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The United States Of America Is Not A Democracy.

At the Core of what Makes America Great & Exceptional, is that America is a Democratic REPUBLIC . . . With A Very Heavy Emphasis On The Word Republic.

So . . . When I Hear High Profile Americans, Especially Politicians & Media Types Referring to America as a Democracy, I really have to Wonder what Qualifies these People to be Speaking with Authority about the American System of Law & Order, which is Clearly Enunciated in the Entire Constitution of the United States Of America.

Nazi Germany Was A Democracy In The Beginning.

Everywhere, where Freedom of Expression is Currently Under Attack, as in France, England, Canada . . . Etc, Democracy is the Code Word for those who Wish to Stifle FREEDOM . . .

America Stands-Out As The Exception . . . Because America Is A True Republic.

America Is Steadfast As A Republic . . . Of, By & For The People, which Makes the USA The Freest Country on the Planet, where the Constitution has Empowered the People to Bear Arms, NOT for the Purpose of Hunting, NOR for the Purpose of Self Protection from Neighbors . . . But Rather – To Protect The Constitution & Citizen Rights From Excessive Government.

To Call America A Democracy Shows Two Things . . . Disrespect for the Brilliance & Sacrifice Made by the Patriots of the Revolution. And a Severe Lack of Knowledge Between what a Democracy is – Opposed To The Brilliance Of A Real Republic.

In A Democracy . . . It Is Rule By The Mob. In A Republic However, such as the Republic of the United States of America, It Is Rule By The People, With INHERENT Freedoms Conferred Upon The People Regardless Of The Wishes Of The Mob.

In Nazi Germany . . . The Government Passed DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL LAWS To Disenfranchise German Jews. Disarm German Jews. To Eventually Make Jews In Germany Non-Persons. That Was Democracy In Action.


What Has Bernie Sanders Contributed To Mankind Other Than His Big Mouth?

I “HATE” ANTI-SEMITES! But even More than the Usual Horde of Jew-Haters, I DESPISE Jewish Anti-Semites Most Of All, and I have ZERO RESPECT for those who Profess to be Jewish, who are so Estranged from Judaism, because of Social, Political & Cultural Ignorance, that they are so Self-Absorbed & Too Stupid to know how Stupid They Really Are.

AND I LOATHE JEWS . . . Who use the Fact that they were either Born Jewish, or Converted to Judaism, Mostly Through The Reformed Movement, which is like the Synagogue of What’s Happening Now, that they Believe, Because they Call themselves Jewish, they have Some Inherent Right TO DISPARAGE ISRAEL & CONSERVATIVE JEWS.

Bernie Sanders Just Publicly Called Benjamin Netanyahu A Racist . . . Which Means Bernie Sanders just called Far More than Half of Israel, which Voted for Conservative Israeli Parties – Racists.

More Than That . . . Sanders has in the past Accused Israel of Mass Palestinian Murder, Destroying Palestinian Hospitals & Schools, and Treating Israeli Arabs as Second Class Citizens . . . ALL OF WHICH ISN’T EVEN CLOSE TO BEING TRUE . . . But Plays well to the Anti-Semitic American LEFT.

In Yiddish . . . A Phrase To Describe Bernie Sanders, Is Ge-Shmatah Yid, Which Accurately Depicts A Jewish Sell-Out.

Because Bernie Sanders Promotes himself as a Jew, who wants the World to see him being Beyond Jewish Avarice, Whatever that Means . . . Sanders Portrays himself as Being a Jew of Much Higher Regard, who wants everyone to Believe that He, Bernie Sanders, is a Jew of Higher Esteem, who can Speak Honestly & Openly Against Israel, by Disparaging Israel’s Elected Government . . . Because Sanders Is Jewish.

Let Me Make This 100% Clear . . . Sanders is the Kind of Jew (Judenrat), who was Responsible For Leading More Than 6,000,000 Jewish Men, Women & Children To The Nazi Slaughter Camps.

The Worst Anti-Semites In The World Are Jewish Anti-Semites . . . Period!


I Am Neither Politically Correct . . . Nor Reluctant To Say It As It Is.

The Holocaust Happened . . . Not Because Jews Challenged The Nazis – But Rather, Because Jews Did Not Challenge The Nazis.

There has been No Shortage of So-Called Jewish Leaders, who have Castigated me Privately, or Publicly Amongst Themselves, because I Dared to Criticize Jewish Leadership in Public Places.

In Other Words . . . I Should Never Air Our Dirty Jewish Laundry In Public.

But . . . When I See, Hear & Read the Opinions of a High Profile Jewish Candidate, no Matter Who it is, in this Case Bernie Sanders, who Feels Free to Besmirch the People of Israel for his own Political Fortunes, Denigrating Israel’s Elected Leadership, whom he Calls Racist . . . I WILL NOT BE SILENT, and I will Accuse Bernie Sanders of the Same Mindset as Pre-Holocaust German Jewish Elites, of Being a Judenrat.

I Do Not Stand Alone . . . as a Person who Sees a Democrat Field of Presidential Candidates, willing to Say ANYTHING they believe the People Want to Hear, just so they Could Get a Shot at the Top Job In America – Even If It Means Disparaging Jews for the Benefit of LEFTIST, Anti-Semitic & Ignorant Voters . . . I am Very Worried.

And If You’re Jewish Or Not – You Should Be Worried Too, because, as History has Clearly Shown us all, This Is The Type Of Politics Which Destroys The Essence Of Humanity & Whole Nations In The Process.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson actually were in the March with Martin Luther King…but you certainly couldn’t compare those with King…How could either call themselves a Rev….They both spit Satan’s hate none stop!

  2. Amen, Howard. I have tweeted Tucker a number of times reminding him we are not a democracy. Unfortunately and disappointedly, he still uses the term. I have also done that to other politicians who certainly should know better and who care unable to pontificate on the wonder of our republic. I say, keep on keeping on, Howard.

  3. I agree with you 100% about Bernie Sanders!
    A Jewish sell out of the highest kind!

  4. Dear Mr. Galganov, you are spot on!! Bernie Sanders is the worst kind of a Jew, he reminds me of the Jews who collaborated with the Nazi’s in order to save their own asses and fortunes while pushing all other Jews under the bus. Not to mention the hypocrite that he is, trashing and speaking against the “1%” while buying his 3rd lake house and his dear wife is being investigated for embezzling millions. Calling Bibi and half of Israel racists is unforgivable. Zafi Gamlieli

  5. Bernie is a mental case and his supporters clearly illustrate everything that is wrong with our educational system.

  6. Howard as you well know in Canada, Jews don’t challenge anyone even themselves. There is little community or national Jewish leadership for that matter. And the Holocaust could, Heaven forbid, take place today without anyone standing up for anything. The world in general is totally mad!!!!!!!

  7. Here is one Jew that does not castigate, but instead applauds you. It is incomprehensible to me that these Judenrat”s of today are so blind and ignorant of what their precise behavior led to 80 some odd years ago. Let them go lie with their Muzzie and other Jew haters and see how long they survive. They are sellouts and traitors.

  8. Democracy , Smocracy, it’s the easiest route to dictatorship for the self. Get elected on a 50%+1 majority. Get the military on side with tax payer payoffs. Get a referendum, enforced by the previousers, to change the constitution and bingo he’s a dictator for life with a 99% majority. Good stuff! America is a constitutional republic with the “dictator prevent” called the Second Amendment bed rocked in the constitution. That’s how America was born viv-a- via England. Please tell me if I’m halluc

  9. Amen Howard. Among other things, Bernie Sanders is an embarrassment. Shame on him!

  10. You know Howard, I just got off the phone with Montreal’s Town of Hampstead Mayor William Steinberg. Unlike Bernie
    Sanders…William Steinberg tells it like it is. He claims Quebec’s Premier Legault’s “Bill 21” which outlaws Hijabs, Kippahs and Turbans, etc… is racist and a form of ETHNIC CLEANSING. So many people got on Mayor Steinberg’s case begging him to APOLOGIZE. I phoned Mr. Steinberg and CONGRATULATED him for telling it like it is. The problem is not “Bill” Steinberg. It’s Bill 21.

  11. As a fellow Jew, I condemn so many of the Democrat leadership who are Jews for their despicable actions against the President. Included in this list are Nadler, Schiff and Schumer. Obviously, they do not read nor understand the Torah. The penalty of Tzra’as was given for Lishon Harah, evil speech. The sin was being divisive and causing strife in the community. The penalty was excision from the community for a week or until the Tzra’as was cleared up. Too bad Tzra’as doesn’t exist today.

  12. TOP SECRET!!! The Soviet government is on the look out for the guy who was ensconced in the Glass mausoleum in Moscow, who has been missing since the month before Bernie announced he was running in 2015,….hmmmmm coincidence or a “democrat top secret agenda! You decide!

  13. Bernie Sanders epitomizes the insidious Kapo mentality. Kapos the godless Jews that would not fight the Nazis but believed survival was dependent on appeasing the enemy by assisting Nazis in killing your own kind. And to think the godless sons and daughters of the Kapo’s held the majority in Israeli politics until this latest election.

  14. I am constantly surprised, not pleasantly either, at how many so called educated Americans do not, perhaps cannot, understand the difference between a Republic and a democracy. Sort of tells me that their “education” was lacking the very basic upon which their country was based and maybe that is why so many are sold on the concept of socialism. They simply don’t know what they have so they are ready to try something, anything, that catches their passing fancy.

  15. Howard thank you for the excellent editorial as always. As for Bernie Sanders I do not know his age but he looks way to old to run for office of the White House, I do not listen to him and as a Christian who should not say this I dislike the man all together. As much as I do Hillary Clinton and Obama. There are many more an seems like they are in a large cult trying to do what James Jones did yrs ago. Get rid of us all if we do not agree with what they have in store for America and her people.

  16. Brother Bernie is worse than a “meshumid” (one who converts). What’s worse is that none of the Jewish Democrats challenge his statements. By adhering to an anti-semitic policy the entire Democratic party and the progressive left are thereby diminished. Such standards of behavior are lamentable.

  17. Howard I wish that I could add more but the letters before mine tell it all. Yes, Bernie is a scmuck !!!!! and so are most of the Democrats running for Pres………….. what a joke !!!!!!

  18. At this juncture, I don’t believe that ANY Liberal candidate can/could beat Trump. SANDERS is a BIG JOKE! He speaks against MILLIONAIRES, while he is one himself! He’s going NOWHERE! Meanwhile, we can enjoy the CIRCUS! AMEN!

  19. Our Republic is brilliant. It gives the minority a voice, where in a mob only the loudest are heard. Our Republic is a nation of independent states with independent constitutions and governments. Each state elects their representatives according to their laws. So no matter how idiotic California or New York becomes, their idiocy never overrules the rest of the Republic. The only mistake in amending the Constitution was the 17th, re Senators not representing states but party.

  20. There are 2 reasons people continue to call this country a democracy. 1) Tell a falsehood often enough & it becomes fact – the aim of those who want to change/get rid of the Constitution; 2) No longer does our education system teach the Constitution as history or government, unless they learn another way (parents). I now believe that was purpose of gov’t student loans to get more before those anti-USA professors. Looks like it’s worked. As for Bernie, life-time politician-no need to say more.

  21. Excellent editorial as always. To answer a previous question of a comment, Joe Biden is 76 years old, born 11-20-1940 in Scranton, PA. Since I was born and raised in PA in 1931, I knew about Biden. Also Sanders is 77 years old. If I recall correctly, the Democrats thought Trump was to old to be president at 70, now 72! No need to say more. Go Trump go!

  22. Glad you touched on this democracy thing, Howard. Maybe Democrats don’t like “Of, by, and for, the people”. They like the idea of a country run by Democrats. I think AOC would be a great running mate for Bernie. Also, I think somebody should do a remake of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ with Bernie as the corpse (he’d probably be better at playing a dead guy than a politician).

  23. Thank you so much for your insightful and TRUE words of wisdom. Once again, you hit the nail on the head. Now, if only we could hit the ignoramuses (sp?) over the head and clear the FOG where their brain matter needs to be!

  24. Thanks for being SO vocal and so correct. The more REAL men speak out against hypocrites, bad ideas and bad people the more they will shrink back into the shadows. We will always have to deal with evil, stupid and mislead people. But ALL of them cannot stand the light of day or a real debate. WE MUST stand against the wind of PC and other hypocritical ideals and remember history and the horrible tragedies humanity has been through and too often forgets. Appreciate you Howard! GO GALGANOV.

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