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Everyday . . . Is A New Challenge For Conservatives – Whether on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, or Amongst Internet Email Providers, which Effects Most Popular Conservative Web Sites . . . INCLUDING GALGANOV.COM.

But Here’s A New One For . . . All of a Sudden, and out of the Clear Blue, PayPal, which is Infamous for Not Transacting Financial Transactions for Gun & Ammunition Sales, which also Includes Boycotts Against Groups which PayPal finds to be Objectionable, Has Had Me Jumping Through Hoops For Over A Week – To Withdraw Your Money From My Account . . . To Deposit In The Galganov Dot Com Inc Bank Account.

After A Decade Of Doing Business With PayPal . . . PayPal has Decided that they Need Verification of my Identity.

And Each Time . . . When I’ve Complied this Week with PayPal’s Demand for Information, I gave PayPal what they had Asked-For, and Each Time, after Receiving what I Sent to PayPal, PayPal Changed the Requests to Ask for Different & Additional Documents.

And Until I Would Satisfy PayPal With What They Wanted –’s Withdrawal Account Was Frozen.

This Has Been Going On For More Than A Week.

FINALLY . . . We had a PayPal Representative Sit on the Phone with Us, as We Filled-Out all the Demands, Sending the Representative the Compliance they Insisted Upon Receiving . . . So We Complied Until The Representative Said Everything Was “PERFECT”.

And Then . . . After Forwarding All Of This “PERFECT” Information To The PayPal Compliance Department . . . We Were Once Again Asked For MORE INFORMATION – But We’ve Reached The Point, Where There Really Is No More To Give. We have Given PayPal Bank Records, Federal Government Statements & Personal ID Information with my Driver’s License & a Credit Card Statement, and they still Email Back – That Is Not Enough!

So Here We Were . . . with Money in Our PayPal Account (Your Money), Which We Couldn’t Access. So, what we did – was REFUND all the Money (Save a Few Dollars, which we Couldn’t Refund), To The People Who Generously Supported

And Asked These Supporters . . . If They Would Want To Resubmit Their Support To The Same PayPal Link, which was in Fact, Linked by our IT Manager to our Advertising Agency (Promar Media Group), which Is Still Corporately Active, but Not Doing Current Business.

And From Promar Media Group . . . All of that Money was Deposited into the Bank Account as is Normally Done. BUT THIS IS NO WAY TO DO BUSINESS.

And The Last Thing We Want . . . is For PayPal to Screw-Us Over on Either of our Two Accounts . . . And Hold Onto Your Money. So As Of Now . . . I’ve Instructed our IT Manager to Suspend all PayPal Activities on Until Further Notice . . .

I Refuse To Have Screwed-Over By Anyone. Not even a Mega-Billion-Dollar Corporation like PayPal, which Already is Known to Proudly Screw-Over Conservative Companies.

So – We’ve Opted For A New Support Strategy, Which We’re Setting-Up Now.

PayPal Charges 3.5% & A Transaction Fee For Every Deposit. Plus PayPal Holds Your Money for 3-5 Days before Releasing Your Money To, which Always Bothered me More than just Somewhat . . . but, because of the Convenience & Ease of Use . . . We Continued To Use PayPal.


Unlike Other Popular Conservative Advocates . . . is not Paid by a Major Media Corporation or by Way of Media Grants. And Outside of the US/Canada Postal Systems, there are Very Limited Ways for to Receive Financial Support.

So Now . . . We’ve Decided To Look Into Bank Credit Cards.

WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT FORTUNES . . . But At The End Of The Day – We’re Looking At A Couple of Thousand Dollars Per Month, Which Just About Covers The Expenses Of and the Things I Do to Advocate.

It’s Not A Lot Of Money . . . But It Certainly Helps.

And To Our Surprise . . . Bank Credit Cards Charge A Lot Less Than PayPal & Deposit the Money Within 24-Hours. And the Credit Card Service, with which we are Working . . . will Make Available a Myriad of Credit Cards, for which People Can Choose to Support

In Essence . . . – Along with a Plethora of other Conservative Voices, are being Targeted Left, Right & Center by all Form of Media, Including Social Media to Keep Voices & Opinions Like Mine from being Heard, Seen & Read.

THEREFORE . . . On Every Middle Of Each Month – I Ask For Your Support.

But Unlike Every “Normal” MonthOn This Month . . . I’m Not Asking For Support Through PayPal. This Month, I’m Asking for your Support through the Old Fashioned Mail Service By Check . . . Until we can get our Credit Card Service Up & Running.

What Makes This An Even Greater Challenge But Less Convenient . . . Is that this Friday, I will be Meeting with our IT Manager, where a Full Data Revamp of will be Worked-Out, so will Work Seamlessly with the New IT Platforms.

And While We’re At It . . . We will be Deciding upon, WHAT I KNOW will be an Exciting & Very Different PODCAST . . . Unlike Most Anything You Might Have Ever Heard Before, which I am Hoping will be Used to Generate Revenue for, Separately from the ACTUAL BLOG, which will Continue to be FREE to everyone, with no Changes . . . Including Free Editorial Alerts, Free Comments, and Free Answered Emails.

With This Programming Upgrade – We Should Also Be Able To Bypass The Obstacles Placed In Your Path To Receive Editorial Alerts By Restrictive Email Providers . . . Such As ATT & All Their Subsidiaries. At Least That’s The Plan.


And As Canada & The USA Are Now Headed . . . Into some Very Serious Election Years, More Than Ever, THE VOICES OF RESTRICTED SPEECH, will do all they Can To Silence People Like Me.

And I’ll Do All I Can To Shout Freedom From The Top Of The Rafters.

This Is All Exciting Stuff . . . But It Won’t Be Free To Me – Not By A Long Shot.

THEREFORE . . . As Always – And Only If You Can Afford It – Please Help Fund This Massive & Necessary Upgrade of With Your Personal Check Or Money-Order, Made-Out & Addressed To:
PO Box 17
Williamstown, Ontario, Canada
K0C 2J0

If You’re Canadian & Have A Canadian Bank . . . E-Transfer Works Perfectly, Addressed To [email protected].

And Hopefully . . . Credit Card Support Will Soon-Enough Be Up & Running.

Until Then Though . . . Thank You All In Advance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The thing is that those spewing leftists stupidity do not realize that once tryranny takes over they will be silenced forever…just look what happened last week to putin’s opposition…an original thought would split miz pelosi’s and 99 .9 percent of the leftists’ heads wide open…john hosemann rising sun wisconsin

  2. Sorry to hear about PAYPAL. Stopped using them years ago. Hang tough keep up the good work.

  3. I have always paid by check albeit a small one, but all I can afford. I have never liked PayPal and will not use it. By the way, your email keeps going into old mail. Fortunately, I check that daily and make the necessary changes.

  4. PayPal is not your paypal. Had problems with them years ago and never used them again. Took FOREVER to reach anyone regarding an issue but when paying using PayPal, charge went through in a MILLISECOND. They did you a favor. Get rid of them.

  5. Starve the BEASTS! One more beast is slewed. Good for you Howard. I had a PP account , cancelled it when I heard what they were about a few yrs. back.
    God bless you, our movement , our countries and President Trump .

  6. I got into paypal once and got out at the speed of light – that’s at 300 million meters per second!

  7. Paypal became part of eBay years ago & the name is reknown. Other same services are available but most don’t think to do an online search to find out. Also I stopped using google search long ago & use Startpage or Duck-duck-go. Anyway, your issue with paypal is no surprise at all. You know I’ve been unable to donate to you thru them for a year or more now. I’m glad you’re taking your business elsewhere.

  8. I had some good issues with PayPal and some bad ones. When I ordered a Bluetooth wireless backup car camera and the product was coming from China, the wrong product was sent, I opened a dispute and after a week, PayPal reimbursed me knowing that the Chinese vendor was a problem. Never order facebook advertized products using PayPal. Use a credit card. Easier to get reimbursed. The problem with PayPal is that they have problem vendors and still continue to do business with them. They don’t learn.

  9. I have been able to transfer money from by bank account to others using “Zelle”. If your bank does not subscribe to Zelle, you can still set up an account through Zelle to get your money. Worth checking out.

    Conservatives are constantly under attack and we need to align with companies that will support us and our work. Forget all others.

  10. Never have liked PayPal. I always liked to give directly to you while in Texas only cost me the price of a stamp. If and when I am looking forward to be able to use my credit card as I am not too fond of our postal system either. May all your endeavors come to fruition. Billie

  11. Check out Square. I have used them in the past and they are very reliable, inexpensive, handle all cards and reliable. Great company for small to modest accounts.

  12. I tried PayPal one time. Our HOA used PayPal and took out my payment to them twice in one month, besides waiting two months for reimbursement from them, would not use for the next month. I cancelled PayPal immediately and HOA has stopped using PayPal also. Good for you. Hope all goes well with credit cards. I’ve had excellent service with my credit card for over fifty years!

  13. Damn! I switched to PayPal a few months ago and found it convenient to send you my donation each month. I didn’t realize PayPal was taking 3.5% of my donation. Screw that! I’m going back to sending you a cheque each month. Give them hell Howard

  14. e-transfer is the easiest way for me, my bank does not charge for this service plus the person receiving can opt to have people send money to your e-mail address without having a special answer to your question CIBC is mine

  15. We have never used PayPal because of friend’s numerous problems with them. We still use the old fashioned check, envelope & stamp system, when necessary. Good luck to you & hope you know how much we appreciate reading your editorials. May God bless you & yours!

  16. Sad news Howard. Facebok has deleted some of my posts, (canoy know which ones), because it does not meet their standards. I see stuff on FB that makes me sick enough to puke & that is OK with them but not a conservative post. PayPal is undergoing some changes and is threatening to close my account. I wonder what they will do with the credits I have beencarrying for years. Do they have new management?

  17. Howard and Anne sorry to hear about the mess PayPal had you in, but glad to hear you got out from under them. Good job for the two of you.
    I will save this email with the address you have sent out and hopefully I can send you a little bit of money next month won’t be much since I live on Soc. Sec. but I will do my very best for you both. Thank you again for your great Editorials.
    Wishing you both a happy Easter week Gods blessings to you both. Hope you have made it home safely. God speed.

  18. At my radio station, I use D-Square for Credit Cards and got rid of the expensive card reader machines! Saved hundreds of dollars in monthly fees, transaction fees were less. I think that’s who Mr. Zucker was suggesting. No problems after 2 years of use.

  19. Who’d da thunk it?! PayPal is basically a rotten company that almost folded years ago & was saved by eBay. I have a PayPal account & never use it, except when I sent money to you, Howard. Now, ATT I can attest to being rotten to conservatives. I had to change my email address just so I could get Howard’s editorials/blogs. So far, my Gmail address is accepting Howard’s emails & blogs. I am waiting for the day that Gmail also, censures Howard & other Conservative emails. Howard, I admire you.

  20. you need a conservative lawyer and you might own pay pal

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