If The Lack Of Shame Was Currency . . . The LEFT Would Own All The Gold


For Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, the Media & Company to Say . . . Not Suggest – BUT TO SAY – that Investigating all those who “MIGHT” have been Responsible for an Attempted Coup D’état – IS A COVER-UP & UNAMERICAN BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA – After More than Two Years of Investigating President Trump & the President’s Family, Friends & Associates, and After Spending More than $30-Million, where there was ZERO Evidence of the Original “Crime” of Collusion, Is The Best Definition Of Chutzpah That I Ever Heard.

It’s Not Maybe . . . That Close Obama Insiders Played Fast & Loose With The Law To Fix An Election & Then Overthrow The Result Of An Election – It Is To What Extent. And how High-Up did the Treason go on the Political Food Chain?


There is no Question that Nixon Broke the Law (Watergate) & Attempted a Coverup. And the American People Deserved the RIGHT TO KNOW that their President was a Crook, which Led to a Disgraced Nixon’s Voluntary Self-Removal from Office.

Based On The Democrats Demands Then . . . Shouldn’t the Democrats Now, want to Know if their Former President . . . Barack Hussein Obama, Might have been a Traitor to the US Constitution, who Might have Participated in a Conspiracy to Over-Throw the Duly Elected Presidency of a Candidate Obama didn’t Like . . . And Didn’t Want In The White House?

Isn’t It Rich . . . That Former CIA Director John Brennan – says on Mass Media, that Investigating the Investigators is Un-American & Places Sources & Innocent People in Harm’s Way?

BUT SOMEHOW – IT WASN’T UN-AMERICAN . . . When Brennan, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers & Other Players High-Up in the Obama Administration UNMASKED Innocent People in the Fading Days of the Obama White House, After The Election Of Donald Trump, so these Unmasked Republicans could Later be used for LEFTIST Cannon Fodder.

Nixon Was Infamous For Invoking National Security To Keep His Secrets Secret.

Nixon Invoked National Security, which was Nixon’s Catchall to Keep the Investigators from Investigating, because, how can you Know if Something is so Secret, that it Can’t be Unveiled, If It Is So Secret To Keep It Veiled?

Nixon Feared The Truth . . . The Investigators Feared The Cover-Up.

And Here We Are . . . Here & Now 47-Years After Watergate – Hearing the Same BS about National Security, but this Time, Coming from the Lips of Democrats, who are Screaming from the Rafters, that for Some Unexplainable Reason . . . That Finding-Out If An Election Was Fixed & If There Was An Attempted Coup D’état . . . & The Names Of The People Who Were Responsible For It . . . IS UN-AMERICAN.


Tyranny Is When The People Fear The Government . . . And Anyone who Doesn’t Fear the Government in this Day & Age, after all the Abuse we’ve Witnessed in the USA, Canada & Abroad . . . Is Far Removed From The Real World.

AS SICKENING AS THIS TRUTH IS . . . There are the People who Create Products, who Work, who Risk, Who Hire, who Pay Taxes . . . Who Live In A World Of Job & Wealth Insecurity – And Then There Are The Politicians & Bureaucrats.

Believe Me When You Read This . . . It Is Them Versus Us – It Is We The People Who Serve The Government. It Is Not The Government Which Serves The People.


The Dirty Secret Of Who Serves Whom Is On The Table . . . And if I was in the Government, Especially a LEFTIST or a RINO at the Top of the Food Chain, I’d be Nauseous in the Knowledge that the Truth of Government Abuse Against the People is on the Verge of Full Disclosure & Public View.

I Truly Believe Some People Will Go To Jail . . . But Regrettably Not Enough.

The LEFTISTS Will Unleash All Their Lawyers To Stall & Obfuscate The Criminal Legal Challenges Coming Their Way, With As Much Fervor As Possible, To Ride-Out The Consequences Of Their Crimes In The Hope Of Winning In 2020 . . . When The LEFT Can Make All Their Crimes Go Away.

HOWEVER . . . If I’m Correct, as I am quite Certain I am – President Trump will Win 4-More Years In 2020, Republicans will Retake the House & Republicans Might Win a Senate Super Majority . . . Then All Of It Will Be On The Table For All To See.


1 – Don’t Believe The Democrat Polls – Biden Will Not Win The Primary.
2 – Bernie Sanders Is Anti-American, A Fraud, A Hypocrite & A Jewish Anti-Semite.
3 – All Democrat Primary Candidates Combined Are Not Worth One President Trump.


The Democrats have Far More to Worry about than Winning the Presidency, Keeping the House & Taking-Back the Senate in 2020.

What The Democrats Have To Worry About Is Survival Of The Party. While it is True, that Millions of Dumb-Ass, Stupid & Uninformed Americans, who Live in their Media Inspired Mental Wilderness will Vote Democrat . . . Most Americans Will Not!

Unless The World Changes In An Extremely Significant Way . . . Most Americans will Vote for the Trump Status Quo, where they can Actually See & Benefit from President Trump’s Efforts & Results – Rather Than The Empty Convoluted & Meaningless Communist Promises From The LEFT.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. From AMAC.us: This week comes a new & remarkable turn. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, via their Congressional Progressive Caucus, issued a policy shift: Anti-abortion Democrats are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party. They will not be funded…. “You can’t say you are a Democrat … if you’re against abortion.” Well, that settles it… Lockstep is now required. (No doubt pro-life Dems won’t be voting Dem in 2020. Self-destructing it seems.)

  2. What amazes me is the democrats’ behaviour re guess who and the freeing of all the classified documents. What’s their hysteria??? For a couple of years in the Clink and free board and room they still get to keep their graft (the political kind). their pensions (in the $100,000+++ USD), free medicare, haircuts,…….. As far as future historical condemnation is concerned the universities will do the housecleaning. What’s to lose? – I think.

  3. I really love you Howard! You are telling it like it is….in PLAIN ENGLISH! Short & not so sweet. Instead of politicians who use their political office for years to get rich, we finally have a President who is not a politician! God bless Donald Trump and his family, and God bless you and yours . Evelyn@90

  4. I couldn’t agree more with your article. The democrats have done nothing in two years to do anything for our country and we citizens. Too bad that none of them can stand back and look into a mirror and actually see what they have been doing. The definition of politician just got a lot worse. I just can’t believe that any democrat ever got a college degree. I guess they aren’t stupid just blind to understand what they are doing. 2020 is just around the corner and will be an IQ test for the voter

  5. Howard, once again your comments hit the nail on the head! I’ve posted a copy of this on my Facebook page to share it with as many others as possible! Thank you for your commentary!

  6. I will be satisfied when I see, like the nixon watergate, demon rats going to jail starting with obama and the clinton duo for all the crimes they have committed. The same thing is happening in Canada with trudeau! 2019 and 2020 are either the sheeples finally wake up or we truly end up in a dystopian society like in George Orwell’s “1984” where history is totally re-written and the hard-fought past is forgotten. It’s an uphill battle because the fake news lamestream media is still on the left!

  7. There are VERY FEW Democrats left and more PROGRESSIVES in place!NO, they DON’T WANT TO KNOW that their Former President, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA might have been a TRAITOR to the US Constitution, AND is alleged to have PARTICIPATED in a CONSPIRACY to OVERTHROW the Duly Elected Pres. Trump.They viewed Obama as their “saviour”.The LEFT have already begun to turn on each other, AND it’s only the BEGINNING!The SWAMP will be DRAINED very quickly and the CRITTERS will come OUT ONE BY ONE! GO TRUMP!AMEN!

  8. Today I received an email from Franklin Graham asking that all Americans designate Sunday June 2nd as a Special Day of Prayer for President Trump. He has received support from 250 members of Christian churches who are urging the same. I for one, a practicing Catholic, will join in that prayer next Sunday. We are indeed at war with evil, and must resist!

  9. Howard, Its sickening to see how the Democrats have wasted so much time and money for a Fake investigation. Now they are getting ready to find a way to impeach Trump? Are they for real ? They are the ones that should be investigated of corruption; false accusations, etc… The time has come that Trump should take off the Gloves and give it to them straight between the eyes. Pelosi and Schumer do not deserve their pay. Steve Acre, Montreal.

  10. Great Editorial! I hope that those who colluded to end the Presidency of Trump even prior to his election are prosecuted for TREASON and hopefully prior to the 2020 Election. The House/Senate are NOT doing the job they were elected to do. They are too entrenched in stopping EVERYTHING Trump & this includes the judges appointed by Obama. We have Freedom of the Press, but the FAKE NEWS MEDIA espouses the same as House/Senate. Satan lives in their minds & hearts with NO SOUL left.

  11. Thank you this was great to read. I am praying that our President with win another four years in office and for those who did the bad things to him his family, along with the Clinton’s, Obama and his wife, all who are as crooked as they can be will end up in prison for many long, long, years to come and I don’t mean the prison where it is the luxury one either. Hilary should be in the one where she gets to do the laundry each day, her husband in a jail where he has to haul the garbage out. .

  12. Howard, I fear that so many on the right have lost the desire to vote that the Left could win. Socialism is a disease that consumes the working class, it kills the spirit by taking away what good people that have worked hard and gives to lazy soft minded people with no drive. There are enough of the soft, lazy and mindless that want something for nothing that they will vote along with the illegal population, that is growing daily, to give the Libs a chance. We must come together and vote.

  13. I heard something interesting the other day. In 2007, a Democrat group that ‘rates’ Senators listed the most liberal of all liberals. The top three: Number 3 was Obama, number two, Bernie Sanders, number one BIDEN. Now, in 2019, Biden claims to be ‘moderate.’ He does what the other contenders are doing – saying only what they thing the people WANT to hear – not what they truly believe. I think most don’t even know what they think since they lie all the time!

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