The Consequential Seriousness Of Stupid


We Can Deal With All Manner Of Threats, Regardless Of Where They Come.

We, as a Species, have Discovered & Created Treatments & Cures for a Plethora of Deadly & Debilitating Diseases . . .

We’re on the Cusp of Defeating Cancer, Possibly Alzheimer’s, MS and other Neurological Disorders . . . We Even Put Men On The Moon.

So We Don’t Need Proof . . . that We as a Human Species are Capable of Fixing & Achieving Almost Anything . . . ANYTHING BUT STUPIDITY!


Do You Think Even For A Second . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was The First?

Think Again . . . In 2011, In a National Canadian Election, the far LEFT, NDP (New Democrat Party) Socialists, Needed a Name, simply to Fulfill their Promise to Run Candidates in all National Electoral Ridings (Akin to what America Calls Districts).

So . . . The NDP Presented a Candidate by the Name of Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who had a French Name, who Couldn’t Really Speak French. But, because of the French Name, as long as Brosseau kept her Mouth Shut . . . Who would even Know that Brosseau’s Name was Contrary to her Ability to Speak French, which would Mean she would Win French Votes on her Name Alone?

Brosseau Was An Unmarried – Single Mother Who Tended Bar In Ottawa Ontario.

At The Time Brosseau Ran For Office, She Was On The Cusp Of Turning 27-Years Old, who was an Unmarried Mother, Working as a Bartender in an Ottawa Campus Bar, who didn’t Bother to even Campaign in her Riding, or anywhere else that Mattered, Partly because Brosseau wasn’t all that Interested in Fighting for a Seat in Canada’s Parliament, Partly because Brosseau Had no Idea what Day it was Politically, Partly because Brosseau, even though she Lived in Ottawa, only Visited the Parliament Buildings once in her Lifetime while on a School Trip . . . And Partly because Brosseau said she Didn’t have the Money to Campaign.

SO . . . Where did the NDP Socialists Decide to Run the Mostly English-Only-Speaking Ottawa Ontario Resident as their National Candidate . . . ?

The NDP Socialists Ran Brosseau where they Never Figured they could Win Regardless of who they Presented . . . In a Tiny French Speaking Rural/Suburban Community within the Ethnocentric Province of Quebec, called Berthier-Maskinongé.

AND WHERE WAS THE CANDIDATE . . . Who didn’t have the Money, nor the Interest, nor the Experience, nor the Fire in Her Belly During the Election?

The Unwed Single Mother – Ottawa Bartender . . . who was Too Poor to Afford to Campaign, wasn’t Too Poor during the Actual Election Campaign To Be Celebrating Her 27th Birthday In Las Vegas . . . AND SHE GOT ELECTED.


This Says Nothing About Brosseau & Everything About Our Demise.

WE CAN CURE THE DEADLIEST DISEASES . . . Put Men On The Moon & Do Just About Anything We Set Our Collective Minds To Do . . . But No Matter How Hard we Try . . . There Is Nothing We Can Do To Cure Stupid.

When Voters . . . Of Their Own Free Will – Vote for a Person who is Irresponsible Enough to get Knocked-Up, Not Finish School, Who’s Foundational Work Experience is as a Bartender, who Agrees to Lend her French Name to a Political Campaign, then doesn’t Campaign, Claims to have No Money . . . but enough Money to Party in Las Vegas – Good On Her & Woe-Be-On-Us.

Because . . . Just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and MOST of the Other Men & Women we Send to Government . . . Who Are Truly The Numbskulls We Choose, says virtually Nothing about the Garbage we Send to Govern Ourselves . . . And Everything It Says About Us.

In Multiple Fiery Anti-American Speeches Nikita Khrushchev Delivered . . . as the First Secretary & Premier of the Soviet Union, Khrushchev Said it Clearly & Said it Often, that Essentially, the only Thing that Can Destroy America, Is America Itself From Within.


I don’t Know, but I Suspect . . . that Khrushchev, who was a Brilliant & Organized Thug, Realized that the Enemy of America Lies in the Education of America’s Children, just like the Nazis knew that the Greatest Long Term Weapon National Socialism had in its Arsenal . . . was in the Control of the Minds of German Children.

And Now . . . After Several Generations of Inculcating Impressionable Minds through Education, to the Benefits of Multi-Cultural Socialism . . . Contrary to the Propagandized Evil of “White Male Success” and the Scholastic AVOIDANCE of Teaching Honest History . . . The Consequences Are Upon Us.

The LEFT, and for the Sake of this Editorial, I Refer to the American LEFT, who Through the Use of Propagandized Mis-Education, have Instilled the Wrongful Belief, amongst many other Subjective Lies That . . .

1 – There Is A War On Women Throughout America.
2 – Racism In America Is At An Epidemic Pace.
3 – Exceptionalism Is Racism.
5 – Illegal Aliens Are As Valued As Legal Citizens.
6 – Open Borders & One World Government Is Preferable To Nationalism.
7 – White Male Privilege, Which Can Only Be Male, Because Of The War Against Women.
8 – There Is No American Exceptionalism.
9 – Wealth Created by The Few Must Be Given To The Many Through The Government.
10 – Russia Is Responsible For The Presidential Loss Of Hillary Clinton.
11 – A Duly Elected American President Is The Enemy Of The People.
12 – A Duly Elected American President Is a Spy For Russia.
13 – A Duly Elected American President Is Conducting A Cover-Up.

That An American Attempt To A Coup D’état Is Actually An Act Of Patriotism.


If the Preceding Can be Peddled as Truth & Fact by the Congress, the Media & Academia; to be Believed by as Many as Half the Nation, how Surprising could it then be, that a Woman who is Too Stupid or Careless to Take Necessary Precautions against getting Pregnant, because she wanted to get Laid more than be Careful, who Never Finished anything Remarkable Including her Education, whose Work Experience is in Mixing, Pouring & Delivering Booze at a Bar, who Gives her Name to Run for Office, and then Doesn’t Run, who says she has no Money to Campaign, but has Money Enough to Party in Las Vegas during the Height of a Political Campaign, who comes off as French, in a French Riding, in a Province Away from where she Lives, because she has a French Name . . . STILL GETS ELECTED?

‘Nuff Said About The Future Of Our Society.

I Couldn’t have Imagined how Anything like this Scenario could have been Possible, since as a Child, I was Taught by my Parents, that Amongst the Greatest, Smartest and Most Reputable People on the Planet, were my Teachers . . . How Could I & We Have Known?

Smart Enough To Walk On The Moon. Too Stupid To Know What We’re Voting For.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. With respect, I would challenge the presumption that stupidity is not infectious. How else does one explain its rapid spread?

  2. This is more than a little scary and most are oblivious. Politicians use little one liners because, any kind of an explanation will have most people’s eyes glazing over and drifting away. In their laziness, people left it entirely up to the politicians to run the country. Virtually no one speaks up when politicians go off the tracks and most don’t even recognize it when it happens. Very dangerous and we are seeing the results. Stupid is a BIG problem.

  3. Lord please help us. I spoke with a friend from Amsterdam recently who asked me, “What is going on the US”? I said good question; the left hate Trump and want to get rid of him by any means necessary to the point the country can go to hell in a hand basket while they “righteously” pursue and hound Trump. Thank you again Howard for telling us plainly and providing history as to how the current situ got to be the current situ!

  4. Why is this happening?
    1) A disintegrating education system
    2) Particularly on our country’s HISTORY
    3) STUDENT LOANS, nothing like a ball and chain before you graduate, sounds like slavery to me
    4) Lack of a period of MANDATORY military service, Like Israel, and even the Northern European nations
    5) Total lack of respect for parents and what THEY mean to OUR country and backgrounds
    6) Lack of a “belief” in Religious principles
    7) total IMMATURITY

  5. It was Hitler that said control the teaching in the schools and you control the future of the country. The Left has taken control of our schools and now we see the result.

  6. I wasn’t ‘into’ of national or local politics until I retired & kids were grown; more so when I became a widow. Didn’t have time or inclination to do real research working a job, raising kids & keeping house/farm. But now I’m aware of more & sure don’t like most of what I learn. As a Christian I’ve been conservative but as politics get nastier, I’m more ultra-conservative–guideposts keep getting moved. Right now I want to see justice done to all involved in insurrection/coup attempt, & Soros.

  7. I offer two relevant quotes. It was author Will Durant who stated, “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

    American President Abraham Lincoln stated, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

  8. Sheeples learned nothing from the federal quebec party in the 70’s called the Rhinoceros. They made outrageous promises to try to teach the sheeples, never believe any promises by any politicians. One of their promises was “we’ll move the Canadian Rockies to quebec”. The sheeples haven’t learned then and will never learn ever. Sheeples don’t vote for their local candidate. They vote for the party and she got elected because Jack Layton is who they were voting for during the orange crush of 2011.

  9. The overwhelming majority of people are uneducated, ignorant, intellectually lazy and stupid. Most don’t even read. When educated and supposedly smart people side mindlessly with radical, idiotic leftist causes, or foolishly attack Israel, I question what intelligence they really have, and where their intentions really lie.

  10. Stupid has peaked in Canada. Canadians don’t get it that the TRUDEAU REGIME owns them. When Canadians want to complain about anything – what national media will cover the story after Canadians have paid the media not to report what Trudeau doesn’t like? – and Canadians have paid with their tax dollars in an amount that transcends future years! Canadians like that Scheer has to many times said he supports Trudeau in a battle against Trump – Sheer is a Red Tory a reborn Joe Clark.

  11. I remember the Brosseau election, at the time I think the salary was $140k. She went on attempting to learn French and speak it in the riding she was supposed to represent, after that, nothing. Maybe she will be running for the Libs in October and has the potential to become a member of Trudeau’s elite Cabinet. There is an excellent book by Michael Youssef, The Enemy Within, available on Amazon. It is current and describes the demise of America as it is happening today. Carbon Tax is stupidity.

  12. The PROGRESSIVES know, just like the NAZIS did, that THEIR BEST WEAPON is to CONTROL the MINDS of the CHILDREN. It is just plain DISGUSTING how they are USING them for their POLITICAL AGENDA! Of course, the parents who ALLOW this USAGE aren’t any better! WAKE UP people and REALIZE what’s going on around you before it’s TOO LATE! The PROGRESSIVES have introduced EVIL MACHINATIONS to DESTROY TRUMP and AMERICA! Get ready—there will be MANY MORE PROGRESSIVE LIES prior to the 2020 ELECTION! AMEN!

  13. Boy, your editorial about sums Stupidity up!!! Heavens, Stupidity is all over the US and especially amongst the American Jews. Sorry, but they tend to believe anything when it comes to politics & especially when it comes from the Dimwits Party! However, Stupidity reigns on both sides of the political spectrum. I see lots of Stupidity that continue to vote in the RINOs. I pray that I will live to see the day that all voters wake up & begin to think for themselves.

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