This Is No Longer Just An Attack On Trump



An Attack On All Jews . . . Is An Attack On Israel.

FACT . . . Israel is a Democratic State, where all Citizens, Approximately 9-Million, Including 1.8-Million Arabs – All Have 100% EQUAL Rights Under The Law.

ANOTHER FACT . . . Israel is the Only Democratic Nation In The World, which is Under Constant Threat Of Attack from its Neighbors & Countries which Front . . . & Even Don’t Come Close To Fronting On Israel’s Borders.

NEED MORE FACTS? . . . Israel, which has Discovered, Created & Developed some of the World’s Most Important Medical, Agricultural & Technical Advancements, which have Benefited all of Mankind . . . Is Nonetheless Treated by the World of Academia as a Pariah, with Israel being the Only Country on the Planet, which is Singled Out Worldwide for Boycotts known as BDSBoycott, Divestment & Sanctions.

Over The Years . . . I’ve Written about Der Stürmer, the Pro-Nazi WWII Era Newspaper (Tabloid), which De-Humanized all Jews, but Specifically German Jews, as being Capitalist or Communist Ghouls, Depending on the Hate Flavor of the Day.

Promoted In Der Stürmer . . . Jews were Accused of Controlling everything, from Government to the Banking Industry. We were Accused of Spreading Diseases, and were Blamed for Fomenting Hatred between Nations.

And the Great Canard, that Somehow, Every Jew is Rich, and there is a Jewish International Conspiracy to Control the World.

“It’s All About The Benjamins Baby” . . . Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.


If Jews Were Moslems . . . What would have Happened to the New York Times for their Unbelievable Anti-Semitic Cartoons? Would there have been a Fatwa Against the New York Times, Declaring Death To The People Who Work There, as the Moslems did to the Workers of the Media, which Published the Mohamed Cartoons?

I’ve Seen The Cartoons Of Julius Streicher . . . No Worse Than The NY Times.

There Are Very Few People Alive Today, who remember the Vile Anti-Semitic Cartoons of Der Stürmer, which was the “Un-Official” Weekly Tabloid Newspaper of the Nazis, where Cartoons of this Nature were a Constant Meal on their Menu of Jew-Hatred.

Der Stürmer Was Distributed Worldwide . . . Even To Canada & The USA.

And for Streicher’s Vile Propagandized Incitement Against The Jews, the Publisher of Der Stürmer, Julius Streicher, was Executed after being Convicted at the Nuremburg Trials at the End of WWII for his Incitement to Slaughter Jews.

So . . . What Differentiates Der Stürmer From The NY Times’ Last Two Editorial Cartoons, Published Just This Past Week? And what Separates Members of Congress like Ilhan Omar with Omar’s Assertion that Jews Control the USA through their (Our) Money (“It’s The Benjamin’s Baby”), and that Jews have Dual Loyalties . . .

. . . From Any Other Inciting Anti-Semite?

In Other Words . . . Jews Cannot Be Trusted Citizens Of The USA, Because Of Jewish Support For Israel. So . . . By The Same Token, Can Catholics Be Trusted Citizens Of The USA, Because Of Catholic American’s Support For The Vatican?


Why Couldn’t The Democrat Party, Under Nancy Pelosi Write A Simple Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism, without all the Inconsequential Razzmatazz, Especially when the Ilhan Omar Issue Was 100% About Anti-Semitism, Instead of Making the Democrat Resolution a Hodgepodge of Feel-Good Meaningless Race Rhetoric?


If Jews are the Canary in the Global International Coal Mine, where Apologists like the Democrats & LEFTIST Jews Prefer to Pretend that its perhaps not a big Deal that a Newspaper with the Reputation of the New York Times Feels Sufficiently Confident to Publish Der Stürmer Style Hate Cartoons – WE’RE ALL IN FOR A LOT OF TROUBLE.


Donald Trump Is The Best President In My Lifetime – Nearly 70-Years.

But I’ll Go Even Further Than That . . . and Declare that Donald Trump is Amongst The Three Or Four Best US Presidents Ever. And had it not been for President Donald Trump, America and the Rest of the World, Would Probably Have Already Succumbed To George Orwell’s 1984 . . . But In 2016.

If President Trump Can Defeat The Globalist Evil Of The Far LEFT . . . which is Still Yet to be Determined, President Trump will in my Estimation, be on Par With George Washington as America’s Greatest President, since President Washington Created America, while President Trump will be the One to Save the America Washington Created.

If You Think America Is Not Divided . . . & It’s Just Politics As Usual – Think Again.

Real Freedom is Under Attack Worldwide & America Is Not Immune, Since The Enemy Of Freedom Is Globally United. Just Look At Venezuela.

As Long As The People Stand Tough With President Trump . . . The Self Hating Anti-American Cowards On The LEFT, will seek the Shadows as they Crawl Back under their Rocks. And If You Need Further Proof . . .

As For Today’s (April 30, 2019) Oval Office Meeting Between Trump, Chuck & Nancy, where Chuck & Nancy Came-Out of the Meeting Smiling like Cheshire Cats, that they were able to make an Infrastructure Deal with the President for the Benefit of the American People, which to me, was a Message from these Two Political Disasters, that they too can Read the Tea Leaves . . . That in Spite of all the Anti-Trump Media Propaganda, the Never Ending Witch Hunt, and their Pathetic Field of Useless Presidential Wannabe Schmucks, Competing to see which one of these Jerks will Become Red Meat for the People’s President To Chew-Up In November of 2020 . . . The Future Of The American LEFT Isn’t Looking Too Good.


History Repeats Itself . . . But It Doesn’t Have To End With The Same Results.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Canada is also selling Jews into the ditch. Trudope abstained in UN votes about Israel in order to win a seat on the security council. His first minister of foreign affairs, Dion, hated Israel. The current one has a lot of Nazi relatives whom I’m sure has affected her outlook on things Jewish

  2. Greetings: I see one major difference THIS GENERATION of left-leaning, progressive liberals & Democrats have in common, compared with any previous generation. They have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE about history. Most have learned or “absorbed” a REDACTED VERSION of history, primarily from abridged websites and politically skewed movies. When was the last time you saw someone… ANYONE… actually READING a NEWSPAPER? Plenty examples of these ILLITERATES in CONGRESS too! YES… It CAN HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

  3. President Trump is definitely the best President to come around in a long time. He may not be the best orator but what he does say has meaning. Canada got what it deserved when he dealt with Trudeau; with any luck he’ll be voted out… I hope the rest of Canada takes a page from Alberta’s provincial election; not one red seat in the whole province. Unfortunately the people of Edmonton voted for Notley. We need the Conservatives back in Parliment so the CDN/USA relations can normalize as well.

  4. As usual, you are right on target. I really believe the Jews are despised NOT for their “wealth”,etc, or necessarily for their faith, but for their innovations, belief that all are created equal & deserve that respect . But also because they are the most loyal friends the US has ever had. So, naturally, they feel threatened…KNOWING the US will defend them if necessary. Trump will NOT allow our Jewish friends to perish because someone else doesn’t like them. We as a nation WILL NOT FORSAKE Th

  5. So this is probably why the Jews are hated so much. Sheeples think that Jews control the world. That didn’t start yesterday and like the racism of Blacks which still exists today, it was taught from generations to generations and is ingrained in sheeple’s mind brainwashed by this falsehood. This is a losing battle because racism is alive and well in society today even in 2019. Only logical people like you and anyone who follows you or any Conservatives and Republicans know better I hope.

  6. I would like to know – “WHERE IS BETSY DeVOS”? Wasn’t she appointed to clean up our educational system and bring true American history back to schools. These snowflakes have no idea what Socialism is really like. They promise everything, get elected, takeover and give nothing. We have two generations, or more, that have been brainwashed. The brainwashers have to have someone to blame. It is the Jews, Christians and wealthy. In America if you work for it, you can have it.

  7. One of the best books I have read is Start-Up-Nation. It is a story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, written by Dan Senor & Saul Singer. American’s could learn a lot from the Israeli entrepreneurial model! Very good read.
    I like your conservative comments & observations, you are right on target! Canadian’s need to bring back Sargent Preston & his dog Yukon King! Sorry to see & here what is going on up there.

  8. You may know by now that NYT has suspended all syndicated cartoons for now after the 2nd one came out Saturday. Looks like someone within the paper is slipping them in perhaps without any approval – or the memo didn’t get down to the print dept. As for hatred for the Jews, it is likely because they are God’s chosen people so satan hates them & convinces all who don’t believe in, accept or follow God to hate them too using lies about them to do it. Lies told often enough are accepted as true.

  9. Hey Howard. FYI just noticed that Trump is sending the US’s first ever delegation to the “March For The Living”. He not only stands up for what’s right, he follows through. Awesome.

  10. Its ok. Because the Left give this sort of anti-Semitic garbage the thumbs up. Its not racist, bigoted, immoral or wrong if a leftist rag, politician, individual, institution or group perpetrate it. This is all just fine in their psychotic, empty, ignorant, destructive, hateful, little world. To them this is just a feelgood drug surging through their disturbed veins.

  11. I have known for some time now, that things are not good for either Jews or Christians in the US or Canada or the World. However, to blame Betsy DeVos for over 2 generations of education is not fair. It will take time to rectify all the damage done. Plus, how is she to undo all the harm to millions of sheeple? In truth, they are the problem, not so much the students of today. Rome was not built in a day, change takes time, especially with education. I support Israel & Jews 110% & always will.

  12. A Jewish business editorial writer for the NYT was defending the NYT on Twitter because they “issued an apology” and then turned right around and said, “White supremacists are terrorizing this country and President Trump is celebrating Robert E. Lee.” Binyamin Appelbaum @BCAppelbaum blaming our President for the synagogue shooter. I just shake my head.

  13. The RADICAL LEFT is purely EVIL and its members are definitely POSSESSED! The DEVIL is a great “community organizer”–as PROVEN by this GROUP and their VICIOUS ATTACKS on the RIGHT, PRES. TRUMP, CHRISTIANITY and the JEWS! They are certainly NOT interested in PROTECTING our Country and ASSURING EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL. They only seek enough POWER to CHANGE AMERICA to a SOCIALIST country. They PREACH “MORALITY”, but don’t even KNOW the MEANING of this WORD! The TRUTH shall SOON be REVEALED! AMEN!

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