The Dirty Little Secret – The Villain Of Freedom

Those Who Willingly Lie & Propagandize . . . Should Be Held To Account.


That Has Been Singled-Out For Special Treatment Says It All.

The Dirty Little Secret . . . of Blocked Emails, Manipulated Online Positioning on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – Etc . . . and how PayPal Decides who’s Going to Get Funding & Who’s Not . . .

Is No Longer A Dirty Little Secret – It’s Dirty, But It’s No Longer A Secret.

I Would Have Felt Horrible . . . Had been left off the List of Conservative Social Media Targeted by the LEFT, because, it would have Meant that my Message was Without Value & Consequence.

Because I’ve Been Singled-Out . . . It Adds Credence To What I Write, Say & Do.

Even Though I’m A Canadian . . . I Believe There Is No Greater Constitutional Guarantee For Freedom in the World, Than America’s First Amendment, even though in Canada, the Idea of the First Amendment is Anathema to our Laws, WHICH DO NOT GUARANTEE FREE SPEECH.

In Canada, we only Pretend to have Free Speech, Depending on what any Appointed Judge, at any Level, Gets to Decide, what is Permissible Speech, and what is Not,

But . . . As Long As The United States Of America Defends Freedom Of Expression, And Does Not Bend To The Lies, Propaganda, & Socio/Political Intimidation Of The LEFT, There Is Hope For The Entire World . . . Including & Especially Canada.

I Wouldn’t Have Given Up . . . But I Doubt That I Would Have Been Successful.

In The Last Month . . . I Have Spent An Enormous Amount Of Energy, Stress & Money Taking On The Gazillion Dollar Social Media Enemies Of Free Speech.

And had it Not Been for Many of You, who have Contributed Support for What I Write, Say & Do, I don’t know if I would have been Able to have Fought-Back Successfully by Myself.

For The Life Of Me . . . I Cannot Imagine Anyone in Government, Especially in my Lifetime, with the Exception of Ronald Reagan, who Could have Withstood the Whirlwind of Hate, Lies, Deceit & Treachery, as has President Donald Trump, Coming at him from all Directions – From Some Of The Greatest Villains America Has Ever Produced.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . The Trump-Haters, Specifically the Men & Women who Orchestrated & Participated in the Failed Coup D’état, of a Duly Elected American President, think of themselves as Patriots, who were Defending the Integrity of America from a Not-So-Political-Usurper like Donald Trump, Are In Fact Treasonous Enemies From Within.

President Trump . . . Against All Odds, Has Resisted The Onslaught – And if America is Going to be Saved from this Horrific Experience, those Responsible Must Be Held To Pay A Serious Price, STARTING FROM THE BOTTOM-UP TO THE TOP-DOWN . . . Otherwise, America Will Never Recover, And Forever, there will be a Stench Wafting over the Politics & Justice of the United States of America.

Donald Trump Owes It To The American People . . . Especially to the Dupes, who Didn’t Know Enough to Know, that they were Ignorant Voting Suckers, Voting for Lies.

President Donald Trump NEEDS To Shine A Light Upon The Villains, Otherwise, there will always be a Cloud of Mistrust of the Courts & Government on Behalf of the American People, which will in Itself Bring-Down The Republic.

For The Good Of America’s Constitutional Republic . . . and for the Good of the Rest of the World, Especially & Selfishly For Canada, those Responsible for this Failed Coup D’état MUST BE OUTED & PUNISHED, as a Message to any other Group, which Believes they have some kind of Special Mandate to Take Away the Freedom from the People, of Deciding who will be the People’s Government.

IN ESSENCE . . . The Freedom Of America Hung On A Thread, and Only by the Grace of Donald Trump Has Freedom Survived.

Because People have been Dumbed-Down by Academia, Politicians, Entertainment & Social Media for Generations, the Average Citizen of the World, Including Americans, have no Idea how Serious this Failed Coup D’état Came To Be.

People Don’t Realize . . . Especially People who live in Countries like Canada and the United States, where we have had it Good for as Long as anyone of us can Remember, How Utterly Fragile Our Freedoms Actually Are.

Those Who Willingly Lie & Propagandize . . . Should Be Held To Account.

That We Are Always Just One Vote Away From Tyranny, must be Taught at all Levels of Society, and so should History, so should Civics, and so should National Patriotism – And More Than Anything . . . So Should Freedom Of Expression With The Fewest Restrictions Possible.

Donald Trump Saved Us This Time . . . But Who Will Save Us Tomorrow?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m a proud Texan, and would sincerely welcome you to become a full time Texan. You are our kind of people!!! Pelosi and her cohorts are truly un-American. I can not fathom how any sane thinking American can agree with her or the lunatic democrats running our country??? We may secede soon.

  2. Once again Howard you have hit the nail on the head. You are one of the few who will NOT CAVE, I don’t know how you do it BUT AM SO GLAD u DO!!

  3. With thousands of more illegal votes, we are still in a huge fight for the soul of this country. Only the corrupt politicians want “open borders”. We have a lot of cleaning up to do. Thank you, Howard, for keeping our eyes open to the truth and the imminent danger. Tyson has re-called 12 million poiunds of chichen strips that have been found to have metal pieces. There are signs in Tyson of “Death to America”. This is far more serious than Americans realize. The are terrorists.

  4. Howard: As always ‘right on the money’ …!

    As a Canadian, I thank God every day for President Trump and for you, Sir.

    With the greatest respect.

    Ed Tait


  5. 3 weeks before the federal election, Canadian voters will be bombarded with some contrived controversy from the left to tar the Conservatives. This is because the leftists want the sucker votes to maintain their hand in the till. Too bad there’s plentiful suckers on the voting lists in Canada.

  6. For those who think they’re “patriots” their inverse definition is only a dictionary away – if they can read. As to the freedom of speech the US has the 1st Amendment and the enforcer, the 2nd Amendment. We have none of the former and for the latter ” the Not Withstanding Clause”. Take your pick mice!

  7. Sheeples in Canada and especially quebec have not learned anything from back in the seventies when a comedy bloc quebecois style party that ran in federal elections known as the Rhinoceros Party were sending the message about how and why not to believe any promises made by any politicians. One of their funny promise that most still don’t get today, “we will move the Rockies to quebec !!!!” If the sheeples haven’t learned by now, they will never learn !!!! Until it’s too late that is !!!!

  8. Oh Howard, how FRAGILE our FREEDOMS really are. You are so right. I just finished watching the FUNERAL of Lori Gilbert Kaye, the woman gunned down in cold blood at the Chabod of Poway Synagogue (San Diego, Calif). A woman (60)
    who happens to be a loving wife + mother, goes to Shul to say “Yisker” for her own mother who died previously, and is shot to death because some low-life stupid radical, hated Jews. I am not Jewish, yet I feel such enormous pain and can’t stop crying. :>( Brucester

  9. Keep up the Good Fight Howard. It’s a never ending struggle here in the USA against the Libs who are forced fed by a red tainted media.
    Someone who served,
    Alan Ageloff, Jupiter, Florida.

  10. I believe we picked the best horse, in this race, for the soul of America. One who doesn’t mind being bumped or worry, if he is doing the bumping, he still makes it to the finish line 1st. Winning, I’m not tired of winning.

  11. Once again Howard, you have cut right to the heart of the chase.
    Who else out there can be America’s Saving Grace A.T. ( after Trump)? While he is at times a bit “out on the fringe” ( but that doesn’t really bother me), my choice for that is Dr ( and US Senator) Rand Paul. And for a 2nd choice, ( former) Congressman Trey Gowdy

  12. We all agree with you that the perpetrators of the “Failed Coup D’état” be brought to justice. I just worry that for whatever reason, it will not get done. I’m too much of a pessimist I guess but we’ve seen with increasing frequency higher ups get away with things that every other citizen would be in jail over in a heartbeat. So we see the double standard over and over. So can’t help but wonder if it will be different this time. Otherwise it will only get worse, far worse. God help us.

  13. PayPal made it easy to fund your efforts, it’s frustrating that the left is controlling the financial world. Just look at what the NY is trying to do to the NRA. The Dimms are now trying to discredit AG Barr as he goes after the Russia Hoax perpetrators. I pray that these evil ones pay the price. But to think Crooked Hillary or Obama will face anything is unlikely. They seem to be untouchable.

  14. Congratulations Howard!
    I feel good about William Barr, Donald Trump, and a handful of republicans. But I hope they do not need to count on very many republicans to clean house. I think many Republicans have brown on their nose and in their pockets also.

  15. Thank you Howard. I opened the mail today and you came through fine. I was about to give up fighting the servers, but apparently you managed to get the message through. I was setting up another mail bypassing gmail, but then it came through. I will send a modest help for your hard work and expense to help me. Now my days are perfect again getting your mails.
    I will forever be grateful to you.

  16. As a proud American, a U.S. Navy Veteran of 6 years, Father of three, Husband and Protector of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, those of us who love our country are being pushed to the brink! I quietly live out my life in the warmth of our sunny weather in Florida, enjoy hoisting a pint or two but even more INTELLIGENT discussion.
    The last has been diminishing in geometric progressions. Take a stand and STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!! Don’t cower in the midst of the “politically” correct!

  17. I think that 18 year old male should be drafted for at least 2 years. Not because I served (for 3) in the Korean war but I think there is a profound lack about this country and what we have stood for since the beginning of our country. It is sad the way a lot of tm act in college and remember they can vote at 18 and if they do I doubt that many of them have any real facts about who or what they are voting for. It should be back to 21 years of age. Too many get their ideas from the internet.

  18. I agree with you completely Howard that justice MUST be served on the traitors that attempted to overthrow our legally elected President! The arrogance of the left is that they think they are always above the laws they break. If once again they get off without being accountable, then history will judge us harshly for giving up on our great country. I hope and pray there are still more patriots left to prevent this from happening.

  19. Canada’s greatest problem is and always has been “America Derangement Syndrome” (ADS)
    Canadians cannot be like hated Americans
    America pursues excellence…Canada pursues mediocrity
    America exposes scandal…Canada legislates to hide scandal
    America pursues free markets…Canada limits markets
    America supports property rights…Canada eliminates property rights
    America supports free speech…Canada suppresses free speech
    America pursues freedom…Canada suppresses Freedom
    It’s ADS

  20. Holding people accountable… what a funny concept. We cannot hold drunk driver and rapist accountable. We cannot hold drug dealer and thieves accountable… what are the odds that we’d be able to hold people who lied accountable!

  21. Another great editorial!!! Rhinoceros is a play by Eugène Ionesco & is part of “The Theatre of the Absurd” after WWII. The play explores the themes of conformity, culture, fascism, responsibility, logic, mass movements, mob mentality, philosophy & morality. I do believe that it does reflect what is going on today, yet its purpose was to reflect what was going on before WWII. History can repeat itself & it seems to be doing that now.

  22. Howard, when are you going to run again?
    If ever, you have my vote.

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