I’m Not A Hyphenated-Anything


It Never Ceases To Amaze Me, as how Utterly Stupid are so many of the People we Elect to Become our Representatives in our Respective Governments . . . To Lead Us & Make Critical Decisions, Which Affect Us As Personally As One Can Imagine.

If We Constantly Elect Stupid People – What Does That Say About Us?

BEING JEWISH . . . Perhaps Makes me More Sensitive to this Fact, Because I’m Jewish, as to Why & How the Jewish People, who are as Globally Successful in Virtually Every Imaginable Category . . . ARE PROBABLY THE DUMBEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET.

Far Too Many Of Us (Jews) Are So Stupid & So Full Of Ourselves, That if Necessary, We Probably would have Helped the Nazis Work-Out their Rail Schedules, which Brought the Jew-Laden Railway Cars to Places Like Auschwitz . . . Just to Show How Willing, Generous & Compliant a Community that we are.

IT DRIVES ME NUTS . . . How a Culturally Religious Community like the Jewish People, who have Suffered Every Indignity Known To Mankind – SEEMINGLY NEVER LEARN FROM OUR PAST.


How Is It That Being Called A Jewish-American Will Be A Benefit?

So Here We Are . . . The American Jewish Political Community, is in the Process of Creating a Jewish/Black Caucus . . . For The Purpose Of Doing What? And I’m not just Writing about Democrats, I’m Writing about all the Idiot Jews in Congress WHO WANT TO BE HYPHENATED-AMERICANS.

North American Jews Have Suffered Greatly . . . NOT TO BE HYPHENATED.

We (Jews) Never Wanted to be Treated Better, Worse or Differently than any other Culture or Religion, which Made America the Greatest Country on the Planet to be a Jew.

Jewish Americans Embraced The Melting Pot . . . We Dove Head-First Into all the Opportunities our North American Societies Offered, even when Serious Road Blocks were Placed in our Path.

We Sent our Children to Secular Schools, we Learned how to Participate In & Enjoy Christmas, we even Produced some of the Greatest Christmas Songs & Movies Ever Made, even though Christmas wasn’t (Isn’t) our Holiday.

We Embraced “American Foods”, Fashion, Sports, Music, Education, the Arts, the Sciences, Medicine, Construction, the Law, Politics, Banking . . . Etc.

We Even Created Hollywood . . . & Did All Of That As UN-Hyphenated Americans.


Why Is There . . . Or Should There Be A Black Caucus – Or Any Ethnic Caucus?

As Far As I Can See . . . A Black American is No Better & No Worse than a White, Yellow or Brown American. And as Hard as I Try to Understand why there are Members of the United States Congress, who Believe that it is Somehow Advantageous to Divide Americans Along Tribal Lines of Race, Religion, Gender & Ethnicity . . . I Am At An Absolute Loss For Understanding.

So . . . Once Again – In Our Sorry Cultural Jewish History, we are Taking the Greatest Gift any Nation has ever Given to Us (All Of Mankind), WHICH IS 100% NON PRECONDITIONED ACCEPTANCE FOR WHO WE ARE, and are Throwing-It on the Garbage Heap of LEFTIST Thinking History, for us to Somehow Prove how Open & Welcoming we are as a Jewish People in the Freest Country on the Planet, When Our Successes More Than Amply Speak For Themselves.

And To Best Illustrate How Absolutely Stupid We Jews Are . . . Anti-Semite, Anti-Israel, Pro-Israel Boycott (BDS), Sharia Compliant Congresswoman – Ilhan Omar, will Join the Jewish Black Caucus as a Member In Good Standing.

Is There No Anti-Semitic Ass The Jewish Community Is Not Prepared To Kiss?

By The Way . . . This isn’t Just About American Jews – Israel Had Two Golden Opportunities to be Living as a Unified Jewish State, with Secure Borders from the Jordan River (Including The Golan) to the Mediterranean, from the North (Syria & Lebanon) to Egypt in the South.

The First Opportunity Came In 1967The 6-Day War, when Israel Captured all of its Territory Including Gaza & the West Bank (Judaea & Samaria), in what was a Defensive War, which Entitled Israel to Keep & Annex all of its Captured Territory.

But Instead Of Embracing The Legitimate Spoils Of War . . . LEFTIST Israeli Jews, from Levi Eshkol & Golda Meir to Moshe Dayan, Decided to Give Most of it Back, so the Jews of Israel could be Conceived as Being a Nation of People who Played Nice with Others.

We Even Surrendered The Temple Mount & Access To Jewish Worshippers.

And Then Again In 1973 . . . While Under the Israeli Leadership of LEFTIST Golda Meir; Egypt & Syria Struck an Unprepared Israel on the Eve of Yom Kippur, the Holiest Jewish Day of Atonement, which came Close to being an Enormous Moslem/Arab Victory over the Jewish Democratic State of Israel.

And Instead of Suffering what Should have been the End of the Jewish State, Israel Won a Near Miraculous Victory, when Once Again, Israel had the Wherewithal to Declare & Annex all Israeli Territory . . . But Didn’tBecause The World Would have Been Upset With Israel.

Aba Eben . . . The Greatest Modern Diplomatic Mind Anywhere Ever – Wrote:

“The Arabs Never Miss An Opportunity To Miss An Opportunity”. Which in all Reality, could just as Easily Apply to LEFTIST Jews Everywhere, and Perhaps Most Specifically to American Jews, who Support an Anti-Semitic Party (Democrats), or a Party which in Really might Not be Anti-Semitic, but without Question . . . Is Too Cowardly To Publicly Stand Against Anti-Semitism. And Shun the Republican Party, which is Unconditionally Pro-Jewish & Pro-Israel.

I Am Not A Hyphenated Canadian . . . I Am A Canadian Who Happens To Be A Jew.

It’s Just Too Bad . . . That Jewish American Members of Congress, are Too Stupid not to Share that Belief & Understanding, that the Moment America Stops Being a Melting Pot . . . And America Becomes a Hyphenated Country . . . It’s Goodbye To The American Dream For Everyone.

I’m Proud of My Jewish Heritage, Which Has Contributed A Great Deal To The World . . . But Not Proud Of My Fellow Jews, Who Are Too Stupid To Recognize A Great Thing When They Have It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Israel will handle themselves as they always had without anyone’s help. Even their leftists I’ll come to their senses.

  2. I’ll keep saying it, sheeples in Western countries will finally wake-up when it’s too late and we are smack in the middle of a dystopian society enacted in George Orwell’s “1984” book and movie. The problem again is the fake news lamestream media doesn’t report any of this day in and day out, so the sheeples stay asleep still brainwashed and thinking that life is hunky dory. A big wall is coming and the majority of the sheeples are speeding towards it at 1000 miles per hour. It’s gonna hurt bad.

  3. Greetings: Excellent editorial, once again! It mystifies me why Jews around the WORLD continue to embrace & SUPPORT the LEFT… especially AFTER World War II. Perhaps the promise of EQUALITY in the late 19th & early 20th centuries appeared to be more HUMANE & EGALITARIAN alternatives SOCIALISTS & COMMUNISTS promised, BUT what reason AFTER most of Europe’s Jews had been transported to be GASSED & BURNED? Jews MUST realize that the REPUBLICAN Party & TRUMP is their ONLY viable choice!

  4. Divide and conquor. Nothing is more devisive than the LEFT’s Identity Politics. A refreshing blog and a good lesson today Howard.

  5. I agree with every word you wrote. Remember our idiot American biker cousins who did not want our TRUE American Evangelical friends to stand with us in solidarity at the Ride to Remember in Ottawa?
    YES, collectively we can be very stupid.

    Your biker buddy. Andy

  6. I always enjoy your editorials but this was really great. My wife and I have traveled extensively through western as well as eastern Europe and I have wondered if during the 2nd world war we might have murdered a scientist that would have discovered the cure to Cancer or some other disease. Dietrich Bonhoeffer a great theologian who I enjoy reading was also killed by evil men. What revelations might he have received that would have brought peace to our troubled world today. Just Thinking!

  7. Howard tells us so let’s hope we his readers are paying attention. We are watching the “slicing and dicing” of the United States by leftists/rinos to the goal of total destruction…when, in fact, every U.S. citizen is different but every single citizen is an American. Is our choice really to stand as Americans or fall to the greed of those who would destroy us?

  8. Wonderfully-said, Howard. I have always wondered the predilection of American Jews to be progressives liberals. This never made sense to me – until just now. The thought came to me reminding me that Tucker says almost every night that the Dems want and continue to gain power to control our very lives over those whom the govern. Perhaps that’s the reason. Sad if true.

  9. “Is There No Anti-Semitic Ass The Jewish Community Is Not Prepared To Kiss?”

    In a word the answer is “No”. It is a need for Jews to feel accepted. If takes kissing anti-semitic asses, so be it.

  10. Well Howard, you of Jewish descent are not so unique, even though thru history you have provided the World with some of the most God gifted and talented persons. The rest of us regardless of race, color and organ, have our stupid and sinful group. Motivated by greed, power, and wealth to try to influiance and dictate us for their best advantage.


    orld with many of th

  11. I recently connected with a friend from my teens, whose late father was a prominent Montreal rabbi, moved to NY city in ’61 and is a successful songwriter. I had no idea of his politics but was happy to learn he’s a Zionist. The other day, he replied to my email with; “Only Trump and a complicit Senate can destroy the principles of the American Constitution. Shariah law is an imposing and fearful concept, to be sure. But the plague we deal with on a daily basis begins and ends with Trump”.

  12. Hyphenated American names always bothered me. I had trouble defining why it nagged me. I am an AMERICAN! I am a decedent of Polish people. But, I am an AMERICAN. The first time I remember hearing hyphenated titles to being American was the black population began calling themselves African-American. The idea should have been killed then. BTW my SUV bumper has stickers against abortion, for God, the wall, & Trump. Put truth in their face, it’s the least I can do. Don’t cower. Thank you Mr Galganov

  13. Our strength is UNITY not diversity. We cannot be anything but Americans. Hyphenated Americans are tribes–we can’t have it as it dissolves us into squabbling factions instead of being united–one nation under God with liberty and justice for all–like the pledge states. It is that common bond that makes us powerful as a NATION rather than individual factions.

  14. Wow! Unbeleivable what you wrote here. I was saying to myself, “Did he just write that to millions?” Too many have been hoodwinked by the liberal media and leftist bent on destroying this United States of America.

  15. Luv ya Howard. This sage post just brought a tear to my eye. I just don’t get it either.

  16. It’s the “Hypenated-American” label that keeps prejudice alive and well in America. It gives the Left the hold they need to propagate racism. It’s Stupidity! The American people better wake up before we are so far over the brink that nothing can stop it. President Trump has put the brakes on to salvage the “exceptionalism and greatness of America,” but we the people, need to help him along.

  17. When it comes to other social ills, Christians are the same way. They’ll capitulate until there is nothing left to capitulate.

  18. Great points, Howard – guess I gotta become a Scottish-American, or is that a British-American?!?!?

  19. In Canada we have the New Democrat Party, very left wing and progressive. They have many anti-Semites in their party. They need these rednecks for the votes, so they tolerate them, and have lost the support of many Jewish voting members. They are only interested in spending money and no development of resources, which are needed to generate revenue. Their leader is a Sikh who is banned from India as he has terrorist ties. They demonize Israel while pandering to the Pallies.

  20. I am an un-hyphenated Canadian with Norwegian blood flowing through my veins. I have no desire to press my viking heritage on my fellow Canadians. Canada first. Thanks for the blog, Howard.

  21. Totally agree Howard! I’ve been preaching for years the illogical position of what I call “sub sets”. How can a country have “equal rights” and then point blank name subset / hyphens in a serious “rights” discussion. Ya can’t have women’s rights, gay rights, black rights…etc. they don’t exist.
    We have on the USA, God given rights and constitutional rights. That’s it!!!
    No colors, genders, sex’s, birth nations…none are real. This is the BEST START TO COOL POLIZERATIKN= end sunsets!

  22. I agree. America is a melting pot – there is no need for or benefit in a hyphenated-American. Division follows; but then I feel that is the purpose. The left have revealed their hand/real purpose since Donald Trump became President. It will continue to get worse because propagandized generations of young people via public education are nearly outnumbering rational thinking conservatives. Trump so far is only delaying the inevitable; hopefully he will find a way to turn it around, God willing.

  23. Great editorial, Howard!!! Back in the 60s, I worked with a Jewish lady who made this comment to me. It was during the time that blacks started calling themselves African-Americans. She said, “I am an American first & foremost. I am NOT Jewish-American, but an American who is Jewish.” She was the first that I had ever heard saying those words in a really meaningful manner. I then realized that I was simply an American, who happened to be of Irish descent & Christian. I owe that lady a lot.

  24. The real issue to our election process’ is directly tied to our electoral system of “one man, one vote”. 90% of people who do vote have absolutely no rational idea as to why and on what basis they select a specific candidate. The entire process is a “popularity contest”.

  25. Howard, excellent point. It’s one of the main reasons why people are so segregated today. Because everyone is “celebrated and encouraged” to be “different.” We are no longer a solid group that has a shared cause or understanding, but rather a bunch of segmented parts, each running in their own directions and incapable of any cohesive purpose. Its a great world modern liberalism has formed, let me tell you.

  26. I have been saying this for a few years….a hyphenated American or Canadian is tribal mentality and keeps us divided and pits us against each other. I’m a proud Canadian that happens to be born in Poland of German parents. I could never understand why people wanted to be identified with a hyphenated name…..are they so brainwashed and insecure as proud members of their country? The lefts mantra has always been “Divide and Conquer “.

  27. Nick said it best–we ALL have “GOD-given rights and CONSTITUTIONAL rights”. As AMERICANS, these are the ONLY RIGHTS which we, the PEOPLE, should FOCUS on.CERTAIN GROUPS, however, now wish to be IDENTIFIED as being SPECIAL.The PROGRESSIVES ENCOURAGE these SPECIALTIES because it ASSURES them that they will GAIN MORE VOTES to IMPLEMENT their SOCIALIST POLITICAL AGENDA! ALL groups deserve RESPECT and, at times, RECOGNITION, but it shouldn’t be OVERDONE! PRAY & thank GOD for PRES. TRUMP! AMEN!

  28. It seems that honest, upright, moral people generally do not want to associate with the dishonest, criminal, amoral people already in public political office, therefore, they do not run for election. That leaves the political parties able to select candidates only from the leftover dregs which becomes a “popularity contest”. Attributed to Philip II of Macedon – divide and conquer, is the strategy liberal’s use by promoting women’s rights, gay rights, black rights…etc.

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