So . . . There It Is – America Is A Socialist Spanish Speaking Country


Last Night I Watched The Opening Round Of The Best Trump Re-Election Event.

I was Neither Impressed Nor Disappointed with the Candidates of the Democrat Debate Last Night (June 26, 2019) . . . Since All Of Them Said Nothing – Other Than to Deliver a Not so Subliminal Message to America . . . TO VOTE FOR TRUMP IN 2020.

If it were Possible for the Democrat Candidates to have Presented a Worse Display of Debate Proficiency, Oratory & Policy Integrity . . . I Don’t Know How. The Ten of Them Competed with each Other to see who Amongst them was the Most Pathetic, as they Spoke in Platitudes with Staged Voices for Effect.

Someone Should Tell Pocahontas – Screaming Doesn’t Make People Listen More.


I Heard from some of the Democrats, Starting with Beto, or whatever his Real Name is, that to Win an Election, you have to Pander to Hyphenated-Americans in Spanish, because, I guess Spanish is an Important National American Language.

So I Have To Guess . . . that in the Next Debate Round Tonight, the “Smart” Democrats will also Speak in Black Ghetto Jive, so as not to Insult other Hyphenated-Americans.

And To Prove That They’re Not All Anti-Semites . . . Perhaps they’ll Speak in Hyphenated-Yiddish.


I Have Been Debating My Whole Life . . . In High School, in University, in the Media, in Politics, in Business . . . & Here On The Blog& I Can Say With 100% Certainty, that I have Never Witnessed a More Incompetent & Talentless Collective of Debaters, which I Saw Last Night Amongst the Democrats or Anyone Else.

President Donald Trump Is Not An Eloquent Speaker . . . Nor Does He Try To Be Eloquent. The President Speaks from his Heart, Coupled with Real Passion, Not Contrived Passion like a Screaming Pocahontas. But Rather, with Words & Phrases Comfortable with his Audience.

What I Saw Last Night . . . for as much as I watched, which wasn’t the full thing, since after the Opening Comments, I figured I would Rather Read & See the Highlights in the Morning, and Chose Instead to Invest my Time Watching a Made for Television Political Thriller . . . which was the Right Decision, because all there was on that Stage, were Ten Loudmouths – Selling Pie-In-The-Sky Platitudes To Their Dumbed-Down Audience.

TONIGHT . . . I Will Probably Do The Same Thing – & Watch The Opening Statements, to see Which of the Democrat Wannabe Leaders, will be the Most Outrageously Generous, in his or her Promises to Give Away the MAKERS Money to his or her Voting TAKERS.

Collectively – They’re Not Worth A Drop Of Sweat Off A Maker’s Brow.

And They’re Certainly Not Worth The Waste Of My Time, To Watch Them Try To Out-Do Each Other With Promises To Spend As Much Of Other-People’s-Money As Possible.


IN ESSENCE . . . These Candidates are an American Embarrassment, who use Identity Politics, Including Race, Religion, Language & Gender-Baiting to Score as many Points as they Possibly Can for their Own Selfish Political Purposes.

While President Trump Said Make America Great Again . . . And is now Campaigning on Keep America Great, these Socialist Jerks are Doing all that they Can to Undermine the Greatness of America, in Favor of a Socialist (Communist) One World Government.

Amongst Many Of The Problems Of The LEFT – Is This . . . The LEFT has No Answer with which to Assuage the many Questions of the People, as to how the LEFT will be Able to Pay for their Promised Horn Of Cornucopia.

It’s One Thing To Promise The Moon, The Sun & The Stars . . . It’s Something Else To Deliver. And that, Beside the LEFT’S Choice of Anti-Americanism Combined With Socialist Globalization . . . Which Inevitably, Will Be A Hill For The Majority Of Voters, To Be Too Tall To Climb.

And Now . . . That the LEFT has Staked Its Position, with Irretrievable & Defenseless Words & Deeds, all the LEFT Can Hope For, is for some kind of Global Catastrophe they can Pin on President Trump, a Collapse in the American Economy, and/or the Propagandized Conventional Media, Social Media, House, Courts & Voter-Fraud to Carry the Day for Whichever Loser will Win the Socialist Primary.


SO . . . After Watching Last Night’s Democrat Debacle, Expecting Nothing More Or Less Tonight, I Stand by my Belief & Assessment that President Trump Will Win Again in 2020. And that the House will Flip RIGHT, with the Possibility for a Republican Super Majority in the Senate.

In The Meantime . . . Trump Is Making America Great In Spite Of The LEFT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am in total agreement that we don’t want these people to return. In fact, we should encourage them to leave. If not allowed to return, these mentally warped won’t be voting. We already have too many of them voting. We are being destroyed from within.

  2. 100% agree.however it’s the brain dead voter that’s the problem.sometimes I hope they get what they wish for.

  3. I thought I was watching a great Saturday Night Live show! Especially when the power went out.

  4. AS for Beto my solution for quebec is: Speak English and Study French. And prosperity will be around the corner. I think my remark makes sense. I think.

  5. My patience lasted longer than yours Howard. I forced myself to watch into the first 10 minutes of the 2nd hour
    Then I could stand the 3rd grader’s nonsensical platitudes no longer. I almost upchucked when the first Spanish was spoken. What planet are they from?

  6. Worse than pathetic! Was sort of glad when Cox Cable was having a problem and everyone could not get reception during the debate! Maybe we should thank them?! I agree with Trump, boring! Go Trump Go!!

  7. The Left will pay for their programs on “credit” : Deficits , and as our illustrious leader has clearly and repeatedly stated : budgets balance themselves . Kind of like another great leader once said and is oft quoted “smile, be happy”. What a pile .

  8. I thought Julian Castro standing up for the abortion rights of people who can’t get pregnant to be the highlight of this colossal exercise in ignorant people running their mouths and saying exactly nothing. I was already pretty sure President Trump was going to be re-elected without breaking a sweat. After last night, I have no doubt of it. Warren came across like the holier-than-thou spinster aunt everyone hates because she always lectures the entire family on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  9. If President Trump does not win in 2020, we can kiss America good bye!

  10. Howard, don’t underestimate the stupidity of the brainwashed zombie sheeples in North America. Last November, the house was supposed to go Republican but was lost to the demon rats. For all that you and I wish to come true means that in November 2020, all American Republicans on the right and I mean all, must get out and vote with “0” zero procrastination permitted because the left has the numbers minus the brains and if they vote en masse, we are screwed. Same for Canada this October.

  11. And the next generation coming up are more “dumbed- down” than the previous generation!!! Can’t imagine what’s in store for us!!!!

  12. I agree 100%. However we must remember that the Dems are very adept at cheating and stuffing ballot boxes and getting the repeat ( same election) voter out, getting the illegal non registered voter out, as well as other nefarious deeds to try and “win” the election. I haven’t heard the fat lady sing and it ain;t over ’til it’s over. BTW—WAKE UP Canadian voters. Our pathetic leader MUST go as well.

  13. And here, the Province of Quebec wants to be a FRENCH COUNTRY !!! No English…No Muslims…No Jews…No Blacks…No Minorities….ONLY “PUR LAINE FRANCAIS” and “Bill 21” is just the beginning. And get this, folks…Quebec’s Premier Legault is IRRITATED when sales people at a retail store or bakery, etc…greet their customer by saying: “Bonjour Hi” !!! Legault and his Neo-Nazi “CAQ” party want the “Hi” DROPPED….and the greeting to be only “Bonjour”. Friggez-Vous Mon Kamindant
    :>( Brucest

  14. Unfortunately, I think that we are going to see much of the same here in Canada. Justin is going to lie through his teeth about how well respected Canada is among the nations. Scheer is going to cave on Climate Change. I have no idea what the other leftists are going to say other than let’s kill the Golden Goose of extraction wealth.

  15. Pathetic performance by a bunch of amateurs. One would think Trump would have an easy 2020 win against such incompetents but don’t rule out the nefarious leaders who know how to appeal to the majority of brainless lemmings.
    The same goes for Canada, one would think it would be easy to overthrow a PM who doesn’t know the difference between plastic and paper, and that children are dying from eating products containing Cannabis. Most of the Libs don’t know there isn’t a brain under the hair

  16. Send in the clowns! Pure, unadulterated SH*T SHOW! Abortions for men! Love it! And the idiots in the audience cheered for this moron.

  17. The 2 Democratic Debates have ASSURED that TRUMP will be RE-ELECTED in 2020! The DEBATES were definitely the MOST “Incompetent & Talentless Collective of Debaters” ever on stage! As you wrote, “it’s One Thing To Promise The Moon, The Sun & The Stars . . . It’s Something Else To Deliver.” Also the RADICAL LEFT IS DEFINITELY depending on “Voter-Fraud to Carry the Day for Whichever Loser will Win the Socialist Primary.” It’s so SAD to see how these EVIL individuals are trying to RUIN AMERICA! AMEN!

  18. Right on Howard. I refused to waste my time watching the circus live because I suspected what would ensue and I was right. To echo others, it’s the brain dead voter that’s the problem, the left has the numbers minus the brains. Dems are very adept at cheating and stuffing ballot boxes. They are incompetent but don’t rule out the crooks who know how to appeal to the majority of brainless followers. You Go President Trump!!!

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