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Then Came Micro-Managing Global-Warming Socialists . . . & Now Ontario’s Broke.

When Anne & I Moved to Ontario in the Year 2000 from the Ethnocentric Province of Quebec, where the Unrestricted Use of the English Language is Against the Law, We Saved More than $10,000 Yearly on our Overall Taxes, Including the Cost of Gasoline, just by Moving Across The Provincial Line.

We Were Liberated . . . No More Language Laws. No More Linguistic Discrimination. No More Threats of Future Referendums to Leave Canada – And Because Of Good Ontario Fiscal Management . . . More Money In Our Pockets For Doing Nothing More!

And Then The Ontario Liberals Started Their Billy Bad-Ass Socialist Schtick.

Canada Boasts Free Healthcare, where in Provinces like Ontario, it is ILLEGAL to have Privately Provided Medicine . . . so Imagine my Shock, when I Recently went for Routine Blood Tests, which have Always been Covered through Mandatory Government OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program), when I Received a Bill in the Mail for $174 from a Proxy for the Government of Ontario, for several of the Tests, which have been Arbitrarily Removed from being Paid For by the Province.

We Ontarians – are also being Primed for Hikes in the Costs for our Driver’s Licenses, Automobile Registrations, and just about anything else the Provincial Government can Hike to Generate Desperately Needed Revenue.


After More Than A Dozen Years Of Liberal Government – Ontario Is Busted!


I Never Voted For A Philosopher King, Social Engineer Or Personal Conscience.

The Liberals Promised The Sun & The Moon . . . And Instead of Simply Delivering the Things they Should have Provided, which People like me Paid For, such as Great Infrastructure & Basic Services, like Garbage Removal, Snow Clearance, Class “A” Roads & Bridge Maintenance, Law & Order, Great “Basic” Affordable Education & Decent Timely Healthcare to Name Some . . . THE ONTARIO “LEFT” BECAME SOCIAL ENGINEERS, PHILOSOPHER KINGS & THE CONSCIENCE OF THE PEOPLE.

Ontario, which was the Economic Engine which Powered all of Canada, is now So Broke, that we Can’t Pay our Doctors Enough Money to Keep our Doctors Practicing, and to Encourage New Doctors to Come to Ontario or Stay in Ontario . . . to the Point that an Enormous Percentage of the Ontario Population Does Not have a Family Doctor.

If You Need A Medical Service, like an MRI, CatScan, Hip or Knee Replacement, which the Government DOES NOT THINK IS CRITICAL, you can Wait Months & Years for the Procedure, because Under the Law of Socialized Medicine . . . Private Providers Are Illegal.

And The Bad Gets Worse . . . Ontario has Squandered Billions Upon Billions of Dollars, How Many Billions will Never Really be Known, but most Assuredly, it is in the Realm Close Enough to a Hundred Billion Or More Dollars All Told – On the LEFT’S Insane Global Warming Garbage, to the Point that Home Heating has become Unaffordable to a Huge Portion of the Population, Especially in the Suburbs and the Countryside . . . And Especially Amongst The Elderly Living On A Fixed Pension.


Because Ontario Has Played so Fast & Loose with the People’s Money . . . Ontario, with a Population of Approximately 14-Million PeopleHAS A GREATER DEBT OVERALL, than the State of California, which has a Population of Approximately 40-Million People, and a GDP which would Make California the 5th Richest Country in the Entire World, if California was a Sovereign Nation.


Wanna Talk About A Ponzi Scheme . . . Forget Bernie Madoff – He’s Small Potatoes.

It’s Mind-Boggling – That It Took The Stupid People Of Ontario – More Than A Dozen Years . . . to Turf a Government, which has From Day-One did all it Could to Destroy the Fabric of Canada’s Most Successful Province, because the People were Too Ignorant to Realize that there is Nothing Free-In-Life, and Kept Re-Electing a Liberal Government who Spent the People’s Own Money, in the Guise of Giving the People Something-For-Nothing.

Now That The Rubber’s Hit The Road . . . The LEFT’S Angry At Conservatives.


Imagine This . . . At the Toronto Raptor’s Celebration this Past Week – There Sat John Tory, Toronto’s Disgrace of a LEFTIST Mayor who Pretends to be a Conservative, who was Warmly Received by the Enormous Crowd.

There Sat Justin Trudeau . . . Who is Arguably The Worst & Most Dishonest Prime Minister in the History of Canada, who was Enthusiastically Cheered by the Enormous Crowd.

AND THEN THERE WAS DOUG FORD . . . Ontario’s Premier (Governor), who is Working Tirelessly to Bring Ontario Back from the Liberal Caused Brink, with Commonsense Initiatives, by Cancelling Useless Programs, while Doing His Best to Spread the Pain of Recovery – WHO WAS BOOED BY THE ENORMOUS TORONTO CROWD.

Anne & I Were Sickened . . . by the Outrageous Display of Ignorance & Ingratitude by the Enormous Crowd of Younger (City) Adults, who have been Brainwashed by their Teachers & Media, to the Point – where they are Too Stupid to Even Know What’s Happening Around them . . . Why It’s Happening – Who’s To Blame & Who To Support.

THE LEFT BE DAMNED – Ignorance . . . Is The Mother Of Evil, Despair & Perdition.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Once again, Howard, you are right on the money! Who needs the zombified hordes of girls and boys with twisted minds and evil hearts in our country? Let them ALL go to ISIS, and let’s kill them over THERE, not HERE. If I had Sheldon Adelson’s money I might just fund such an effort – let’s call it “Birthright Satan” – and send them all over there on free one-way tickets. And then let’s pursue them and bring them to their final end.

  2. Hi Howard
    I totally agree with you. It makes me “mad” when I hear about “free health care” in Canada (Ontario).
    Maybe it is free to some, it for sure is free to people who do not pay taxes. We work and pay a lot of taxes from which a large portion goes to health care and we pay additional insurance through work, but since my family doctor had retired some years back I don’t even have a Family doctor any more (and I am 65 and have to rely on “walking clinics”, where you don’t get the correct ca

  3. You forgot to mention criminal activity in Ontario’s past Liberal Gov. Term. LEGAL criminal activity, the kind where you pay out to Liberal associated construction co.’s whose contracts are cancelled on projects they knew would never happen . Yes stupidity is the real problem with the electorate . And anyone with a dog knows how well “dog treats” can be used to control and motivate :sway public opinion and garner votes.

  4. Sometimes when something is too far gone you need to let it burn & rebuild. California is burning. Illinois as well. Instead of cutting spending it’s now $60 to renew your driver’s license (was $30) $149 for car tag (was $79) $249 for a hybrid/EV they wanted $1000! They doubled the gas tax to 40 cents a gallon on top of already high gas taxes effective in 11 days. Needless to say, I will not be renewing my tag, license & buying gas across the state line in Missouri where I buy everything.

  5. As the Communists predicted in the 1950s and 60s, they’ve taken us over from the inside. The vast majority of our children and children’s children have been indoctrinated to reject our Republic, and replace it with socialism. I hope and pray that we can overcome it all, but I sincerely doubt we can.

  6. Sad, sad, sad!!! Ontario is going right down the sewer!!!! the Liberals have destroyed us. I hope Doug Ford can last long enough to pull us up out of the hole, but the TAKERS are still screaming for more, more, more!!!

  7. If Canadians, especially the younger generations, do not awaken to the deep and sinister socialization of their way of life they will soon get to see the much vaunted “level playing field for all”, and the accompanying ABJECT POVERTY for all! The Obama and Soros efforts to manipulate Canada into a floundering socialist dictatorship, will have succeeded, in place of country that has the natural resources to have generated health and wealth for all!

  8. Before it gets better it will have to come much worse. For us to come out of this, there is only one solution. The economy on the planet as to collapse which is on the brinks of anyways and then we restart from scratch with zero debts for everyone and since it is a world economy, a new world dollar must be invented and used. Wonder how long sheeples will take this before they finally revolt and retake our houses of parliament throughout Canada and throw all criminal politicians in jail.

  9. Howard, Liberal democratic “bankrupt” Illinois is going the way of Canada!

  10. I sit here in complete astonishment ~ That 2 great countries have been brought down to their knees because of stupidity & GREED!!! The US isn’t quite there yet but as the larger population states are being taken down by socialism ~ The rest of the states COULD follow! Trump is doing his best to STOP the Leftists/Liberals/Takers from succeeding. My prayer is that Trump succeeds. I also pray for Canada, a wonderful nation & our ally. Both countries, criminal politicians NEED to be in jail.

  11. In response to Robert Daigneault.
    Facebook is coming out with a Money/Cash/Payment system so as to eliminate using Cash or Credit Cards. There will be a new methodology to use money and our Government will not be able to control it! Where will real value come from? New Generation of Canadians only know how to demand more for themselves with no idea on how to pay for what they demand.

  12. Just as the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz melted into the ground, we are witnessing little State of Connecticut’s melting decline. Greed, cronyism, back-breaking taxes (with more on the horizon), sanctuary state for illegals, arrogance–these are the tip of the iceberg. I will not stop praying, hoping, and fighting for change, though. Good people of all nations must stand up and be heard. Thank you for your voice.

  13. Anyone living in Quebec, the most “progressive, socialist” province in Canada and US, can attest to the fascism, oppression, systemic racism, lack of finances, poor healthcare, lack of doctors, lack or rights, govt abuse, welfare, crumbling infrastructure, stunted business growth, union attitudes, bureaucracy and overall ruling idiocy by a govt that exists here. If one wants to know what socialism will look like they can start looking here.

  14. Hi Howard and Anne,

    Your numbers are off a little Howard, this process in Ontario started way back in late 1980’s with David Peterson and then Buffalo Bob. Ontario went from one of best run and successful political jurisdictions in the world to one of the worst over 30 years, hard to believe but true. I remember when Ontario had very competitive hydro electric prices and businesses creating high paying jobs to waste lands now and almost as bad as Quebec which is saying a lot, very sad.

  15. Ford is still paying for the Gay Pride Parades and Now Participating in them. Not to mention his broken promise to end the liberal perv sex ed program… teaching children how to have anal sex, less math? These are huge waste of money we keep paying for and he won’t end these? He’s Spinless, He’s a coward!. He’s just as much a liar as Trudeau. All to get the liberal vote down the road. Ontario’s Debt will hit $400 Billion. On a per-capita basis .. that’s equivalent to a $10 Trillion US Federal

  16. HG, on Apr 10, I celebrated my 50th anniversary of my move from Montreal to Toronto. My then wife vigorously refused, but when I asked her, “What are you going to say to our future children when they ask; you knew you were bringing use into this fascist world, why didn’t you move?” That changed her mind and off we went. Based on the positive feedback we gave, our whole family followed us (Parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, etc.) and are extremely content with their decision.

  17. The Province of Quebec which is referred to as “Nation-Quebec” by Premier Francois Legault is run by Neo-Nazis who call themselves the “CAQ” – Coalition Avenir Quebec. They are racist + petty + ethnocentric nationalists who pass discriminatory laws such as “Bill 21″… which outlaws Hijabs + Kippahs + Turbans + Religious Head Coverings of any kind. But Legault says Quebecois are very happy and can now stand erect. Zeig Heil, Mon Kamandant !!! :>( Brucester
    ps: good move, John Smith

  18. Great comments Howard, We here in Alberta had a “taste” of Socialism for a term. Then enough people woke up and now we have a governing body that is trying to dig us out of the hole. The past government is trying to use the “abuse” of unionized workers as a lever to upset the system. Unions have their place but maybe they need to be brought under the microscope! It ain’t a perfect world, but some are not helping to make it better! I would use the term “entitlement attitude” to cover the problem

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