The LEFT Are Poised To Eat Their Own


While It Is 100% Accurate, that the LEFT have Real Reason to Fear President Donald Trump, I Sincerely Believe, the LEFT have Far More Reason to Fear their Own.


But I Bet You Can All Remember The Name “Sammy The Bull”.

Salvatore Gravano . . . AKA Sammy The Bull, Brought Down America’s Most Proficient Crime Family, the Gambino Family, Led by John Gotti . . . The Teflon-Don, also Known as the Dapper-Don, who in a World of Extreme Evil, was a Favorite of the Media, who Couldn’t Get Enough of Gotti, who Never Met a Microphone or Camera he didn’t Like.

To The Media . . . Gotti Was Untouchable – Hence, The Moniker, Teflon Don.


As Big, Important & Untouchable As Gotti Felt He Was . . . Gotti Fell Like A Rock, in-spite of the Millions upon Millions of Dollars Spent & Tens of Thousands of FBI Man Hours Targeting Gotti . . . which more or less amounted to Zilch in Terms of Success . . . Gotti Was Nonetheless Got.


What The FBI Couldn’t Do – One Insider Close to the Seat of Power, “Sammy The Bull”, was Not just Able to Do . . . To Take Down the “King”, But, The “Bull” Also Took Down The Whole Gambino Family, even Damaging the Cosa Nostra throughout the USA & Possibly Beyond. No One Is Too Big To Fail . . . Nor Too Big To Fall.


It’s Coming . . . And You Can Take That To The Bank – It’s Just A Matter Of Time Until One Of The Coup D’état Insider Sleaze-Artists Will Flip To Save His Or Her Sorry Ass.

THE QUESTION . . . Isn’t Even When, Since it Might have Already been Done. The Real Questions are, Who Will, or Who Has Already Flipped . . . & Will It Be More Than One?

I Strongly Suspect . . . that Between Michael Horowitz (Inspector General) & Bill Barr (Attorney General), there are already Plenty of Former Obama Insiders Spilling Their Guts on the Higher-Ups in the FBI, Justice Department, CIA and the NSA.

And If Enough Of The “Rats” . . . Rat-Out The Top, Don’t be Surprised if the Clintons, Obamas & Their Surrogates Will all Find Themselves Neck Deep in the Cesspool (Swamp) of Their own Making.

And Don’t Be Surprised If Mueller Isn’t On The List To Be Ratted-Out.


At this Point in Time & Place, as I’ve Previously Written . . . The Democrats will be Fortunate to Even Survive as a Party, Let Alone Win Enough Seats to Even Come Close to Holding the House, and will Probably be Lucky to win Enough Senate Seats to Keep the Republicans from Enjoying A Super Majority.


First Things First . . . A Huge Number Of RINOS Will Be Primaried-Out, Creating a Conservative House & Senate, which within 4-Years From 2020, will Restore the Best Of Which America Used To Be . . . And That Will Not Include Socialism Or A One World Government.


Trudeau & The Liberals Are Going Down . . . And They’re Going To Go Down Hard!

Even a Solid Number of the Stupid People who Voted for Justin Trudeau, because of his Name ID, his Boyish Good Looks, his Coiffed Hair, his Attractive Wife & Young Family . . . And his Empty Promises to Make Canada Respected Again (“Canada’s Back”), as if Canada Wasn’t Respected before Trudeau was Elected Prime Minister . . . Are Suffering Acute Political Buyer’s Remorse.

What Kind Of A Stupid Person Votes For Someone Without A Real Policy?

And No Matter What Trudeau Says Or Does . . . Every Time Trudeau Opens his Mouth & Tries to Explain any of his Financial or Social Policy Debacles . . . He Only Compounds His Disasters, while Reinforcing the Reality that He (Justin Trudeau) Is An Idiot, And The People Who Elected Him Were Idiots Too.

Trudeau’s Fiscal Management Is Such A Disaster . . . Canada Is Running Out Of Money, and the Only way Trudeau can Pay, just to Keep the Good-Ship Canada Afloat, is to Pretend that Canada will Save the World From the PHONY CANARD OF CLIMATE CHANGE, by Taxing the Hell out of the Canadian People on Canadian Use of Fossil Fuel Energy.

Every Responsible Country Around The World . . . has Jettisoned their Stupid Carbon Tax, even Arrogant Germany, the Country which Thinks Far Too Much of Itself, with the Exception of Canada, because Canada is Going Broke, and NEEDS a Phony Reason to Further Rape the Taxpaying Canadian Population.

How Do You Think It Makes Me Feel . . . Watching America Soar To Unbelievable Fiscal & Social Heights, while Canada, the Country of my Birth, and the Birth of my Parents, is at its Best Just Hanging-On, Trying To Avoid Paying The Piper, where Canada should be Marching In-Lock-Step With A Burgeoning United States Of America?

Trudeau & His Sad-Sack Liberal Party Will Fall-Hard In October Of This Year.

THEN WHAT? What will the Canadian Conservative Party Do to Stop the Hemorrhage of Spending & Severe Over Taxation in Canada, when the Coffers are Dry and the Demands are High?

I’m Not Responsible . . . I Wrote About The Coming Liberal Disaster. I Walked The Streets Putting-Up Conservative Lawn Campaign Posters. And I Begged Whomever I Could, To Turn-Out & Vote Conservative. But I’m Just One Man. And I Can Only Do Just So Much.

And Now . . . I’m Paying The Price – Because People Were Too Stupid To Understand The Facts – Before They Voted For An Idiot.

Hopefully, Our Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer, Whom I Don’t Have Much Faith In, Will Prove Me Wrong, And Will Be A Real Conservative. But – If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride.

It’s Just Too Bad We Canadians Can’t Say Prime Minister Trump.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. All of the liberal – ,press, organizations (progressives) their supports, (which donates to their cause), ecologists, racist-screamers, [HELL]wood and anti-Israelite Jew and no-and-on hates this country no-end. They are SO – FAR down into the pit-of-Hell, is no way to describe them to their anti-ungodly words and actions, or just who they are, even any term you would want to call them would only ONLY-BE-A-COMPLIMENT.

  2. God Bless you and yours Howard Galganov! I love reading your articles and pass them on to about 50 friends and family who I hope are mostly conservatives (with maybe a few delusional liberals in the mix, still wanting to “blame Trump”).
    I am 90…and hope to live long enough to see him elected for another 4 years. Unfortunately most of my contemporaries have either passed away or moved away (to a Memory-Care facility!) Evelyn@90

  3. How many taxes will we have to pay to breath clean air? We can pay as much as this liberal gang of idiots that govern
    Canada can get out of the us ,,how will that give us clean air? Welcome home Howard and Anne.

  4. I am happy that Anne, you and your entourage have returned safely back home. While you mention Trudope and Scheer you seem to have overlooked one politician that I believe will hold the ‘balance of power’ after our election this fall. Maximum Bernier and his new People’s Party of Canada will bring a new and fresh approach to our politics. He has already specifically noted that the current ‘Have/Have Not policy must be revised stating that Quebec will receive a majority $13 billion from Ottawa.

  5. Well said HG. The people with their hands out will certainly vote for continuing the Gravy Train . Little do they know/remember that “Gravy Train ” was actually Dogfood !

  6. So, winning the House, which the Democrats dubiously did under the subversive facade of the fake Russian dossier conspiracy and surreptitiously w/holding of the truth – helped by the enemedia, means Speaker Nancy Pelosi et al became the majority under false pretenses. The blatant criminal efforts of the Democrats to undermine democracy and corrupt the rule of Constitutional Law and its amendments should lead to prosecution, and in so doing preclude them from ever working in public service again.

  7. I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Got get ‘em, AG Bill Barr!

  8. Enjoyed watching A.G. Barr’s face during his testimony before the Committee. He is a man who is comfortable in his own skin and with his standards but he does not suffer fools easily.

  9. We can only wish them “bon appetite” so long as they remain cannibals.

  10. The whole climate change hoax is force fed to our children in our socialist schools, and the majority of Canadians believe it. The tax is supported by most Cdns. because they believe it will save the planet.
    Govt will perpetuate this hoax and carbon tax, because it is one way to get us to pay more taxes.
    The problem is on the spending side, not the income (tax) side. Will Scheer or Kenny have the guts to cut costs? Until Govt stop spending like drunken sailors, we will continue our downfall

  11. WOW, & I thought that the Dimwits were the only stupid ones! Guess the “smarts ones” also live in Canada. Thank G-d Hildebeast lost the election. I simply don’t want to think just how bad the US would have become with the biotch in charge. Trudumb is just plain stupid from what I read, while Hildebeast is not & she is evil as all get out!!! But, there is some evidence that Hildebeast is a drunk & that makes sense. Bless you, Howard for all that you have done & do.

  12. I put out signs also Howard, but the subverted media took it’s toll and we lost. Damn the biased press.

  13. Harper was becoming too much of a red tory at the end of his mandate just to keep power by trying to please the left. He wasn’t the Harper from the Reform party. Mulroney was mostly a progressive, not a Conservative hence why he won 2 majorities back to back and being from quebec didn’t hurt either, only for the party to go down in flames to 2 seats after he resigned as leader. Andrew Sheer is a wimp from the get-go and I fear he will fizzle out even if he wins. Better than trudeau though.

  14. Your optimism is so encouraging – I have so little faith in the people of America & Canada that I can only hope that what you predict will come true i.e. that Trump wins another term in the USA & that we can replace Justin Trudeau with a more intelligent person. It is incredible how people think that Socialism is a good philosophy – all they have to do is look at all the countries that have tried it – it fails every time!! The latest example is Venezuela – how can people not understand that?

  15. Spot on Howard! Well stated and I believe much is going on we don’t know about yet! Waiting for the shoe to drop, the swamp is gone and so are the sewer rats! We must all stand strong and continue the battle to regain our countries!

  16. Climate change is a joke, Carbon tax is a cash grab, Trudeau is a hypocrite and ignores a great contradiction. While taxing Canadians for burning fossil fuels he ignores millions of tons of coal mined here and shipped from BC to be burned elsewhere producing emissions far greater than here at home. There has never been an explanation where the Carbon Tax money goes except maybe on so called refugees welfare, free housing, medical and all those things a lot of Canadians would like for free.

  17. Hello Howard,

    You are so right and I’m a Proud Canadian Deplorable. If, we can’t have PM Stephen Harper or PM Trump I will vote for PM Andrew Scheer. I pray he will take a page our of President Trump’s playbook and make Canada great again! Hopefully, Canadians know collectively understand that WE can’t vote a socialist government into power. That’s: Liberals, NDP or Green Party or Canada will be the new Venezuela!

  18. Howard, just so you know, I voted for Stephen Harper’s Progressive Conservative Party, in the last Federal election.
    No way would I ever vote for Justin Trudeau. AND…AND…AND…in our ethnocentric nationalistic Province of Quebec,
    the majority (except Montrealers) voted for racist, petty, narrow minded, Francois Legault (CAQ Parti). I voted “Liberal”
    as did most citizens of Montreal. Legault is a “closet separatist” who wants to pass “Bill 21” which outlaws Hijabs,
    Kippahs, Turbans, etc..

  19. Although there is much information which has already been REVEALED regarding the SPYING on Trump, et al, the DOSSIER, etc…, there’s a lot more to come! As you wrote, HG, the “Insider Sleaze-Artists Will Flip To Save His Or Her Sorry Ass”. MULTIPLE RATS will be CREEPING out of the SWAMP to SAVE THEIR OWN NECKS! The INVESTIGATIONS will demonstrate how MORAL these RATS were, prior to the UNVEILING of the TRUTH. There is nothing like “KARMA”, and “payback is a bit**! GO TRUMP GO! MAGA! AMEN!

  20. “AMEN” CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE BACKSIDE OF THE “PROGRESSIVE” LIBERALS AND THEIR SORO’S PUPPET FAKE LEADER. The recovery after will be hard but true Canadians will come to shine if given a chance.

  21. Love your title. I also like your positive thinking predictions. I SINCERELY HOPE THEY COME TRUE!!

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