Fight Me Now On My Terms . . . Or Fight Me Later On Yours



If I Were Writing Editorials Some 3,000-Years Ago . . . I Suspect I would be Writing no Differently then . . . than I am Today, since Nothing Really Changes, other than the Names of the Characters.

I Have No Idea . . . How long Modern Man, with the Ability to Think, Decide, Organize, Speak Cogently, Write & Record – Has Existed On This Planet.

But For The Sake Of This Editorial . . . I‘ll Start with the Ancient Greeks – Plato, Socrates & Aristotle, Born some 500-Years Before Christ, who I will Give Full Credit for Modern Socio/Political Thought.


If you were to Read the History of the Roman Empire Versus the Jews of Jerusalem, at the time of the Crucifixion, the Destruction of the Second Temple, and the Fall of Masada . . . as was written by Titus Flavius Josephus, more than 2,000-Years Ago, and had Josephus’s Writings were to be Transcribed into a Modern Book, Movie or Television Series, the Plots would be no Different than Today, other than for the Names & Places.

What I’m Trying To Convey . . . Is whether we go Back to the Greek Philosophers, the Roman Historians, Playwrights like Shakespeare, or the Media of Today – To Borrow a Quote from the 1800’s by French Writer, Educator, Newsman & Critic – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr . . .

“Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose” – Which Translates . . . The More That Changes, The More It Stays The Same.

In Other Words . . . As I See It – The Enemies of Freedom, for as Long as we have been Recording History, have Always been Amongst Us, who have Never Changed & Never Will.

There Will Always Be Philistines, Nazis, Communists, Islamists & More.

Our Salvation . . . Is NOT THAT THEY ARE WEAK – It is that We Are Strong, because, As Recorded History Has Shown Us . . . There has Always Been those of Integrity & Courage Amongst the Masses, Who Stand-Up, Speak-Out & Fight Back.

Evil Will Never Cease . . . While Righteousness Will Never Surrender.

IN A VERY STRANGE WAY . . . WE ARE PRIVILEGED – To be Alive & Cognizant Today, Here & Now, to Watch & Bear Witness to One of the Greatest Battles of our Time, as Evil in the Structure of Totalitarianism, Socialism & Ignorance, Is Doing Battle Against Virtue & Rectitude.

We’re Not Just Reading History Being Replayed . . . We’re Living It.


All The World’s A Stage & All The Men & Women Merely Players . . .

This Play . . . Is Our Play& It Is We Who Are Engaged, Who Read, Who Write, Who Speak, Who Attend Rallies, Who Won’t Be Cowed . . . Are More Than Just Mere Players, We Are The Troops Of Integrity & Freedom, Regardless Of Age, Regardless Of Wealth, Regardless Of Education, Regardless Of Geography, Regardless Of Nationality & Regardless Of Social Status . . . We Are The Sentinels Of The Gate.

And We Will Neither Be Deterred Nor Defeated.

In Every Epoch . . . There Are Horrendous Challenges & Confrontations. In 1938, while England’s Prime Minister was Selling-Out Czechoslovakia to Hitler, while Hitler was still Building his Military, Hitler & his Nazi Horde could have been relatively Easily Defeated. But the Cowards & Appeasers Won-Out, Condemning the World to a Global War, which Witnessed the Holocaust & Unparalleled Pain & Destruction.

After WWII . . . Churchill & Several American Generals Wanted to Take-Out Stalin & the Communists. Yet, once again, the Appeasers Won-Out, when America, Britain and the Allies could have Defeated a Broken & Depleted Russia, BEFORE the Creation of the Soviet Union, which would have Saved more than a Billion People from the Abject Misery of Stalin & Communism, we Chose Rather . . . To Fight Them At A Time Of Their Choosing.

Fight Me Now On My Terms . . . Or Fight Me Later On Yours:


The American LEFT is in Open Panic. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is as Done as Burnt Toast. British Prime Minister Theresa May is all but Finished, same as is her Conservative Party (In Name Only). France is a Basket-Case. Germany is like the Dutch Boy with his Finger in the Dike. And the European Union is at Best, to be Described as Functioning in Name Only . . . As The Union Of Failed States.

Even with the Public Blustering & Sabre Rattling of Iran, the Iranian Ayatollahs are Crapping Bricks as President Trump is Pushing the Iranians to the Brink. And as for the Russians, their Best Days were Yesterday, and they weren’t all that Good then.

Russia is a Near Bankrupt Country, Diddling Around to Pick up Scraps of Prominence wherever it can.

And If China Thinks It Can Win A Global Trade War . . . Bring It On.


PayPal . . . Accounted for More than 90% Of’s Revenue Stream, which Hit this BLOG like a Ton of Bricks, when out of the Clear Blue, PayPal made the arbitrary Decision to No Longer Transact Transfers from People who Paid into to Support this Blog, From Their (Your) Money – To Our Federally Chartered Non Profit Bank Account.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED . . . PayPal ALLOWED Supporters of to “Donate” Money to the BLOG. But Wouldn’t Allow to Transfer any of that Money to our Bank, Until could Jump Through Impossible and Ever-Changing Conditions placed upon by PayPal, which were Really Bizarre, Considering that had been doing Business without Incident with PayPal for about a Decade.

What PayPal Did To Is No Different Than What PayPal Has Done To Many Other Of Their Conservative Clients.

So . . . What we did, was to REFUND all the Money People Sent through PayPal (which was the only Action PayPal would Allow us to do), with a Note to Each Benefactor Explaining the Situation, with an Alternative PayPal Account owned by our Advertising Agency, or an Address where they could send a Check.

Most People Were Generous & Took Advantage Of This Alternative.

Part Of What Made This Nefarious Action By PayPal Even Worse, was that it Happened at the Same Time, as we were in the Process of an Entire & Expensive Rebuild of, which will make the Site far more Secure, and Able to Reach all the Many People who were Denied Receiving New Editorial Alerts, because of Email Providers which BLOCKED anything that said, which Included AT&T, Bell South, all their Affiliates, and Eventually Gmail.

SO HERE’S THE RESOLUTION . . . THUS FAR: Lost A Great Deal Of Money. In the Meantime, we are now able to send New Editorial Advisories to Everyone who wants to be in the Directory.

Because Needs To Have A Method Of Collecting Support . . . It was Critical that we Developed a New Service – & In-So-Doing, we Managed to work an Arrangement with a Canadian Credit Card System (Moneris), Co-Owned by Canada’s Two Largest Banks (Royal Bank Of Canada & The Bank of Montreal), known In The USA As RBC & BMO.


Dealing with Moneris Means we don’t have to Wait for our Money to be Transferred to our Bank, as it did with PayPal. And it also Means that our Cost of Doing Business is Substantially Less Costly than it was with PayPal.

And Guess What . . . After we told PayPal to Shove It, PayPal said all is Forgiven, and our Account is Active Again . . . They Can Still Shove It! More Now Than Before!

SO HERE’S THE HAPPY BOTTOM LINE: has Endured yet a Few More Challenges, and is Better for them, even though we went through more than a Month’s Aggravation and a Huge Cost.

And As Always, On The 15th Of Each Month, I Turn To You For Your Support.

I Really Appreciate your Financial Support to Help me Maintain, to be Able to Write the things I Write, Say the things I Say & Advocate for the Truth & Freedom Wherever I Can . . . But Only If You Can Afford It.

For Americans, Canadians & Anywhere Else In The World . . . You Can Support Simply By Clicking Here, and Using the Fresh & Brand New Credit Card Service . . . Or Support By Check.

Either Way . . . Thank You for Reading Thank You for your Moral & Financial Support. And Thank You Mostly For Being A Sentinel At The Gate.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. New payment system works great; super fast and easy. PayPal always gave me a hard time trying to donate. Money on the way now! Congrats!

  2. Howard, sad that you had to go through all of that and incur more costs, deeper expenses and lose some donations. I have not used PayPal for some time. I m 88 and on a fixed income which may never increase and cannot support all the conservative causes that request, (or demand), donations. I receive many of them each week. I recycled over half a bushel of snail mail between 1-1 and 4-15 not including online requests. I suspect that my personal information to most non-profits. I will support you.

  3. Keep on fighting Howard, because we need you. You are the voice of our thoughts and wish I had the same courage as you to express them.

  4. Howard the only difference between Today’s Political Leaders and those of Ancient Greece and Josephus’s day is that today’s leaders don’t wear togas and their communicated depravity is accelerated via the internet.

  5. Hi Howard: Just sent a couple of transactions to help you out. Keep up the good work.

  6. Nothing has changed within humans since Adam & Eve were banished from the Garden. Remember murder came about with the first of their children. The only change in humans is God-given increases in abilities to improve living conditions (how to use the things God created for their benefit). Even that is more selfish than magnanimous – what it will benefit themselves more than others. It will not change until God ends it & finally destroys the evil.

  7. In response to David MacKay regarding togas, don’t forget our Mr Dressup!! A chap told me today that our PM is not smart enough to be stupid.

  8. I love your new payment system. So easy! You’re so right – “From Lemons to Lemonade.”
    Thank you for your perseverance. You are able to put history into prospective as applied to the present.

  9. Thank you Howard for letting us know all the horrible things you and Anne have had to go through with PayPal. I have never used them. Maybe next year things with me with money will be much better & I hope & pray I can send you some money to make up for not being able to all this year. Please forgive me for not being able to. As for all the rest of what you wrote to us life has not changed there are people still evil as always and will continue to be so. But we still have some good left.

  10. I more than hope you are seeing things as they are

  11. What is the date and location of our next Conference in Lancaster, Ontario, Canada in support of Mad Max Bernier?

  12. For a good snapshot of the plight of Jews through history, read “People of the Book” by Geraldine Brooks.

  13. Powerful editorial, Howard!!! Every word was true and real. So far, I have been lucky, Gmail has been working just fine with me. However, AT&T/Bellsouth was sheer misery. It is so true, “The more things change, the more they stay the same!” I have been feeling for a long time, that history is yet again, repeating itself. The reality is, we are seeing it happening day by day. William Dyson, I must read the book you recommended. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for the heads up on that one.

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