Killing Us With The Pretense Of Kindness



We Work For & Serve The Government – Not The Other Way Around.

If you think You are the Only One Stressed To-The-Max Over the Costs of Everything, Including the Smothering Rules & Regulations Imposed upon You & Yours by the Government, who should Otherwise be Working for you . . . YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

And It’s Not Just The Carbon Tax . . . Higher Guaranteed Minimum Wages. Higher Costs for Automobile Registrations. Free Healthcare Clinical Testing at Ontario Hospitals, which all of a Sudden are No Longer Free . . . And On & On & On.

For the Global Warming/Climate Change Chicken Little’s of the World, who think that a Carbon Tax will Somehow Save the Planet from an Environmental Catastrophe, which is Concocted in their Own Demented Minds . . . I’ve Got News For Them.

One Burp From A Volcano – One Major Forest Fire . . . And what Leaches Naturally out of the Ocean Floor and into the Environment every Single Day, Puts More Carbon Into The Atmosphere, than Everything a Normal Person can Contribute in a Hundred Lifetimes.

YET . . . Here we have Governments Worldwide, Canada amongst them, TOUTING the Benefits of Taxing Citizens Into Economic Oblivion, in the Pretense of Saving the Planet.

A Carbon Tax has Made a Whole Lot of Wealthy & Well-Connected People, including Politicians, Academics & LEFTIST Advocates, even that much Wealthier & Better Connected – So How Does That Help You, Me & The Planet?

You Start Combining The Cost Of Mandated Rising Minimum Wages, the Carbon Tax & Everything else which is Going-Up as PREDATORY PRICING . . . and what you have is a Perfect Storm . . . The Genesis For A National Economic Collapse.

Anne & I Took Two Friends Out For A Cheap Steamed Hot-Dog Supper Last Night. We had Hotdogs in the Bun, French Fries & Soft Drinks . . . The Bill Was Just Under $40 All-In.

It Doesn’t Sound Like Much for Four People . . . Except, a Meal like that a Year-Ago would have Cost us – Close To Half As Much.


Anne Went Grocery Shopping Yesterday, and on her Way-Out of the Grocery Store, there was a Display of Fresh Watermelons in a Bin, not Particularly Big Melons at $10 Each. At $10 for a Small Watermelon . . . They Can Keep It. And Anne wasn’t the only Shopper who Thought so.

People Aren’t Entirely Stupid. And even Stupid People can Only Spend what they Have, until there Isn’t Anymore, and when that Happens, which is coming Faster than People Realize . . . the Producers, Wholesalers, Transporters & Retailers will be Whistling Dixie Waiting & Begging for Customers.

And If People Aren’t Buying . . . All The People Employed In The Food & Product Chain will soon see what the Consequences are of Corporate Greed, Too High Wages & Massive Government Incompetence, Costs, Corruption & Taxes.


And No One Ever Put It Into A Better Perspective Than Margaret Thatcher . . .

“The Trouble With Socialism Is That Eventually You Run Out Of Other People’s Money”.

So What Happens To The Government . . . And all the Government Largesse, like Free Healthcare in Canada, which Really Isn’t all that Free . . . Including Pensions, Social Security, Unfunded Liabilities, Education, Police, Fire, Infrastructure (Roads & Bridges) and all Other Government Services – WHEN THERE ISN’T ENOUGH TAX REVENUE TO COVER THE COSTS?

If You Think For A Nano-Second, that Venezuela Cannot Happen to us, Here in North America . . . THINK AGAIN! Because, as a Canadian, I’m Living It Every Day.


Almost Everyone Is Squeezing The Limits Because They Can . . . But what Happens when there’s No One Left to Squeeze? And what Happens when the Squeezer Becomes the Squeezed? . . . Ask The Venezuelans?

Anne & I Shop A Lot At Amazon . . . Because We Refuse To Get Ripped-Off.

Anne & I Shop at Amazon & Several Other ONLINE Retailers, because we Don’t want to Pay Twice as Much for Items than we have to. And for all the LEFTISTS like Ocasio-Cortez & Bernie Sanders, who Live like Royalty on their BLOATED Taxpaid Salaries . . . if Our Saving Money at the Expense of their Socialist Dream Paid through Taxes Offends them . . . They Can Kiss My Capitalist Behind.


Our Governments have Morphed Into their own Culture & Society, Divorced from the People who Pay their Way, where the Government has Actually Become Entitled to our Money, where they Pay themselves what they Want, Hire as many People as they Deem Necessary, whether they Really Need the People or Not, Set their own Work Standards, Hours to be Worked, Overtime, Vacations, Paid Time-Off, Child-Leave, Expenses, Generous Pensions . . . Etc.

At One Point . . . Between The Costs Of Big Business, Big Government & Over Regulations, It’s All Going To Come Crashing Down On Our Heads . . . And It Will Be The Disaster Of Our Own making.


On The 15th Of Every Month . . . Because of the Costs of Maintaining, Especially over the Last Two Months, which have been Brutal, I ask Readers Who Enjoy This BLOG To Support It Financially.

But I Feel a Bit Weird Today, Asking for Financial Support, After Writing about the Rising Costs of Everything . . .

SO . . . As I Always Write – If you Can’t Comfortably Support with your Money, At No Sacrifice To You . . . PLEASE DON’T!

I Will Continue To Tilt At Windmills . . . Taking on All Comers – With Or Without Your Help. But, As I’m Certain You Realize, With Your Help . . . It Makes It Far Easier For Me.

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As Always . . . Thank You In Advance For your Support.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Trump is pointing out that if he is not relected n 2020 there will be stock market collapse the likes of which the world has never seen before.

  2. Well-put, Howard. And don’t forget about the retailers who sell dry goods in boxes who have been cutting back on the product inside those boxes. Cereal, potato chips, ad infinitum, are less than 75% full in their boxes now days. I guess they don’t want to spend the money to change the size of the boxes. Then we still get hosed because some of these companies are also raising their prices for us to pay for less food contained therein. Oh, well….

  3. Yep. I LOVE Amazon. I was able to order diabetic socks forFather’s Day going to two delivery addresses with just a few clicks. They were delivered the next day. Wow.
    Let’s hope we get rid of this traitor Trudeau come October. If not, prices are only going to go higher. Wish we had Trump to help us here in Canada.

  4. Flush as many times as you want and those Trudeau floaters keep popping back up

  5. I buy everything on Amazon–and it pays to shop carefully. The same product can have wildly different prices. I’ve see my NAC supplement priced from $12 to $80 for the same product. Lots of other items priced with the same spread–I don’t understand how they figure their pricing.

  6. will a check get to you on a standard U.S. stamp.or do I need to add extra postage?

  7. We have run out of other people’s money a long time ago hence why governments have big deficits and big debts. It took the French people being taxed up to 70% before they revolted in a small way with the yellow jackets. We are presently taxed at about 52% so I say when will we be taxed enough for us to revolt because that is the only solution left for us to get our democracies back from crooked politicians and top bureaucrats and the total greed of big companies. Enough is enough already. My 2¢!

  8. The Government is SPENDING/SQUANDERING our Tax Dollars for THEIR PURPOSES, while We The People are on BUDGETS from which we dare not vary. I watch out for EVERY penny I spend. I don’t buy what I WANT, I only buy what I NEED. When the Government runs out of MY money, we are a SOCIALIST Country. With the amount of Tax Money paid, we should be OUT OF DEBT, not in it over our heads. That is NOT Fiscal Responsibility. Wake Up America. Well said Mr. G. God Bless

  9. Our family will be voting to out the Drama Teacher at the next election…….Silver spoon and all

  10. You are bang on regarding the Climate change hoax. If all the predictions came true, PEI would be submerged along with New York City. I visited Lance aux Meadows NFLD last year and the shoreline has grown nearly 800 feet in the last thousand years. Guess the UN hasn’t checked in there. Climate change is all about CONTROL and the UN want it. They are led by a bunch of despots and our drama boy is doing all possible to cosy up to them.

  11. Ever time we go to Wal Marts any of them their prices have gone up, up. & up. A 89cent soda at the cash out counter was that now they are a dollar eighty nine cents. Meat is so high people are stealing it. I don’t know how to buy on Amazon would someone please tell me how to do it? Those of you in Canada my heart goes out to each of you with your higher cost than they are here in the U.S. pray people, pray a lot. 4 dollars for hot dogs? That is unreal. All of us better start praying a lot

  12. Lord Justin is implementing his $600 Million pay off to the press to encourage groupthink for Climate Change. Piled on top of this he wants to outlaw single-use plastic items like straws, eating utensils, plastic bags, and so many other items that there are few if any competitive replacements for. The money would be better spent to fund R&D for systems to recycle/recover those plastics. Why not a center for research into the recycling of mixed plastics? This is the elephant in the room.

  13. A great editorial, Howard. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve shopped Amazon for years but am trying to cut back as much as possible in the last year or so because I’m not liking Jeff Bezos so much these days. Why is it when people are successful, make a great deal of $$, they think they know what is best for everyone else? It seems to happen all the time–Zuckerman too. Honestly, I think it has more to do with their egos & they use their wealth to influence & change things to their way of thinking.

  14. As soon as my house settles in Wyoming I will definitely help you out financially. Back to Delaware to think about things and recuperate from my heart surgery.
    Please people, suppost Howard. We need to keep our voices heard! I do think people are waking up but there are still so many crazy uneducated people! We can keep going and educate them. Love the #walkaway movement also. (ps…wish I didn’t have to enter my email address each time..didn’t used to have to…thanks)

  15. To offset the higher cost of many items we shop a lot at Costco. Also buy a lot on Amazon. You can pick the lowest price right on the site and if it is too high try going to warehouse shops. I personally sell on Amazon and enjoy competing with other sellers to give the best deal possible to my customers. We have a lot of repeat customers that refer us to their friends also. There are many ways you can shave the prices on many items you need. I would be very happy to help others.

  16. Just a reminder to all you Amazon lovers (just spent $12 there yesterday), the soon to be former richest man in the world (his pending ex’s half share is sending him way down the list but not to the poor house) is the owner of the socialist/commie?? rag, the Washington Post and controlling shareholder of AMAZON, Jeff Bezos sic!!

  17. I don’t know where carbon tax revenue goes, or who gets it but I (we) sure are feeling the effect on escalating cost of most everything especially food. Observe this item of rising cost and negative effect: there are many garden centres and stores around Cornwall loaded with hanging baskets minimum $15 and withering flowers, any plants worth having are grossly overpriced, so, it seems nobody is buying and the plants will eventually all go to the dump. Heat or eat, stay home and grow grass

  18. For those wondering why price varies for same product on Amazon. The seller sets the price and Amazon
    Charges 20-30% to seller. That how Bezos got so rich.

  19. I shop Amazon because items I want are not available locally. One store carries pretty much the same as another. Woe if I want something “unusual.” Since I live out of town, the time and expense traveling from one store to another, not finding what I want infuriates me.
    Howard, you blame the politicians for the rising costs, don’t forget to include all those who insist the government will solve the world’s ills. If there’s a problem, pass a bill and raise taxes to keep the dimwits quiet.

  20. Sadly I even buy cat food on Amazon. I can’t stand Bezo, especially his Washington Compost. And his exwife should have gotten half, not $35B. However, single guys should find out where she hangs out;-)

  21. Thanks Howard. With respect to politicians, there are several studies relating to how much time they spend doing their jobs, which is sometimes pale compared to the time spent getting re-elected. Their pay based on actual hours worked is even more exorbitant than it appears.

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