Passover – Easter . . . 3,000-Years Of Jewish Freedom


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TODAY . . . Friday, April 19, 2019 Celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ amongst the World’s Christians, and almost 3,000-Years Of Freedom, as Moses Led the Jewish People Out of Egyptian Bondage, Celebrated by Jews Worldwide as PASSOVER.

But To Me . . . The Most Important Facet of Passover, wasn’t the Escape of the Jews, or Hebrews as they were then Called, from Egypt & Slavery, but were the Subsequent 40-Days & 40-Nights, which Moses Spent Atop Mount Sinai during the Jews Journey through the Desert Towards Israel, from where Moses Descended with Both the TEN COMMANDMENTS and the TORAH, Known Commonly as the FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES.

The Ten Commandments . . . Nearly 3,000-Years Old, are as Relevant Today, as they were on the Day they were First Created

THE TORAH . . . No Matter Whether You’re Jewish, Christian, Moslem – or even an Atheist in a Non-Sectarian Society, is Humanity’s Blue Print to a Decent Life with Discernable & Impeccable Values, upon which our Judeo/Christian Laws have been Cast in Stone.


But I Worry . . . More Than Just Somewhat – and not in the Biblical Sense, since the Teachings of the Torah and the Ten Commandments Transcend All Religious Beliefs for their Commonsense Guidance Dating Back Approximately 3,000-Years.

There Have Been Far Too Many Times . . . when Depravity through Evil, Ignorance, Complacency, Greed & Cowardice have Usurped the Common Decency of the Torah, which have been Etched Indelibly In History, and are Alive & Active Today, where Certain Societies, Cultures & Religions have No-Truck with Real Freedoms.


When Asked By A Non Believer, To Explain The Torah While Standing On One Foot, and he would Convert to Judaism, the Great Jewish Sage, Hillel, Born Decades before Christ, Said This Is Easy.

And While Standing On One Foot . . . Hillel Said – “That Which Is Hateful Unto You, Do Not Do To Your Neighbor. The Rest Is Commentary. Go Forth & Study”.

We In North America . . . have been Incredibly Fortunate for Almost Three Quarters Of a Century, by not Experiencing the Mass Upheaval Most Countries Experience & Endure, on what is Seemingly a Never Ending Cycle of Violence & Depravation . . . But It Seems To Me – That Our Luck Will Not Hold Forever.

I Worry That Our Time Is Coming Upon Us . . . Because we have Surrendered our Values and we have Subjugated the Real Teaching of Knowledge.


In The Torah . . . It is Written, that One of the Great & Irrefutable Responsibilities & Mandates of Society, is to Give all Children the Best Education Possible, Because Opening their Minds to Every Wonder is the Key to a Blessed Future.

What We Are Witnessing Today . . . Especially Amongst The LEFT, their Media Acolytes, Educators & Globalist Big Business Supporters, all of which have Decided to Close the Minds of Children (Who Have Become Adults) to Honest Debate & Information, because a DUMBED-DOWN Society is Mentally Malleable to their Benefit, Will Lead Us To Perdition.

I Have Great Fear . . . That we Are On the Cusp of a Global Conflagration Between those Wishing to Live with Independent Freedoms & Conservative Values – Against Those Who Have No Understating Of History, Tradition & The Morality Of The Torah.

The World Is Choosing Sides . . . The LEFT & Perdition Or The RIGHT & Freedom.

Have A Blessed Easter & A Freedom Loving Passover – “Chag Sameach”.

PS – Just in Case your Email Provider Blocks your Receipt of Editorial Alerts, Please go to from Time-To-Time and See what is New. I Write at Least Several Times a Week.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Awesome editorial, Mr. G!!! My sentiments exactly and I couldn’t have said it better myself. God bless you for standing up for truth, Liberty, and freedom.

  2. As always – another great editorial, Howard. I have amost closed my ears to “Society”, as it’s difficult to listen to the Leftist’s “B.S.” being flooded on the News AND in our schools! Now, FOX seems to be veering to the Left.
    Have a wonderful Passover.

  3. Those in power have been able to carry on in their corrupt ways with none of us common people any the wiser. Now, with the internet, they are being exposed for what they are and they don’t much like it. Keep up the good work.


  5. I was born Catholic. I switched to only being Christian because I did not believe in religion anymore. In the last 10 years, I became agnostic “we just don’t know” but I still celebrate Christmas and Easter but I am non-practicing. That is one observation that I noticed, Jesus died today to forgive all of our sins since the beginning. Since then we have become 10 Billion times worse. Sodom and Gomorrah are angel cities compared to us today. The future looks bleaks. Happy Passover/Easter anyways.

  6. Take heart Howard, there is evil at work trying to shut you down but you will prevail.
    Excerpt from ACT for Canada:
    If Easter says anything to us today, it says this:
    You can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay
    there. You can nail it to a cross, wrap it in winding
    sheets and shut it up in a tomb, but it will rise!
    Darkness cannot extinguish light.

    Happy Easter and Passover to all.

  7. In every generation, a new Pharoah appears who wants to destroy the Jews. Lately it seems there is no shortage. Justin Trudeau, Barak Obama and the Democrat party including the Jewish Judentat, Saudi MBS, Quatar, and the rest of the Muslim countries, most of the EU, Merkel, Corbin, Macron, and Putin. Yet thanks to folks like you we are around to fight another day. Happy Passover, Happy Easter. We must remember not to sweat the small ones. May our enemies learn to coexist with us.

  8. Howard, may you and all your readers have a blessed weekend. Had Jesus not been resurrected, there would be NO Christianity. The Torah and the Law can’t save anybody, only Jesus can.

  9. “Chag Pesach sameach!”, Howard, to you and Anne. And Happy Easter to my Christian friends.

  10. Keep up the great work, Howard… keep our eyes open with your comments – your help is the best around. Chag Pesach Samayach to you and Anne… HaShanna Haba b’Yerushalayim!!!

  11. Shalom my friend, and keep up the good work,….it is not unnoticed!!

  12. Happy Passover to you + Anne. I am Christian, yet I managed to get invited to another wonderful Passover Sedar.
    Meanwhile, I discussed my aggravation about Quebec ethnocentric nationalistic politics (ie: Bill 21) with anyone who would listen and finally somebody says to me: “Ma-nishtana ha-lyla ha-zeh?” Translated: “Brucester, why is this night different from all other nights?” In other-words, I am always upset with Quebec politics. He’s right. Nothing has changed. HAPPY EASTER + HAPPY PASSOVE

  13. Thank you Howard. Best wishes to you as well. I’m Gmail and I did receive this albeit in an odd looking format?

  14. Happy Easter to you and yours! Stay well. Enjoy your editorials and thank you for all your good work.

  15. Great Passover & Easter editorial, Howard. Hillel Said – “That Which Is Hateful Unto You, Do Not Do To Your Neighbor. The Rest Is Commentary. Go Forth & Study” … Powerful words & true! He easily could have been speaking about the Holy Bible. Right now, as mad as I am about a lot of things politically, I have decided to “chill” this weekend & ponder the miracles & wonders of both Passover & Easter. May you and Anne have a Chag Sameach.

  16. I expect, the closer we get to election, more interference and games perpetrated by the leftist internet companies. They have been doing a job on my facebook account now for over a month simply because they do not like what I post and share. I always shared your editorials with friends but cannot do so as of today because they are blocking my account from me. If and when they reopen my account, I plan to continue with my first amendment right. Chuck

  17. Gmail as well Different link but working . Best to You and Your Family

  18. HOWARD- ZAI GEZUNT. If only we would ALL follow Rabbi Hillel’s simple advice. – Norton Milecofsky, Jackson, NJ USA

  19. Your editorials are now going to my spam folder automatically. If I dont go looking for them, I wouldn’t be able to read them. Grrr!

  20. Answer to your gmail and all email problems. On every ones favorite web page make one of your favorites! Problem solved.

  21. I too had a unusual lead into your editorial today (Easter Sunday). Many do not know God but he knows them. God and Jesus one and the same said I know you not in the end times. May God Bless us now as he has in the past. Horrible things have happened then and now but through it all. In God We Trust.

  22. Editorial arrived in my gmail inbox as usual, surprise. Maybe since Paypal didn’t allow me to make donations to you, Google left me alone–for the time being. Friday (Passover) is a contemplative day for me of what Jesus suffered for each of us. His shed blood was the sacrifice required in Levitical law for the sin of all mankind. Each of us has only to accept that gift and as best we can to walk in life as He did. His resurrection the 1st day of the week proved He is who He said, Son of God.

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