every Canadian soldier who died covering this mayor’s rear by changing a park in memorial to the honour of another ethnocentrist posterboy; I say, Denis Coderre, go to HELL.

  6. Well we can hope for a new Gov. but the Liberals are ensuring it will not happen by pandering to the uninformed and takers , who all have time to take polls and vote as most do not work. And though we can hope Mr Trump gets re-elected and influences Canada , the anti US sentiment in Canada grows daily . We have free BAD healthcare and our real strength is DIVERSITY , those being people we import to destroy our existing culture which apparently has always been dreadful and Genocidal !

  7. What this crime minister as done in the last 4 years is nothing less than traitorous. Not only did he not keep its promise to re-give the veterans full indexed pensions, it just reduced it by $1.8 Billion dollars and remember what he said in a town hall to a veteran, “you ask more than we can give”. Now this crime government is going to give $1.4 billion a year to support abortions in other countries. So far, over $50 Billion was given away of our money to other countries. What about us?

  8. I am voting for Mad Max, no matter what. Even though the liberals get in again.

  9. Totally agree with Mr. Dyson’s comments, and it will happen much SOONER than later! On a positive note, wishing you, Anne, Stryker, and April the cat a VERY HAPPY 4th OF JULY!

  10. I as David believe that at this point in time our only real change of change can happen under the PPC and the policies they promote and stand for. Will this happen, time will tell. Macron in France, a numbnut, was able to do this being a progressive in a time that changes are happening, maybe Mad Max has a shot.

  11. In response to Gordon Steinberg (formerly of Montreal) who wrote me, re: previous Editorial. You are absolutely right, Sir. ENGLISH FOLKS ARE NOT WANTED IN QUEBEC !!! And UNWELCOME are Jews + Muslims + Blacks, etc….all Minorities who are NOT “Pur Laine Francais” !!! Just so you know….Julie & I sold our home in Westmount, and we will be moving to HAWAII !!! They’ll love me on Waikiki Beach singing tropical KINGSTON TRIO songs !!!! Here’s to a new life of Freedom & Music. ALOHA :>) Bruceste

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