How Many . . . ? The Estimates Are BS


I Have No Idea How Many Illegals Are In The USA – NO ONE KNOWS!

If you were to tell me, as we’ve been Hearing for a Decade, that the Number is around 11-Million, I would Tell you Now, what I Said a Decade Ago . . . YOU DON’T KNOW!

Years Ago . . . Before President Donald Trump Became President Donald Trump, I Wrote that I Suspect the Number of Illegal Immigrants in the USA is Probably Close to 20-Million . . . and now, I even have my Doubts as to that Number, since it could be 30-Million, 40-Million, 50-Million or even More . . . BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS.


If You Think This Is A Normal Political Dust-Up – Think Again . . . This Fight goes back Decades. And it Isn’t Just About who will Occupy the White House, Congress and the Judiciary . . . 

This Is All About A Titanic Battle For The Heart & Soul Of Freedom As We Know It.

When Barack Hussein Obama . . . Declared That He was Going To Fundamentally Change America, it seems that very Few People Took Obama at his Word. And even Fewer Bothered to ask how Obama was going to Fundamentally Change America – But Now We Know . . . At Least I’m Sure That I Know.

I Keep Harping . . . You Can’t See The Future If You Don’t Know The Past.

The Russians Made It Very Clear In The 1950’S When Khrushchev Bragged . . . that America can Never be Defeated from an Outside Enemy, But Will Destroy Itself From Within.

The Russians Spent 7-Decades (Since The End Of WWII) . . . Indoctrinating our North American Teachers through their Unions, to Teach how Socialism Is Good – And Capitalism Is Bad. That the State Knows Best . . . and how Personal Success & Wealth are Things to be Ashamed Of, Rather than to be Emulated.

Say What You Want About Senator Joe McCarthy . . . But He Wasn’t Wrong.

When McCarthy Warned The People Of The USA – During the Late 1940’s & Early 1950’s . . . that Communism was Infiltrating the American Government, Education and the Movie Industry, the LEFT Launched their Counter Attack, and Portrayed McCarthy as Being a Lunatic, a Scare-Monger, and a Fascist. And it Worked.

In Truth, as History and the Present is Showing Us . . . McCarthy Wasn’t Wrong – AND NEITHER WAS RUSSIAN LEADER NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV.


Think About The Nazi Strategy . . . of Indoctrinating Children at the Youngest Age, when their Minds are Open & Fertile to Accept the Beliefs of their Trusted & Knowledgeable Educators.

Think About Islamists Who Program Their Children To Hate Jews From Birth . . . who also Condition their Children to Enter other Cultures, for the Purpose of Overwhelming these Generous Societies, where through the “Democratic Process”, they can Bring Down The Culture & Laws of their Welcoming Hosts.

Perhaps America’s Worst Ideological Enemy Was None-Other Than Saul Alinsky.


Alinsky Had More Influence On Today’s Key Politicians . . . Specifically in the Names of Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama, Directly & Indirectly, than Any Other Socio/Political Influence in their Lives.

In Short . . . Alinsky – was the Modern American Father of Anarchy, who was the Personal Mentor of Hillary Clinton, and the Extreme Socio/Political Community Organizing Inspiration for Barack Hussein Obama.


Saul Alinsky’s Anarchist Creed Was Simplicity In Itself . . . Do Whatever you Believe it Takes to Succeed – Honesty, Ethics & Morality be Damned – As Long As Victory Is Yours.

Saul Alinsky’s Most Famous Publication Was “Rules For Radicals” . . . which was the Focus for Hillary Clinton’s College Thesis, which Specifically Outlined Several Key Methods of Destroying the Government and any Corporation in the Anarchists’ Path:


In The Modern Context . . . Don’t Try to Sneak in Thousands of Illegal Immigrants – FLOOD THE BORDER WITH MILLIONS.

Don’t Call These Illegal Immigrants Illegal . . . Call Them Undocumented. And give a Compassionate Description of their Equally Illegal Children – AS DREAMERS.

Don’t Run-Up The Debt By Hundreds Of BILLIONS Of Dollars – Bury The Government In Debt to the Tune of TENS OF TRILLIONS Of Dollars.

Accuse The Opposition Of What You . . . Yourself Are Nefariously Doing.

ALINSKY MADE IT CLEAR . . . One of the Greatest Weapons in the Quiver of the Anarchist, is in the Act Of Personal Destruction through all Manner of Demonization, Lies, Disinformation & Embarrassment – Including The Significant Power Of Demagoguery.

Because President Trump Didn’t Take the LEFTIST Alinsky-Style Bait, which Didn’t see President Trump Blanch Under the Withering Media Onslaught of Personal Destruction . . . Nor did President Trump Buckle-Under the Massive Phony Dossier Assault (The Mueller Probe) . . .

The LEFTIST Strategy has Devolved into Simply THROWING AMERICA UNDER THE BUS, by Denying President Trump as many Victories, which would Benefit the American People as the LEFT Can, which Would & Should Include Comprehensive America-First Immigration Reform & Real Border Security.


Perhaps Not Only . . . But Most Likely – Because of President Trump . . . The 6-Decade Old Socialist Dream of a One World Global Socialist (Communist) Order is Falling Apart.

And if this LEFTIST Socialist Dream Fails, it will Stay Failed for a Very Long Time, Perhaps as Long as the Lifetime of our Children & Grandchildren.

ALL Freedom-Loving People Have A Stake In What’s Happening In America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s either sheeples start doing their homework and inform themselves beyond the fake news lamestream media and look at the truth, re-elect Donald Trump as President, put real Conservatives in the house and senate that will actually do something. We in Canada must elect a real Conservative government and try to replace Scheer as a leader because he is a fiberal light and is like the Republicans that now sits in the house and senate. No guts or we are doomed.

  2. I don’t understand why Americans are “seeing” or transferring our morals and Western-way of thinking to the Muslim’s ideology – there is no way they will EVER match up – unless we fall to their take-over of America.

  3. The Left are weasels, and weak. They can only succeed by being in fascist and brainwashing control, which is what they desperately try to achieve and hold onto. They don’t have the guts to go face to face. They only lash out at the Right because like-minded peers, courts and govts allow them to do so. The Right are willing to go toe to toe. What the Left doesn’t realize is the Right won’t cower to their fascism and stupidity and won’t go down without a fight.

  4. Khruschev said they would overtake us from within. We have Bernie, a noted Communist as a Senator. We have socialists AOC, Omar and Tlaib as Representatives, plus a myriad of other unAmerican-thinking people throughout our government. Our education system is rampant with socialists Canada is equally infiltrated. Britain, Australia, France and others have been almost overcome. I want to fight against this, but I don’t know how! I have but one vote…I’m not dead in Chicago.

  5. The Fascist North American Leftists, Obama, Trudeau and their ilk see Islam as the indoctrinated tool to destroy the west. Cynical socialists believe religion is myth and folly and foolishly think they can control Islam and not themselves be targeted by Islam.
    The EU today realizes too late that bringing in Islam to destroy European Judaeo Christianity in order to effect a complete socialist revolution – is an out of control mistake with absolutely no light at the end of the socialist tunnel

  6. What we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. Are the whitewashed examples of our carnal reality. The depth of ‘evil’ embedded into the DemonCrat Party, has been there elusively for years. Yet now we see that the indoctrination. Our so called enlightened ones of the Liberal Universities. Have been lobotomized and sir named as millennial’s. The New DEMONcRAT Party. Now publicly shouts open the gates of HELL. It is Marriage for Sodomy, Open Borders and Open Murder of Babies. With no “GOD”.

  7. Howard, you are spot on! The left will destroy this great country if they get their way! I hope and pray for President Trump and now, the wicked witch from the left coast wants Trump in jail! The left totally went off the rails! Thanks for your commentary! You do feel our pain!

  8. It would seem US & Britain have elevated themselves (citizens) to be god. What they will realize too late is it is really Satan tempting them with ideas of self-importance & intelligence. He tempts just like in Eden, that morals & ethics aren’t really the best things for us; that God doesn’t really exist, we can do whatever we choose because look, everybody is doing it so it must be good & right. Because we are sinful people we choose to believe what we WANT is right. Deception on steroids.

  9. Thank you for clearly pointing out how Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” has permeated the American culture by letting the Progressive movement take over our schools from K to College degrees, and our media and the “entertainment” industry to the point that those rules have been accepted as the way to support American values and our place in the world. I sincerely pray that our Conservatives (including Republicans) will wake up, and get started on effective ways to fight back!

  10. Thank you as always for your Editorial such a turmoil our world is in. I pray that our country and your’s never see the likes of being a butch of communist. What a horrible way to live life. AS you say I hope our grand children & our great grand children never have to live like that or even their children as well. Have a great week end, the best to you and Anne blessings to you both and you kitties.

  11. OMG what an editorial, definitely SPOT ON!!! I have been spouting the evils of the NEA & AFT for what seems like decades! No one cared to listen, “They are teachers & need your respect” I was told again & again!!! I would say, when I was in school during the 1950’s, those were truly teachers, but not today!!! During the 50’s most teachers were not Leftist or Unionized. That was/is the complete difference. They were real professionals, not the ones of today who are false witness to the Truth!!!

  12. This one really summarizes today’s current situation and how it came to be. I clearly remember the McCarthy hearings on our 10″ Black & White TV and how he exposed the Hollywood communists and got smeared for his efforts. But of course, I turn 81 this month, so the younger crowd has no diea what we are talking about! Keep up your good work, Howard! I’ll be quoting your column on my radio station Monday.

  13. Well done Howard, I always thought that “tail gunner Joe” was on the right tract, and Alinsky was a good teacher, but not for me.

  14. Glad you pointed out the defamation done on Senator McCarthy. He has since been proven right through freedom of information releases and documents released by Russia, but the authors such as Diana West (American Betrayal) have been completely ignored. It’s surprising that even the likes of Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have not exposed this. Hannity even seems unaware when there is a reference to McCarthy.

  15. I have been reading your editorials for years and consider this your best one. But it appears that you are preaching to the choir based on remarks from us, your readers. I will forward it on Facebook in hopes of it reaching those who are napping through this segment of history oblivious to reality. Keep on keeping on, please.

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