We’re Not Holier Than Thou – But We Better Be


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You Might Have Noticed That Galganov.Com Has Been On & Off-Line For A While. Please Don’t Be Too Concerned – the Temporary Absence is Part & Parcel of the Galganov.com Upgrade, as we Change the Dynamics of the Site & our Hosting Service.

But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Writing, Publishing & Sending.

Unfortunately . . . Until we Can Get all of this Resolved, we Might all be Experiencing Glitches here and there, for which I Apologize – But We are Doing the Best We Can, & Hopefully, by the End of the Month, Everything will be Up & Running the Way it Ought-To-Be.


As You Can Imagine . . . I’m Swamped with all Forms of Emails, Many of which are Personal Opinions of the Senders, Many others are Links to Web Sites People Think I will be Interested-In.

And some are Threads of Conversations People are having with each other . . . WHICH ARE OF NO INTEREST TO ME.

I Believe . . . That this is the First Time in our North American History, where Graduating Students have been Trained to be Naïve at Best . . . & Stupid at Worst. To Reach for the Middle Opposed for the Top. When & Where Values are Upside Down & Inside Out . . . So Much-So – As To Be Valueless & Harmful.

Where Freedom Of Expression Used To Be A Virtue – It’s Now A Vice.

Some Of The Emails I Receive From “Conservatives” are Sent as Facts – which are Distributed by the Senders Far & Wide to Everyone on their “Lists”, Which Are Far Too Often BS, Based upon Wrong Information, Innuendo, Conspiracy Theories . . . Etc.

Just Because You Read It On The Internet Doesn’t Make It True.

A While Ago . . . A Prolific Emailer of all Kinds of Unsubstantiated Claims, which she Wanted to Believe, and What she Wanted Other People to Believe, Sent me “FACTS & STATISTICS” to Prove that Some American Federal Agencies, were Buying Bullets to the Extreme . . . In The Millions, which in her Mind Meant that the Government was Stockpiling Ammunition in Preparation for a Takeover of the Government From The People.

In Other Words . . . To Suspend The US Constitution By Way Of Martial Law.

She Even Gave The Number Of Bullets Associated With Her Sick Conspiracy Theory As Proof. So, I did some Simple Math & Divided the Number of Bullets by the Number of Agents in the Department she Referenced, and then Divided the Number of Bullets Needed per Agent for Regular Training.

I then Multiplied the Number of Bullets Anne & I Shoot every Week at the Range, and Multiplied that by Forty, since we Don’t Necessarily Shoot every Week, and we Came up with a Minimum of 12,000-Combined Rounds Per Year.

To Give You An Idea By Comparison . . . The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Have Approximately 5,800-Officers. And if the OPP were to Shoot as Many Rounds as Anne & I Do, which I’m Certain they Do, by Combining Training & Certification . . . The OPP Would Be Shooting 30-Million Rounds Per Year.


The Woman With The Bullets Is No Longer Commenting On Galganov.com. So this a New Issue with Someone else who Plays Fast & Loose with her Perceived Facts and the Truth.

It Blows Me-Away . . . As Per How Much BS Is Out There On All Sides.

Make No Mistake About This . . . I have no use for Michelle Obama. There is Nothing I Like about Michelle Obama, Not from her Head to her Toes. But that doesn’t Mean . . . Michelle Obama is Fair Game for Lies & Distortions.

When Conservatives Lie & Distort – We’re No Better Than Them.

The Two Lies About Michelle Obama That Irked Me, were that Obama Said to a Group of Immigrants Being Nationalized in the Capital National Archives Building . . . That The Founding Fathers Were Not Born In America, for which Obama was Derided, because. according to the Emailer, Most of the Framers were Born in America . . . BUT OBAMA WAS RIGHT.

Actually – None of the Framers Were American, since America Didn’t Exist Until AFTER the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, when they all Became Americans. Which is what Obama was Referring to.

Michelle Obama Also Said . . . That just Feet from where These Newly Sworn-In Americans Stood, was the Declaration Of Independence, for which the Emailer also Derided Obama, because the Emailer Implied that Obama Suggested that the Declaration of Independence was somehow Signed in Washington DC, Rather than in Philadelphia . . . Which Wasn’t Even Close To Being True.


If You Believe The Polls . . . Biden Is A Sure Thing to Win the Democrat Nomination. And whether Biden Wins or Not, it doesn’t Matter, since According to the News, every Poll Shows that Any of the Democrat Wannabes will Beat Trump Head to Head in November 2020 . . . So Why Bother Having The Election?

Here’s What I See . . . Biden Gets The Boot From The Rank & File. And If Biden Is Handed The Nomination, the Same Way Crooked Hillary was Nominated . . . The LEFT Will Be Eviscerated.


THAT SAID . . . It Really Doesn’t Matter If Biden Wins Or Not – When Tens of Thousands of Everyday People, Men, Women, Young People, Jews, Christians, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Gays & Straights Line-up in the Sweltering Florida Sun . . . A Day & Even Two Days In Advance, to be there at the Official Trump Campaign Launch – That Says All That Needs To Be Said About November 2020.


Ocasio-Cortez Is Like A Venereal Disease – The “Gift” That Keeps On-Giving.

The Democrats Are So Finished . . . That even the Old War Horse Pelosi, has no Idea what to do with her Party, which is in Full Self-Destruct Mode, from Pelosi’s Moslem Members who Can’t Stop Disparaging Jews & Israel, and her Communist Members, Many Of Whom Are One-In-The-Same, who Prefer to call Themselves American Socialists . . . And An Idiot Delusional 29-Year-Old Cortez . . . Who Says She’s In Charge & Seems To Be.

The November 2020 Election Might Not Be To See If The Democrats Can Win, But Rather, To See How Badly The LEFT Can Lose . . . & Still Survive As A Party.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Depressing is what it is . These throw backs to the stone age have been at it forever and bent on dragging the civilized world down with them . Destroying great works of art ( the past …) . Nuclear arms … What is the world thinking and what is Israel and the rest of the world waiting on … The first mushroom cloud ? Muslim president and stupid Americans ( and that’s North America) . Never expected any real support from Europe , it’s overrun with Muslims.

  2. I could not agree more with your thoughts – keep them coming.

  3. Bravo, Howard. Great editorial. We do not need to lie, they do. It is the same with Israel bashing. It’s detractors need to continually exaggerate and lie to put her down because they have nothing else, while the fools of the planet follow. Israel has the truth on her side, for those brave enough and smart enough to listen and learn.

  4. Thank you again Howard for cutting through the malarkey and explaining what is in clear language. Best regards to you and your family.

  5. Didn’t the Senate unanimously pass a bill/resolution just days ago against anti-Semitism? Wonder if that will have any effect on Omar, et al. Love for the Dems to keep doing what they’ve been doing since the election because it is resoundingly showing the American people just what they really stand for. Watched press conference w/GOP reps who calling Pelosi to bring Trump’s request for $4.5 billion for border aid to help agents deal with crisis. Hope it forces Pelosi to bring for a vote.

  6. Don’t count the demon rats out so easily Howard. Remember that there are a lot of dumb sheeples out there that voted for demon rats and did give the house back to them last November. The only poll that counts is election day and I hope that what you say becomes true wholeheartedly. The sheeples that voted for aoc were not voting for them but for the party. Like I said before, if a brick ran in some of those districts it would win and that goes for the Republicans also, we do have rinos.

  7. “WHEN TRUTH & JUSTICE IS ON OUR SIDE . . . WE DON’T HAVE TO LIE:” These words say it all! The Democrats will NEVER know nor REALIZE what “hit them” in November 2020 because they are such LIARS! AMEN!

  8. Dark matter, the infinite vacuum of space. The universe is expanding to fill the void! That’s why it’s expanding… Dark matter is the vacuum of infinity. Earth’s environment is defined by where and when! (Currently on an eleven year cycle) The universe will cease when it wants too! Politics is a psi~ops mission beyond our imagination. A Kabuki Theater beyond our imagination. If you do not think you are being manipulated, your not paying attention.
    Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget and rarely forgiv

  9. a much needed warning. If conservatives wish to succeed they must be 100% when they make statements off the cuff. Politicians sometimes talk way too much when promising to get back to an inquirer and then following through sends a much stronger message.

  10. So is anyone else so tired of hearing this same old news and to think the election is over a year away!! Good grief. Boring. Can we talk about some important things going on in the world…or maybe it’s a good diversion while Trump chugs away doing good stuff.

  11. Howard you are right on target. There are so many e-mails out there that are twisted lies and distorted. I have lost several folks that always sent me e-mails and I would send them back an tell them they are not true so they have stopped sending me fake news but we must keep things truthful and correct. Amen

  12. I concur Howard. About all I can add to this editorial piece is an exclamation point!

  13. Howard: you certainly have a way with words that few others can do. Your quote, “Ocasio-Cortez Is Like A Venereal Disease – The “Gift” That Keeps On-Giving” is the best thing I heard in a long, long time. You made my week. So, I agree with James: “keep them coming”!

  14. Howard, you are on target ??? Their are so many twisted remarks, floating around, that it is hard to know what to consider factual.

  15. Yes Howard, there are many fallacious osts on the internet, many of which are blatantly false. Sometimes it is impossible to distinguish lies from truth, even by sites that claim to do so, like SNOPES.==== Please, please do not be overconfident about the Nov. 2020 elections. People are easily lolled into a false sense of security and may not vote for that reason. Keep on keeping on.

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