So . . . Why Vote For Biden?

The People Sacrifice & Serve The Politicians . . . It Ain't The Other Way Around.

Simple Questions – Always Merit Simple Answers.

But . . . Before I Get Into It – Let me State for the Record, if any of these Current Democrat Presidential Hopefuls run Against President Trump, the Question won’t be, if President Trump Gets a Second Term – The Question Will Be . . . What Will Replace The Obliterated Democrat Party?


What Has Joe Biden Ever Done For The American People, Opposed To What Uncle Joe Has Done For Himself, His Family & Friends?

So Uncle Joe Is a Rich Man . . .

Was Biden Born into his Wealth? Did Biden Marry into his Wealth? Did Biden Make his Money like so many other Members of Congress with Insider-Trading, when it was still Legal for Members of Congress to Do Something (Insider-Trading), which the Rest of the Population was Charged, Arrested & Jailed for Doing?

How Many Jobs Did Citizen Joe Biden Create? What did Citizen Joe Biden ever Construct for the Benefit of the People?

And when other Red-Blooded American Boys were heading-off to South East Asia to Fight the Spread of Communism in Vietnam – Joe Biden Took His College Deferment.

I Often Hear How People Like Biden Sacrifice To Serve The People.

By My Standards Biden Is Wealthy . . . Since Leaving the Vice Presidency, Biden has been Raking-It-In with Million Dollar Book Deals & Paid Speaking Events. Plus, his Vice Presidential Pension, which is Somewhere Around $250,000 Per Year.

The People Sacrifice & Serve The Politicians . . . It Ain’t The Other Way Around.

I HAVE NOTHING . . . Absolutely Nothing Against People Earning Big Money. But, I’m not Enthralled with People who Earn Big Money, while Pretending to Sacrifice, while Serving the People, when in Fact, that “Sacrifice” is Probably the BEST GIG Anyone Can Dream Of Having.

DON’T LET THEM CON YOU . . . Uncle Joe has Been in Government in one way or another for more than FORTY-TWO YEARS. In Terms of Salary, Expenses, Paid Travel, Perks & Pension . . . all Paid for by the Tax Payer – Joe Biden Is Living A Charmed Life.

Biden Never had to get his Hands Dirty to Make a Living, Never had to Sign an Employee Paycheck, never had to Worry if his Employer will Lay-Him-Off because Business is Soft . . . All the While, having his Ass-Professionally-Kissed by Everyone around him, Including Heads Of Foreign States, Who Wanted & Needed Favors.

Uncle Joe Might Be A Nice Guy . . . So What? What Has He Done Of Merit?


And While President Trump’s America Is On A Tear . . . Creating Jobs, Obliterating Stupid Regulations, Reducing Taxes, Killing The Death Tax, Rewriting Bad Trade Deals, Making America Energy Self-Sufficient, Blowing-Off The Climate Change Hoax, Revamping The VA, & Moving The American Embassy To Jerusalem To Name Just Some Of President Trump’s Achievements In Just Two Years . . . How’s Canada Doing?

The Average Canadian Price for a Gallon of Gasoline in Montreal is just under $7. In Toronto, it’s over $5. In British Columbia, it’s over $7. Now think about how this is going to Effect Everything in Canada.

All Food Stuffs Are Going To Cost Much More . . . just in the Cost of Transportation alone. And for Heating Oil – That has already Gone through the Roof, as has Household & Corporate Costs for Electricity, which, to many Ontario Families, has Become Unaffordable.

Because Of The Cost Of Fuel . . . Canadian Families will have to Reconsider Driving Vacations, going to Movies & Eating-Out, which is just the Tip of the Iceberg.

LEFT Leaning Canadian Pundits & the Canadian Finance Sector, including Banks, Stock Exchanges, Insurance Companies, and the Government Finance Department, all LIE with Fake Facts . . . Or More Precisely – With Omissions Of The Truth.

So Here It Is . . . Canada, In Spite of all the BS – Is A Breath Away From An Extremely Serious Recession – MORE LIKELY A DEPRESSION.

More Than Half Of All Working Canadians Are Living From Paycheck To Paycheck.

No One Will Reveal The Real Numbers . . . But from all that is Available, Most Canadians Are Living Off Their Credit Cards. And from what I have just Learned, Canadian Banks Will Not Raise Their Interest Rates Even An Iota, For Fear Of Triggering A Massive Made-In-Canada Financial Collapse.

This Is What Happens When You Elect Socialists & Expect Something For Nothing.

This Is Also What Happens . . . When you Promise to Give Free-Stuff to People who haven’t Earned-It, From People Who Have. This is also what happens, when you Create a Massive Bureaucracy, which does nothing More than Stifle Growth, at an Incredible Cost in Public Sector Salaries, Perks & Pensions.

This Is What Happens . . . When the Chickens Come Home To Roost, and there’s no Money left in the Treasury to Pay for the Costs of Government, because of Socialist Avarice, when the Interest on National Loans is GREATER than the Combination of most Federally Funded Social Programs . . . Including The Military.

This Is What Happens . . . When your Debt is so High, and your Real GDP is so Low, that your Dollar Starts to Weaken, because No One Wants It, Meaning that all Imports, which are Currently Cost-Based on the Value of the American Dollar, Becomes Unaffordable.

If You’re An American . . . and you Visit Canada, and go Shopping for Groceries, You’ll be Stunned at the Astronomical Prices. You Won’t Believe the Cost of Everything in Canada, because the government is Taxing WHATEVER IT CAN, and not just at the Federal Level, so as not to Fall Further Behind at a Faster Clip to the Precipice where Canada is Headed.

And It Isn’t Just The Federal Government . . . The Provinces, Cities & Towns are No Less Drowning in Debt, with Little to No Money Left for Infrastructure.


Justin Trudeau Is The Worst Prime Minister In Canadian History . . . Second Only to his Father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who from the Time of the Late 1960’s for more than a Decade as Prime Minister, Papa Trudeau did to Canada, what Obama tried to do to the USA, by Forever Changing the Social Culture & Fiscal Nature of Canada, From Which Canada Will Never Recover.

Over The Past Week & A Half . . . Since Anne & I are Back in Canada, we’ve Met with Several Friends who were 100% Trump Haters, who now say – I Still Hate Trump For What He Says & How He Says It . . . BUT I WISH HE WERE THE PRIME MINSTER OF CANADA.

Nothing More . . . Needs Be Said.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As a Canadian, I respect you, as a visitor in MY country, I respect you, but you really need to think about being an American Jewish Patriot. Your respect for the insights of older real Americans, as well as your own countrymen, speak to the insight that our forefathers had with regards freedom and equality. Currently we lack leaders, we lack “elected representatives”,..and we damn sure lack a Commander in Chief who has read, and UNDERSTOOD our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Thank you.

  2. I hope you are right about the collapse of the Democrat party in the USA.. However, I do see very many yellow-dog Democrats returning to their vomit as the Bible says. They apparently cannot learn from history even though it keeps repeating itself right in their presence.

  3. You are right Howard, another great editorial! I check my email every morning to see if you have posted a new editorial, Thanks. Hopefully the brain dead people here wake up before it’s to late.

  4. Trump will win in 2020 but look for lots of voter fraud from the Democrats. With Trump as President my business went from nothing to covered up. In my lifetime I’ve never seen so much increase in business that we have had this year. My son opened up a tire shop and garage in the spring and working it 7 twelve hour days trying to get caught up. He is thinking a night shift would help If he can find the help.

  5. Many people MUST EXPERIENCE something before they UNDERSTAND its CONSEQUENCES, e.g., SOCIALISM!I feel very badly for CANADA which is quickly DECLINING!Just WISH that you and yours could FIND a way to MOVE to the U.S. before it’s too late!Let’s HOPE that AMERICANS can REALIZE the RESULTS of ACCEPTING FREE STUFF because there is NOTHING FREE in this world, unless you’re ILLEGAL; “THAT” will also last just so long! Exactly what do Trump’s FOES HATE about what he says.He only SPEAKS the TRUTH! AMEN!

  6. Many Trump haters are gonna have to swallow their pride a bit and finally admit that Trump is the right man at the right time (right, get it). I just listened to Trump’s NRA speech. Wow, that guy is winning on a level no one could have predicted, except him of course. When those 3 people related their harrowing experiences about stopping a bad guy with a gun by a good guy with a gun, were riveting. His speech was great, makes me proud to be an AMERICAN—TRUMP 2020

  7. well said Howard,however,if the demorats take over in 2020,it will make canada look like the shining city on the hill.

  8. Just read Doug Casey (economist prediction)report that says between now & 2020 elections, the Fed Reserve (really private bank reps) will raise interest rates to create massive market crash for which Trump will be blamed. Purpose is to oust him from office &/or prevent re-election. At least since Obama the push for a Socialist America has gone full force & Trump is in the way, even internationally. Millennials are duped, obedient; their vote for Bernie proved that; they’re 73M strong by 2020.

  9. This next election will tell the tale of whether we have awaken to the lying media and the Deep State that had their plans to take over this country foiled by Trump, or we will be going under the oppression of Socialist Dictators. We were saved in 2018, but the Deep State and Main Stream Media have been doing all they can to destroy the one man who can and will save us. If any one of the Democrat/Socialist win in 2020, kiss the USA goodbye.

  10. Merci and thank you for all that you did to guarantee that your wonderful thoughts go right to my e-mail box.
    No longer, as of today, must I go the rarely used gmail to obtain your editorials which I love, And forward on to friends.
    Thank you again.

  11. Gas per Cdn gall increased since you wrote $5 in Toronto. It’s $6+ in Cornwall for regular and almost $7 for Premium. It looks promising that Conservatives are taking power in the Provinces but October will be the real test. Many a slip twixt cup and mouth. Did anyone notice Trudeau taking advantage of the floods to push his climate propaganda on the victims? Too much Urban development and Tile drainage is the major cause of flooding. Water gets to the rivers much faster than in earlier times

  12. LOVED the last paragraph. As usual, well said.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  13. They used to say the cream rises to the top. In the Democrat Presidential candidate swamp it seems to be mostly scum arising. Uncle Joe the fondler is a shining example. Trudeau got his photo op yesterday tying sandbags in Gatineau. Doug Ford was out today with a shovel in his hand filling sandbags up, actually contributing.

  14. Howard, you’re right as usual. I just wanted to say I always felt sorry for Joe Biden because he lost his wife & daughter in a car accident (1972)… and in 2015, Joe lost his son, Beau (46) to brain cancer. I know this is no reason to vote him in as the next U.S. President, but I feel bad for the guy. As a Canadian, I also feel bad for our Country. Both Trudeau’s were lousy Prime Ministers and Julie + I would love it if…YOU, Howard…would run for Prime Minister of Canada !!! – Brucester

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