Another Phony Bureaucrat Bites The Dust


Robert Mueller Identified Himself To Be No Better Than James Comey.

It’s Remarkable how so many High-Profile Bureaucrats have the such Excellent PR, to come off as Holier-Than-Thou, than everyone else, Especially in the Media, until the Rubber Hits The Road & Their BS Veneer Collapses under the Weight of the Truth . . . Such As How James Comey & Now Robert Mueller Are A Lot Less Grand – Than The Media Have Portrayed Them.

I’m Not Often Confused . . . But I Don’t Comprehend how an Investigation, which Began as an Inquiry into Russian Interference into an American Election, then Morphed into Collusion with the Russians by the President of the United States of America, all the way to an Investigation of the President of the United States of America for Obstructing an Investigation . . . That Should Never Have Been.

Mueller’s Press Conference Was To Keep Him From Testifying To Republicans.

During Mueller’s Now Infamous Press Conference (May 29, 2019) . . . Mueller Never Once Mentioned the Fully Discredited (Phony Dossier) Steele Document, upon which this Entire Political Anti-Trump Subterfuge was Founded.

Mueller Also Never Once Mentioned the False Information Used to Acquire the FISA Warrants – WHY NOT, Since the FISA Warrants were the Roadmap which “Legalized” the SPYING on a Political Campaign by the Campaign’s Opposition, Bought & Paid For By The Opposition (Hillary & The Democrats)?

If It’s True . . . As I Have No Reason To Think It Is Not, that Within the First Year of the Mueller Investigation, that Mueller and his Significant Army of Anti-Trump Lawyers & Investigators, Found that there was . . . NO COLLUSION BETWEEN THE RUSSIANS & THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN – That’s Where The Special Council & The Special Council Investigation Should Have Come To A Screeching Halt.

So Why Didn’t It?

LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I THINK . . . I think Robert Mueller and his Cadre of Co-Conspirators (An Army Of Liberal Persecutors) were all but Certain that they could Either Find or Create Credible Evidence to Indict President Trump, but after Failing to do so, Mueller Seriously Worried about Himself being Caught-Up in the Conspiracy Created by His Best Friend James Comey – Amongst Others . . . To Commit An American Coup D’état.

I Further Believe That Robert Mueller Is COLLUDING With Gerry Nadler . . . to give the DEMOCRATS & RINOS every Opportunity to OBSTRUCT the Investigations of Attorney-General William Barr & Inspector-General Michael Horowitz, both of whom are Pursuing the Facts to see if there was Sufficient Evidence to Prove . . . that the Powers of Government (Obama) were used to “FIX” an Election & Commit a Coup D’état, when the Attempted Rigged Election was Not Successful.

There Is No Question In my Mind . . . NONE WHATSOEVER, that the Democrats are Doing Exactly what they Accused the Republicans of having Done, with the Exception that after Far More than $30-Million & 2-Years, which was Spent on their Witch-Hunt, the Republicans were Fully Exonerated . . . And When The Truth Comes-Out, The Democrats, Unlike The Republicans . . . Will be Found To Be Guiltier-Than-Sin.

There’s Good Reason For Mueller & Nadler – That Mueller Won’t Be Testifying.

Imagine If Mueller Were To Show-Up At A Congressional (House) Hearing, and the First Question asked by a Republican would be . . .

. . . At What Point Of Your Investigation Did you Discover that there was NO COLLUSION Between the President of the United States of America & The Russians?

. . . The Follow-Up Question Would Be . . . If You Knew There Was No Collusion In The First Year, Why Didn’t You End The Investigation Then? How Do You Think Mueller Would Have To Respond To That?


Mueller’s First Comment Was That He’s Retiring From The Public Scene.

I Figure Mueller Wanted Everyone To Know That He’s Out Of The Game, so, Mueller will be Ignored & Left Alone, and Not get Sucked-Into the Vortex of Barr & Companies Own In-Depth Investigation, where Real Crimes were Committed Under the Guise of a Phony Dossier & Bogus FISA Requests.

Mueller Didn’t Strike Me As A Man Who Was Comfortable-In-His-Own-Skin, as he Delivered A Rehash of his Preponderous 448-Page Report . . . Without Saying A Damn Thing New.

What Mueller Did Was To Pull A Comey . . . & Cast Mealy-Mouthed Dispersions.

I Believe . . . Mueller Hired 19-Liberal Trump-Hating Cutthroat Lawyers . . . Employed Dozens of FBI Agents, Investigated, Terrorized & Indicted every Person he could, who were Associated Donald Trump, Before, During & After the 2016 Election to Either Find or Contrive a Crime – And In-Spite Of It All, He & They Still Came Away With Nothing!

And Not To Be Deterred . . . Mueller Called his Now Infamous Press Conference for one Purpose & One Reason Only – Mueller is a Political Animal, a Denizen of the DC Swamp who is 100% Determined to do all he can to Fulfill the Thus Far Failed Coup D’état, under the Guise of Following the Law.

Just Like Mueller’s Best Friend . . . James Comey – Mueller is a Snake in the Grass, who is no Better & no Different than all the Other Insiders, who are Part of the Secret Government, who Knows Better about how to Govern the People of America, than do the People of America Themselves.

Make No Mistake About This . . . The LEFT are at War with the US Constitution, and are in the Process of Dropping all Illusions, that somehow, the LEFT (Democrats) Believe in the American Dream, American Exceptionalism & America First.

The Mask Is Off . . . The War Is Engaged & There Will Be Only One Winner.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great solution! Remember, those that consent to evil, resent those that don’t. That his why Netanyahu is being criticized by the stupid Left.

  2. Mueller is a scumbag from WAY back who has cost the taxpayers over 100 million other dollars in settlements to people he wrongfully convicted and framed!! Who ELSE were they going to get for their witch hunt? Mueller couldn’t even find enough dirt to FRAME President Trump–although not for lack of effort.

  3. Mueller may have avoided getting grilled by the House committee but now the question is will he be called before the senate’s judiciary committee? Maybe, if the the Republicans have the ‘nads to go for it. I’m not holding my breath.

  4. The USA Dems don’t have a monopoly on rigging elections and investigations. We have our own right here in Canada.
    The National Executive Board of Canada’s largest labour union declared war on Andrew Scheer and Canada’s Conservatives last November. Trudeau has put them on the “special panel” that will decide which media companies get money from his $600 million election-year media bailout package. BTW no collusion, no political interference of course, and SNC Lavelin is going to trial.

  5. Howard, Right on point again…..this is a pure case of CYA…….and Mueller along with his Buddy Comey are joined at the hip. I believe Republicans with Bill Barr at the helm are going on Offense…..Further, I only hope if Mueller is called to testify that Trey Gowdy is brought back in for the fun and has the ability to grill these “Bad” actors! Many Snakes in the prior administration for sure…..

  6. Did I hear right that today Mueller walked back much of what he said yesterday. What a jerk!!!

  7. These guys are pure evil – in the Biblical sense of the word. Unless the American people, and only the American people, can put a complete stop to this horror show I believe there will be an anarchy of real civil war a la the Second Amendment’s raiso d’etre. The democratic party – the party of the KKK, lynching, slavery, ….. – has to be destroyed. Perhaps the Libertarian party can replace them. What else is there – I think.

  8. I am starting to be a real Thomas here. I’ll believe it when I see it. Until I see real arrests of demon rats, the clinton gang, the traitor president obama, members of the swamp like loretta lynch, then they might get away with it. The Republicans have to put some backbones into this and really go after this unless most of them are part of the swamp also. Only time will tell and thanks to Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judge Janine Pirro and especially Mark Levin for keeping us informed.

  9. Hello, spot on Howard. Watched his press statement and immediately noticed he looks terrible, his voice was shaky and he didn’t look up (for most part) from his prepared script. He looked terrified & his body language confirmed it. My twoonie’s worth, the deep state has something really big on him (part of NXIUM ? spelling?) or he/his family have been threatened and/or both. Agree that he’s trying to avoid testifying to Congress! A huge swamp snake in the grass.

  10. Are Dems, Mueller too, continuing to attack Trump as a smoke-screen? What about states taking away individual rights regarding shots/vaccines because? Or killing babies at birth? Or multiple thousands of illegals invading the country, which is a continuing crisis costing taxpayers millions to billions annually? DHS solution is to bus/fly hundreds at a time to cities mostly without their knowledge (at least the citizens). But Dems love all of that; socialism is coming if not STOPPED.


  12. Everyone knows that the Demos want to clog up the Judicial System with their political crap. Mueller’s investigations stopped short of a complete investigation because they would be investigating themselves! Past time to start the Clinton link.

  13. What is needed is a Republican committee to be formed. For the soul purpose of eliminating the damnable rhinos from within the party. Spit them out into either the Independent Party or into the DEMONcRAT Party. Inwhich they are curled up in bed with. Rhino is a far removed name for the “Whores” they truly are. This should start with local and State bodies. Then ascend to the Federal DC Congress and Senate. AS well as to the White House. We now have a proven Republican President Donald J. Trump.

  14. Howard, how about the State of New York getting ready to pass into “law” … The basic “elimination” of Double Jeopardy … So, that New York State can still go ahead an investigate Trump for colluding with the Russians or anything that Trump was supposed to be doing???!!! Even worse than that … New York State is also including ways to reverse any of Trump’s pardons as President of the US???!!! The Dimwits have gone f*ckln’ CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Howard, wonderful insight !!! I’m so upset at what is going on I just can’t say more…………

  16. Want to know what the left is up to behind the scene? Just watch what they accuse Repubs/Conservatives of doing and they are already guilty of same. Collusion with Russians? Guess who actually did collude? Guilty of intolerance? Look at how any viewpoint but that of a conservative is lauded! Guilty of voter suppression? How ’bout the Black Panther Party on video turning away whites during Obama’s election day victory in Philly. Racism? Who supported KKK, Jim Crow, etc

  17. Right on Howard! Mueller came up with zip, and he is embarrassed. So making something out of nothing on obstruction was his parting shot a Trump. Only the Trump haters believe anything this political hack says. Unfortunately I don’t think AG Barr will call him on it, as they are both part of the lawyers club.

  18. The problem is no one has the cajones to tell the leftist politicians, media and movements to take a hike when they should be told such. The left are psychotically relentless and keep hounding until their “victim” cracks. It is their modus operandi. Donald Trump tells them where to go and it burns them to no end. Regardless of the depths they sink to, it is important to stand your ground and continually show them up.

  19. WEAK people thrive on HATRED!The WEAKER they are, the more VICIOUS they become!The LEFT continues to lose, while PRES. TRUMP continues to WIN.What has happened in the past two years will soon be REVEALED and AGAIN, the LEFT will LOSE, making them even WEAKER!The Obama administration ENLARGED the political SWAMP more than any other administration.This SWAMP needs to be DRAINED ASAP or AMERICA will be RUINED beyond control.Thank God for Trump and Barr who will SOON REVEAL the TRUTH!GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  20. Thanks Howard for clearing the air. Everybody, please step back and take a deep breath. Washington D.C. politicians are all in cahoots to save their own skins and are unlikely to snitch on one another. Do not expect any Democrat leaders to be arrested, tried or convicted because, as Hillary said, they may all go down together if they are all investigated. Think, “self incrimination”

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