When Patriotism Is Challenged – The End Is Near


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I’ll Get To Mad-Max . . . The Los Angeles Nut-Job In A Few Paragraphs.


If You Live In Montreal, the Cost of a Canadian Gallon of Gasoline (Slightly Larger than an American Gallon) is just Under $7.

Where we Live in Rural Ontario during the Summer, where Most Shopping & Services are Separated by Distance, the Cost is about $5-Per Canadian Gallon, which Makes Everything Anne & I do, which is Related to Vehicle Travel, Something we have to Think About, which Includes Going-Out to Restaurants, which are Already too Expensive, how we Grocery Shop, since we want to Make Less Trips for Food Essentials than Necessary . . . To Even Visiting Friends.


The Excuse For The Carbon Tax . . . Is Climate Change – To Save The Planet.

THE REALITY . . . Canada’s Carbon Footprint & Level Of Pollution Is So Miniscule On The Global Scene, IT MAKES CANADA’S CONTRIBUTION TO POLLUTION INCONSEQUENTIAL.

So What’s The Real Story For The Carbon Tax?

TRUTH-BE-TOLD . . . Canada, Under Less than 4-Years of a Liberal (Socialist) Government Is Broke. Canadian Roads, Bridges & Overpasses are Truly Deteriorating Before Our Eyes. Our Roads are Akin to the Type of Roads you would Experience in a Third World Country . . .

And Because Canada has such a Grotesquely Large & Unnecessary Bureaucracy, the Bureaucrats are Falling over Each-Other to be as Invasive in the Lives of Private Canadians as Possible, just because they don’t know what else to do.

And Then There’s The HORRIFIC & Unsustainable Cost To Government Pensions.

Eventually – Every Excess Comes Back To Bite The Users In The Ass. And for Canada, the Excesses are coming Back to us with a Vengeance.


For Anne & I to be Able to See our Family Doctor (And We’re The Lucky Ones), we Need to Make an Appointment Months in Advance. For Millions of Canadians, they Can’t even Find a Family Doctor.

So For Most People . . . It’s The Emergency Ward.


The Other Day . . . Because I am a Diabetic, I went to our Local Hospital to have my Semi-Annual Blood-Check Done, where the Nurse (Technician) Draws a Half Dozen Vials of Blood for Testing.

And as the Nurse was Reading the List of Things, which my Doctor Wanted Tested, which are Always More or Less the Same, the Nurse Stopped Reading and Said to Me . . . THIS TEST NOW COSTS $60 – AM I WILLING TO PAY?

She Kept Reading, Stopped Again, and Said Again . . . THIS TEST COSTS $35 – AM I WILLING TO PAY?

So Let Me Tell You Something About FREE Canadian Healthcare.

If I had a Heart Attack, or a Stroke (Which I had), or Cancer (Which I Also Had) . . . I would be Taken Care of at No Cost out of my Pocket, but for Everything Else the Government Thinks is Not Acute, We Can Wait A Year Or More For Service & Or Treatment.

I’m Not Saying The American System Is Good – ‘Cause It’s Not . . . But:

In Ontario, Canada’s Most Populated Province, where Anne & I Live, Providing Private Medicine Including Radiology, Is Against The Law, as it is also Mostly Against the Law in the Province of Quebec, Canada’s Second Most Populated Province . . . So Be Careful For What You Wish.

Canada (Federal Government), The Provinces & The Cities Are Broke. And Because They’re all Broke, there’s No Money for Healthcare, Infrastructure, Education – ETC, because Smarty (The Government) Had a Party with the People’s Money . . . And now Canada is Living on Borrowed Funds, with Interest Payments Greater than the Cost of Any of Canada’s Most Essential Services.


Waters . . . And all of Her Liberal, Socialist Democrat Cohorts were Elected to Protect the American Constitution, Government, Federal Services . . . AND ACT IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

So . . . Besides Spending Every Minute Of Every Day – Going after President Trump for Phony Issues, what has Maxine Waters and her Democrat Friends Done to Help the People of the United States of America?

I HAVE JUSTIFIABLY DISPARAGED MAXINE WATERS . . . But Mad-Max Isn’t The Problem . . . Maxine Waters, and all Others Like Her, are the Result of a Stupid & Uninformed Constituency, which Elected an Idiot like Her & Others To Guard American National Treasures. Did She & They Do That?

Maxine Waters Is Not Just The Disease . . . Mad-Max Is The Symptom, which Represents all that is Wrong, not just with American Politics, but Rather, World Politics, as we are Bearing Witness to a Globalized Socialist World, Moving Away from any Focus on National Exceptionalism, BASED ON MERITOCRACY, Instead, To A World of Fanciful Lies & Social Distractions, Which Run Against Basic Decent Human Values.

Maxine Waters . . . Is A Sick Individual – Pushing A Sick Desperate Narrative To A Dumbed-Down Electorate, In The Hope Of Preserving A Nonsensical Political Lie, To Perpetuate Her Place & The Place Of Others Just Like Her, Atop The Socio/Political Food-Chain, At The Expense Of Truth & Freedom.

Now Mad Max Is Accusing Conservatives, Who Don’t Buy Into The Leftist Agenda, Willing To Commit Treason By Way Of Coup D’état, As Traitors To The United States Of America . . .

Where Do The LEFT & The People Go From There?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Except to say that I am in agreement with you and the comments from others, I will add that I am so glad that you are happy in Texas.

  2. Howard once again your views are spot on….Mad Max should be in jail and all like her. I have just about stopped watching the news as it looks like a one sided mess. I thing that IF the Dems win the next election that our country is done for.

  3. What an insane B*TCH!!! She has truly gone off to the deep end & she is one of the worst of the Swamp Dwellers. By G-d, I don’t believe in Socialized medicine or anything Socialized. The Dimwits are trying so hard to make the USA a third world country. Nanzi Peloosi is a loser herself & can’t even run the House of Reps properly. Then we can honestly add the complete idiot Chucky Schmucky in the Senate. I simply can not call these jerks anything but what I call them.

  4. Ontario, Municipalities and the Canadian Federal government are broke. The economic situation will become worse before it gets better, what ever better will look like. 1,000 Canadians turn 65 every day until 2030, then we are really old! Pensions, Health care, food, heating, hydro, water, living space, roads, bridges, transportation, education, etc. We spend too much time and money on being politically correct and not enough on real life issues. We waste money in this country !!!

  5. Sad to hear of Canada’s brokenness, financially, politically, morally.
    Sad the USA is headed “down the tubes” likewise.
    Sad Europe is Islamized.
    I recommend the 9 DVD series “Christ Revealed” by Dr. Pat Gentempo. Shore up your beliefs! Act accordingly.

  6. I hate to admit this, but, my business is in Maxine’s district. Though many of her decisions directly affect me and my business, because, I’m not a resident, there is no way for me to vote her out. She is really an embarrassment to herself and her district. Head of the banking and financial in congress, WHAT??? What idiot put her there? I can only imagine what people from other countries think when they hear this Loony Tune person open her mouth. Talk about ugly American!!!!

  7. The RADICAL DEMS are just plain INSANE—as first proven by their UNREALISTIC & EXTREME SUPPORT of the so-called GLOBAL WARMING. They can’t DISCUSS the LEGITIMATE POLITICAL ISSUES, so they BELIEVE that they can CONTROL the WEATHER! “It ain’t going to happen!” Their GOALS are to only DESTROY TRUMP and become RICHER and MORE POWERFUL! They are all DESTROYING AMERICA via their PROGRESSIVE VIEWS! The “DEPLORABLES” are a lot SMARTER than they think and WILL BE PROVING it in 2020! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. The Liberals/Democrats are a mess. Their talk is corrupt and cheap. They have nothing and do nothing. Like the poor leaders they are, they do not lead, only raise taxes to pay for their fanciful ideas that only raise the elites up and keep the people they profess to love down. The media is run by super rich elites that push the lies daily until people can no longer tell the difference and spew the garbage themselves thinking its good.

  9. I think the key to ridding ourselves of the demonic driven liberals in both Canada and the US is to TAKE BACK our countrys’ once great education systems. That the left has been successful in corrupting the education of our youth is undeniable. If we continue along this path of deceit being taught to our kids, I don’t think we have a chance. Everywhere there is evidence of this progressive propaganda being taught and absorbed by young people who are too immature to know it is wrong!

  10. Though NOT a Doctor, I learned from the Hippocratic Oath, the TRUTH of Healing! BUT while it specifically does NOT say, to “HARM NO-ONE” The “Harm no one” is actually from a “Wicca” or the “key of a moral system in the neopagan religion(s) of Wicca and certain other related witchcraft-based faiths. …..A common form of the (Wiccan) Rede is “An ye harm none, do what ye will.” Looks like the government adheres to the “,….do what ye will.”

  11. There’s a big debate right now in the city where I live about Public Education. Many people, our governor included, feel that Charter schools is a good option. But, the very people (teachers included) are defending Public Schools…money is also a reason.

  12. So many of my Canadian friends come to the USA for their medical care. For the very reasons you discussed. RE: Carbon Tax…The GOV’T needs money to sustain the unsustainable. PERIOD. RE: World Socialism … Obama & Soros want One World Order, what better way then Socialism. When government gets too big, it will crumble. Ours is too BIG.

  13. You are correct Howard about acute care and the rest gets taken care of whenever. My dogs and cats can see their doctor quicker than I can. But talking about crazies, why on earth is Obama coming to Ottawa to hold a seminar and who in their right mind would pay $75.00 to go listen that his socialist drivel! Certainly not I.

  14. Howard, excellent and insightful article. Thanks much. Hopefully, the majority of those of us in the USA will be smart enough NOT to follow the Canadian example. As for Maxine Waters? Her constituents are very stupid, as are those of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, yadda, yadda, yadda (as well as most all of the democrat Representatives and Senators) to continue to elect her. She and most of her ilk are disgraceful, stupid popinjays. Hopefully, in the end, they will become also rans!

  15. talk about health care two weeks ago we took our 8 lb. dog to our vet for his check up. 25 minutes and it cost $92 dollars on humana we see our doctor for $15 dollars and the yearly chk up with an EKG is included with the 15 dollar fee.

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