Onward & Forward . . . One Way Or The Other

THANK YOU! . . . For All The Generous Support.

THANK YOU! . . . For All The Generous Support.

As I Wrote In My Thank You Letters . . . Galganov.com was Forced to Spend so Much Money last Month and this Month, to Purchase a New Monthly Directory Distribution Program (Service) – Establish a New Method of Accepting Financial Support (Goodbye PayPal), and the Remaking (still in progress) of the Programming of Galganov.com, that I didn’t know whether I was Coming or Going.

But With Your Help . . . we made Back Enough Money to See Over the Top of the Hole. And if Next Month’s Support is Equivalent . . . Galganov.com Might Get Back To Even.

And to the People who Apologize for Not Being in the Financial Position to Support, or Might be Supporting Less, because of Changing Circumstances – Never Apologize. I Appreciate your Moral Support and Whatever you Might be Able to Send our Way.

How Important Is It . . . That The LEFT Committed An Attemped Coup D’état?

It’s Really Important . . . And we should all be Paying Attention to it, because, If Freedom of Fair Elections Cannot be Entirely Trusted, we might as well Pack-It-All-In & Stop Pretending we Live in a Free Society, where the Government Serves the People, Instead of the People Serving the Government.

How Important Is The Threat Of War With Iran?

I’m Guessing that the Possibility of Going to War Against Iran is Real. And I’m also Guessing, that the White House, the State Department, the CIA and the Chiefs of Staff are Pushing the Envelope . . . To The Point, Where Iran Either Crawls Back Under its Rock, or Better be Prepared for a Serious Beating.

I Also Think, the White House Wouldn’t Mind all that Much . . . to Publicly Bloody the Nose of Iran, which would Send an Unmistakable Message to the Rest of the Bad Actors of the World.

How Important Is The Trade War With China?

The Trade War With China . . . Is Critical to all the American Companies who Produce Products for Pennies in the Chinese Totalitarian State, while Selling their Products for Huge Amounts of Dollars in America.

Screw China . . . Screw the Companies who Prefer to Build & Assemble their Products in what is More or Less a Slave State . . . So They Can Get Stinking Rich Ripping All-Of-Us-Off Back Home.

Should We Worry About Russia?

Russia Is A Pain-In-The-Ass Regional Tempest In A Teapot . . . Trying To Be Internationally Relevant, while Skimming as Much-Off the Discord Russia Creates as Possible.

What About Global Warming . . . Climate Change & The Environment?

The Planet is 4.5 Billion Years Old. And for 4.5 Billion Years, the climate has ben Changing. And Earth has been Warming-Up & Cooling Down for as long as we have been able to Discern.

What’s New About Climate Change . . . Is that after 4.5 Billion Years, a Group of LEFTIST Shmucks, Including Self-Indulgent Professors, Businessmen, Politicians & a World of Lay-People who Know Nothing, but think they Know Everything, Has Contributed . . . To The Greatest Global Scam Ever.

As Far As The Environment . . . Why don’t the LEFTIST Jerks Invest Billions of Dollars Cleaning-Up the Land & the Oceans – The result Of Their Own Mess, Rather than Spending Billions of Dollars, making things Worse for the Average Person, by Spreading a Lie?

Example . . . British Columbia – Canada’s LEFT Coast, which Deems to Lecture all Canadians on Protecting the Global Environment . . . Dumps Billions Upon Billions Of Gallons Of Raw Sewage, Containing Every Contaminant (Toxic) we can Think of, Into the Pacific Ocean. And They’re Just One Of An Unlimited Number Of Similar Hypocrites.

Everything In The Proceeding Is Important . . . But Not As Important As This.

If you Hear or Read Statistics, which show Everything is Fine & Booming – that Wages are Up, Taxes are Down (In The USA – Not In Canada), and there are More Jobs than Ever . . . That’s True . . . But It Doesn’t Mean Life Is Better For Most.

To The Contrary . . . In Spite Of Everything You Are Told – The Cost Of Everything Is Up & Becoming Unaffordable In Canada & The United States – But Far More-So In Canada.

Because Of The Crazy Cost Of Gasoline In Canada, in some Places more than $7 A Gallon . . . I Cannot Drive here & there as I have Normally Done, which means a Whole Bunch of Things.

1 – Restaurants, even Decent Quality Greasy Spoons, have become so Expensive, that Anne & I Hardly Eat-Out. And we’re Not the Only Ones.

2 – I Need a Delivery of Gravel, but because of the Cost of Fuel, the Delivery Costs are Almost as Much as the Gravel. I’ll Order Less Gravel.


Anne & I Also Love To Entertain . . .

3 – I went Grocery Shopping with Anne Yesterday, and was Literally Sickened at the Cost of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables . . . And A One-Pound Rib Steak Was $20.

4 – So Tomorrow . . . I’ll Cook a 12-Pound Turkey, which we Bought Frozen in the USA (We Bought Two At Price Chopper), which actually Cost more than what we Usually Spend in America for a Frozen Turkey, but was still a Third to a Quarter Less Expensive than what we have to Pay in Canada, which will Feed Anne, Myself, Stryker & Friends Several Great Meals for a Few Days, for Less than just One So-So Meal at a Regular Restaurant, which would Cost us as Much As . . . and More than $50 with Tax & Tip . . . Not to mention the Cost of the Gas.

5 – On Sunday – Anne & I Will Drive to Costco & Spend Several Hundred Dollars on Great Food Staples, much of Which we will be able to Freeze, and Enjoy over a Period of Weeks Instead of Days.

We will also Buy a Great Many Frozen Products, such as Freshly Frozen Salmon, which are long Lasting in the Freezer & Delicious when Prepared.

After Costco . . . Anne & I will Drive to our Favorite Butcher & Buy a Dozen or More Rib-Steaks if the Price is Good, which should Keep me Over the Entire Summer, since Steaks Generally Freeze Very Well in Freezer-Bags, and Anne Doesn’t Eat Steaks.

And We’ll Buy At Least Two Briskets . . . Possibly Three, which we’ll Freeze, which will also Keep us going over Most of the Summer, Enabling us to Entertain Friends.

Did I Mention That I Also Make A Fabulous Stew & Am A Wizard On The BBQ?

Anne & I had Planned a Few Great Summer RV Getaways with our Smaller RV. Two 3-Hour Trips to the USA, and Two 4-Hour Trips in the Direction of Toronto.

One Trip will be to the Lake Placid Area, which we will use to Help Offset the Cost of Gas, by Buying as Much Less Expensive Non-Perishable Products in the USA as Possible, than they Cost in Canada, even at the Horrific Exchange Rate (An American Dollar Costs Us About $1.35 Canadian).

The other American Trip Will Be To Watertown NY, where I will Feast on a Great Rib-Steak Meal at the Texas Roadhouse, which will Cost Anne & Myself about $50 US, Meal, Tax & Tip Included.

For Under $70 Canadian . . . I’ll Have a 20-Ounce Rib Steak Rare (a Quarter Of That Goes to Stryker) with all the Trimmings and a Beer. Anne will have either Chicken or Fish & all the Trimmings, most Probably with a Glass of Wine. A Meal of this Fashion in Canada, at a Comparable Restaurant, would Cost More than $125 All-In.

Here’s The Kicker . . . Anne & I Don’t Have Enough Time Left To Visit The USA as often as we would like, According to American Immigration Rules, Vis-À-Vis the Maximum Amount of Time a Canadian can be in the USA (182-Days) over a 12-Month Period, which makes it Possible, but Tight for Anne & Myself to take 3-Getaways this Summer to America without Endangering the Amount of Time we can Spend in the USA (Texas – 6-Months) this coming Winter.

Anne & I Live Less Than An Hour From The American Border . . . Which means we Travel on US Gasoline, which means we save a Ton on Gas, Food, Products & even RV Campgrounds . . . WHICH MEANS WE WILL PROBABLY BLOW-OFF OUR CANADIAN GETAWAYS, and Squeeze in an Extra Trip to the USA.


1 – Anne & I will Not Only Continue to Eat Well . . . We Will Eat Better.

2 – Virtually all Restaurants will Lose our Patronage.

3 – Anne & I will Not Travel in Canada with our RV at a Cost of $400 just in Gasoline for an 800-Mile Round Trip, when we could Visit the USA at a Fraction the Overall Cost.

TRUDEAU PASSED HIS CARBON TAX . . . OK, so How Does that Benefit Canada, when Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Poultry & Fish have become Unaffordable? When Restaurants can go Begging for Customers? And Travel in Canada is Too Expensive for Canadians to Travel?

And All Of That Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg?

So . . . Sure I’m Really Concerned About The Attempted Coup D’état & Runaway Governments. I Worry about Getting into a Hot War with Iran. And I am Extremely Interested in how President Trump will Sock-It to China.

BUT I’M ALSO VERY WORRIED . . . About how the Average American/Canadian can get through the Day, the Week and the Months, when Costs are going through the Roof, because of Bad Governments, Unsustainable Debts, Entitlements & High Taxes . . . And Not Nearly Enough New Revenue For The Individual Person, Couple Or Family To Stay Even.

It Seems To Me . . . That I’ve Got A Lot Of Writing & Speaking To Do.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Keep going with this maybe just maybe these blind people will wake up .You are oh so right.

  2. I’d love to have a BBQ flip off against you! I’ll see your RIBEYE to my Costco Filet master piece. Well…anyways, here in the “States”…but the State Of Confusion…California…our gas prices are over $4.oo a gallon and climbing. They can’t find or raise taxes fast enough, so they are adding “FEES” to everything. The state has a surplus! But can’t get off the crazy train, find reason or logic…let alone their own brains without a third party MRI. Keep writing, keep speaking = love ya.

  3. Costco steaks are restaurant quality. I do them on the grill regularly and are so much better than the steak joints we USED to patronize that I won’t even order a steak in a restaurant any more. The NY Strips at Costco are tender and juicy and way cheaper than the grocery or butcher. Their 4 lb rotisserie chicken is a steal for $5 as well. You get 2 meals, chicken salad and soup from the carcass. Unbeatable bargain!

  4. I tried to donate to your site with my AX but my donation was declined and I know it was not by AX. What do I need to do to donate with credit card? Thanks

  5. Twice in the past while, I have been in my banking institution doing business. Both times, I asked the person that I was dealing with if the personal debt load is as great as I am hearing. They didn’t have to say anything. The worried look that came over their faces said it all. This carbon tax and other foolish government spending is soon going to have Canada in the same position as Greece was just a few short years ago. We’ve been ones to shy away from big debt and this scares us.

  6. My yearly carbon tax rebate has already gone through my gas tank. I find it hard to believe that some folks think the rebate is a real deal. Even if you don’t drive it is eaten up in a few short months, if you eat and heat.

  7. We can’t get rid of Justin fast enough. I never buy Salmon at Costco. All that I have seen at our local one has been farm raised Atlantic Salmon. All that we eat is Pacific Wild Salmon. I just don’t trust the farm raised Frankenfish with the antibiotics and lack of equal nutrition to the Wild Salmon. Also, talking about fish be very careful with Tilapia. Most of it s from China and is not cleaned very well. Some has been seen with manure on it. Manure is what fish farms feed fish.

  8. Howard,
    Not to worry, Bill Nye the “Science Guy” has it all figured out. This phony mechanical engineer is now an expert on climate change, astronomy and everything in between!

  9. I’m vacationing in South Florida and paid $2.49 a US Gallon yesterday. And next Wednesday, when I expect to back in Rhode Island, I’ll be enjoying a Texas Roadhouse Sirloin. As usual, your commentaries are spot on.

  10. Howard, both you & Anne already know about Quebec ethnocentric nationalism. Right now, the Province of Quebec has Premier Legault who I refer to as “Furher” because he and his discriminatory racist fascist government are nothing more than a bunch of ‘closet’ French Quebec separatists & Neo-Nazis. Their proposed “Bill 21” wants to outlaw any Hijabs or Kippas or Turbans, etc…from the workplace. I want AMERICANS to know about “Mein Kamandante” before spending one U.S. penny in Montreal !!!

  11. Your mention of fuel and food prices in Canada explains the large number of Alberta license plates that we see in in the retail store parking lots here in Great Falls, Montana. It’s an easy drive down our I-15, but it’s 124 miles from the border, and 189 miles from Lethbridge, so there is still a considerable investment of time and fuel just to get here. And yet the politicians, United States and Canadian, seem to lie awake nights trying to get more power, & “redistribute” (steal) our money.

  12. So sorry about Canada’s food prices, guess that explains why we see so many BC and Alberta car tags at Costco in Kalispell.

  13. Gosh Howard I would come to Canada just to get a hamburger &hot dog on your grill since where I live in our condo we are not allowed to BBQ at all. So you cooking a hamburger would be very yummy for us. AS for as both our countries what can we say other than pray a lot vote for what we think are the best of people and get the bad ones out of office, I for one would love to see one who just made it get out she is bad news. Take care have your steaks Anne have your chicken God bless.
    Keep safe.

  14. Kerry should not been allowed to enter into any negotiations with Iran. His daughter was marrying one of the top leaders and should have recused himself. But did he do so? NO

  15. The CAQ government of Quebec Premier Legault intends to outaw the wearing of religious symbols among provincial employees. Legault was primarily aiming at the Muslim veil but had to include all religions for PC considerations. Canada’s REAL fascist government is Trudeau’s Liberals, who are imposing an interventionist ideological agenda against the wishes of the Canadian people. The nationalists among Quebec’s ruling elites are scary but they are small potatoes compared to Herr Trudeau.

  16. Could I not send a gift certificate to the steak house or restaurant of your choice, and you could avoid the exchange rate? Tell me where and when.
    Dick Black

  17. When buying meat at Costco, I check to see if it has a certain certification on it. Lamb is a definite no no as it is a favorite choice of these individuals. I refuse to pay for their certification which goes for nefarious purposes, if you catch my drift…..

  18. Butchers To Go in Alexandria, N of the railway tracks; BJ’s in the St.Lawrence Mall grounds, membership needed, much lower cost dairy, soft drinks, fish and sometimes meat; Bears Den for lowest price gas and you get a scratch ticket to win $$$ of next purchase. You can fill up at Bears Den and bring back a 5 gall container, never a problem at Customs. Even with Bridge cost (get a bridge pass for discount) it’s well worth the drive over the border. Screw the Carbon Tax my car won’t run on it.

  19. I work all day so hardly ever watch any TV during the day so i think Fox is GREAT at night!!!!

  20. WOW, $20 a pound for Rib Eye Steaks???!!! That’s gold, in my mind. I too have had to back down on some of my favorite foods and meats. My middle daughter & her family had to move in with us so that we can pull together to make it through a whole month. Now, we all might be able to have a steak now & then. They are also here to help us since neither Hubby or I drive anymore.

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