The Middle No Longer Exists



A Failed Coup D’état – No Collusion No Obstruction – Investigate The Investigators.

Being A Conservative Today In Canada . . . the USA, Israel & Much of Europe, is Not just a Challenge; it is an Invitation for Scorn, Lies & Violence. Make No Mistake About It . . . THERE IS NO POLITICAL MIDDLE, and Anyone who Thinks the Other Side (LEFTISTS) will Try to Find Common Ground, Has Bought Into The LEFT’S Propaganda.

To The LEFT . . . Meeting Half Way – Means Full Capitulation To Their Demands.

Tuesday . . . Was a Huge Victory for the Canadian Province of Alberta, which Tossed-Out the NDP (New Democrat Party), which are in Every Sense of the Word Socialists, for a New United Conservative Party, which Promises to (In My Words) Make Alberta Great Again.

But I Really Have To Wonder . . .

For Those Of You Who Don’t Know . . . At One Time, Alberta was the Texas of Canada – Oil & Cattle Uber-Rich, where Businesses & People Flocked to this Prairie Province to Seek Freedom, Fame & Fortune.

Alberta Was So Wealthy . . . That Alberta Paid-Off It’s Entire Debt, and Created a Special Fund Called The Heritage Fund (Savings Trust), which Became the Envy of all of Canada. And Not Only That . . . The Oil Rich State of Alaska & the Oil Rich Nation of Norway were so Impressed with Alberta’s Heritage Fund, that they Decided to Emulate it with their Own Special Fund.

And Here’s What Happened . . .

With All That Easy Alberta Oil Money . . . Successive So-Called Alberta Conservative Governments, WENT ON A DRUNKEN SPENDING SPREEPissing Away A Vast Fortune Like Drunken Sailors On Shore Leave.

The Heritage Fund Was Established In 1976. And at the High Point, the Heritage Fund Hit about $17-Billion. But Today, After 43-Years . . . The Alberta Heritage Fund is Worth about the Same $17-Billion.

Norway . . . On the Other Hand, which Started their National Energy Fund in 1996, 20-Years After The Alberta Fund – Has Recently Topped $1-TRILLION.

So Much For Debt Free Alberta.

Alaska – Which Started their Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (Under A Different Moniker), Started at the Same Time as the Alberta Heritage Fund . . . Has Approximately $55-BILLION in the Fund, WHICH IS MORE THAN 3-TIMES THE ALBERTA HERITAGE FUND, even after Paying all Alaskans an Annual Dividend.

JASON KENNEY . . . has now Become the New Alberta Premier (Akin To A US Governor), and in his Victory Speech (April 16, 2019), Kenney spoke GLOWINGLY about the Socialist (NDP) Premier Rachel Notley, Whom He Defeated.


Kenney Said . . . (To Paraphrase) – All Albertans Must Thank Rachel Notley for her Sacrifice To Service, and for the Enormous Work & Dedication, which Notley Put into Running Alberta . . .

What Kind Of Moron Would Say This?

If Kenney Thought . . . that Squandering Alberta’s Wealth, the Heritage Fund, Running-Up Huge Deficits, Debts, Attacking Alberta’s Oil & Gas Industry, and Raising Taxes to Support Green Energy Nonsense, while Road-Blocking Business Initiatives with Regulations Upon Regulations, while Overseeing Corporate & Personal Bankruptcies . . . is Something to Laud Notley For – THIS GUY IS A SCHMUCK!

Or Kenney Thinks The People Of Alberta Who Voted Conservative Are Schmucks.

What Kind Of A Jerk . . . Does It Take, To Thank The Person Responsible For Destroying A Province Just To Be Politically Correct?

And Imagine This . . . This Socialist Notley Piece Of Work Firmly Opposed & Blocked Alberta’s Source Of Wealth – Carbon Based Energy (Oil & Gas), Which Also Included Blocking Alberta Pipelines . . . And Kenney Was Thanking Her?

By The Way . . . On one of my Pledge Rides, Associated with the JMA (Jewish Motorcycle Alliance), where I Reserved Parliament Hill for about 500-Bikers (Christians & Jews), to Make the Pledge Of Never Again To A Second Holocaust, an Edmonton Member Of Parliament (MP), asked me if He Could Invite Minister Jason Kenney to Speak at My Event, to which I Said Yes.

And Every Time I asked the Edmonton MP if Kenney will be Speaking, I was told that Kenney Would . . . BUT THAT KENNEY WOULDN’T CONFIRM IT. What Kind Of Arrogant Crap Was That?

So – the Afternoon Before the Event, I asked the MP One More Time . . . Has Kenney Confirmed? And One More Time, I got the Same Answer, to which I Responded . . . And I Quote – “TELL KENNEY TO F-OFF – HE’S NO LONGER INVITED TO SPEAK”.

Within Minutes . . . I Received A Desperate Confirmation That Kenney Would Be Speaking. Needless to Say, when Kenney Arrived to Speak, there was no Meet & Greet with me, Least of all a Handshake. I Confirmed with One of his Aids How Much Time Kenney was Allocated to Speak, and after the Event, when Kenney was Leaving, there was a Terse Thank You from me as I Walked-Away.

This Is The Caliber Of The People Running Our Governments.


Donna Brazile . . . A Liar Who Lied About Lying. A Cheater Who Lied About Cheating. A Campaign & Democrat Party Organizer Who Lied About Rigging A Debate. And A Woman who Used her Religion to Defend Herself And Lie Some More, as she Stated, I Am A Fine Christian Woman. And As A Christian Woman . . . I Would Never Do Anything Like What I Am Accused Of Doing.

Until Donna Brazile Finally Admitted She Lied, Cheated & Rigged A Debate.

And Now . . . Donna Brazile Is A Regular On Fox News . . . Need I Write More? . . . Still Hasn’t Resolved Our Revenue Collecting Issues, EXCEPT, I Have Decided That PayPal . . . Will Not Be A Part Of The Galganov.Com Future. I Have Cut Them-Off Cold. I Don’t Need to Pander to PayPal or Anyone Else for them to Make Money from Me and this BLOG’S Supporters.

This Friday . . . I will Meet with our IT Manager & Discuss the Strategy. And if I Don’t have an Acceptable Credit Card Agreement by then, which I Won’t have to Jump through Hoops to Attain, I’m Going to go Back to Basics, where Will Get To Keep 100% of the Money, which some People so Generously Offer For Support, with Checks through the Mail, and only in Canada, by way Checks or E-Transfers Through The Banks.

I’m Getting Too Tired & Worn-Out . . . To Keep Fighting the PayPal’s of the World, which Benefits no one but them.

If I Choose To Go Back To Basics . . . with Regular Checks through the Post Office, might not Make that Much Revenue, But at the Very Least, I Won’t be Groveling with Money-Traders, and I Won’t be Having Restless Nights, Waiting for the Next PayPal Type’s Shoe-To-Drop.

In Any Event . . . Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I are Back at our Summer Home in Ontario Canada, with Good Friends and our Beautiful Horses. And I’m Really Excited about the Upcoming (Podcast) Journey Along The Path.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard I will have a pretty good idea after a conference call Monday afternoon whether or not I may become a “part time” Texan myself. I am looking to move my company to Austin from the Detroit area for a variety of reasons not least of which is the more business friendly attitude of the Lone Star State. I must agree with the fellow you met down there. I, too, have had enough of this government. The best way to show just how much is to do it with feet.

  2. Howard, you know that politicians of all ilks are in politics for one reason and one reason only, they are in for themselves and find any possible way get elected, re-elected and stay in power and elected as long as possible so that they can retire with a big fat taxpayer-funded pension which most of them don’t deserve. They lie, they cheat, they mostly never keep their promises but us sheeples keep voting them back in. The people that stay home and don’t vote is the reason why they don’t vote.

  3. I agree. Donna Brasile belongs on CNN and MSNBC, not FOX. However, reading behind the scenes, FOX appears to becoming a “take-over” of the Left/Socialists. Little by little, the rats are creeping into the management and hiring at FOX. It’s amazing how many (most) are willling to sell their souls to the Devil. Money talks and brainwashing destroys.

  4. Don’t bother with credit cards and pay the percentage. Every bank in the world offers electronic checking which is super easy to use. I have never had paper checks on my account and haven’t written a paper check in over 20 years. I tell my bank who to pay and how much and they take care of the rest.

  5. Thanks for saying everything I thought about Donna Brazile. Hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago when Fox was anti-Brazile and today the major Fox hosts are fawning all over her like she was some sort of super star. What a bunch of turncoats. Fox is going downhill. Welcome home Howard and Anne. Good to have you back here to contribute to the Carbon Tax grab and climate change (another name for weather).

  6. Glad that you’re all back home SAFE! Yes, Donna Brazile admitted that she lied, cheated & rigged a debate, and now she’s a REGULAR on FOX NEWS. This is COMPLETELY DISGUSTING and a “slap in the face” to the CONSERVATIVES! Many have complained about Brazile’s being on FOX. I immediately SWITCH stations when I see her! FOX is now owned by LIBERALS so, of course, we can EXPECT more LIBERAL HIRINGS. Just wish that ALL the FOX CONSERVATIVE HOSTS WOULD START THEIR OWN TV STATION(S)! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  7. I just read about PayPal. I have detested them for a long time. I’ll check to see if my AMEX donation through PayPal earlier this month was returned. If so, I’ll mail a check to Canada.
    If you could open a “receipts only” account, with your bank routing number and account number, I can set up my USAA Bank Direct deposit to your receipts account. Or can that be compromised? If so I’ll mail a check until you set up your new system.

  8. Greetings: The SADDEST part of the mid term election is that the Democrats control the HOUSE. For several months now, all we keep hearing from Democrats in the HOUSE is: Trump COLLUDED & OBSTRUCTED, INVESTIGATE & IMPEACH! Can anyone answer one QUESTION? When the hell are Democrats figuring on doing their JOBS? After all, the House is the legislative & LAWMAKING branch of the Federal government. Do your JOBS & stop WASTING our nation’s TIME & RESOURCES with this political WITCHHUNT!!!

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