Why Isn’t The Media Talking About This?



I was Overwhelmed with Emails, which I Received from Readers, who just like Anne & Myself, have Expressed their Outrage & Fear of Rising Prices just about Everywhere.

It’s Easy for the Politicians to say all is Great & have the Statistics to Prove it, when they’re Living the High-Life Off Everyone Else’s Money. And if they Feel the Need for More Money, all they have to do is Vote themselves a Raise, or some More Tax-Free Exemptions, or More Expense Money.

No One Needs To Hold a Tag Day For Me. But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Stupid.

For The Rest Of Us . . . It Ain’t That Easy. And with Each Additional Tax; Municipal, State (Provincial) or Federal, Including Hikes in Service Costs for things like Drivers’ Licenses, Vehicle Registrations . . . ETC – Living the Good-Life, Becomes More & More of an Everyday Challenge.

Just A Stupid Little Thing . . . I don’t Ride my Motorcycle all that much, but when I do, I Love It. It’s one of the Few Exceptional Exhilarating Physical Pleasures I still Enjoy. And if you Ever Rode a Big Bike, You Would Understand.

I Bought This Bike Brand New In 2009. I Owe Nothing on it . . . Yet, for me to Ride my Bike, for a Grand-Total of a Possible 6-Month Period, given the Crappy Weather in Ontario Canada, I’m Lucky if I Ride 12-Times A Year – Yet, Between an Annual Oil-Change, which Costs about $100 – Insurance Which Costs $1,200 & Registration, also Costing about $100 . . . Do I Really want to Continue Spending this Kind of Money on Something I don’t use that Often. And which I Definitely Don’t Need?

Bear In Mind . . . I Can’t Remember the Last Time I had an Accident on the Bike (Never) or by Car or Truck. I have Never Made an Insurance Claim for Theft, Vandalism or Related Damage to any of the Vehicles I’ve Owned. And I have No Demerit Points . . .

So . . . Why Am I Charged $1200 For Insurance? And at the Start of Every New Riding Season, the Insurance Rate Goes Up. For several years now, I’ve been Telling Anne, that this is the Last Season, and I’ll be Putting the Bike up for Sale, to which Anne Insists that I don’t.

I Don’t Really Need The Money . . . But I Also Really Don’t Like Getting Ripped-Off.

Anne & I Went Shopping On Friday . . . We Drove to the West Island of Montreal, where the Bigger Stores are Located amongst more Competition. I have a Favorite Butcher Shop called La Preference, where they were Selling AAA Western Canadian Rib Steaks At $12 Per Pound. That’s a far Cry from the $20 Per Pound I’ve seen Elsewhere.

I Bought Twelve (One-Pound-Plus) Rib Steaks, coupled with 6-Steaks, which I already Had in the Freezer (which I bought in Austin), which will Last Me the Whole Summer, since Anne Doesn’t Eat Steaks.

La Preference Also Had a Great Price On Trimmed Briskets. So, I bought Two 10-Pound Briskets. Had La Preference Cut them Each in Two, and had the Four Briskets Individually Vacuum Packed, which are also now Frozen.

As Far As This Kind Of Meat Is Concerned . . . We Spent Several Hundred Dollars, And Are Good For The Entire Summer.

From La Preference, We Went To Costco . . . Where we Shopped for Deals. And when we found Something we Liked & Needed, we Really Stocked-Up, to the Point of Preparing “Inventory” for our November Trip Back To Texas.

And While At Costco . . . We Loaded-Up with their Premade Hamburgers, Seasoned Pork Chops & other Essential Meats, which Anne Divided-Up, and I Froze for an Extended Period.

When We See A Special Offer On Coffee . . . Anne & I will Buy a Year’s Worth, since Anne & I like to Drink Coffee, and Coffee Sealed in its Container never Goes bad. Same with Staples like Mustard, Spices, Canned-Goods & Household Paper Products.

So . . . With The Exception Of Fresh Fruit, Vegetables & Several Other Sundries . . . Anne & I are Fixed for Meals for the Summer, with enough Great Food to Feed Ourselves and Others.

Buying Like This Isn’t A Punishment . . . But It’s Something New To Us.

MY CANADIAN BORN PARENTS . . . Who Survived The Great Depression & Rationing During WWII, always had a “Store-Room” in the Basement, where they Stocked-Up on Everything, because of their Pre & Post War Experiences & Mentality.

Remarkably . . . My Parents Never Seemed Happier, Nor More Prideful – than when they came back from a Grocery “Run” – Loaded to the Hilt with Every Manner of Preserved Food Products (Canned-Goods, Coffee, Dried Products Like Rice, Potatoes . . . Etc) as they Stocked the Basement Shelves.

And Now . . . About Fifty Years Later – Here are Anne & Myself, doing the same thing as my Parents did, Possibly for the Same Reason, because We don’t Trust the Government & We don’t Trust Big Business or the Greed of Many Small Businesses . . .



While It Is 100% True & Accurate . . . that We are all Facing a Seemingly Incalculable Number of Global Threats, I Contend, That Our Greatest Existential Threat Is From Within, from our Horrible Politicians & Political Parties, from Greed-Driven Corporations Supported by the Government, Propagandized Academics, Educators & Media . . . BUT MOST OF ALL – BY AN IGNORANT & ENTITLED VOTING BASE.

The Good News . . . Is that it seems as though much of the World is Waking-Up to the Global Threat of Socialism & Bad Politics, which is the Primary Cost & Reason for Run-Away Inflation.

Australia just Told the Climate-Change Liberal Hucksters where to Get-Off. England is now Poised to Give The Finger to the EU . . . And to the Fake British Conservative Party. Israel just Re-Elected another Right-Wing Government. The Province of Ontario is Making A Conservative Come-Back. Prince Edward Island, for the First Time that I’m Aware Elected a Conservative Government. Alberta is Once Again Awash in Conservative Policies . . .

And Justin Trudeau – Better Steal All He Can Now . . . Because, by Mid-October (Elections) of this Year, the Liberal Party of Canada will be Nothing More than a very Bad National Memory, Leaving Behind Debt, Misery & A Stunned Populace.

And Then . . . There’s The Good Ole USA, Which has Been so Rocked . . . By As Bad As It Gets Politicians, Legislators, Bureaucrats, Educators & Media – That No Matter who the LEFT will Put-Up Against President Donald Trump, he or she will be a Waste of their Time, Effort & Money, because – No matter How The LEFTIST Media wants to Portray Reality, the People will Re-Vote for Donald Trump, not because of what President Trump Might Do as President, but Rather, because of what Donald Trump has already Done as President . . . And Will Continue To Do Post-2020.

If We Were Still Headed Towards A Socialist Society (which is still a possibility), where the Politicians & Bureaucrats Called the Shots & Set Regulatory Policies . . . I’d be Amongst the First to Admit Defeat – But All Of That Is Changing.

And With These Changes, we should all Begin to Enjoy the Benefits of Free Enterprise, where if one Group or Company Charges too Much, & Provides too Little . . . No Problem. Because, in a Free Enterprise Society, which is Unshackled by Government Bureaucracy, there will always be the Entrepreneur to Lower the Price & Provide a Better Service.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. They’ve been killing each other since the beginning of time. As far as I’m concerned they can keep right on doing it and let Allah sort it out. When/IF they come HERE I will have a different attitude and thousands of rounds of ammo to defend my family. Till then I have three words: NOT MY PROBLEM

  2. It is hard not to agree with you Howard. The Dems in the US are shaking like crazy and wondering when the hammer is coming down on Comey and Co. I wonder what is contained in the recent trade treaty that was just settled. I hope that it will bring some prices down. I pray that the DUMB SHMUCKS in BC will get the message as they are paying the equivalent of $7.00 per US gallon. Will pocketbook politics come back into being?

  3. Howard truly there is nothing like Western Canadian Beef and yes, I do miss it. Bought two very nice super kosher briskets when I was visiting friends during Passover. The cost per kilo (that’s 2.2 pounds) was 42 NIS (shekels) which was $15.80 Canadian and $11.75 US. Here in Tsfat where I live the cost would have been double – a very fortunate purchase. Our grocery chain prices vary as they do everywhere but sadly we have no countries close to us where we can drive for bargains!!!!

  4. Like you, we buy in bulk when prices fall into a particular range. Like you, we risk losing all with any power outage. We’ve only experienced that once (Hurricane Florence) in the decades we’ve done that so it has paid off long term. Also, like you, we are grateful that our parents’ experiences have tutored us to steward our resources.
    The greatest danger we see to the U.S. is not knowing the true nature of debt: a weapon of personal destruction.

  5. It is much cheaper by far to buy groceries in Japan even Asia. Why? In Japan and other Asian nations it’s illegal and imprisonment for profiteering in the sale of food stuff (other than exclusive rarities) Millionaire Supply side dairy owners, poultry and egg owners were they in Japan they would be in prison. The Billionaire Weston family became billionaires selling to Canada – smaller than California or NY. Anyone become a Bllionaire only selling food to California or NY?
    CDN Greed.

  6. Greetings: Once again HG, you’ve OUTDID yourself! What you’ve recounted today is EXACTLY why the LEFT will deal face CERTAIN DEFEAT from here ‘til 2024. LAME BRAIN Biden will undoubtedly win the PRIMARIES next year, NOT because he has ANY GOOD IDEAS or SOLUTIONS but because he’s the most MODERATE of the bunch! That is telling. WHY? Because the VOTERS are realizing that the Democrats are WAY OUT IN LEFT FIELD & THEY will feel the BURN (Bern?) if one of the other wackos wins! MAKE AMERICA GREAT!

  7. totally agree,another great post Howard.

  8. I wish I could share the enthusiasm about President Trump winning re-election in 2020, but my fear is that our dumbed down electorate is unfortunately a significant percent of the population and would not recognize Trump’s many achievements because of gross stupidity! We have our corrupt media and academia to thank for this. I hope that with the rise of conservatism in the U.S. and Canada this may be a turning point in our history when liberalism and globalism will die a quick, merciless death

  9. For meat, you’re still paying too much. I buy my T-bones for about $6 per lb.
    Sorry, I had to say this.

  10. Well said, Howard. I couldn’t agree more. Now, we have to wait and see if the Conservative OPPOSITION got the message. Politicians of all stripes want to offer a Big Tent that accommodates everyone. This is a disservice to the voters who should be offered a CHOICE between wasteful tax-and-spend Big Government and Small Government that truly represents the interests of the people. We have to be reminded that the government that governs best is the government that governs least.

  11. Vehicle and Homeowner insurance is a huge ripoff because auto coverage is mandated as is homeowners if there is a mortgage. You can have a perfect, claim free, violation free record and still get hit with big premium increases because insurance companies rate by zip code among other things making you responsible for the actions of others. All you can do is to check the market at renewal time. I only go with an insurer that will offer a 12 month policy.

  12. The media doesn’t talk about increasing prices because it really doesn’t affect them the way it does ordinary folk. The ones in TV are like mega stars w/like pay. Newspaper editors, same thing–it’s a non-issue since they don’t feel it. Those of us on fixed income or working low-paying jobs are hit the hardest; but no one else cares. Governments don’t either, for reasons you mention ref increasing taxes for pay raises, etc. That’s the world we live in today. It’s called GREED.

  13. HOWARD ..don’t give up that bike … you are going to be dead, a long time

  14. Hello, With the carbon taxes, rising costs of inflation AND flooding in the USA breadbasket it’s safe to assume that EVERYTHING is about to get extremely expensive. Food costs are set to soar by end of year due to taxes, lost crops and growing seasons. Can’t stress enough how prudent it would be to stock up now on: food, H20 purification methods, matches/lighters, supplies, medicines, first aid/personal hygiene supplies, fuel, ammo and seeds +++. Think victory gardens and start your own now!

  15. We all appreciate you for telling us what it’s really like, both in Canada and your second home, the good old US of A. Your “no pomp and circumstance” rigor is refreshing. And we’ll know that you are going to keep on, keeping on. And we faithful readers always look forward to your reports.

  16. Welcome to my world : could no longer justify my Harley with service and 1200$ per year insurance for 4 months of use and I buy my AAA at Walmart . Seemingly you have to be over 50 yrs of age to even understand what is happening , though understanding is not a remedy, just an added frustration.

  17. Rising prices are also caused by the higher minimum wage demands. When a business has to pay double the wages to workers, the only one that can pay is the customers. The end result is the same, we all pay more and get less. In my own business I also had to raise prices and watch my cost. Politicians think they do good to the working class, but we all have to pay extra to keep up with inflation. Buy when and where you can get the best deals and stock up in advance. Costco is great.

  18. Howard, I had a talk the other with a neighbor who complained about the tariffs and the increased cost to the consumers. I told him the tariffs are taxed at the prices that Chinese producers sell to the wholesalers. The negative impact is minimal for us here in the states, in China it is much greater. Then I discussed increased taxes to corporations and he was clueless about who pays the taxes. Corp. do not pay taxes they pass it on to the consumer. Dumb liberal

  19. I wish that I could believe that Trump would be re-elected but we have so many ignorant people that just don’t have the experience or ability to reason, that I expect the money from all the rich liberals will buy votes by promising everyone more “Free Stuff”. So many people just do not have any basic understanding of economics and reality nor do they see the $22 trillion as a problem so they will vote for someone that promises more “Free Stuff”. Ignorance Rules, Unfortunately!

  20. Great topic & editorial. I just keep sitting here SMH, I understand completely what you are going through, though not as high a price that you are paying. Inflation is still inflation, no matter the price. Inflation does occur when things, in general, are out of whack. Housing prices are going up, again, which means more rent when you are not buying your home. The US is being charged more, due to rising wages within companies. Who suffers? Everyone!!!

  21. First thing let me say this, $100 for an oil change for your bike, I hope that’s synthetic oil. I pay $66.00 for oil changes (full synth) for my Honda Fit. That being said, I am a driver, that’s how I earn my living. Here in Quebec, as you may know, the cost of owning and operating a vehicle is expensive, thanks mainly to the price of gas, because of the carbon tax, or should I say “cash grab”. It makes my blood boil seeing the price go up $0.10/litre overnight.

  22. With my early years in southern Minnesota, I got a kick out reading R. Hanson of Hackensack, Mn. input here. He’s correct about Minnesotan’s and et-al other hard core liberals. In the 2020 voting booth they’ll all be voting in lockstep for the liberal of choice the Dems select for them – this even if pres. Trump (actually was) able to find the cure for Cancer tomorrow – and finish building ‘The Wall’ the next day! Thanks for another ‘good one’ Howard!

  23. The Fake News Media is screaming about the “poor farmers” with the new tarriffs. Trump has taken care of that with a 15 billion surplus if needed.China is suffering financially and cannot hold on for more than 2-3 months.They will have to give in to Trump’s demands and write a new trade. I, as an American, am willing to pay higher prices for a few months to help our cause. What happened to patriotism?

  24. As much I how Trump is putting the interest of the US in 1st place… I’m a bit concerned with his approach to the China situation. Like them or hate them, aren’t the Chinese the biggest buyer of US treasury bond? Should they start liquidating them, it might spell trouble for the US dollar…

  25. Got a chuckle at you buying pork chops at butcher shop. We liberal Jews in Florida call them lamb chops.
    Well written blog brother

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