The Hypocrisy Of The Entertainment/News Media


Yesterday . . . Just after Sending my Editorial Broadcast Email to the Directory, I saw on the Fox News Crawl . . . Comments about Rashida Tlaid’s Missive about the “Calming Feeling” of the Holocaust on her, because of the Generosity of the Palestinian People, who Sacrificed so much, so Jews can have a Homeland.

So I Took The Sound Off-Mute To Hear What The “Five” Were Going To Say.

I’m Not Going To Go Over What Tlaib Said Since It Was Nonsense & A Lie.

But . . . What I Will Say Is This: Outside of Lisa Booth, who Took the Undisputed Side of the Jewish People & Israel, the other three – Perino, Gutfeld & Waters Played the Role of Each being a Philosopher King, as they Mealy-Mouthed around the Actual Sentiment of what Tlaib said about the Holocaust, Israel & Jews . . . EXCEPT FOR JUAN WILLIAMS.

In a Response to Lisa Booth, who was Quoting the Zionist Movement Of America, Juan Williams shot back with a Hugely Disparaging & Insulting Remark Against All Jewish People by Shouting . . . “You Can’t Trust The Zionists To Go After Tlaib” at about 8-Minutes Into their Show.


AS A JEW – I AM HIGHLY OFFENDED . . . Since when do Jews – Who Believe in the State of Israel – Deserve this Type of Derision. We’re Not Nazis. We’re Not Communists. And we Believe that Arabs & Anyone else who Lives in Israel are Equal Citizens.

Jews Who Are Zionists Like Me – Believe In Freedom Of The Individual . . . More-So Than Socialist Bastards like Juan Williams, who Believes that he has the Right to other People’s Money, and the People should Serve the Government, Opposed to the Government Serving the People.

The Definition Of Zionism Is Simple . . .

Zionism . . . Is the Belief that Israel is the Homeland of the Jewish People. And has been the Jewish Homeland for more than 3,000-Years. And every Jew has the Right to Live in Israel.


But I Couldn’t Give A Rat’s Ass About Rashida Tlaib Being An Anti-Semite, because, if Tlaib is indeed an Anti-Semite, which I believe she is . . . Tlaib is only One Anti-Semite Amongst Billions of Men, Women & Even Children who Hate Jews, for Whatever Reason.

What Bothers Me – Is The Hypocrisy Of The Media . . . In This Case Fox News.


So . . . What Did Jeanine Pirro Say To Be So Reprimanded By Fox News?

All Judge Jeanine Asked On Air Was . . . Can someone who Believes in Sharia, also Believe in the US Constitution, in Regards to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who Wears a Hijab According to Omar’s Belief in Sharia . . . and that was More than Enough, for Outrage from the Usual LEFTIST Suspects, to Force the Punishment & Humiliation of one of the Best Conservative Pundits on Radio & Television.

Jeanine Pirro Didn’t Insult Omar.

Nor did the Judge Insult Islam. Nor did Judge Jeanine Cast Dispersions Upon the Fidelity of Omar, other than to Ask if Omar’s Belief in Sharia was in Direct Conflict & Contradiction to the Foundation of the US Constitution and the Exclusive Secular Rule of Law in the Land.

But Juan Williams Of Fox News Did . . . Williams Defamed & Insulted Every Pro-Israel Jew by Disparaging Zionists of America, as if we are some Form of Racist, Bigoted Cabal on the Lunatic Fringe.

NEWS ALERT . . . I have not yet Heard or Read Anything from Fox News, Demanding an Apology from Juan Williams, or the Hosts of The Five, for Not Confronting this Anti-Semitic Williams Trope On The Spot.

How long will Juan Williams be Suspended from Fox News for such an Outrageous & Anti-Semitic Comment, as you just Watched for Yourself in the Preceding Link?

Judge Jeanine Asked An Honest Question & She Got The Book Thrown At Her. Williams Didn’t Ask an Honest Question . . . Williams made an Anti-Semitic Comment in what Williams Said – And How Williams Said It.

Juan Williams Drew The Line Between Good Jews & Bad Jews.

Hearing Juan Williams Make Such An Impassioned Anti-Semitic Comment gives Full Approbation to all Jew-Haters, for Singling-Out Jews to Hate, BY STATING . . . NOT SUGGESTING, That Some Jewish Groups Are OK – But Those He Doesn’t Like Are Not, and should be Disparaged because Juan Williams Said So.

In Other Words . . . There Are Good Jews & There Are Bad Jews . . . & According To Juan Williams – People Like Me Are Bad Jews.

Fair & Balanced My Ass.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If an existing life form, the fake news media, has been identified, would it be correct that its name might be:

    Hypocratus Americanus?

  2. Juan William lacks critical thinking skills. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, but, I do not watch FoxNews nor any other cable news network. In fact, I have cut the cord on cable. By subscribing to cable one is subsidizing CNN, PMSNBC, FoxNews and the other propaganda stations.

  3. Juan Williams has become unwatchable. Used to watch The Five, no longer. Whenever Juan Williams opens his mouth he spouts contrary remarks, no matter the subject and I immediately change the channel!! For a while, back when Juan was 1st on The Five I thought that possibly he’s being paid to act liberal just to spice up the debate. Bob Bechtal also lost his way!! No Juan Williams has consumed too much of that Liberal Secret Sause, for which, sadly, there is no cure.

  4. As a conservative, it was easy early on to see Juan Williams’ bias. Like you I haven’t care for, much less respected, him for some time. The double standard of Muslims (you cannot disparage them but they have no issue w/saying worse of Israel/Jews) has been pushed internationally via globalist cabal. They see wimpy nat’l leaders because of it & will use it to take over nations. I hope reasonable/common sense people of all nations will rise up & take back their countries. TRUMP 2020.

  5. Simply put, Dems & the biased media have really forgotten one truth-America was and IS the light to the rest of the world—by GOD’S grace. And the Jewish people are God’s people…by design. Too bad so many of us have forgotten that. Let’s get back to God, and being who we were meant to be….One Nation Under God.

  6. Fox has gone largely down the tube. You describe Juan perfectly, Waters thinks he’s the most handsome guy on TV, and Gutfeld is a screaming, laughing jackass. The Five is a poor attempt at a Gong Show. Laura Ingram and Tucker are o.k. but Hannity is tiring, regurgitating the past, calling it breaking news and acting like he has solved the Mueller Witch Hunt.
    Is there a decent news media worth watching?

  7. The JEWISH people are being ATTACKED by the LEFT just like PRES. TRUMP! Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar are a DISGRACE to AMERICA! Also if Muslims wish to SERVE in CONGRESS, they should SWEAR on the BIBLE–NOT the KORAN! Jeanine Pirro DIDN’T INSULT Omar. She spoke the TRUTH! Juan Williams always LAUGHS at statements he can’t ACCEPT which is a DEFLECTION of the TRUTH! He also TRIES to MINIMIZE the TRUTH, which doesn’t work! He is in for a RUDE AWAKENING when the TRUTH comes out about the DEMS! AMEN!

  8. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat leadership have given the authority to antisemites to ply their trade. They themselves are just one micron away from being Jeremy Corbyns. By allowing antisemitism to exist in the Congress, they allow it to be everywhere. So, why not Juan Williams. If you allow antisemitism on the floor of the House, you justify it everywhere.

  9. All this anti-semite, anti-zionist propaganda just to not offend muslims at 1.11% in the U.S.A., 3.2% in Canada and overall 1.04% total in North America. Only one thing can give so much power to so few. Again I am saying, most politicians and most fake news lamestream media have been bought by middle-east oil money to spew such hate. Until the majority of sheeples wake up and see what’s really going on and use their brains for logic and common sense, this hatred will continue unabated.

  10. For the records – IT IS AGAINST THE LAWS OF CONGRESS FOR ANY HEADRESS TO BE WORN IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. That law goes back to the beginning of Congress when some men were wearing wigs. One Democratic Rep, whose name I cannot remember, years ago wore hats to Congress. She was told by a Page to take it off as it was against the law.The reporter stated that she told him to do an “impossible sex act”. Democrat language. We are a Christian nation and Christians (I am one) worship a Jew

  11. I’m sorry Howard the man was talking badly about the Jewish people. I for one love them. The other is I do not watch that program on Fox in fact my girl and I hardly watch any news anymore. Does it mean we are stupid? No, it just means we are tried of all the B.S. that is on T.V. about all of the dirt being said about one thing or another. The hate the Democrat’s have for President Trump is down right shameful, there are so many in the Senate & Congress that are old enough to be my grandparents

  12. During the war (#II, for those who don’t know) the Red Cross visited the death camps in Germany+ and enquired, to the inmates, on how life was. “It was ‘great’, ‘wonderful’, ‘best place to bring along your relatives (like parents , uncles, children,……’ except for ONE LITTLE DETAIL !! Juan Williams didn’t hang around to find out what that little ole detail was !!!!! It could be that Fox keeps J W to show case stupidity re how smart the others are – I think.

  13. Well-said, Howard. It’s amazing that members of the MSM as well as those who decried Judge Jeanine’s statement never really bothered to learn that all she really did was ask an intuitive question. This is against her 1st Amendments rights; a double standard; and reminds us that you can bet your bottom dollar that you can always learn about progressives/liberals, and dirty dogs of the MSM, because they are really everything for which they decry others of doing.

  14. At the outset I should point out that I am not now, nor have I ever bee Jewish. But, you know what Howard? Juan Williams can kiss my Jewish ass too!

  15. Howard, as you know, I am not Jewish. I was born Christian, but I agree 100% with this gentleman from Linden, Virginia,
    Bob Wunench, who posted before me: “Juan Williams can kiss my Jewish ass too” !!! BTW just like you happen to be a smart person, Howard, and you always tell it like it is… Juan Williams is nothing more than a stupid idiot and knows nothing !!! He could rot in hell as far as I’m concerned. – Brucester

  16. spot on Howard,Les deseamos que Dios les dendege en su trabajo responsable.

  17. I’m surprised that it has taken you this long to get to Juan Willians

  18. Juan Williams was, is, and always will be a “shmuck”. For my gentile friends – that means he’s one, well paid bigot. I’m in line waiting to have my ass kissed along with every self-respecting Jew.

    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  19. The only reporters @ FOX News who I listen to are Hannity, Ingraham, Dobbs, Carlson & Levin. Hannity really put the pedal to the metal over anti-Semitism last evening. I personally believe that the Saul Alinsky Doctrine is at work here to ‘Divide & Conquer’. While people are all caught up in B…S… the country is being divided. How better then anti-Semitism, Free EVERYTHING, hate Trump, Immigration/Wall, GREEN.

  20. Williams is the biggest ass on the planet!!! I have hated him for years & I will not watch The Five due to him being on, in the first place. I loved The Five when Eric Bolling was on & then he was accused of sexual harassment & GONE!!! No defense of him, just GONE!!! I haven’t watched Fox News since then & I use to watch Fox News ALL the time. Fox News is just as Leftist as the rest of MSM. I am hoping that One America News Network gets on Dish Network so I can watch my news again!!!

  21. Agree regarding the Jack—Juan Wiliams…..never a fan of his…makes me throw up! When I turn on “Out numbered’ in the morning and they have him on, I turn to another channel. Keep up the good work, Howard and we must stand up for our President Trump all the way!

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