I Don’t Know The Definition Of The Word . . . Hoax


When I Was A Kid . . . a Hoax Meant something like an April Fool’s Joke. Or Placing a Point-Up Tack on another Student’s Chair, or Partly Unscrewing the Top Off a Salt-Shaker, just enough to have it Fall-Off when someone Shook-it. These Were Hoaxes.


Understand This . . . I Fume Every Time I Hear, Read or See a Report on the “Collusion Hoax”, since Overthrowing a Duly Elected President of the United States of America, by Creating a Phony Narrative, and Presenting it as Fact through Government Apparatus and a Willing Media . . . IS NOT A HOAX – IT IS TREASON.


This “Collusion Hoax” . . . Was & Is A Full Scale Attack On The Constitutional Freedoms Of The Republic Of The United States Of America, and not just on the 60-Plus Million Americans who Voted for President Trump, but Rather, Against Every Single American, even the Stupid & Uninformed Americans who Support the LEFT.

‘CAUSE . . . If a Free Society is Not GUARANTEED Free Elections & Free Debate, WITHOUT one Party or one Person using the Levers of the Powers of Government to Tip the Electoral Balance (Justice Department, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS – Etc) . . . THERE IS NO FREEDOM – THERE IS ONLY DESPOTISM.


When The Freedom Of A Fair Election Is Under Assault . . . That’s Treason.

And if the Perpetrators of this CRIME Against Free Elections are Not Brought to Justice & Punished to the Maximum Extent of the Law, that will be a Dereliction of Duty, and an Invitation for the Eventual Downfall of a Free Society.

Abraham Lincoln’s Famous Gettysburg Address . . . “Of The People, By The People & For The People”, is Meaningless, when the People are Lied-To, Manipulated & Cheated out of their Unimpeded Right to Choose their Own Government.

SO . . . When the Justice Department, FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS – Etc . . . SPY ON A LEGITIMATE CANDIDATE, for Whatever Reason, but Mostly for the Opposition, NOTHING is a more Serious Challenge to Everything a Country like the United States of America Stands For, Because In-So-Doing . . . the Cheats have Removed “Of The People, By The People & For The People” from all that has Made America Great.


It Is Terrifying To Learn Just How Close America . . . & Subsequently the Rest of the World Came to Dissolution as Free Societies, at the Hands of Political Insiders on the LEFT, which Explains why the LEFT wants to Take Away The People’s Right To Bear Arms. Why the LEFT Opposes any Form of Voter ID. And why the LEFT Supports Open Borders.

America’s Under Attack . . . Freedom’s Under Attack & It’s Coming From Within.

I Understand Why The Democrats Are Being So Aggressive . . . and at the Same Time, so Cavalier about Flooding the House & the Media with Anti-Conservative Investigations . . . AKA – Propaganda.


Accuse The Opposition Of What You Yourself Are Guilty Of.

The LEFT want to Muddy the Political Waters so Thoroughly, that when they are Forced to Explain their Act Of Treason, the LEFT will Hope, that with the Aid of the Mainstream Media & Social Media, all the Perpetrators of this Failed Coup D’état Will Somehow Get-A-By, and those who Voted Democrat, will be Sufficiently Dumbed-Down, so as Not to Respond as they Should to the Truth.


As I See It . . . The Democrats – Save For A Monolithic Political Hail Mary, Have Already Lost The 2020 General Election. We can easily see it with the Number of Shmucks on the LEFT who are Running for the Leadership of the Socialist Democrat Party with Empty Promises, No Real Hope & A Prayer.

And When The Best Bet To Win The Nomination . . . for the Democrat Socialists at this Juncture in Time is Joe Biden . . . who After nearly a Half Century in Politics, Feeding at the Public Trough, Without any Remarkable Accomplishments to show for it, who has a Freaky Penchant for Rubbing-Up the Shoulders & Smelling the Hair of other People’s Wives, Girlfriends & Daughters, who Can’t Stitch a Sentence Together without Screwing-Up Words, Facts & Or History . . . What Else Is Left To Be Said About The 2020 Election For The LEFT?


All This Chest Pounding, Posturing, Strutting & Accusing By The LEFT Against All Things Conservative, Is About Keeping Obama & The Clintons On-Down, Out Of Deserved Political & Legal Hell.

It Is Most Certainly Not About Real Justice Or About Making America Great.

This LEFTIST Posturing . . . Is Only About . . . Praying to Obfuscate Long Enough, to Run-Out the Clock to 2020, Hoping For A Miracle, even if the Miracle is just Keeping the House . . . & Not Losing to a Super Majority Republican Senate.

The Lead-Up To The 2020 Election Is Not About Who Will Be The Next President, But Rather, About The Heart & Soul Of The American Dream, While Punishing Or Not Punishing The Act Of Sedition.

Republicans Are Running To Win 4-More Years – Democrats Are Running To Survive.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I also wish we had a president like Bibi…Texas is fortunate to have you and your wife for residentes. Thank you for your articles,I think they are great!

    ML Serra,Jax. Florida

  2. we don’t have enough people to realize that what you are saying is for real!!!!

  3. This all started in our School System!
    I can’t get my head around my Grandkids teachers and how clueless
    they are
    What a Mess

  4. Howard, there are 2 things I’d love to see. President Trump being re-elected in 2020 for another term. AND…AND…AND…
    you, Howard G….running for Prime Minister of Canada. True, I tend to joke a lot and try to lighten things up…BUT I am not joking about voting for YOU as our next Canadian Prime Minister. My g-f Julie agrees…trouble is, she cannot vote here in Canada. Julie’s American !!! (Albany, NY) And I love her so :>) – Brucester

  5. Hoax is more formally spelled “B-U-L-L ****” for starters. Should we exhume Lincolns body to be sure of what he meant in the “Gettysburg Address, or was it the “real meaning” of Senator Joe McCarthy as defined by his “un-american activities” efforts?
    I am exhausted with this “crap”,…..let’s move on to reality, a) immigration issues, b) China’s monopolistic practices(which has been killing American business , and North Korea running free like a rabid foal!)
    Let’s get back to realit

  6. Like I keep saying, most politicians in the Western world mostly on the left but a few on the right also like rinos and red tories and also all the fake news lamestream media have been bought by middle east oil money and elites like george soros. The middle east people are doing this as part of their invasion and destruction of the Christian world. On the other hand, why do elites do this remains a mystery to me anyway. If sheeples don’t wake up soon, it will be too late !!!!

  7. I met the enemy and he was us explains it all.
    Hopefully there is enough comen sense out there.

  8. I am like Bruce Sutton would like to see you the Prime Minster of Canada and President Trump win the election in 2020 what a great pair you two would be in each country. Thank you for your wonderful editorial as always. Take care best to the family.

  9. hoax [hōks] NOUN = a humorous or malicious deception.Thank you Howard for trying so valiantly to expose the truth to the American people. he biggest problem is that those who need to understand your message are the least likely to read it. But anyhow, keep up the good work.

  10. HOAX=1-An act intended to deceive or trick. 2-Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means. What you described are pranks. All Dems are delusional & actually think they have 2020 in the bag, except for those who were/are instrumental in perpetrating the hoax. They figure everyone has ‘secrets’ since they do. But as their hoax played out, w/media help, there were enough ??s to slow down or stop his agenda, but no proof. Now they’re panicky while rest are still deluded.

  11. Howard, this is the best editorial you have ever written!!! I agree with ALL of it without exception! Let us pray and hope that real justice is served and that we have really dodged the bullet – this time.

  12. The LEFT will never be able to EXPLAIN their ACTS OF TREASON! They KNOW that the PROOF of their DEPISCABLE ATTACKS on PRES. TRUMP will soon be REVEALED, so they are RUNNING SCARED! JOE BIDEN is going NOWHERE re: becoming president because of his PAST RECORD, etc…! If people are truly paying attention, they will NOTICE that many Democrats are making a “TURNAROUND” and are now supporting PRES. TRUMP…and many more will do the same around ELECTION TIME in 2020! PRAY FOR TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. Thanks for all your hard work and getting the truth out for us to share with others. I like the new way of sending you money to support your reports. We need to forward / share with others so they can receive the truth.

  14. By the way, has anyone thought of doing a detailed audit of how Special Counsel Muller spent $25 million? Hmmmm, I wounder what it would reveal. Also, once again you have nailed it. Good job

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