The Absolute Importance Of Parameters


Not Giving A Child A Personal Identity . . . Is Child Abuse.

What we are all Witnessing Today, no Matter where we Look, what we Hear & what we See from the SOCIAL LEFT, concerning the Personal Identity of Children, is not Only Disgraceful & Abusive, It is in Essence an Actual Crime against Nature & Humanity, all of which, is Already Coming to Bite us in the Ass.


The LEFT Believe . . . that they – and they Alone can Control the Climate. But WORSE, the LEFT have Managed to Convince a Willing World of Idiots, that they are Right, and if We would only Listen to them, and do their Bidding, They Will Save The World From Ourselves.

The LEFT’S Belief . . . in their Prowess to Control the Climate, is Akin to them Howling at the Moon, which in Fact, will have as much Effect on the Climate, as all of their other Stupidities.


I’m Not There Yet . . . And I Don’t Suggest Any Of Us Should Be There Yet Either.

But Short Of Violence . . . We Better All Wake-Up & Understand – that the LEFT have Surreptitiously Declared War on all of us through the Propagandized Education System, Dishonest Media & Politicians who are Either Stupid Or Corrupt, which could also be Simultaneously Stupid & Corrupt . . . Who By & Large, Are In The Pockets Of Nefarious National & International Oligarchs.

As Long As Governments Can Be Bought & Paid For . . . Freedom is only a Concept Allowed by the Men & Women who Hold the Financial Power – Over the Men & Women who Hold the Political Power.

And Whether You Want To Believe It Or Not . . . Socio/Political Upheaval & Uncertainty, is the Mother’s Milk of all the Oligarchs, who use this Uncertainty to keep the Population Off-Balance, while they Play Puppeteer to the Politicians.


In this Case . . . That Bump – IS SPELLED “DONALD TRUMP”, the Least Likely Man (or Woman), who would Possibly Emerge from the World of Non-Politics, to Tip The Applecart of the Oligarchs.

And Make No Mistake About It . . . Almost All The Politicians Are Dirty!

It Doesn’t Matter if the Politicians call themselves Democrats, Republicans, or in the Case of the Socialist Fraudmeister Bernie Sanders, an Independent . . . They’re all Dirty, and they’re all Dirty, because, They All Depend Enormously On The Men & Women Who Buy Them Their Political Office.


The More The World Is Unhinged . . . The Richer & More Powerful Are The Oligarchs, which Explains how Greedy, Incompetent, Nefarious, Corrupt Politicians & Bureaucrats, get to Call The Shots, as long as they Pander to their Paymasters.

Remarkably . . . The Prime Idiot – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her Congressional Moslem Cohorts – Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib, are Bad for the Business of the American Oligarchs & Global Oligarchs with Internationalist Ties to the USA, because these Three Dunderheads, have Become Legitimate Targets for Conservative Americans to Focus Upon, Which Could Very Well Lead Right To The Oligarch Puppeteers.


IT’S SIMPLE . . . Create Straw Men. Create Unreal Threats & Situations To Focus Upon, such as Global Warming, the Absolute Need for Open Borders, Free Healthcare for Everyone, which no Country could Afford, since every Country would be Overwhelmed.

Razzle-Dazzle Them.

Create Victims . . . Manufacture Racism, Sexism & Gender Politics. Lie about the Truth & Create the Lie to Become the Truth. Tell the People that they’re the Working Poor, and that they Deserve More . . . But Never State How Much More.

And Target The Makers & Shakers Of Everything For Their White Privilege.

Pit Socialism Against Success By Meritocracy . . . And Repackage Socialism, to Call it Democratic Socialism, which sounds a Great deal better than what it really is . . . Communism.

Back To Child Gender Politics.

Nothing . . . Can Be More Repulsive, than Convincing a “BOY”, Born with a Penis, that in Reality, “HE” Might Not Really Be A Boy. Or a “GIRL”, Born with a “Vagina”, that in Reality, “SHE” Might Not Be A Girl.

If This Isn’t The Epitome Of LEFTISM Going Nuts . . . What Is?

Think Just For A Second . . . How Something As Outlandish As This Child Abuse, Can & Will Screw With A Person’s Mind Forever, and not just the SINGULAR VICTIM of this Gender Fraud, but an Entire Society, which will be Compelled to Throw our Whole BELIEF SYSTEM INTO THE GARBAGE . . . as we are Seeing Today, because, as I am Writing this Editorial . . . Laws are Being Passed & Enforced, which PUNISH Decent People, for making a Gender Reference to a Man who Insists Upon being Called a Woman, or Vice-Versa.

It’s All About Keeping Us Off-Balance . . .

It Was Nancy Reagan Who Said . . . “JUST SAY NO”, which I’m Compelling all of us to Say . . . to the Indignities & Insanity being Foisted Upon Decent People by Nut-Jobs, Dancing to the Tunes of their Oligarch Pipers.

I Really Don’t Know If We’ve Truly Crossed The Rubicon . . . But What I Do Know, is that if we Comply with all of these Idiocies, because we are too Frightened to Stand-Up & Speak-Out – The Worst Will Indeed Be Upon Us.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, right to the point, as usual. Keep it up !!!

    Reading your editorial instantly made me think of the (informal ??) Texas Motto: DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS.

    Best regards,

  2. WHen executives at the UN agency that oversees the Climate Change propaganda say that it is all about walth redistribution and one world order, we have to be scared to observe the vulnerability of the Millenials. How many lemmings does ZOC lead over the cliff?

  3. Ask the next sucker you hear spouting climate change where they got their information. Namely, what scientist?

  4. Probably your best editorial yet! Bottom line, the socialist-progressive carbon taxation schemes, draconian EPA mandates and other measures have zero to do with fixing the environment but everything to do with global wealth redistribution, and comes at the direct expense of what is left of the middle class, thanks to the trickle-down effect of increased fuel costs, increased regulatory costs, the increased price of goods and services in general and of course, the lay-offs to follow.

  5. I am amazed at those who are onboard with the gender issue. Our President did the right thing in stopping these folks who go into our military to get their gender change. Now this idiot from CA, Swalwell, is running on the platform of Gun Confiscation, he said he would have the Nukes for those of us who do not turn in our guns. This is 1938 Germany all over again. Money buys power, President Trump earned his, most politicians received theirs thru back doors, lobbyist, and selling our rights.

  6. We just hosted 14 / 30 min tv programs this week. One of the couples, they do foster care in their 60’s, spoke on the “abuse” to children by not teaching them proper gender identity to children. We are being taken out by the liberals. I am really concerned that violence is in our future. May God bless us with more voices in our society that heeds the words of the prophet Joel – ‘wake up the mighty men’. Thanks for your writings. Carolyn and I do all we know to do

  7. None of this matters. Right or wrong, good or bad, none of it means anything to the Left. They are driven by their own psychosis of fulfilling their own political, economic and social mad desires, with zero regard for consequences. They are a modern day Dr. Frankenstein insanely trying to give life to something that cannot live. They must continually be fought, marginalized and exposed for the out of touch fools they are.

  8. You forgot to mention Howard about “at” term and post-term abortion which is not only child abuse but murder. The way of the left is to transform the world into a George Orwell’s “1984” dystopian society controlled by the muslims who are slowly invading us through mass immigration, having lots of kids and mostly draining the social system by staying on welfare for life by abusing it. Again my French mother as an example, totally brainwashed by radio-canada and tva who are anti-Trumper. Wake-up !

  9. Howard, thanks for the most comprehensive and on the mark summation of how the liberals are destroying our society. As you said, the truly frightening part of this whole insane movement is the bewildering acceptance by half of the people to go along with it! I too hope a civil war is not in our future, but reaching these lost souls might not be possible. We all know now how hard it is to convince liberals of the truth even when they are confronted with facts (Mueller investigation).

  10. The problem for me is, What Can I do About this? Seems like the many have very little affect, on what those few in public office do. I know voting them out is the answer, but I live in California. No matter how I feel or vote I am outnumbered and seems like my efforts at sanity are useless. I voted for Trump, but actually my vote would actually never really change anything. I’ll keep speaking the truth, that’s all I can do.

  11. Sometimes it takes a book to put forth all the issues which you have so succinctly described here. This is awesome Howard! This one article should be on the wall, the table, or the fridge of every home in Canada and the U.S.A. This is precisely the scheme the lowly left is pushing on all of us, at this moment in time. They are intent on denigrating all the good that exists within the laws of our societies, our nations, and within us as people. This fight back starts now!

  12. Very well stated Howard, I believe you have summed up the situation perfectly. Sadly most people do not realize that they are thralls to a mostly unseen network of oligarchs who manipulate national and international events for their own benefit.

  13. Howard I’m 84 and a conservative since birth but I doubt that we conservatives will EVER WAKE UP. The liberals sure seem to be able to raise Hell, but, not us. Who knows what our future will hold.

  14. Start fighting back with setting our grandchildren/great grandchildren straight. When they speak no sense we set them straight. They sprout no sense “facts”. Help them out and demand respect. It starts at home, begin helping them today and every chance you get. I give mine a copy of the constitution to start with. Read and discuss. My 50 year old son, a common sense trucker said that God gave us dominion over the earth. God did not say he gave us dominion over the weather. Bless You HG.

  15. Speaking of climate change….there’s a switch next to my thermostat which I have no idea what it’s for. So yesterday, using my thumb, I pressed this switch back and forth, from LEFT to RIGHT…then from RIGHT to LEFT, for several minutes. All of a sudden my telephone rang. It was Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He said: “Cut that out, Brucester” !!!
    ps: Another great editorial, Howard.

  16. Not being born in the US, you are not eligible to be our President, unless you can find a Grandma in Hawaii. I would like to suggest that you might consider being a political advisor for in the 2024 Presidential campaign for one of the brightest
    stars to emerge in quite some time, Candance Owens. She seems to have a similar degree of glandular fortitude as you.
    Thank-you for telling it like it is.

  17. OMG – What an editorial & great substance!!! Between this whole B/S of gender identity & Late-Term Abortions, meaning when a child is born but the mother doesn’t want it … The laws provide murder as a solution!!! For G-d’s sake, what is wrong with this world???!!! This is truly the world as G-d saw it in Noah’s day. Wicked & evil with the Leftists running the show. Yes, this has become a 3 Ring Circus!!! The Dimwits are the clowns, insane & totally stupid beyond belief.

  18. I agree w/M Watson’s comments totally. This is what happens when a nation throws God out of everything “public”, meaning gov’t run (not really public). But it had the exact effect intended. For many years I couldn’t even begin to imagine what the world must have been like in Noah’s day. God was so disappointed in mankind that He was sorry He’d made them, & destroyed all mankind (except for 8) & everything they’d ‘touched’, keeping pairs of animals & fowl. Today we are finding out. So very SAD

  19. Wow, Howard, it is scary how much alike we think. You have expressed in this blog exactly what I have been saying in the social media for months, but perhaps you express your thoughts more eloquently. You Go Howard, keep it up

  20. A reader stated “how do we get the word out?”), I get the word out by making copies of these articles and pass them out. Leave on shelves in stores. I’ve passed out hundreds of his articles, most people I give them to thank me.

  21. I have been thinking for some time that no one seems to know exactly what an abortion entails. I think we should actually show a video of one….I’m sure they are out there but not sure if facebook or instagram would let me post it. I don’t even think I could watch one, but those who think a late-term abortion is just a clump of cells being taken out should see it. Let’s all try to share it!

  22. I have been of the belief that the idiotic triad you mentioned ARE the straw dogs. They were put in motion so that ANY other democrat could be cited by their Machiavelliandemos as “middle of the road,” and, so, more palatable.

  23. I am convinced we all need to be Donald Trump. We all need to confront evil in the face and call it evil. Dishonesty is lying. Surveillance is spying. Islamism is evil. Transgender is a mental illness. Abortion is murder. Uncontrolled immigration will destroy our nation. Take up voter registration cards and get 10 people registered to vote. Tell them why it is important to save our Republic and our Constitutional freedoms.

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