HEADLINE – President Colludes To Obstruct Foreign Election


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In The Years 2009 & 2015 . . . President Barack Hussein Obama COLLUDED with Likud’s Political Enemies, to OVERTHROW the Conservative Government (Likud) of Israel, by Sending Lots of Money & Campaign Strategists into Israel, to Screw with Israel’s Two Subsequent National Elections.

Interestingly . . . Obama’s Strategy Did Nothing But Bite Obama In The Ass.

And Don’t Forget Crooked Hillary’s Russian Collusion With The Dirty Dossier.


SO HERE IT IS . . . The LEFT & RINOS are in Open Panic, because if President Trump can be Taken at His Word, which I Believe He Can – Because . . . Not Only did the LEFTIST & RINO Hierarchy in the Elected Government of Obama, the Bureaucracy, CIA, NSA, IRS & Media Go After The President . . . THEY WENT AFTER HIS FAMILY!

Let Me Tell You A Truism . . . Touch Me & I’ll Be Pissed – But Touch My Wife, Dog, Cat, Horses & Or Close Family & Friends, And The World Will Not Be Big Enough For The Culprit To Hide Forever. And I Have Neither The Money, The Power, Nor The Resources Of President Donald J Trump.

SO . . . For More than 2-Years, the Swamp Took Its Best Shot at Bringing Down the “KING”, To Which It Failed Miserably. And the Hole they Dug, is Only Getting Deeper, as the Likes of Ocasio-Cortez, Rashid Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, Maxine Waters & Others . . . Keep On Digging.

In The Case Of Ocasio-Cortez, Rashid Tlaib & Ilhan Omar – They’re Too Stupid To Understand The Ramifications Of What They’re Doing . . . But, in the Case of the Others, Including the Dirty Obama Era Leaders Of The Justice Department, FBI, National Intelligence, NSA, IRS, State Department . . . Even Extending To Players Like Susan Rice & Former Ambassador To The UN – Samantha Power . . . They Are Desperate.

The LEFT’S Attempt To Foment A “Peaceful” Coup D’état – Crossed The Line.

A COUP D’ÉTAT . . . No Matter How Peaceful It Seems – Is Nothing Akin to Staging an Aggressive Political Campaign & Debate, which in Fact, is the Backbone of our Free Elections Opposed to an Attempt to Overthrow a Legitimately Elected Government by Devious & Nefarious Means.

HOWEVER . . . Trying to Unseat a Duly Elected President, in a Democratic Republic, such as the United States of America, through Malicious Means, by Using the Levers of what should be Non-Partisan APOLITICAL Powers . . . Is Nothing Short Of Treason.


If Mueller Was An Honest Bipartisan Man . . . Which I Believe He Is Not – Robert Mueller would have Released a Final Report, which would have Said; After More Than 2-Years of Exhaustive Legal Investigation by Partisan Pro-Hillary Lawyers & Investigators, Nothing has been Found to Indicate that the President of the United States of America, is Guilty of Anything, which Includes Collusion (For Which There Is Not A Crime) Nor Obstruction of Justice . . . Period! End Of Story.

After Spending What I’m Sure Amounts To More Than $40-Million In Money, and God Only Knows how many Tens Of Millions More in Lost Manpower Salaries . . . Mueller Walked Away from More than 2-Wasted Years Investigating what was a Total Untruth, which Everyone Knew was a Total Untruth . . . To Leave His Own Anti-Trump Team’s IFFY Conclusions Hanging In The Wind.


Because Mueller Wrote . . . Essentially – “We Don’t Have Any Proof That President Trump Obstructed Justice, But We Also Don’t Have Proof That He Didn’t”.

So With This Kind Of Logic . . . I don’t know that Robert Mueller Participates in Child Porn. But I also Don’t Know that he Doesn’t. How Fair Would That Be?

This Is No Different Than What The LEFT Did To Justice Kavanaugh.

We Have No Proof That Teenager Kavanaugh . . . Tried to Force Himself on a Teenage Girl Kavanaugh Didn’t Know, at a Party where No One can Remember the Accuser Being, while they were all in High School, who after Many Decades of Lost Memory, all of a Sudden Vividly Remembers the Event as if it were Yesterday, which no one else can Remember, Including the Accuser’s Best Friends, whom the Accuser Relied Upon as Witnesses.

Who’s To Say – The Accuser Didn’t “Jump” Kavanaugh?

Yet . . . We’ll Take The Word Of The Accuser – Because Why?


Had Mueller Been A Mentsch (A Decent Person), Mueller would have Ended his Inquisition this way . . . Because of the Severity of the Charges, which Led to my Subsequent Appointment as Special Council, I was Compelled to Investigate Every Possible Claim Against the President, His Team & Confederates. And since we Found Nothing with which to Charge the President for any Violation . . . On Behalf of the Entire Investigating Team, I Apologize for any and all Damages which were Done to the President, His Family, Friends, Staff & Supporters.

But That’s Not What Mueller Did . . . Instead – Mueller Doubled Down.

I Understand Why The LEFT Are Going Nuts . . . It’s to Save their Sorry Asses, as the King they Tried to Take Down & Didn’t – Is Now Getting His Turn At Them.


Because of the LEFT’S Utter Incompetence & Self-Assuredness, where they should have Never Felt Assured . . .

In Baseball Parlance – Coach Donald Trump has the Bases Loaded. Trump’s Best Base-Stealer is on Third Base. It’s the Bottom of the Inning. There Are No Men-Out. The Score is Tied. Coach Trump has His Three Best Long–Ball Hitters on Deck. There’s A Strong-Wind Blowing to the Outfield. The Opposition is Down to their Last Relief Pitcher in their Bullpen, And He’s Aready Thrown 3-Balls & No Strikes . . .

And All Coach Trump Needs To Do To Win It All . . . Is Bring In Just One Run.

And You’ve Bet The Mortgage Against Trump’s Team – How Would You Feel?

Back To Politics . . . In The Case Of President Trump, the President can Run on a Myriad of Massive National & International Accomplishments . . . from his Successes on the Economy, Job Creation, Factory Renewals, Tax Deductions, Indisputable Energy Independence, a Revamped VA, America’s Strongest Military-Ever, Equitable Foreign Trade Agreements, America’s Embassy in Jerusalem, the Recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli Territory – ETC, ETC, ETC.


What Can The LEFT Campaign On . . . Open Borders, Sanctuary States & Cities, Late Term Abortions & Infanticide, The $100-TRILLION Phony Green Deal, Legalized Marijuana, Socialism, Unsustainable Free University Tuition, Unsustainable Free Healthcare, Higher Taxes, More Regulations & The Surrender Of American Exceptionalism In Exchange For Globalization?

And Now President Trump Can Go After The Traitors Who Failed The Coup D’état.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you indeed would make a very fine TEXAN!

  2. one of your best I’ve read to date.keep it up Howard,happy easter.

  3. Every dog has his day. President Trump is growling–justifiably.

  4. One thing… NEVER trust AT&T…EVER ! ! !
    Now that the “Chips have Fallen” (but the DUST hasn’t settled…!), I Hope and PRAY our President goes after every one of those Back-Stabbers against our country, with all the Force, Laws, and Fortitude ALLOWED.
    Thank you Howard, for letting everyone out there know more about what is happening in our “Little World”, and the TRUTH (whether the Leftists and Socialist (et.al.) agree with it or not…!).

  5. Someone who I know, indicated that the Mueller report will find evidence of obstruction. I indicated to this person that if you were falsely charged with robbery and you hired a lawyer to plead your case, then you would be charged with obstruction. That is what this is. It is a clear case the Left and the idiotic Democrats are looking for an excuse to remove a duly and legitimately elected President.

  6. The main problem here is that the “fake news” lamestream media are not giving up, so are democrats and rinos and that there are still dumb sheeples in the U.S.A. and in Canada that still believe the lies. The definition of stupid is hearing the truth, seeing the truth but continue to believe the lies. Until the President Trump team, start indicting some of those liars and press charges, nothing will change. They only have 1 year to do it because, after that, the country will be in election mode.

  7. I’ve been waiting for years for the crooked lefties to be held accountable for their many crimes against America and now I finally see some hope because of people like you, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Freedom Caucasus, and others that this may actually come to pass. There has to be indictments and convictions forthcoming or our Republic will cease to exist. We the people demand that justice be done! We should all pray for this!

  8. The Very Best Editorial!!!! Now that the cards are on the table, POTUS Trump WILL TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. Regardless of the Fake News & the Left, Trump being the negotiator he is, has learned how to USE what is given and AIM FOR THE HEART. The Judicial Watch is ON IT. Sean, Levin, Ingraham, Dobbs are also ON IT. They are like starving dogs after the bone. I never liked nor trusted Mueller, but the gauntlet has been tossed. The LEFT be damned, Trump is ON IT!The WALL IS BEING BUILT. MAGA!!!

  9. Howard, sorry to hear of all the difficulties you’ve been having trying to get your message out to all your loyal followers. As a point of interest, my ISP is Videotron and besides being a first rate provider with the best customer service anywhere, they’ve never ever restricted your messaging. Long may you keep up opening eyes everywhere.

  10. Brilliant!! Nothing less than Brilliant!! God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America!!

  11. Howard Great Blog; and Yes President Trump will go after the Dems and RINO’s that I am sure. Going about town and driving around I make sure to wear my Red MAGA hat.

  12. Mr. “no integrity”, Mueller, hired a bunch of partisan hacks headed by an unethical, disgraced former federal prosecutor, Andrew Weissman, to conduct an inquisition. They used “stasi” tactics of harassment, threats and intimidation, short of the rubber hoses to break witnesses (they succeeded with Flynn) and came up with nothing except manufactured process crimes. The witnesses are now left try to put together their broken lives. Because of what? A manufactured hoax.

  13. Wow Howard, we hope that all of you had a wonderful Easter. A wonderful editorial but I will address only one issue. Liberal, socialistic, globalist Democrats obviously believe that Trump is guilty of all accusations until proven innocent. We’ll Take The Word Of The Accuser – Because Why? “Because the media tells us to.”

  14. Great article and so true. The media and the left are beside themselves. Have to watch it once in awhile just for a laugh. Thanks for the good work. Be Blessed.

  15. May their chickens come home to roost. An old saying and it’s exactly what the Dems deserve. Billie ..

  16. Great editorial & so SPOT ON!!! I believe that Mueller is a “Never Trumper” & that was why he excepted the position of Special Prosecutor or Investigator. Mueller is just as much a part of the problem of trying to “impeach” Trump as the rest of them are. Well, I also know that Trump should “tread softly” when getting back at all of them. His rallies across the US are still just as powerful as they were when he was campaigning. 2020 will be a very interesting year in politics.

  17. Happy Holiday to you this past weekend, dear Howard! God has given you a great gift of pure critical thinking. Another great Patriarch is Marc Levin. If you did’t catch him on Fox News tonight, watch his show on YouTube. He was on fire like you are. Thank God for your passion. With the two of you out there explaining these crazies and their methods, we are so much better informed and enlightened. I want to see you on Fox News. How about it? What a treat that would be. God speed…..

  18. Like most if not all leftist notions, Russia Collusion is a complete hack. Empty, created, agendized ideas that only serve to undermine what is conservative or traditional and not a leftist, progressive notion. Anyone with half a brain and a shred of decency can spot their crackpot agendas. Anti-Trump thought is so deep in the psyche of the Left they will clutch onto and create any whacked out idea against him.

  19. After using PayPal the lasts few years have cancelled it! Suggest everyone reading this to do the same.
    Remember when we all returned empty postage paid envelopes to an organization that was supporting the left? Didn’t take long for them to take notice, didn’t change their position on issues but they knew that everyone wasn’t supporting them.

  20. Great editorial, spot on as always!
    Good luck with your blog rebuild ..
    Mary from TX

  21. First step looooking good!! While I feel your pain (hate that expression!!) It is about time that “Coach Trump” starts focusing on the basics harder. I’m speaking of the basics of our CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS, AND start doing what is defined as his JOB in those documents, implement AND enforce the LAWS and rights as previously approved, NOT the way they want them to be! The fundamental problem is that there is no LEADERSHIP in the Legislature!!! That’s where the battle needs to be!!

  22. Top Dems in news statements regarding Sri Lanka bombings shows they are in lock step and answering to someone who’s making the rules. Their reference to “Easter worshippers” rather than Christians was identical. Puppets they are to the one (or ones) who finances their continued existence. Obey or funds stop. Mueller could find nothing chargeable to Trump to disappointment of Dems in Congress, but their hatred of him won’t let that stop them. They’re showing how raving mad they really are.

  23. I guess it will have to be after his reelection to grant pardons to all of those who got prosecuted in this mess. None of their “crimes” were connected to the intent of the investigation. Funny how the Dems are condemning the POTUS because of his “FAULTY MEMORY” in regard to his written answers to Mueller’s questions. However, they forgave Comey and Hillary about their memories.

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