There’s No Getting Away – You Can Run But You Can’t Hide



Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I . . . Took-Off for 3-Days to Burlington Vermont, with our Smaller RV, Just To Get Away.

Burlington is about a 3-Hour Drive from where we Live in South Eastern Ontario, where we Stayed for Several Days at the City’s RV Park Right On Beautiful Lake Champlain, for the Pleasure of Doing Nothing, other than some Grocery Shopping & “Fine Dining” at Two Restaurants & One Grocery Store, Which Are 100% Unavailable To Us In Canada.


And If You’re Curious To Know . . . Bubkes Is Yiddish For Dirt Cheap.

But Something Being Dirt Cheap While Spending “Bubkes” . . . Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Quality & Pleasure, since in this Day & Age of Communication & Smart Phones, it’s 100% Possible to Shop Really Well, Eat Really Well & Vacation Really Well – WITHOUT GETTING RIPPED-OFF.

We Shopped At Trader Joes, which we First Discovered at the Behest of my Older Sister, while Anne & I were in Austin Texas. Trader Joes are Located throughout the USA, where we Enjoy their Indescribably Affordable Delicious Latkes, Vine Leaves & Huge Belgium Chocolate Bars (Which Anne & I Eat Very Judiciously).

We Bought Enough Of Everything To Last Until The Next Trip South.

We Ate at Zachary’s Pizza, which we Discovered in Burlington Vermont, Perhaps as Long Back as 40-Years Ago . . . Where Zachary’s Super Special is Second to None.

And To End It All-Off . . . We Ate at the Texas Roadhouse, which is one of many of the Same Brand of Steak Restaurants throughout America, but None within Canada that I’m Aware of, where I Chose a Hand-Picked Bone-In Rib-Steak (Picked By My Own Hand), Prepared to Perfection (Rare) with all the Trimmings.

Anne Had Fish & Chips & Coffee. I had a Soft Drink & a 20-Ounce Sam Adams Draft Beer, all of which Cost us $66 (Including Tax & Tip).

PS – I Always Choose The 20-Ounce Steak . . . because I Take Much of it Back for Stryker. who Too Likes his Rib Steak Rare.

To Put This In Perspective . . . A Similar Meal, in a Similar Canadian Restaurant, would Cost at the Minimum $125 . . . up to and Closer to $200 – Tax & Tip Included, for which we NEVER Partake, because I have much Better Things To Do with our Hard-Earned Money Than To Blow It On An Overly Expensive Meal.


But . . . Because I Didn’t Write, Doesn’t mean that I Didn’t have my Computer with me, and that I wasn’t 100%-Up-To-Date on the Latest News, Events & Political Outrages in Both our Countries . . .

For Example: I Knew that the Thin Veneer of Joe Biden was Becoming Thinner by the Minute. And much Sooner Rather that Later . . . Biden will Self-Implode, because it’s always been Nothing More than Just a Matter of Time.


That so many People in the Media, even Hint that Biden is Really a Good Guy, as we Often Hear, even from a Fox News Pundit like Laura Ingraham, makes me Cringe, since Biden is a Do-Nothing Political Parasite, who has Successfully Fed-Off The Public Trough For 43-Years, which Makes me Wonder about Pundits like Laura Ingraham, who Suggest that Biden is in any Manner a Worthy Public Servant . . . Or A Good Guy.

That The Uber Socialist . . . Former Bartender Ocasio/Cortez, who a just a Few Months Ago, Lived on Tips for Pouring Booze at a Local Bar, Doesn’t Think her $175,000/Year Salary ($14,500/Month) is Enough for Her to Live-On, should be Mindboggling to Normal People, such as to a Family of Four who are Lucky to Live on a Third of what Cortez is Paid.

But, Considering that Cortez is a Socialist who is Fast & Loose with Other People’s Money, that she thinks she isn’t Paid Enough for Giving Lip-Service . . . Should Be A Shock To Know One.

I Know That Pelosi Wants Trump Imprisoned . . . But For What – I Don’t Know.

I Know that Nadler, Schiff and an Army of Democrats, who have Done Everything in their Power Not To Do What They Were Elected To Do . . . But are Doing Everything they Can to Keep President Trump . . . From Doing What President Trump Was Elected To Do is Somehow Big Daily News . . . But Of Negative Value.

I’m Also Aware . . . that the Democrats Can’t Find Anyone to Run for Their Party Leadership, who Isn’t an Idiot & Can’t INVENT Enough Ways to Buy Votes By Spending Other People’s Money.

And When I Write Other People’s Money . . . Of Course, I Mean People Who Worked For What They Have.


The LEFT Still Hates President Trump & Invests All Its Time Wasting Time.

The Democrats . . . In Search Of A Leader, are Perhaps in Greater Need of a Policy & Real Platform, Rather than just Another Political Buffoon to Further Embarrass the Party of JFK.

And While the Democrats are Busy Doing all they Can to Discredit & Screw-Over the President of the United States of America . . . & The 60-Plus Million Americans Who Voted For Donald Trump . . . to the Delight of America’s Enemies During Extreme Trade Negotiations . . . There Is Every Possibility That America Is About To Go Head To Head With Iran In A Much Less Than Casual Way.

A Country With Traitors In Opposition . . . Who Delude themselves by Believing that they are Patriots, who Care More about Global Socialism & One World Government than What’s Best for their Own Country, Who Otherwise Govern Without Purpose . . . Cannot Stand.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I said during the GWB & current regime, that if the USA is truly interested in getting Iran to the negotiating table to thwart nuclear ambitions, loan or give Israel one to three in-flight tankers to refuel F-16s so they can make their return flight to Israel after bombing the crap out of Iran’s nuke facilities. Perhaps we citizens should start a fund to help Israel buy re-fuel tankers, then watch the CIA-Obama-Jarrett team squirm. Iran would be negotiating ASAP, open inspections with no war!

  2. Pelosi says “I want to see Trump in prison”!
    Trump says good “I won’t visit you when you are in jail”

  3. Howard – glad to hear about your ‘quickie’ to Burlington – my old stomping grounds before I moved to Georgetown TX – (just about when the true socialist wave hit VT) – don’t know if you have discovered at Trader Joes their famous really good cheap wine ‘two buck chuck’ – I was just in the same store a couple of weeks ago stocking up on cases of it to bring to canada to keep me going thru the summer – the duty is roughly the same as the cost of the wine so i have much better wine than in QC

  4. Your last paragraph could have been about the situation here in Canada. Trustin is going out and accomplishing NADA. He has 6 of 10 provinces against him over the infrastructure bill, C-69. But my most important comment is that bubkes literally means Rabbit Poop.

  5. Best regards Howard you called a spade a spade. Love it.

  6. Damn, Howard, it’s about time you, Anne, and the rest of your “family” took some time off. Congratulations. KUTYGW! So, welcome back!

  7. Howard, it’s always nice to take time off to relax & reflect. It would also be nice if we 60m U.S. citizens could relax after the last 10 years, but now is when we need to stand together and fight back against the lefts lunacy. We have been pushed, called names, lied to, and marginalized. It’s time for another tea party, so to speak, and dump the lefts talking heads in the harbor. Not all of us are milk toast. Thanks for all you do.

  8. I always relish when another human being like their steaks ~ RARE!!! I like my steaks blood rare but will take rare. I also am getting mighty bored with what all of the Dimwits are doing ~ Or should I say NOT doing!!! I want my US Government to start taking care of what they are supposed to do ~ Taking care of the USA! As for AOC ~ She is about the dumbest Dimwit of them all. As for Omar & Rashid, they both need to be heavily curtailed & put up on Ethnic Charges for all of their Anti-Semitism!!!

  9. For what it’s worth: I think that Biden is not a good guy. But perhaps he is sacrificing himself in his attempt to get the nomination and go down in flames in 2020 to save his party from annihilation and thereby save said party from its socialist submergence – I think. You can put in the commas where ever you like.

  10. Did you stay at the North Beach campground? I went camping there a lot when I was a kid. My father used to rent a tent trailer and we would spend 2 weeks there in the summer. Camped there at least 4 summers. There was no high school there in the 70’s and the bike path that used to be a train track, the train was still running. We used to shop at Gaynes and took the ferry from Burlington to Plattsburgh many times. The beach there is spectacular.

  11. Have you heard/read about the SWAT-type raid on a Christian school in CA? Turned out found nothing; no apology either even after scaring students & teachers out of their wits. Now CA is trying to force them to allow sexual & spiritual experimentation by students (teens). Then there’s Trump’s EO removing regulations on GMOs. Not to mention both MY candidates in primary won – so not been a great week so far. But hey, Friday’s always a good day, right?

  12. I missed your mails, but happy to see them again. You have missed nothing in those days away, so hope you enjoyed it, you deserved it!!! California is getting more and more crazy! All I can say is good I am 81 and not have to put up with this too much longer. There is not much we can do to help Trump win here, they are most crazy so we stay hunkered down. Will make sure to vote, but what is the difference? It is winner take all here. Any help goes direct to Trump, not the party. Keep mail coming

  13. It made me happy to know you, Anne, Stryker and April, the cat are enjoying you most deserved 3 day get-away! My kind of vacation! Was watching Tucker Carlson tonite and he had a guest on regarding this stupid Ocasio/Cortez and how she filed her taxes under another guy while being cultural (?) married to the father of her three children. The fine was a drop in the bucket. And that is our government! We must help Trump all we can!

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