You Can’t Fix Stupid . . . Not Even The Stupidity Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez



YAD VASHEM . . . Is Significant For Many More Reasons Than Just A Story.

First . . . It’s a Testament to the Memory of 6-Million Jews who Suffered the Worst Indignities & Slaughter Imaginable.

Second . . . Yad Vashem is Closure for the Millions of European Jews & Their Families who Survived the Concentration Camps.

Third . . . Yad Vashem is a Living Window Into The Past, for all who Care to See & Learn about how Evil Humanity can Be, and how Cowardly the World is in the Face of Malevolence.

Fourth . . . The Experience of the Progression of Hatred in this Instance Against Jews, Expresses from where the Evil Begins . . . To Where & How The Evil Ends.

Fifth . . . Yad Vashem is a Reminder, if Not to all People . . . & Regrettably Not to all Jews, but Thankfully to Enough People Including Jews like Me . . . That Racial Hatred, SPECIFICALLY . . . Hatred Against Jews, which has Existed Almost from the Beginning of Recorded History to Now – Will Never Disappear.


Ocasio-Cortez Is Stupid – Even Too Stupid To Know How Stupid She Is . . .

Ocasio-Cortez . . . is so Stupid, that Cortez Doesn’t even Know that she’s an Anti-Semite. And over the few Months she’s been in Office, Cortez has made Various & Numerous Disparaging Anti-Jewish Statements, while Befriending no Shortage of Open Anti-Semites – in the Names of Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar & Others.

You Can’t Train A Dog To Be A Cat . . . & You Can’t Train Stupid To Be Smart.


I’ve Ridden My Motorcycle To Various Holocaust Museums In Canada & The USA.

And As The Founder Of The Pledge Ride . . . I & my Partner-In-Crime, Pastor Gary Burd, Led Hundreds of Bikers to Never Again Rallies throughout North America.

And When I Was Last In Israel . . . During The Intifada Of 2002, I went to Yad Vashem, Not because I Figured I would Learn Something which I Didn’t Already Know, but Rather, so I would be Able to Say – that when I was in Israel – I Visited Yad Vashem & Paid My Respects.


At the End of my Self-Guided Tour of the Museum, as I walked out the Exit, I Noticed a Railway Cattle Car from the 1930’s Era, which was on Tracks, Suspended Outwards High Above a Cliff from where I Stood.

Holocaust Rail Car To Hell

And I Thought about all the People – Jewish People Like Me . . . who were Once in that Cattle Car, and other Cattle Cars just like it, whose Lives were Sent over the Cliff of Humanity to Perdition.

I Just Stood & Stared at the Cattle Car for More Than Just a Few Minutes . . . and I thought about Two Timeless Statements:

The First By John Donne . . . “Send Not To Know For Whom The Bell Tolls – It Tolls For Thee”.

The Second Was From Hillel . . . “If I’m Not For Myself – Who Will Be For Me?”

For Me . . . This Was An Extremely Depressing Self-Reflective Moment . . . Thinking about the Millions upon Millions of Jews, even Before the Holocaust, Including the French & Spanish Inquisitions & the Eastern European Pogroms, and all the Jews who Suffered a Never Ending Series of National Dispossessions . . . Religiously, Politically, Culturally & Professionally – Winding Up In Far More Than Just One “Infamous” Genocide.

Walking Away From The Suspended Cattle Car . . . I Was Mentally Exhausted.

And as I Walked from the Cattle Car, Towards the Front of Yad Vashem . . . I Bore Witness to Several Dozen 18-Year Old IsraelisBoys & Girls, in Full Military Garb, with a Star of David Patch Upon Each of their Shoulders, who were Draftees, with Focused Faces & Demeanors, who Listened Attentively to their Officer . . . And Then They Went Inside.

I Don’t Speak Hebrew . . . so I asked a Person who too was Watching & Listening to the Officer Speak to his Recruits. And I asked that Person if he Spoke English, which he did, since I’ve yet to Meet the Israeli who Can’t Speak English, if he would be so Kind as to Tell Me what the Officer Told his Young Troops . . .

The Officer Told His Troops – The man Said . . . “This Is Why You Are In Uniform. And This Is Why We Fight . . . NEVER AGAIN!”

I Held Back Tears, as I watched the Young Soldiers Walk into the Entrance of Yad Vashem.

I Wanted To Shake The Officer’s Hand & Hug The Young Troops . . . Because, they were the Tip of the Jewish Spear. They were our Jewish People’s Best Defense Against a Second Holocaust . . . And A Reason To Have Historical, Cultural & Religious Pride In Being Jews.

And the Next Time an Anti-Semite Says to a Jew . . . Get Out Of My Country & Go Back To Where You Came From – Jews Worldwide Will Have A Home To Go To.

So Please Tell Me . . . How Do You Teach This World Lesson To Someone Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Who’s Too Stupid To Know That She’s An Anti-Semite?

And How Do You Teach Jewish LEFTISTS, Especially Jewish Democrats . . . That Silence Is Deadly, and the Silence of Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Biden, Schumer, Sanders – And the Entire Cadre of Democrats, INCLUDING Every last Candidate for the Leadership of their Socialist Party – That Their Silence Against Anti-Semitism, Is Their Approbation For Anti-Semitism?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. History is almost not taught anymore in schools and some history is being rewritten to the narrative of the leftist propaganda. Exactly the way it happens in George Orwell’s “1984”. We are living it right now with the children of this world being indoctrinated into the new fascist, socialist, communist view. The old saying, “if you don’t know your history than you are bound to repeat it”. Well, it will be repeated over and over again until civilization completely destroys itself.

  2. Greetings: More and more today, the Democrat Party avoids even REMEMBERING the Holocaust, in part because our President has been such a devout SUPPORTER of Israel and Jews AROUND the world. It’s the REPUBLICAN Party, and TRUMP, more so, that supports, defends and protects Israeli interests and it’s RIGHT to exist. This has opened the door to HATERS gaining support, flourishing & gaining POWER & RESPECT in the Democrat Party! GOD FORBID A DEMOCRAT WHITE HOUSE… President Trump MUST win in 2020!

  3. Great article Howard. Yes, their (Schumer, Pelosi, et al) against anti semitism is deadly. We should also note that there is global persecution against Christians. And they are also silent about that.

    But if a Moslem is harmed or talked about negatively, they are very quick to condemn that action.

    Hard to comprehend, but the situation in Canada with our Leftist parties, Liberal, NDP, Green is the same.

    All very much anti Christian and anti Semitic.

  4. Thank You Howard, As I had visited Berkem Belsen (? not the right spelling) death camp in Germany twice, your Editorial brought a tear to my eye. Thank you Howard.

  5. Excellent Editorial. We need to TEACH TRUTH so we do NOT REPEAT horrendous atrocities ever again. With what we have in the House/Senate I have to wonder WHAT WERE THEY TAUGHT? Despicable people is what they are & those following them. And unfortunately, some of the WORLD has succumbed to these ideas. GOD HELP US

  6. I have been asking for a long time to bring back the History subject to the schools but not an edited lefty/liberal version of History. On campuses students who are asked most basic questions on history cannot answer them. OAC is a damn good reason to educate our kids on TRUE American history also to show them why we are to be proud of our country. Every time OAC opens her mouth she brings laughter to America. But, to the world how stupid the Americans are, she is an elected Congress person.

  7. He who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is stupid, shun him

  8. Thank you Howard for this reminder. I visited the Holocaust museum in WDC. I am not Jewish, however, like you, upon exiting I was mentally exhausted. AOC——ignorance “can” be corrected, stooped there is no cure. Thank you for your persistence in trying to educate the masses. I meaningfully appreciate your sage words and experiences.

  9. “This Is Why You Are In Uniform. And This Is Why We Fight . . . NEVER AGAIN!”
    Look around … None of our political Leadership in Canada is saying this

  10. Ms. Alexandria “Vacuo-Cortex” should see the children’s memorial at Yad Vashem- One million children butchered by Hitler and his EU accomplices. May she be like a chandelier, hang by day and burn at night.

  11. I attended the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg. They have a cattle car on train tracks also. I too was deeply moved by my observations. I must have cried for a good ten minutes before I could compose myself to finish the tour. I’m not sure that I ever, or ever will, be so humbled again. The world must never forget.

  12. I am totally shocked by how far to the left the so-called liberals in the US have drifted. But I tend to think that it is much more of an anti-Donald Trump reaction.
    When will these people come back to their senses ( if ever)?

    And your comments of what the Israeli Military recruits were told almost brought tears to my (American Protestant) eyes as well!

    Bravo and VERY well said !

  13. one of your most impressive I’ve read.thanks for the education.

  14. Ocasio Cortez is like a venereal disease, ‘the gift’ that keeps on giving

  15. The lack of real education in today’s public schools is more than frightening. And, the ignorance of the teachers should wake everyone up!!
    Today’s kids watch garbage on their personal I Pods, and are clueless as to the events in their own sphere! Most go around looking at their I Pods and are ignorant to the world. Babysitting for the parents???

  16. Hopefully the Democrat Party continues to self-destroy. Obama promoted hatred, USA is no good mentality that Dems seized on since it fed their liberal agenda & multiplied it since. Seems Communist Manifesto is working not just in the US but some European countries as well. If we could watch world events from on high, I believe we would get distinct impression the whole world is rushing toward self-destruction. We are likely in Noah’s day again.

  17. Howard, my wife and I have been to Yad Vashem, it is sad knowing there are so many Jews that support the likes of AOC and socialist democrats.

  18. Your (6/21) article brought me to tears.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  19. I’m not Jewish, but what happens when Quebec’s racist ‘Neo-Nazi’ Premier Francois Legault (+ his CAQ party) make laws having the word “JUIF” plastered all over Jewish stores and/or offices ? Legault’s “Bill 21” is a form of ETHNIC CLEANSING to rid of Quebec of Muslims + Jews + Anglos, etc… Legault is ANTI-MINORITIES !!! Where the hell is the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau ??? !!! His silence is DEAFENING !!! Is Quebec not a Province in CANADA ??? – Brucester

  20. Many clueless leftist think AOClueless is a persuasion super star. The left’s constant comparisons of Trump to Hitler & the border to concentration camps should make Jewish politicians, Celebs, etc. mad as hell. But their hate for Trump has clouded their brains. Legendary psychiatrist & Holocaust-survivor Dr. Viktor Frankl refereed to Jews that oversaw other Jews at death camps as “Capos.” How can leftist possibility compare our border officers & facilities to Auschwit; Schumer should be pissed!

  21. Howard, when I visited Yad Vashem in Washington, DC, I became so emotional after 2 hours that I had to leave. Although I lived in Israel and served 4 years in the Air Force, and lived together with Holocaust survivors, I still cannot comprehend how humans were able to slaughter women and children with Pleasure. That kind of hate will never cease. unfortunately. The other matter is how can Jewish Congressmen and women keep silent ? Steve Acre, Montreal

  22. I am so sensitive I don’t think I could ever visit one of these museums. Reading the Diary of Anne Frank when I was young, and Dovstoevsky and Pearl Buck taught me the cruelty of tyrants. I simply cannot bear it and don’t need reminded and will forever fight them. I am amazed some are so blind.

  23. The Democrats THRIVE on HATRED against the REPUBLICANS and ENCOURAGE this HATRED in their party–especially against Pres. Trump!Although the Democrats claim to be MORAL, they have NO CONSCIENCE.The more people HATE, the WORST the ATTACKS become! AOC lives in some type of LA-LA LAND where most of her BELIEFS are UNREALISTIC. ELITIST, and SELF-SERVING.She is a NARCISSIST and has “Trump Derangement Syndrome [TDS]” for which, VERY SADLY, there is NO CURE! The LEFT IS FAILING and they KNOW IT! AMEN!

  24. Okay, as I am wiping tears from my eyes … AOC is beyond stupid & as for her, there will never be a cure! What has bothered me more is Dr. Becky Erbelding, an educator & historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) in Washington, supporting the congresswoman in a series of tweets. There are NO kind words for Dr. Erbelding, especially as an employee & educator of a Holocaust Museum!!! Reflecting on the Holocaust ALWAYS makes me cry & I am not Jewish. I am a Christian.

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