I Truly Believe That People Who Support The LEFT & Buy Into Media BS Are Nuts. They are Ignorant, Uninformed, Lazy, Naïve, Gullible . . . And In Need Of Real Therapy. And I’m Not Just “Saying” This – I Mean It.

Make No Mistake About This . . . These are the People who Decide who should Rule our Respective Countries, which Means – Who Should Rule Our Respective Lives.

This Is The Way It’s Supposed To Work.

We Elect People who Inevitably Make the Laws (Rules), which are Set in Place and in Motion to Supposedly Make our Lives Better. These Elected People (Politicians) then Hire Bureaucrats to Carry-Out the Laws (Rules) Made by the “Politicians”, which are Designed Specifically for the Benefit of the People.

But That’s Not The Way It Works.

It All Turned To Rat-Crap . . . When The Politicians Learned How To Buy Votes With The Voters Own Money . . . & How To Buy Votes From People Without Money, By Promising Them The Money Of Others.

And Once The Bureaucratic Stew Started To Cook . . . The Bureaucrats Quickly Discovered that they Weren’t just Employees of the Politicians who Represented the People, which made the Bureaucrats Employees of the People, But That The Bureaucrats – Held More Sway & Power Than Ever Intended.


We have Politicians who Bribe People’s Votes with the People’s Own Money, and a Toxic Bureaucracy, which has become More Powerful than the Politicians who Appoint them, and More powerful than the People (Taxpayers) who Pay their Wages.

What About Billion Dollar Lobbyists, Big Donors & Political Action Committees?

I HAVE ZERO PROBLEMS . . . with Lobbyists, Big Donors & Political Action Committees, since they can only Influence Stupid People with No Skin in the Game.

Donald Trump Proved Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt . . . By Spending Less than Half of what Crooked Hillary Spent on the 2016 Election, that BIB-BIG-BIG MONEY, and a Massively Corrupt Media Can’t Win an Election . . . If The People Are Engaged & Paying Attention.


1 – People who Live-Off the Benefit of the State (Welfare) Shouldn’t Get a Vote.
2 – People who are Incarcerated Shouldn’t Get a Vote.
3 – People who Can’t Pass a Simple Civics Questionnaire Shouldn’t Get a Vote.
4 – People without a 100% Verifiable Voter ID Card Shouldn’t Get a Vote.

Campaigns Should Be No Less Than 15-Days & No Greater Than One Month.

There Should Not Be any Restrictions on who Can Support a Candidate or Party, or how Much Money Anyone (Citizen) should be Allowed to Spend in their Support.



The Reason For Our God-Awful Politics & Bureaucracy Lies Solely With The Voters.

FAR TOO MANY VOTERS ARE TOO STUPID . . . to see the Difference between Lies & the Truth. Voters are TOO GREEDY to Understand that the Politicians are Buying their Votes with the Voters Own Money. And the Voters on Welfare WILL NEVER Turn Down Something (Anything) they themselves Didn’t Earn.


In Canada . . . Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – who is in all of My Experience & Knowledge of Canadian Politics, Without Question, is the Worst Prime Minister In Canadian History . . . Worse Even More-So than his Father Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

And This Is How Justin Trudeau Is Campaigning For The October 2019 Election.

Trudeau Knows That Most Canadian Millennials . . . Because of Academia & Media Disinformation are Sold on the Great Global Warming Propaganda. Trudeau also knows that Based upon the Same “Education & Media”, Canadian Millennials Believe in a One World Government, and See Socialism as a Great Alternative to Capitalism.

Trudeau Knows That Most Canadian Millennials . . . Have no Idea or Concern for the Consequences of Deficits & Debt, Mostly because Trudeau doesn’t have a Clue Either.

SO – After Almost 4-Years In Government . . . Where Trudeau’s Policies have Alienated Canada’s Best International Allies & Trading Partners, where Canada, because of Trudeau has been Sent to the Back of the Line at all International Events, and has Run-Up the National Debt Past the Point of Reasonable Return, and has Made a Fool of Himself & Country by Taking as Many Selfies as Imaginable, while Trudeau & His Family Gallivanted Globally on the Indebted Public Purse, while Writing Huge Checks to Buy Love from Third World Countries . . . What’s Trudeau and his Liberal Party going to do to get Re-Elected in October of 2019 . . . When Trudeau’s ONLY Real Socio/Political Success, is that Trudeau Legalized Drugs (Marijuana)?

Trudeau Established A $600-MILLION Fund For Compliant & Selective Media.

Who Other – Than A Demented LEFTIST . . . Could possibly Ignore the Truth of the Liberal Trudeau Government’s Massive Failures . . . AND TRUDEAU’S OVERT – MORE THAN A HALF BILLION DOLLAR BRIBE TO THE MEDIA . . . And Not Think for a Second that all of this is Sick, Perverted and a Real Slap at Democracy?


The Horrible Reality . . . Is that there are Millions of Sick-Minded Ignorant People in Canada, just like there are in the United States of America, who will Vote Without Having a Clue as to What they’re Voting For, Because in Canada, they’ll Follow the Election News on Media Bought & Paid For by the Trudeau Government.

Millions of Canadians Living on One Form of Welfare or Another, will Vote Liberal, or even Harder to the LEFT, because they Want Something For Nothing . . . And To Hell With What’s Good For The Country.


Only Mentally Deranged People Will Vote For Bad Politics & Bad Politicians . . . because they’re Generally too Stupid, too Lazy & too Trusting of the Corrupt Media to Care to Know the Truth. And When Confronted With The Truth – They Don’t Believe It.

We Get The Politics We Deserve . . . But We Don’t All Deserve The Politics we Get.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “LET THEM GO.” Simply perfect. Could not agree more. They will get what they fully deserve.
    Hopefully they will never, ever return.

  2. Justin Trudeau is Canadas first elected Dictator. Will there even be an October election?

  3. When here in the USA we have jurisdictions that have a voter turnout that exceeds the number of registered voters — folks, we’ve got a problem. And I don’t know how to fix that, because I am pretty sure that the watchdogs are in on the corruption — perhaps the watchdogs ARE the corruption.

  4. Howard, you are correct to a point. Observe what happened in Alberta when a left-leaning party took power! Now the unions that were treated royally(I’m not inferring that all nurses and teachers don’t work hard) there are many that are dedicated and hard working. We have become a society of entitlement rather than commitment. If we don’t smarten up we will destroy a society that has encouraged individuals to work hard and succeed. Keep on putting our “feet to the fire”!

  5. Noting the increasing authoritarianism of the Democrat Party in alliance with the lamestream media, the inimitable James Woods opined that America was becoming more and more like 1930s Germany. He could have been referring to Trudeau’s Canada also.

  6. Unfortunately I have to agree. You have omitted a few other moves from PM Trudeau : like promoting Gay Rights to the exclusion of any other form of sexual activity. Working very hard to destroy private gun ownership , Stacking the Senate with pro-liberal members who will haunt us long past his demise, Enhancing payments and benefits to women who reproduce as a source of income, Enhancing Native Rights and Benefits beyond those of retired pensioners. and more than room permits me to state.

  7. TRUE DOPE even managed to extend for another five years the ‘Have/Have Not Agreement’ to aid provinces financially. And of course Quebec will be the prime benefactor. Time to let them – Quebec go.

  8. Howard I agree with your four easy ways to fix our voter disgrace, but I would add one more: Every voter must have been a U.S. citizen for at least 18 years. After all I had to wait that long before I could vote. Edgar Sellers

  9. Another excellent editorial Howard, especially # 1,2,3.& 4. Also short term campaigning, we all get sick of the repetitive lies promulgated over several months We are at a loss in how to handle stupidity If the media claimed that the sun burned itself out 300 light years ago, they would believe it just because the media claimed it Keep up the good work

  10. Sorry to throw you under the bus Edgar S. Of Tx. but I think all people should be at least 21 years old before they can vote. Along with being an American as well, with I.D. Electric bill, Drivers licenses, I could go on and on but think everyone who reads this gets the idea. Someone said 16 yr. olds should vote good Lord they have not left mom and dad’s kitchen yet to see what’s in the ice box to eat. Most of them cannot pass their drivers licensees test at school even. Get real out there.

  11. So true, So sad. Most very large and successful societies…died a relatively fast end when this happened. The Romans, The Greeks to call up two big ones. MASSIVE military strength. Both HUGE art, science and medical, math communities. VERY smart and productive civil engineers and much more for their eras. The common links to the failures:
    moral decay, corrupt politicians. Geese we have those…

  12. Your JUSTIN TRUDEAU is the same as our ex-president, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! Totally agree that “Only Mentally Deranged People Will Vote For Bad Politics & Bad Politicians”. A BIG reason for these DERANGED people is due to the INCREASE in DRUG USE, their DESIRE for FREE STUFF which the RADICAL LEFT is promising them and, last but NOT least, a LACK OF MORALITY. Our ANYTHING GOES society is DESTROYING America and that’s WHY the LEFT HATES the Make America Great Again [MAGA] logo! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. Howard you are right on the mark. The socialists one world government brainwashed idiots pass stupid laws.
    Example of this is: kill a pre-born Sea Turtle get a $100,000 fine and 1 year in prison kill a pre-born Bald Eagle
    get a $250,000 fine and 2 years in prison kill a pre-born human being (baby) and there is NO PENALTY
    we are on our way to disaster unless we wake up and vote for the right people to govern our countries

  14. I would like to vote Conservative in October but we don’t have any in Canada. All are liberal light or red tory, same as in the states, rinos. About the age thing, I believe that everything from voting to driving to drinking to sexual consent to joining the military should be 20. Before that, you are a teenager and not mature enough for anything mind you that most over 20 never mature anyway. I’ll keep saying it, sheeples in both Canada and the U.S.A. will finally wake-up when it’s too late.

  15. There is hope. When 6 of the provinces are against C-69, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Provinces that had not voted Conservative in a while are now led by conservative premiers. I am in Alberta and the UCP gave the NCP a good paddling in the recent vote. Pocketbook issues will reign in both the US and Canada.

  16. Just dawned on me reading editorial that this has resulted from Dr. Spock’s 1960-70s highly-rated book on parenting. His premise revolutionized discipline; no spanking anymore–might harm their creativity/psyche. Plus parents began paying for everything the child “wanted” rather than their having to work for it. Result was lazy, disrespectful, know-it-all, no sense of self-responsibility. Three+ cycles of THAT & an indoctrinating education of propaganda, we have a majority of today’s voters.

  17. An excellent editorial & all your readers have good thoughts on everything you’ve written above. We are in deep trouble – socialism sells & too many Canadians & Americans are willing to buy into it. It sure looks very bad for the Western Civilization because our young people are totally uninformed about what’s going on around them. Not sure how to fix this as it is very deeply ingrained in the whole of the Western Civilization. China & Russia are aware of our weakness & are exploiting it.

  18. Right on the money Howard. 100%. The days of the “popularity” contests must end.
    The right to vote is a privilege. It should only be in the hands of the responsible, informed voter.

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