Thus Far . . . The LEAST Great Generation Ever


Anne & I Have 3-Horses, a Dog (Stryker) and a Cat (April). And They’re all Super Well Behaved. They Don’t Kick, Bite, Scratch or Threaten. And Whomever comes into Contact with any of them . . . Loves Them!

Over the Years, Anne & I have had Many Horses, Dogs & Cats . . . and None of them Have ever Kicked, Bitten, Scratched or Threatened.

Let Me Make This Absolutely Clear . . . All of our Animals are Great, because Anne & I Gave our Animals Values & Clear Parameters. Our Animals Know Their Limits & What’s Expected Of Them.


When I Was A “Kid” . . . I knew, that when I went out with my Parents, Especially to a Public Place, such as a Restaurant, my Sisters & I would be Behaved like little Angels, or we would Suffer the Back of my Mother’s Hand . . . and God Forbid if my Father ever had to Step-Up to Provide Discipline.

My Parents Didn’t Negotiate Good Manners & Proper Behavior with my Sisters or Myself, because in our Family, being a Decent Well Behaved & Respectful Person at any Age was not an Option . . . We Knew Our Place.


I’m Hearing an Awful Lot about how Stressed our Children are, which is Leading to all Manner of Violence & Mental Health Issues, and how our Societies, as a Result, should Ban Guns to Lessen School Shootings, and how we should make Child Psychologists more Readily Available, so the Children could Receive the “Help” & Understanding they Need . . . For Them To Cope With The “Issues”.


A Bit More Than Two Weeks Ago . . . Anne & I Met with another “Welcome Home To Us” Couple, for Stupendous one of a kind Montreal Smoked Meat & Live Blues Music, at an Off-Island (Montreal) Place Called Smoked Meat Pete.


Right After Supper . . . the Four of us Went to a MacDonald’s for Coffee & Ice Cream. And while we were there at the McDonald’s, there were two Women, A Mother and an Adult Daughter, who was with her Three Children, who were Running, Screaming & Banging on the Tables & Chairs like Banshees, while the Two Cows (Mother & Grandmother) Sat there Oblivious to the Chaos.

I Wish That Was An Aberration In Parenting . . . But It Wasn’t.

We Already have Too Many Child Psychologists Treating the “Issues”, which they themselves, with the Help of the Parents, Educators & Media have Created.

We don’t Need more Psychologists, we need MORE Conservative Parenting & LESS Liberals.

We Need LESS Panderers & More Discipline. We Need Stability & Understanding of Values. And We Don’t Need Liberal Created Confusion, which after all is Said or Written is about Creating Liberal Public Sector Jobs.


Right Is Right . . . & Wrong Is Wrong . . . & Never The Twain Shall Meet!

A Boy Is A Boy . . . A Girl Is A GirlPERIOD! And if you don’t Believe in God, Fine – Believe In Nature & Nurture.

Nature Created Two Principle Genders In Virtually All SpeciesMale & Female. And within Nature, there are always Aberrations, which Defy the Rules, which Doesn’t Make The Natural Minority Bad Or Wrong . . . It’s Just The Way It Is.

But . . . To Say to Children that we are all Transgendered, In Other Words, we are Both Male & Female, But We Don’t Really Know It Until We Know It, is not only Absurd . . . It’s an Affront to the Truth, Reality and the Rules of Nature Itself.

Imagine Being A Child . . . And You’re Told by Adults, that you Really Aren’t the Gender You’re Born Into, that your Dick or Vagina is More or Less a Suggestion, and you should “Experiment” to see what your Real Gender is in Life.

Whatever Happened To Chastity? & How Does That Screw With A Child’s Head?

After Thousands Upon Thousands Of Years Of Recorded History . . . The World Hasn’t Changed all that Much. There have Always been Heterosexuals & Homosexuals for as Long as Mankind has Recorded History . . . And there has always been Loosey-Goosey People with the Values of Horny Animals.

So This Isn’t New . . . But What’s New, is that all of a Sudden, Being A Gender Outlier has become Mainstream, to the Point, that if you, as Part of the Gender Majority Don’t Accept the Fact that you are Possibly or Probably More than one Specific Gender, or the Gender you or your Body-Part Thinks you are . . . There’s Something Wrong With You.

And if you Can’t Relish or Accept the Possibility of being Multi-Gendered . . . There’s Something Wrong With You.

Or . . . If you Don’t Think that it’s Normal for People of the Same Gender or any Gender to Have Public Sexual Relations (Television & Movies) . . . There’s Something Wrong With You.

And Why’s It OK For Children To Have Sex . . . As Long As They’re “Protected”?

When Adults Tell Children . . . That Boys & Girls, Men & Women Should Only Use A One Gender Bathroom, is there Something Wrong with the Adult Making that Policy, or is there Something Wrong with the Individual who thinks there’s Something Wrong with Boys & Girls being Forced by Adults to Share an Intimate Space?

As For Adults . . . I Already Told Anne, that if a Man were to Follow Her into a Bathroom, I would be Going-In-Next, And Only One Of Us – He Or Me Would be Able To Walk Out On His Own Power.

Our Children Are Being Inundated With Pornography . . . Not Just Sexual, but More-So with Pornographic Music, which Promotes White Hatred, Misogyny & Violence Against Authority (Police).

There’s Also Pornography Within Video Games, Created by Adults, where Online/Onscreen Slaughter is Routine & Fun.

And How About Television & The Movies . . . where Sexual Promiscuity, Violence and the Debasement of Masculinity is Par for the Course?

How Do You Think A White Boy Feels Growing-Up Because He’s A White Boy?


It’s Certainly The Teachers & Politicians . . . Which are the ones Firing the Fatal Socio/Political Bullets Right into the Impressionable Heads of Our Children. But Ask Yourself . . . Who Owns The Academic/Socio/Political Guns? And who Put the Bullets into those Guns? And who Put the Loaded Guns in the Hands of the Educators & Politicians?

Our Children Are Suffering Greatly Because Of Horrific Parenting & Education.

If Anne & I Raised Our Animals . . . the Way Parents are Raising their Children, our Beloved Animals would be Undisciplined, Unliked & Justifiably Feared. And Before Anyone Says That I Can’t Compare Our Animals to Humans . . . You’d Be Right, Because our Animals are Good, Decent, Well Behaved and Not Stressed to the Point where they Act-Out and Hurt Someone.


Why Are These Value Based Religious Groups Growing By Leaps & Bounds?

One Of The Fastest Growing Religions Is Islam . . . where the Koran; even the Modern Concepts of the Koran, Insist upon Personal Obligation, where Living a Decent Life Is Not About Living A Free-For-All Life, where Identity Politics is Not all About the Confused Gender of Birth.

ChabadAmongst The Jews . . . is a Non Judgmental Back to Basics Roadmap to a Decent Life, where Personal Obligation, Fixed Identity & Respect is Not an Option . . . It Is A Mandate.

And Then There’s Fundamentalist Christians . . . Who use the Best of the Bible as their Moral Compass for a Decent Life from Birth to Death, whose Conservative Path Leaves no Room for the Nonsense of the Gender & Socially Disturbed LEFT.


In Our Society . . . Children are Taught, that Somehow, it’s Wrong to Compete to Win. That we are all Equals, & Everyone gets a Trophy Just for Showing Up. That Women are Under Assault for Being Women . . . But At The Same Time, Gender Doesn’t Matter.

And Everyone Deserves To Receive The Rewards For What Others Produce.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. God’s Word is true and he is in control. If you don’t know Jesus, invite him into your heart NOW, because all hell’s about to break loose. Like in the day’s of Noah. “Thus saith the Lord”.

  2. How do liberals/leftists reconcile real world behavior/beliefs with the dogma/fantasy they inculcate their follows with? Is that, Howard, part of “the big lie” that what’s not liberal/leftist is wrong? And not just wrong, but factually incorrect and morally flawed? My head already hurts thinking about the twisted, convulsions a person’s mind may have to go through to deny the facts of reality. Thank you for your research and writing Howard.

  3. There is something wrong with a society when you can kill an almost born child but be jailed if you kill an endangered frog.

  4. That last line says it all — “And everyone deserves to receive the rewards for what others produce.” The mantra of socialism. The problem that they don’t see (or refuse to see) is that eventually the creators and producers tire of producing without incentive, which is reward. And so you end up with what Winston Churchill identified as equal distribution of misery. Margaret Thatcher said effectively the same thing. It all seems so clear, so obvious.

  5. You’re 1000% right. It’s all about the parenting and then education, but the problem is that in your blog you are preaching to the converted. I am at a loss on where to start to turn this around. It seems all we can do is try to find others willing to listen and think rather than listen and deny.

  6. EXCELLENT EDITORIAL! You’ve listed EXACTLY what’s wrong with this Country’s SOCIETY. There is NO RESPECT, DISCIPLINE [children & otherwise] & TOO MUCH SEXUAL FOCUS & EXPOSURE, plus much SELFISHNESS! Parents SUBMIT their children to MENTAL HEALTH treatment when many times, THEY are the ones who NEED it! GOOD PARENTING DEMANDS SACRIFICE, but these days, the word SACRIFICE is OBSCURE, due to our ENTITLEMENT SOCIETY! Also, bring back the TEN COMMANDMENTS as a GUIDELINE to a PROPER LIFESTYLE! AMEN!

  7. Howard I am an elderly R N I will never forget what a social worker in the Devils Lake town said here goes ” I would never have juvenile delinquints if I did not have J D parents ” that has stuck with me all these years I do not have T V dislike whats on it I do not miss it at all we raised 6 children 2 girls &4 boys the boys became Marines the girls are full time moms. Birth longer give the sex of the baby -bad news

  8. Well-said, Howard! Mom spank us when we were kids. When we got older, it was, “Behave or you’re going to get it when we get home”, and she did. Later, my mother got two boards, short for small offenses; longer with holes in it for larger offenses. So my sister and I turned out OK. I was at the top of every field I’ve been in (engineer and now educator). My sister bore four kids; one just retired as an Iraq and Afghanistan vet; one was a policeman. Yes, proper parenting always yields proper kids.

  9. Hello Mr. G. OMG! I’m so glad that I’m almost 87! I am thankful that I have a good family including grandkids. There is also a horse lover (one grandgirl) who has her own horse. I think that she takes after me as I always loved horses too! Re taking guns away from lawful owners; I would like to see politicians even try; especially in the USA. I’ve always thought that the USA could only be destroyed from within and those creeps on the left are doing their damnedest. Good article!

  10. The McD incident I handle with a shout “WHERE’S YOUR MOTHER !! ” usually resulting in a more pointed shouting match. Do Not Let It Slide … Correct These Boneheads . As a member of society it is your job and mine to correct bad behaviour in both the children and adults you encounter .

  11. You are TEN times a thousand RIGHT!! Our youngest son unexpectedly passed away in 2017 at age 40, leaving his wife, our then, 9 year old granddaughter, and 6 moth old grandson and his Mother. They had just moved to Everett Washington, and she had a great job with one of the MAJOR Hi-tech companies,……but Her answer to “how are they doing?” Is “fine.”, and they been to Disney World, Disney Land, go on Disney Cruises, and live in the “Libtard” Northwest land of non-reality, NOT PARENTING!

  12. Right on Howard. Spare the rod and spoil the child was the rule when I was growing up. Didn’t get hit much but I grew up with manners and give and receive respect. Never needed a child psychologist. Amazing eh. If kids today were raised with a baseline and guidelines they would have something to grow from. I think they are probably mostly lost and the parents don’t know how to help.

  13. Bravo Howard, your article is right on the button. I wish more people will read it and think about the positive side of it.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  14. It all started in the sixty’s when parents wanted to be friends with their children not disciplinarians. It has lead to no morals, no respect, and no discipline. I have seen animals act better than some children. At ninety-two whenever I am around children that are being demonic I keep my distance so I won’t get in their way and fall prey to their antics.
    Everyone should read Atlas Shrugged. Billie

  15. This is one of your best editorials!! You are 100% correct! Children & animals “need” & “want” boundaries to know what is expected of them & to appreciate how much they are loved! Our society has become one of “diseased thinking” for the very reasons you described. Many have been indoctrinated as to what is right or wrong & told that problematic behavior is caused by social &/or biological reasons, so they are absolved of any self-blame! Eventually, they despise themselves & everyone else! SAD!

  16. All to often I see children who lack self discipline and self motivation. They need a shrink to help them get through their daily struggles. However on the other hand, thankfully, I run into combat vets, policemen and others who have their act together and are a driving force in the community and in turn are raising Christian/Jewish/Muslim children in the eyes of God. All is not lost, but there are many who are.

  17. Marx said it best; if you want a revolution, brainwash the kids. Sadly that’s been happening for 40 years in schools and universities.
    They’re ready to take over society and destroy the West with socialism
    We are doomed!!

  18. I’m totally in step with you, Howard. Bad parenting has become so pervasive that when my wife and I eat out at a restaurant, I routinely tell the greeter that we would like to be seated in the “non-screaming kid section.” And I’m serious about it. I don’t want to have to pay for the severe annoyance of listening to and observing an out-of-control brat while we are trying to enjoy a pleasant meal. It seems that I’ve become a magnet for screaming kids at restaurants – they are everywhere.

  19. Between TV, the movies, video games, etc., all full of violence, as well as the failure off our educational system, we have a couple of generations that have learned to accept violence and look upon it as a way to solve problems. Couple that with lackadaisical parenting and its no wonder we have arrived where we are. Growing up, my generation had its heroes, such as the Lone Ranger. He had guns and he used them. But he NEVER shot to kill. We have a long, tough road ahead of us I’m afraid.

  20. I learned about time travel a growing up… More than once I was ushered in to the middle of next to consider my

  21. a thing I dislike most about todays FATHERS is calling their sons “BUDDY”, they are not buddies they are father and son, this is where disipline is involved and leadership from a father. To me most fathers have left the leadership of their children up to the mothers. Males have a responsibility to their families

  22. Believe this or not, but it was in the local newspaper (I cut it out for proof). Quote from the ETSU Pharmacy Dean while discussing the biggest challenges facing students, staff and campus communities as a whole these days: “We recently initiated “Phitness Phridays” to promote physical activity among students, staff and faculty. During exams, we bring in therapy dogs and provide massages and snacks for students to help relieve stress.”

  23. One of your best blogs, thank you. My brother and I were raised by only one parent, my mother, as our father was killed in WWII when I was 4 months old and she NEVER remarried. She was tough, had to be with me but she raised us properly. In company we sat still and spoke only when spoken to. We called people by Mr or Mrs, we offered seats to older people, we are what was put on our plate without complaining and asked to leave the table. My wife and I raised our two the same way. Great article.

  24. The children demons not only can’t behave, they eat worse than the Cookie Monster. My dad never asked us what we wanted he would ask what we were doing. He would just say come on. We never asked where. We knew we were to follow him. Sometimes it meant to help hold a flashlight or weed the garden and sometimes we just walked together and we talked. Talking back was never an option. We knew right from wrong from birth.

  25. I have never met a psychiatrist that seemed normal. I always say “psychiatrists are psychiatrists so they can figure themselves out”

  26. Howard, I started to respond before I found that I agree with all of it. Parents may be partly to blame, but when the both ave to work to survive, their children are often ignored. They become oblivious to the chaos by allowing the children to watch too much TV. Back when I was in college 1954/1959, we knew several psychology graduate students who all seemed to have mental and emotional problems of their own. nobody had gender identity problems then. We have needed Liberal confusion.

  27. Right on the money. I raised six polite and considerate children. My youngest is in his 50’s and he and the others still show respect to their fellow citizen. They never embarrassed the family publicly or privately. and as you say this didn’t happen by accident. Your message should be spread across the country.
    Parents need to accept responsibility for their children.

  28. I doubt there will be anyone reading your blog that falls into the deplorable generation you describe. I’m a bit older than H, and share the same values. First breakdown occurs in our children, they have different values, not really that bad, their children have virtually no values, our great grandchildren are described above. Generations have become more deplorable as each one emerges. I fear there is little hope in this iPhone, no values, entitlement western world. Who is going to change it?

  29. As parents of young children, we were concerned about the influence of others taught differently. Now as a parent of adults, I am even more concerned about the small inroads to compromise from influence of peers. Their children, now adults, are finding it even more convincing to compromise due to noise from the crowds around them. Compromise is the standard based on relativity & eventually no Biblical, conservative, or any standards of morals or ethics will exist.

  30. Yes, Howard, a much needed commentary on raising children or animals. They always grow up better with rules and definite guidelines. We were brought up the same way and always acted like lady & gentleman…we were not “buddies” with our parents. They showed us how life was to be lived with respect and honor ! There was no question about our behavior in public & at home. How we miss them & the world we grew up in !!! Thank you. Joy Parsons, Atlanta, GA

  31. All I can say, Howard, is this article is BANG ON! I couldn’t agree with you more or add more. Truly a great article. Thank you for expressing my thoughts so thoroughly!!! Marlene

  32. Mr.Spock’s of Star Trek words of logic, common sense; “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. Well in today’s leftist society it seems the opposite applies. Why are minority groups like transgenders or muslims at about 1% to 3% of the population given priority on everything and if you don’t follow that edict, you are deemed a racist, homophobe etc… The more shocking is if parents don’t accept if their child is transgender, their child can be removed by the state. Say what now !

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