Not Scared Yet . . . Need More Proof?


I Apologize for the Dearth of Editorials over the Last Week, since Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I have been Traveling. But I did Read all Comments & Emails, and when I had the chance, I Responded to as many as I could by iPhone.

This Past Saturday . . . I delivered a Speech at a Synagogue in Boca Raton, where I Recounted how an Action I Took, when I was just 18-Years Old, which at the Time seemed Non-Consequential in the Larger Scope of Life, was in Reality . . . A Huge Deal, which I Discovered Wholly by Unintended Circumstance Several Decades Later.

I Ended My Speech . . . To A Grateful Audience, By Reminding Everyone – that as Irrelevant as we might Think we are, and as Inconsequential as we might think Our own Voice Might be . . . All Of Us Must Speak-Out To Be Heard. Because we Can Never Know what Effect our Words & Actions will have on our Own Life and the Lives of so many Others.

The Greatest Freedom We Have . . . Is The Freedom Of Expression.

The Canadian Liberal (Party) Government of Canada, has Allocated MORE than a Half Billion Dollars in Support for “Some” Canadian Media, which the Government Feels is Worthy.

This Isn’t Just A Slippery Slope . . . It’s An All-Out Assault On Free Speech!

And Now – Elijah Cummings (D-MD) . . . the Chair of the VERY POWERFUL Congressional Committee on Oversight & Reform – Wants the RIGHT, for the Government to Review Editorial Decisions Made By Fox News?


Scared Yet? You Ought To Be – No Real Free-Speech . . . No Real Freedoms.

The Moment Government Gets to “PAY” the Media & Decide who in the Media should get PAID and how Much, is the Moment the Media will Dance To The Tune Of The Government Piper, which is the Day that our North American Media becomes Pravda.

And the Moment the Government Legislates . . . the “RIGHT” of the Government to Get into the Thinking-Process of Editorial Opinions, is the Day, when Editorial Opinions are Nothing More than Sanctioned Propaganda.


“I Disapprove Of What You Say, But I Will Defend To The Death Your Right To Say It” as was Written to a Reference of Voltaire . . . in the 1903-Book of Elizabeth Beatrice Hall.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . Is An Idiot. But not only is Cortez Absolutely Stupid . . . she is So Stupid, that she Doesn’t Even Know how Stupid she Really Is. And not only is she Unbelievably Stupid, Cortez thinks she’s Actually Smart. And so do the Diminishing Number of Dunderheads, who are Probably as Stupid as Cortez, who still Give her the Time of Day.

. . . And Even Though Cortez Says The Dumbest things, Much of the Time Far Removed from the Truth, we all Have to Allow this Stupid Person the Absolute RIGHT to Say & Write Stupid Things. And we all Have to Allow Dumb People the Right to Hear & Read what Cortez & Others like her have to Say.


BUT EVEN MORE SO . . . In a Free Society, we NEED to Allow all People, even Objectionable People, to Say, Write & Convey Offensive & Dishonest Things, as long as the Statements Conveyed – Are Not A Call To Arms To Do Violence.

BUT ON THE COROLLARY . . . All Free People, Must Also Retain The RIGHT, to Refute the Statements of Others. And When Necessary, Seek Redress in the Courts of Law for any Damages Caused by Defamation & Lies.

I HATE NAZIS . . . But, even as a Young Man, I Supported the Right of the Nazis to March in Skokie Illinois.

I HATE BDS, the Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic Boycott of Israel, which is Nothing More & Nothing Less than the International Veiled Promotion of Jew-Hatred.

BUT I SUPPORT THE RIGHT . . . Of Nazis & BDS To Convey Their Garbage – As Long As I Have The Right To Show Them-Up For Who & What They Are.

We Can’t Win A Fight . . . If The Enemy Is Hiding In The Shadows.

And The Moment . . . We Allow the Government to Decide What We Can & Cannot Say, Write & Convey, is the Moment we will be DENIED to Hear, Read & Know the Opinions & Truths According to Others . . . WHICH INEVITABLY – WILL BE THE END OF ALL OUR FREEDOMS.

Ocasio-Cortez has already been “Outed” as an Idiot, only because Cortez was Given the Freedom to Speak, and we have the Freedom to Listen & Respond. In Fact, if any Group wants Cortez to be Silenced, that Group would be the Democrats.

The Skokie Illinois Nazis had their Right to March, which became a PR Nightmare for the Nazis, only because we had the Right to Show the Nazis for Who & What they Were & Are.

AS FOR THE DEMOCRATS, CANADIAN LIBERALS & SOCIALISTS . . . The LEFT in General, Including the Mainstream Media (Radio, Print, Television, Cable – Etc) . . . They Too, are Being Slammed for Peddling what has been Defined as FAKE NEWS, Because Thus Far, with the Exception of Canada . . . We Have The RIGHT to Respond WITHOUT Government Filters . . . Nor Government Intervention in Picking & Choosing Media Winners & Losers.

And If & When That Changes . . . “Katy Bar The Door”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What amazed me most was the Democrats that did not attend the speech gave speeches right after and it was obvious that their speeches were written before Netanyahu gave his speech. Evidently those idiots think the Americans are to stupid to see what they were doing.

  2. I’ve been scared since 2008–when that fool obama was elected. He was merely the king of the fools, but I am scared to death of the fools that supported him!

  3. The late Cdn columnist, George Jonas, once brilliantly wrote – “Our freedoms may need managing, but run like hell from anyone offering to manage them for you.” Our govt’s of course are too stupid and self-centered to understand this thought. They are pawns and parrots of their own doings.

  4. Thanks Howard for the excellent Blog even though you are busy driving back to Canada…!!!

  5. For those of your readers (like myself) who didn’t have the opportunity to attend your speech at the synagogue in Boca Raton, would you consider sharing more details about the action you took when you were 18 years old which, although seeming non-consequential, turned out to be a really big deal? You’ve piqued my curiosity, and I would love to hear the full story. I would also like the share the lesson with my teenagers. A hopeful thanks in advance!

  6. With regard to Freedoms. Maybe we should sit “Shiva” for the death of the Province of Quebec. Premier Francois Legault (CAQ) voted in by a landslide victory last October (2018) will soon issue “Bill 21” which makes the wearing of Hijabs, Kippahs, and any type of “religious” Head Coverings illegal in Quebec….which unfortunately includes Montreal. What a racist discriminatory ethnocentric French nationalist piece of crap Legault (+CAQ) is: “Zig Heil Mein Camindante” :>(
    Disgusted !!! – Bruce

  7. Great again. I listened to Lara Logan talking to Mark Levin last night. Lara Logan has earned my respect as a true journalist. Both you and her understand free speech and I am getting a better handle on it because of both of you. Her 1 hour with Levin is on You tube today and sure worth wasting an hour to hear. Love to hear your opinion of Lara Logan, Howard.

  8. I have been at odds with Canada’s CBC since Sept 1982 when I returned from a trip to S Lebanon just after the war. During an on air interview the CBC rep who was located in Beirut related that he was never allowed to leave his hotel so the CBC reports were what the PLO gave him. Wish I had taped that interview. When my questions became uncomfortable the gal conducting the interview stated that I must be biased because I am Jewish. So much for CBC and their news coverage. Truly fake news.

  9. “Stupid” does not convey the true essence of AOC. Better is something like “AOC is SO stupid she is not even stupid”. Similarly E Cummings comes in a close second still wearing the same band-aid on the top of his head that he got during the Selma Alabama march – figure it out. I

  10. Running for politics has always been a POPULARITY CONTEST but MORE so these days–as proven by the “STUPID AOC” candidate. Most candidates only run to make the HOLLYWOOD SCENE vs. running to HELP our Country. AOC has OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder]. She DOES think that she’s ACTUALLY SMART! How anyone can BELIEVE her RHETORIC is beyond UNDERSTANDING! The RADICAL LEFT candidates have NO message and NO specific GOALS! They are DOOMED and their MESSAGES are a DISASTER! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  11. Howard; With regards Elijah,…..that presupposes he can NOW read and interpret words,….but seriously I think we all need to send him copies of the Constitution of the United States AND the Bill of Rights, (it may be “advanced reading fundamentals”, but there may be hope! So far as AOL is concerned, I am totally outraged at the “salacious and level of confidence that “WE THE PEOPLE” have in our bartenders! Do I have to draw a picture of a pint of Guinness to be assured I don’t Pabst!!

  12. I love OAC. Not only is she entertaining with her utter stupidity but she’s a reminder that the dumbded down electorate put her there. The same dumbded down Canadian electorate gave the moron Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a majority government. The Americans at least have Trump who may be their last chance. I suspect that Conservative Andrew Scheer, should he become our next PM will be too politically correct and too big a wimp to do what has to be done. At best he may slow down our decline.

  13. Careful Howard, AOC is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act being mentally incompetent.

  14. Can’t help but wonder if Elijah Cummings has ever read the Constitution or really knows anything whatsoever about what it says. Does he think just because he sits in a House position of importance/power, he can do whatever he wants. But then that’s a politician for you, more so a Democrat. Laws don’t matter, they can change them to suit their whims. It’s getting that way if things don’t change. I’ve never seen such genuine foolishness as is in the House now; pettiness like spoiled brats.

  15. My respects to you and Anne I many times do not understand what your saying I have never been into politics. I fine them boring and so full of lying along with cheating my country I don’t keep up with it. I do read you each day & try my best to understand. When it is time to vote for a President I do make sure I listen to what is going on. Hillary should be in jail along with all of her other gang. I vote Republican and if I don’t like who else is running no votes for any of them.
    Safe journey

  16. Jacqueline, if you don’t vote for someone because you don’t like them, you get what you asked for. As for OAC, per Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does!” If the government gets to take our free speech from us, it will be because we LET them, and shame on us!! Enough sai??!

  17. Randi, The government may not take away your free speech but Youtube, Twitter and Facebook could take away the place where you could invoke your free speech. What good is the right to free speech if there is no place for it to be shown to the public.

  18. Excellent point, Harold. If the social media fascists deny us the platforms, our free speech rights are for naught.

  19. We don’t need to Allow the Government to Decide What We Can & Cannot Say. The media moguls have been doing that for quite a while. I am by no means a racist and have friends who have romantic relationships with blacks and other minorites. For example, NBC gives much more airtime to minorities (particularly blacks) than they deserve based on teir percentage of the population, especially in commercials. , but it is alsodisturbing how frequently the media airs mixed couples. I feel barraged by them

  20. I can’t tell you how many arguments I have had with Canadians over the fact that Canadians do not have Freedom of Speech like Americans have. When a government can produce something like Memo 103 there is no Freedom of Speech. When the government can define or disallow your speech, you don’t have it.

  21. One of your best H and no better time than now. There never was a problem with religious symbols or dress until the Muslims arrived and covered their women up to the eyeballs. No one demanded special food, special rooms in schools and universities, special swim days for Muslims only, no music, no religious Christmas plays or celebrations et al and especially no M103, until they came here. And now we are seeing sanctuary cities and a 150,000 sqft Mosque in Fort McMurray in Canada

  22. Oh boy, you better believe that I am scared!!! If the Dimwits ever get the US Senate, the US House of Reps. & the White House all at the same time … The US is completely done for sure!!! The Dimwits of today are nothing more than Communists & Socialists. They want to completely destroy my country, for sure. You are exactly correct on what will happen should the US ever get into a Civil War again. It will have to be an army fighting an army … Not a bunch of citizens fighting each other.

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