If They Only Know The Truth



Who’s Going To Pay?

For Two Nights . . . the World was Treated to a Splurge of Spending Promises Made by all the Democrat Wannabes, which Probably Eclipsed how much Total Money is Available in the Entire World.

Kamala Harris Said (to paraphrase) Let’s Not Have A Food Fight. Let’s Talk About How Much Food We Can Put On The Plates Of The People? That’s a Great Soundbite for Harris. But What I Imagine Harris Really Meant Was . . .

Let’s Talk About How The People Can Put More Food On Our Plates.

The only people Talking about Racism, Sexism, Open Borders & Spending Money as if it Grows-On-Trees are the LEFT.

Einstein Wrote . . . The Definition of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over & Over Again Expecting A Different Result. So what does that Say about the Democrats, who think they can Somehow Succeed in Delivering a Socialist Utopia, where all others have Failed Spectacularly?


“Nobody Ever Went Broke Underestimating The Intelligence Of The American Public”.

To Me . . . That Says Stupid People will Always be Stupid, and there will Always be Enough Stupid People Waiting to Buy the Snake Oil.

President Lincoln Also Purportedly Said . . . “You Can Fool All The People Some Of The Time. Some Of The People All Of The Time. But Not All Of The People All Of The Time”.


We Seem To Be On The Wrong Side Of This Debate. Instead of being Cheerleaders for President Trump and 4-More Years for his Presidency, once President Trump’s 1st Term Is Up . . . Anne & I should be Cheering for the LEFT – Open Borders & Free Healthcare for Everyone, INCLUDING UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS.

I Can’t With Accuracy, Number The Amount Of Galganov.com Readers . . . who have Offered to Sponsor Anne & Myself for Green Cards, but the Number is Substantial.

And Getting a Green Card, In-Spite of what so many People think . . . Is No Easy Feat. And then there’s this “Little Question” about Healthcare and Pre-Existing Conditions like Type II Diabetes which is one of my Problems in addition to Getting Older.

But then again, as I am Writing, the Four of us, Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I are Camping at Tupper Lake NY. And the Week Before I helped Schlepp Horses to a Major Riding Event to Lake Placid, So What Do I Have To Complain About?

But . . . if any of the LEFT were to Win the White House Based on what They’re Promising, Moving to America would be as Simple for Anne & Myself as just Crossing the Northern Border into the USA, where We would be Welcomed and Given FREE STUFF.


Here’s The Bottom Line . . . Anne & I have enough Respect for Ourselves and the United States of America, that we would Never Consider being Usurpers in the Greatest & Freest Country that ever was, and will Probably ever be.

And What Has Made America Great . . . Would be Dashed by Anne & Myself, if we were to Sneak into the USA & Pretend that we Belonged. If we Cheated to be in the USA, No Matter what we Wanted to Believe . . . Neither Of Us Could Live Such A Lie.

So . . . While the LEFT are Busy Competing with each Other to Give Away as much of America as they Can, in order to Win Votes from the Stupid People of their own Making . . . There are Real Americans who Passionately Support President Trump in all his Endeavors TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN & TO KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

I’m not Stupid & I Don’t Believe the President’s Re-Election is in the Bag, but I certainly Believe that there are enough Americans who Care, who will Send President Trump Back For 4-More Years.

What Worries Me Is The House – Can Conservatives Reclaim the House?

If President Trump Wins 4-More Years. If the Senate Stays Republican (Perhaps With A Super Majority), and If the House should Flip to the RIGHT, Not Only will America Be Great – America Will Be Greater Than Ever Before.

And as a Canadian, Sharing the Longest Undefended Border in the World . . . I know that a Rising Tide Raises All Ships . . . and if What I just Wrote in the Preceding Comes to Pass, as I Suspect it Will . . . the Greatness of America will Rub off on Canada As Well.

And Then Anne & I Will Get To Have Our Cake & Eat It Too.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you words merit repeating, “WHEN FACING EVIL – Confront the EVIL with GREATER determination than the THREAT. And if that means going to war . . . DON’T HESITATE, and don’t go half cocked. You go all the way, or be prepared to surrender and accept the worst.” The fence-sitters of the world will always be the fence-sitters of the world. That is their nature and no amount of words will sway them either way. Like the Nike sport slogan says, “JUST DO IT.”

  2. Remember Howard that when Trump was elected, the Republicans had both the house and senate for 2 years and accomplished nothing, too many rinos. If Trump doesn’t get re-elected, the outcome I see is a civil war of right against left. I don’t think the right can take to much of this anymore. I hope that before November 2020, the deep state swamp gets fully exposed and that many trials and convictions come forth to try to wake up the mostly dumb sheeples that think that life is still honky dory !!

  3. Hey guys, as others have indicated we would also sponsor your green green card application.. I don’t know the law, but you wouldn’t lose your Canadian citizenship and/or your health care, would you? It would allow you to have as many days as you want in USA and not have to be on the clock to get home or have to consider using up your days with small trips into the states.

  4. The polls are indicating a trend of a large number of Americans are becoming disenchanted with the extreme drift to the left by all of the Democratic presidential contenders. Articles are already reporting die-hard Democrats are going to vote for Trump in the election next year. We can only hope this trend gets large enough to bring the House back to the Republicans. It will if we can prevent voter fraud and the implementation of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, it will happen.

  5. Only ‘problem’ with your statement of “Ifs” for 2020 elections is the same as when he was first elected and GOP had both Houses; the ESTABLISHMENT GOP stood in the way of his attempts to keep those promises that got him elected. Get the career politicians out & the federal govt just may start being run the Constitutional way. No lobbyists either; rescind George Soros’ citizenship & seize funds of his 100% supported societies, & no freebies for illegals & this country just might be great again.

  6. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is what got Trump elected in 2016 AND it will be the SAME when he’s RE-ELECTED in 2020.VOTER FRAUD is PREVALENT all over the U.S. The CENSUS CITIZEN question has not been approved, but there’s still a CHANCE that it will be.Hope it won’t be too late, however!More and more people are openly EXPRESSING themselves re: FREE STUFF where they question HOW it will be PAID!If the DEM ELITISTS believe so much in FREE STUFF, why don’t they MOVE to those countries with FREE STUFF? AMEN!

  7. The DemonRats appear stupid, but they know what they’re doing: They’re talking DOWN to dumb voters whose votes can be bought. Never underestimate the deviousness of the Left. Also, it has been shown that Google’s algorithms can deliver 15-MILLION votes to the DemonRats. This could be the margin between a GOP victory and defeat Howard, you state the case more clearly than anyone, but the fat lady is still singing.

  8. Hear Ye… AMERICANS !!! First, I wish you a Happy 4th of July – Many Happy Returns to the U S of A. Secondly, CANADA needs your help. Please…could we borrow President Trump so he could advise our Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, how to LEAD A COUNTRY ??? A real leader of CANADA would put Quebec and their ethnocentric neo-Nazis in their place.
    In our so-called “PROVINCE” of Quebec, all Premier Legault cares about is ERASING ENGLISH and his “Bill 21” which attacks
    minorities. HELP

  9. Greetings: In response to your last respondent concerning Quebec, I’ll borrow from an earlier respondent. THE FAT LADY HAS ALREADY SUNG!!! English speaking citizens living in Quebec are UNWANTED! Don’t you get it? I saw the writing on the wall that November night after the ‘76 PQ win. The next day, I drove to New York & applied for PERMANENT STATUS! 7 months later, I proudly received my GREEN CARD…Became a citizen exactly 5 years later too! NOTHING would keep me (in Quebec) where I’m UNWANTED!

  10. Howard, IMHO, nobody of prominence in the Democrat party has any self-respect. If they did, they would be ashamed to promulgate the insane ideas they promote. I cannot comprehend how they can stand in front of the cameras with a straight face, spouting those ideas, but their followers would vote for a dead mouse if it were on the Democrat candidate slate. The problem is that liberals have heard and read the TRUTH, but they refuse to accept it. Keep up the good work, PLEASE!

  11. Here is a question: WITH ALL THE FREE STUFF being promised to the ‘immigrants’ notably HEALTH CARE, I have NOT heard ONE WORD about giving Health Care to ‘existing citizens’ who are having an excruciating time trying to GET health care that is affordable. Something is HORRIBLY wrong with this BS. I live on a BUDGET & ‘try’ to make ends meet on my income….SS only. I have friends who are darn near destitute because of HOSPITAL/DOCTOR/RX bills. The REAL citizens of America are FORGOTTEN.

  12. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, even with a trifecta!! Mitch the (guess) and Sleepy McCarthy are NOT our friends.

  13. Big mistake 2 think disgraceful debates n performance r handing 2020 to Trump without a fight. The mindless, couldn’t care less democrats r not economists, where the money comes from isn’t their concern.They think it comes from government, period. Candidates know totally unrealistic promises cannot be fulfilled but that’s not the objective, it’s smoke and mirrors to get votes, and they will. I am dumbfounded by the number of ignorant Canadians who likewise are fooled by Trudeau and the liberals

  14. There will be four more years
    Quote and agreed :And as a Canadian, Sharing the Longest Undefended Border in the World . . . I know that a Rising Tide Raises All Ships . . . and if What I just Wrote in the Preceding Comes to Pass, as I Suspect it Will . . . the Greatness of America will Rub off on Canada As Well.
    Without Trump the Temple will not be rebuilt

  15. To Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec Canada
    You are correct that the Republicans had the Senate for the first two years of President Trump’s term.

    But they did not have the 60 votes (filabuster)(Procedure to Advance) necessary to overcome Democratic resistance. Some of the rules requiring 60 votes have been changed (Confirmations).

    But the 60 votes on legislation still exists and the Dems don’t want to give the President anything!

  16. I’m praying for you and yours, buddy. (In the name of Jesus!) Amen.

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