Finding Shangri-La


I’ve Been Giving a Great Deal Of Thought To Why Obama Won & Why Hilary Didn’t.


A Traitor By Any Other Name . . . Is A Traitor None-The-Less.


Because a Group of Self-Styled “Freedom Fighters” . . . who Believe they they Own the Truth of Freedom in Society, that their Personal Belief makes them Patriots, when they Attempt what is Nothing Less than a Coup D’étatDoesn’t Make Them Patriots.


I . . . Along with an Army of Thinking Americans, was Horrified, that the American People Voted-In a Vacuous Politician with a Shady & Despicable Past of ZERO Public or Private Contribution or Success, of which Most of his Past was Buried Deeply out of Public Sight . . . I’m Referring To Barack Hussein Obama.


It Bothered Me Enormously . . . More Than Just Somewhat – When Obama Made his Extremely Public Pledge To Fundamentally Change The United States of America.

If Obama Was Going To Fundamentally Change The United States Of America . . . what did that Mean for Canada, which is Joined at the Hip of our Partner & Neighbor Immediately to Canada’s South in the USA?

What Bothered Me Almost As Much . . . Were the Hordes of People who Voted for Obama, who didn’t Care in the Least that Obama’s Past was Buried So Deeply Behind & Under Sealed Records & Documents – That They Voted For A “Stranger”.

How Was Obama Going To Fundamentally Change The United States Of America?

When Obama Pledged to Fundamentally Change the United States of America, the Hordes who Voted for this Man, to the very Best of my Recollection – NEVER asked, Not Once, How Obama Planned to Fundamentally Change the United States of America from The Exceptional Constitutional Republic That It Was (Is) . . . TO WHAT OBAMA WANTED IT TO BECOME?

And I Don’t Have to Remind the Readers of this BLOG, how Obama Travelled the World, Sullying the Reputation, the Contributions & History of the United States of America, which Benefited the Entire World . . . On Obama’s Now Infamous Apology Tours.


We could say, that the First Time Obama Won the White House, was because his Republican Opponent (John McCain) was an Idiot, who Suspended his Campaign for No Good Reason, Promoted the Character of (Obama) his Opponent . . . And in the Heat of the Campaign, McCain told the American People that Obama Was Not A Scary Guy . . . & That He (McCain) Actually Liked Obama.

For The Second Election Which Obama Won . . . His Opponent was Mitt Romney, who Didn’t have the Gonads to take it Right to Obama’s Face, based on Obama’s Super-Failed First Term.

And in the Second Debate, when Obama was on his Knees, Romney Failed to Take-On CNN’S Candy Crawley, the CNN Moderator, WHO LIED LIVE ON CAMERA IN DEFENSE OF OBAMA.

And Then There Was Hurricane Sandy . . . & Chris Christie’s Kiss Of Death.


While it is True that McCain was Perhaps one of the Greatest Campaign Disasters in American Political History, and that Romney Folded Like a Cheap Suit . . . The Reason Why Obama Won The First Time . . . Was Because Obama Sold An Empty Dream Of Utopia.

The Second Time Obama Won (2012) . . . Was because, even though Obama’s Dreams & Promises were being Revealed for what they were (Lies), Romney and the RINOS didn’t have the Gravitas to Expose the Obama Lies, while the Media Ran Political Interference for Obama . . . & No One Took On The Media.


The Reason Why Crooked Hillary Lost In 2016 . . . Wasn’t Because Trump Was A Better Candidate, Campaigner & Better Choice To Become President, Which Donald Trump Was . . . But Crooked Hillary Lost – Because Crooked Hillary Couldn’t Perpetuate The Obama Lies.

Crooked Hillary Ran A Mean-Spirited Campaign Of Character Assassination.

Where Obama . . . Ran A Campaign Of A Phony Promise To Create An American Shangri-La, an American Utopia of Obama’s Vision, where the TAKERS will Rule Over the MAKERS, Crooked Hillary Ran as Negative & Dire a Campaign as I ever Witnessed, Based on Fear & Loathing of Fellow Americans . . .

And After Learning Nothing From Crooked Hillary – The LEFT Are At It Again.

The American Socialists . . . The One World Government-Wonders – are Doing all they Can to Sell a Perfect Utopian World to the American Electors, Inundated with FREE EVERYTHING as they Promise to Save The Planet, which will Die in Just 12-Years if the LEFT Don’t Take Power . . .

But – Before The LEFT Can Save The Planet & Join The New World-Order . . . First the LEFT has to Take Away Freedom of Expression, Disarm the Population, Outlaw Judeo/Christian Beliefs, Re-Jig the Supreme Court, Update the US Constitution, Bury the History of America, which the LEFT Doesn’t Like, Put Men in Their Place, Erase the Differences Between Genders, Obliterate Competition, Punish White People & Take all the Wealth the LEFT Can . . . From The MAKERS Within Our Society.


President Trump’s 2016 Message“Make America Great Again”. President Trump’s 2020 Message“Keep America Great” . . . And in the Final Analysis, as the LEFT Does all it Can to Sell a Phony Dream Of Utopia through Hate, Threats, Anger & Despair – President Trump & Real Conservatives are Doing all they Can to Preserve the Already Existing Utopia Called America – for all People who Want a Shot at Living the Best Life Possible . . . Fueled By The Right To Work, Freedom & Opportunity.


June 6, 2019 – Commemorates 75-Years Of Raw Conservative Courage.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. THe iranians have long said they want to start armageddon and it looks like it is already started. The only thing still missing is the western civilization. If we get draged in to it, I am afraid OBAMA will have us on the muslim side and help the stoneage people. He said so in his book, that he would always come down on the side with the muslims. I hope Israel will be able to take care of themselves, there will not be any help coming from here. It does not matter that we the people want to help

  2. Excellent editorial, of the past, present and future. Kamala Harris is the threat for the USA, promising all things in your 2nd last paragraph, and more, the takers will buy it in huge numbers. If that happens it’s goodbye USA and close behind, Canada too. Two things are needed for the future of both Countries, Trudeau must be voted out, and President Trump voted in for another four years. President Trump has been most Presidential during his European visit, Americans should be proud.

  3. Another reason that obama got elected and we can’t hide from it, was that in the politically correct leftist world, qualifications mean nothing but because he was black, it spoke volume. In the left’s mind, it was time to elect the first black president and a lot of the right fell into that trap also. What you stated above about 2 incompetent republican candidates are absolutely true and it was the last straw that broke the camels back for most to vote obama twice. Sheeples never learn.

  4. The Left are the worst sore losers of all time. Nov. 8th 2016 was 3 years ago. The Left can’t let it go that their goddess, Hillary, lost. Investigations, money and time spent, only amplifies how sore these losers really are.
    Join me in posting, the following line, whenever addressing Lefty ideology. It simply infuriates them and they are triggered, as if it is election nite all over again.
    I HAVE 3 WORDS FOR YOU—STILL LOST—Stings even after 3 yea

  5. When I see those idiot hordes on TV screaming anti-Trump and anti-USA mouthings, I want to shove their faces into the sand and rocks on those Normandy beaches.

  6. So good!!!! However I thank every Oidiot voter. If we had not had 8 years of his horrors I don’t think we would have ever been blessed with President Trump. I also do not believe oidiot won the second election except by ALL manner of illegal votes. If McCain and Romney had won, we would already be a third world country with nothing but swamp in all three branches of govt. God bless you and President Trump!!!!!!!!!the rest belong in jail!!!!!

  7. The first time I saw Obummer, I knew that he was evil to the core. He was not what he seemed to be & my gut feeling was right on. When O was elected I was NOT happy but I thought, give him a chance. He is the first Black man elected President & just let’s see. It only went downhill from there, for me. Within a year I hated O more than ever. Yes, I voted for R & saw what a lackluster campaign it was. Trump is something else ALL TOGETHER!!! Thank G-d for that!!!

  8. Howard, this is one of your best. Thanks for clearing things up for those that still don’t understand what Obama is, and was about.

  9. The LEFT will lose in 2020 because of their HATRED & ATTACKS on Trump.They are DEEPLY JEALOUS of his SUCCESSES in accomplishing what he PROMISED to the PEOPLE during his campaign.HUSSEIN OBAMA’S PAST was BURIED DEEPLY under SEALED DOCUMENTS.Can anyone even IMAGINE if Obama’s PAST had been SCRUTINIZED like Trump’s was?The PEOPLE BELIEVED in Obama’s AGENDA of OFFERING FREE STUFF for which they CRAVED.Hence, they chose to NOT QUESTION his PAST and ACCEPTED him “AS IS”, i.e.,with all his LIES!AMEN!

  10. I’m pessimistic. I think the concepts of individual rights, liberty, republicanism, and a sense of Americanism individualism has given way to collectivism and dependency in the US. It’s too late to save given how the educational industry has indoctrinated the upcoming generations. These replacement voters won’t elect leaders like Obama and Clinton; they will elect much worse, and they will destroy the concepts that made America great in its day. Welcome to something like Argentina.

  11. AMEN to that.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  12. Obama was voted in due to his color (even tho he is half white); everyone wanted to be part of electing the 1st black man for president. 2nd win was due to GOP having a weak candidate. O’s promise of fundamental change was assumed to mean ‘good’–most citizens are too trusting & now just learning not to automatically trust gov’t &/or those who run it. Progressives, liberals & DNC now walk in lock-step to agenda of shadow group who’ve been moving world toward socialist OWO for hundreds of years.

  13. And the first Muslim President of united States of America

  14. Add the fact that Obama and his AG set a tone against our Law Enforcement that is still present today. Outstanding article Howard.

  15. Hopefully by 2020 we will have most of the true story revealed. I pray that the love of America out weighs their hatred of Trump and even though most liberals will never tell, they pull the Republican lever when voting. I definitely support Trump’s suggestion we return to the paper ballot.

  16. Great editorial Howard. I talked to many who voted for Obama only because he was black and many more who voted for Hillary only because she was female.Hillary would have lost by a huge margin had she not been female. With Democrats it seems that issues do not matter, only personalities do. On the other hand they will vote for anything that is on the Democrat slate. The Planet, may die quickly if the LEFT wins in 2020. Our greatest hope is that love of America will outweigh their hatred of Trump.

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