Anti-Semitism . . . Alive & Well In Canada’s Premier National TV News Broadcast



CTV National News Headlines . . . May 5, 2019 . . .

First Headline . . . “Hundreds Of Rockets Fired In Gaza; At Least 9-People Killed”.

Second Headline . . . “At Least 4-Dead After Violence Erupts In Israel, Gaza”.

If you were to Read or Hear the First Headline, your First Inclination would be to Assume that Hundreds of Rockets Were Fired Into Gaza. Or, Perhaps, you Wouldn’t be Certain where the Rockets were Fired From . . . or where they were Fired To.

The Simple & Accurate Headline Would Have Been . . . Hundreds of Rockets were Fired Into Israel From Gaza; At Least 9-Palestinians Killed By Israeli Counter Attack. So Why Wasn’t It Written That Clearly?

The Second Headline . . . Gives the Impression that Violence Erupted in Israel & Gaza, which Isn’t even Close to being Accurate. Violence Didn’t Erupt In IsraelIsrael Was The Victim Of Violence, Which Erupted In Gaza.

Nothing More Than Deniable Propaganda.


HEADLINES ARE MORE OFTEN THAN NOT . . . MINI NEWS STORIES, which Most People Read without Reading the Who, What, When, Where, & Why. And as such, when the Purveyors of Misleading Headlines are Confronted, they Squirm off the Hook, Simply by Saying . . . People Should Understand That They Need To Read The Whole Story . . . To Understand The Whole Story.

The Other Canard . . . Is that the Story Writer, and the Editor, are not Responsible for the Headlines, which are Created by Headline Writers.

People Don’t Read The Whole Story . . . Because People Are Lazy & Trusting.

The Worst . . . Is when the Media, in Print and/or Electronic – Post an Egregious Headline on the Front Page, with the Actual Story Being Deeply Buried in the Publication, where Few will be Bothered to Look.

That’s Not By Accident. And Neither Are Dishonest & Misleading Headlines.

The “Numbers” Against Canada’s Liberal Government, Led By Justin Trudeau, are Horrifying if you Happen to be a Liberal. But it seems that No One In Canada’s Mainstream Media is Talking about it, much less Talking-Up the Insanely Rising (Inflation) Cost of Everything, because of Canada’s SICKENING Carbon Tax Amongst Other Equally Horrific Taxes.

You Want To Talk About Collusion . . . Talk About The Media Suppressing Real News, Facts & Figures About Canada’s Miserable Economy, and the Inevitable Massive Recession, perhaps a Depression, Hovering in the not Too Distant Horizon, because of America’s Sensational Economy, which the Canadian Liberal Government, under Justin Trudeau Decided Not to Participate in.


Where Was & Is The Canadian Media . . . Which did Not and has Not Screamed from the Rafters, as Canada’s LEFTISTS COLLUDED with Massive Oil Interests from the USA, the Persian Gulf & Special Interests from British Columbia, Quebec – Etc . . . To Choke-Out Alberta & Saskatchewan Oil from Competing in the Open Global Market-Place?


ISRAEL . . . In just Two Days, Four Israelis have been MURDERED by Arab (Palestinian) Rocket Fire. Hundreds More have been Injured – And For What?

US Congresswoman . . . Moslem – Ilhan Omar, Recently Decried the Israeli Occupation of Gaza. Maybe someone should have Told this Anti-Semitic Democrat Idiot, That Israel Unilaterally Left Gaza 14-Years Ago In The Year 2005.

And as the Israelis were Leaving Gaza, Gaza Arabs (Palestinians), were busy Destroying Abandoned Jewish Homes, while LOOTING, Million Dollar Greenhouses, which were Purposefully Bought & Paid for by Jewish Philanthropists, to be able to give the Gaza Arabs a Head-Start in Building their New Independent Economy.


FOR ME . . . The Solution Is Easy – Israel should simply Take Back all of the Land Between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, while Keeping the Golan Heights.

The World Would Be Up In Arms . . . The UN Would Pass More Anti-Israel (Anti-Semitic) Resolutions, the LEFT would Yell Apartheid, and some Arab Countries would Rattle their Sabers. And how would that be Different from Now?

In The Long Run, Israel Would Be Safe . . . And That Would Be That.


Arab Israelis have the Same Full Rights as do Jewish Israelis . . . With No Distinction, other than they don’t have to Serve in the Israeli Military. However, if you want to Talk about Racism, which the Media Only Wants to Talk about when it Suits their Purpose; any Palestinian Arab who sells Property to Jews, even in Jerusalem, will at Best be Imprisoned, and more Likely Murdered.

And In The West Bank & Gaza . . . It is Against Palestinian Law for Jews to Live, whether Jews own Property – or are just Renters. How’s That For Biased & Unreported Racism?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. America, just to ad to your woes, here is an email excerpt from a friend wintering in Florida:
    French Canadians are here in our park and just to show how they try to take over, they made a plea to the park management to have a specific time in the pool for French only speaking people. Needless to say this request did not go over well with the rest of the park inhabitants here, especially the English Canadians.

  2. What the idiots on the Left don’t get, or do get but are extremely vindictive, careless and corrupt about it, is that “the story” is the 600 rockets so far fired into Israel and the Israelis killed by them, and not Israel’s retaliation. Lets see anyone on Earth take 600 of anything thrown at them and them not retaliate. That’s all one needs to see. The world is full of anti-Semitic, armchair ignoramuses and cowards.

  3. CTV & CBC both very left wing, they are anti-Trump, anti-anything negative about Muslims. Reporters use carefully chosen negative words, easy to spot, when reporting on Trump. $600million buys a lot of power over Canadian media particularly when Trudeau chooses the recipients. There can be no doubt Trudeau has gagged Canadian media. Premier Kenney has shown Trudeau bought the Kinder Morgan pipeline project to shut it down and you thought it was only First Nations objecting. Fake news is here too

  4. As for the Main Stream Media ( MSM ) it was neglected to mention that the primary job of good MSM reporting is to be objective and report giving the 5 W’s ( Who, What, Where, When, Why ) which Journalism no longer preaches/teaches to the reporters. Media have become the tools of whatever propaganda ideology they are paid to support. It is very evident in Canada that the MSM is owned by the Liberals and in the U.S.A. is owned by the Democrats.

  5. There’s no doubt that Canada & America are undergoing the SAME LIBERAL activities which also includes FAKE NEWS. The BIG difference is that AMERICA has PRES TRUMP as its LEADER which is a BLESSING. The LIBERALS don’t hate Trump AS MUCH as they FEAR him and that’s because he’s slowly DRAINING the SWAMP in which they LIVE! Hold on to your hats because there is a LOT MORE to come in the next few months. The SWAMP RATS will be coming out by the DOZENS and that’s WHY they’re so DESPERATE! MAGA! AMEN!

  6. I like this article!!!! What is missing is the description of the stupid – silent Jewish democratic senators.

  7. Right on Howard, So sick and tired of the Leftist Media also the Politicians who are Socialist and thw people who elected them.

    Socialist give power to the few and Capitalist give power to the PEOPLE. When will these left thinking People realize this?

  8. All politicians and most fake news lamestream media in Western countries have been bought by middle east oil money. It is the main reason why they support the opposite of what they should actually support. You are right about sheeples not doing their homework by really getting informed from multiple sources like you and everyone that follow you or follow the real news from a right-leaning news source. About our oil, protesters bought by george soros and american enviro-freaks organizations.

  9. There is way too much anti-Semitism for me. Why do we have to PICK ON people. This is just another form of bullying. Can you imagine what children are learning from all of this? Where have Moses 10 Commandments went? And just practicing the GOLDEN RULE seems a thing of the past. How LOW we have gone. No morals, respect, no conscience. Many have become EVIL, backstabbing DEVILS. God Help Us In Our Time Of Need.

  10. Well, here’s a new one for you on how intrusive the left can be. While reading an article on Breitbart just now I got a banner across the top of the page that claimed, and I quote ” This website is using significant energy, closing it will improve the performance of your computer.” I didn’t close it, and lo and behold my computer did not erupt in flames.

  11. Regarding misleading headlines, it has been going on in the US for sometime and the 2-3 sentence truth generally is found in the next to last paragraph. A misleading headline even happens occasionally in a conservative media publication. I don’t recall the article so won’t mention the source, but wondered if the editor really paid attention. Headlines are ‘catchers’ but need to be honest not slanted to catch more readers.

  12. SPOT ON. as usual. The MSM isn’t journalism or news anymore. It is nothing more than propaganda for the Left, Socialism, & all of the fringes of humanity that the MSM can gather up. Common Sense no longer “lives” in journalism, it fled the MSM decades & decades ago. The MSM bad reporting or bashing, including fake news, has been the “norm” for some time now. It’s a real shame because newspapers were considered the best platform anyone could use to help benefit those wanting “change.

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