Nothing’s New Under The Sun


After 2-Nights & 3-Days On The Road, Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I have Arrived at St Augustine Florida, where we’ve Met-Up with some Like-Minded Conservative American Friends, Where We Will Be Spending 7-Nights & 8-Days.

And While In St Augustine . . . We will Take a Few Days to Travel to Delray & Boca Raton, to Meet with Family, Friends & Deliver a Speech on Anti-Semitism and the Threats Facing all of us . . . On The Sabbath – At A Boca Chabad Synagogue.

In Spite of all the Foolishness, Stupidity & A Seemingly New Freaky Culture Surrounding Us, NOTHING IS NEW OR MORE FREAKY THAN USUAL.

The Freaks Have Always Been Amongst Us . . . but in One Closet or Another. And I’m not Writing about Conservative Gays & Lesbians, who only want to be Left Alone, and Accepted as Equals in a Heterosexual World.

I’m Writing About Freaks . . . who are Living in the Greatest Countries on Earth, Especially in the United States of America, where Everyone in the World Seems to Want to Move . . . By Hook Or By Crook – Who themselves are Inventing Ways of Destroying their Own Unique American Utopia.


BEFORE I CONTINUE . . . This is our FIFTH YEAR Spending the Winter in the USA, Austin Texas to be Exact, which is a 2,000-Mile Drive Each Way From Our Home In Canada. And while Coming & Going, Anne & I Like to Take Different Routes Each Time, Even if it Adds Time & Miles, BECAUSE America is such a Fabulous & Diverse Country to See, Smell & Taste . . . We Want To Get It All In.

And Mostly . . . We LOVE to Travel Throughout Fly-Over Country, the Real Heartland of America, which the LEFT like to Demonize, Defame & Look Down Upon, as if these Americans are Nothing More & Nothing Less than White Christian Trash & Racist Hillbillies.

WELL . . . Surprise – Surprise, Anne & I Are Akin To American Heartlanders.

Since Sunday – Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I have been Driving through some Gorgeous Highways & Back Roads . . . From Austin Texas to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Panhandle of Florida . . . The Big Treat on This Trip Thus Far – has been Spending The Night In The RV In A Louisiana Bayou.

Before Creating The Motorcycle Pledge Ride In 2012, Anne & I have Been to Most Places on the American West & East Coasts . . . Mostly By Plane, or by Car Staying on Major Highways. But, Riding a Motorcycle through the American Heartland, Much of it in Appalachia, then the Ozarks – Gave Both Anne & Myself an Entirely Different Perspective on the USA, which I don’t Believe Most Americans have ever Really Experienced . . . REALLY!

SAYING YOU’VE BEEN TO APPALACHIA . . . Because you Went to Tourist Towns, or the Grand Ole Opry with a Few Thousand other Tourists, and had Eaten on a Sidewalk Café on Broadway in Nashville, listening to the Music, ISN’T Experiencing The American Heartland.

AND THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM FOR AMERICA . . . Outside of the Crapola we all See & Hear on Television or in the Movies, about the American Heartland, Has Very Little To Do With The Reality Of A Massive Swath Of The American Experience & Culture.

On My First Trip Through The Heartland . . . I was Half Expecting Barefoot, Toothless, Incestuous Hillbillies, Playing Banjoes, just Waiting to make me Squeal Like A Pig (Like In The Movie Deliverance).

So Imagine My Surprise, when the Heartland People I Met, were Amongst the Most Generous, Humble & Introspective Men & Women I have ever had the Pleasure of Meeting.

It’s Remarkable & Pitiful . . . that East & West Coast Americans have no Clue, about what more than Half the Rest of their Magnificent Country is All About.

And When Barack Hussein Obama Called Heartlanders . . . Bitter People Who Cling To Their Guns & Religion, those words only Reinforced the Stereotype.

And then came Crooked Hillary, Calling these Same Americans . . . A Basket Of Deplorables.


The LEFTIST Freak-Show Has Always Been In Town . . .

But, because of the Norms of Decency & Wholesome Values . . . Which USED-TO-BE A Hallmark Of Our Entertainment Industry, Education & Politics, which Aren’t Anymore . . . What was Once In-The-Closet . . . or Under-The-Covers, is Now on Display for All To See – Like It Or Not.

And They’re Trying To Drag The Rest Of Us Into The Dregs Of Their Own Disgraceful & Abhorrent Type Of Humanity . . . Right Along With Them.

Their Problem . . . Is Middle America, Fly-Over Country – “THE HEARTLAND”, Where Old Fashioned Decency Still Rules Supreme . . . Refuses To Rollover, Succumb & Die.

If Each & Every Confused & Conflicted American Ever Took The Time . . . To get Into His or Her Car & Drive through the Heartland, Not as Tourists, but as Interested Americans, wanting to Share this American Experience, from a Ground-Floor-Level, the FREAKS would Whither Away & America would Truly Become Great Again Like It Used To Be.

So Here’s A Word Of Advice . . . Instead of Taking that Vacation to Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, or the Cruise to Rip-Off Ports-Of-Call along the Way, Perhaps, Coast-City Americans, should take the Car Ride through the Back-Roads of America, getting to know Fellow Americans in a Real Way.

And Instead of Supporting Drunken Free-For-All Spring Breaks for America’s Out Of Control “Children” . . . How much Better would it be for Them, to Take Their Spring Break Working with Heartlanders to Build Things, Fix Things & Perhaps Even to Work on a Farm?

That’s The Problem With America . . . The LEFT have Forgotten What It Is To Be American. And for the Younger Generation – Sadly . . . They Never Knew.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Mr. obama IS NOT MY PRESIDENT!!! Oh how I wish Bibi could run for President of America!! One thing I can’t seem to understand is why no one CAN FORCE obama TO STOP his CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, other than knowing he has placed his cronies in every nook and cranny in the Federal Government. Crime has become the NORM in this phony government in the USA. How very SAD!!!! Let’s all pray daily for America, Canada, and Israel.

  2. Look at what the “left” freaks have turned California into, especially San-Francisco with reports from Fox News stating, tents and garbage all over, needles and feces everywhere. Imagine Los Angeles. America for me is the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, etc… Same in Canada with Western AB and B.C. If I ever win the lottery, I am moving to Canmore. I read once from you that you like Osoyoos, B.C. If I win big at the lottery, I give you money for you to move there. Safe trip home.

  3. OMG how right on you are!!! For ten years my husband and I delivered motorhomes to every state in the USA including Alaska. We pulled a tow car and after delivering two motorhomes we saw America on the way home. We visited every military museum and places where early battles took place at the beginning of this amazing country. We stood in awe at what we saw and heard…and now as we literally watch our country being invaded and given away we find ourselves weeping unable to do anything!

  4. You are correct. The Tourist ‘Traps’ are NOT for me. I always travel the back roads & have experienced some of the BEST of Times and met some wonderful people I now call FRIENDS. The Lefties don’t have a clue, nor do our children. what truly IS America. Travel Safely Home!! God Bless

  5. I retired years ago and am now one month away from 75.After my wife passed away 7 years ago I decided to travel Nothing America. I bought a Ram 1500 and a 28′ trailer with a slide out and went across Canada and the into the US sticking to the back roads as much as possible. Over the years and mostly the last few I have had the opportunity to visit and see 9 Provinces and 1 Territory and 43 of American states. A beautiful country with mostly great people. You are right, the heartland is gorgeous

  6. Howard: You have a remarkable appreciation of America that ranks up there with Mark Steyn, another Canadian pundit. However, you tackle a much wider number of more serious subjects that him. Today’s topic about America’s heartland is a wonderful example of your best comment on our country. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you and your commentary!

  7. And on that ever so true comprehension of how we used to be on both coasts, AND in our big cities, this little old lady will send my monthly contribution. As an old fifth generation Californian, who married a Georgian, and has lived here for 50 years, the California Central Valley and the her mountain folk, have not changed. It’s all in the big city life, where so many “stacked” people reside, who know you’ll never see them again. AND yes, the younger generation never saw it.

  8. Greetings: Enjoy beautiful St Augustine, Howard & Anne! Over my lifetime, I’ve moved from Montreal to Ft Lauderdale (1977), then Asheville (2007) and then St Augustine (2016). The combination of HISTORY (France, Spain, Britain, USA) all settled this FIRST North American city! Enjoy yourselves! Walk around the ANCIENT city. Take in some of our FABULOUS restaurants. And take in a TROLLEY TOUR or two!!! Don’t forget a WALK on our beautiful BEACHES! WELCOME! I’m definitely NOT moving from here!

  9. Right on target! The great question nobody asks, concerning the caravans “attacking” the USA from the South, is, “What is wrong with those countries sending us their people that needs fixed fast, so our people might want to visit their countries, and their own people want to stay home?”

    Keep up the good thinking and writing Howard, the world needs you. Stay well!

  10. Being one of those “Hillbillies”, who follow and read your articles, I am overtaken with appreciation for your words. You have so poetically called out the “freaks’ and with the same breath provided justice and pride for us “Hillbillies”, “Heartlanders” and “Middle Americans”. Keep the words coming.

  11. As always … so very well stated and so very true! Thank you once again for your insight! Safe travels!

  12. Your remark about the “FREAKS” being so “STUPID” translates in my frustration that they are so so ….so stupid that they are not even stupid!!! This comes from a Nobel prize winning physicist, in the early days of Quantum Mechanics, commenting on another’s theory, and I paraphrase in word order, that “he’s wrong , he’s so wrong, wrong, wrong… wrong,so wrong that he’s not even wrong”. This is the best I could do without obscenities in 500 words or less. Hail to you Howard.

  13. Great read, Howard…and being just a whisper older than you and Anne, I too like to use the back roads anywhere I can assuming the time…Suggestion…leaving Florida, if you’ve never been. swing thru Savannah, then follow 17 north thru Beaufort area into Charleston, on thru Mt Pleasant to Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, Wilmington NC, Jacksonville, on up thru coastal NC into Tidewater Va area…then you can use 64 back to 95 thru Williamsburg and then you can return to 95 and deviate from there!

  14. Wow, loved this for all that you said about our country and traveling the back roads. Use to do that when my husband & I had our two children get in the car and drive around on back roads just to see what was there and just enjoy our homeland. Do have a great time in Florida, be safe going back to your beautiful home land as well for Canada is beautiful. Good luck with your speech I am sure you will do a great job. God’s blessings to you Anne and Kitty.

  15. Drive thru rural KY, Tenn & WVa, & you will find lots of ‘hillbillies’ (my American ancestors were part of those hillbillies). In my childhood, the ‘backroads folk’ were suspicious of strangers until they got to know you meant no harm, then would give the shirt off their back if needed. It is elitist, entitled people feeling they are better w/life handed to them w/o having to work for it that shows ignorance/disrespect of self-sufficiency, hard work from the ground up earning one’s way.

  16. I trust your trip south to speak and hook up with ole friends and family will go well.

    Thanks for your article – highlighting the difference in experiencing the beauty of our country & not just looking at it. I have traveled the USA many times, east to west and north to south & vice a versa – I have also traveled across 10 countries in Europe and all over Isreal all by motorcycle. I love them all but I am always happy to ‘kiss’ USA soil.

    I regret that we have a move to destroy it- angers

  17. Yes, the Freaks Have Always Been Amongst Us but not as PREVALENT as they are today!You have very well DESCRIBED the FREAKS–those who want to be left ALONE and those who CAUSE trouble!The LEFT is now MOSTLY CONTROLLED by MILLENNIAL FREAKS who know NOTHING about the HISTORY of AMERICA nor CARE for it!Most of them are HOLLYWOOD FREAKS who ONLY try to SEEK POWER & FAME!God help us all if EVER one of them becomes President!Enjoy your trip back home w/Anne, Stryker&April.Drive safely! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  18. Great blog/editorial today, as always Howard. The real, true people of the US are grounded, solid and usually very proud to be a Patriot. There are always some exceptions, but overall, you are right The Heartland is where the vast majority of true Americans live.

  19. Several Hollywood freaks have signed a petition demanding that the Governor of Georgia veto a bill that would prohibit an abortion once the fetal heartbeat is heard. They say that they won’t come to Georgia to make their movies and tv shows if this bill becomes law. Boo Hoo. Governor Kemp will never yield to a bunch of feticide enthusiasts.

  20. Without a doubt; this is absolutely the best editorial you have EVER published! Thank you.

  21. Howard you are 100% correct about the “niceness” of our country is all but gone. At 84 I at least had a chance of seeing it, no so our youth. You should visit New England sometime.

  22. I discovered years ago that Interstate driving was too crazy and we take state and federal roads in our travels. It takes a little longer but you keep your sanity and find great restaurants, beautiful scenery and friendly quaint little towns. Then the other day our local news actually reported that a young man on spring break spent his time picking up trash here on one of our Florida beaches. Maybe there is hope….

  23. Great article Howard. Done some traveling in America and to the west coast and back in Canada several times. Found the same things you did. Americans are just plain friendly and welcoming everywhere. Found the same thing in Canada outside the major metropolitan centres. North Americans are wonderful.

  24. We have ridden in all 50 states on motorcycles and you are right on. We live in Gainesville and would love to drive to St Augustine and meet you and maybe have a drink. Let me know by email if possible. Doug & Betsy Whitaker

  25. Born in Wonderfful West Virginia, lived from formative years in Ohio, in the twilight of my years I live in Arizona. Traveled many of the byways and highways in this great and beautiful country. Of all the states I have travel through (never had the pleasure of seeing N Dakota) they all had uniqueness and i learn what a wonderful country this is. May your guardian angel
    Ride with all. Billie

  26. You just continue to encourage those who will take the time to consider the current situation. Excellent article! I was just thinking that there are three types of people – conservatives, leftists and grifters. The first two are obvious. The grifters are those who prey upon and use everyone else. They are those in power and those who just live on the public dole. If the leftists win, the power grifters will take over. There will no longer be a need to take care of anyone. Who will survive?

  27. Howard,

    It’s always wonderful to hear a human being filled with so much common sense. Something that many don’t believe is “so common” any more. You give me hope for the world.
    May, The Almighty, grant you, your sweetheart, Anne, and all your fur babies safe passage with a joyful journey as you meet those with hearts such as yourselves! You kids have fun!

    Warmest regards, and Gator hugs!

    Gizelle, a transplanted Cajun girl in Texas

  28. Wow Howard & Ann. you are doing what my wife and I did several years ago when we & our kids were younger. We drove from Dallas, Texas to Tampa, Florida avoiding interstate and US highways. We drove backroads that were so convoluted that we had to stop from time to time to ask for directions. We met Middle America on that trip. It was a different world from what we expected, but more glorious. we visited valleys that were barely wide enough for a road, railroad, stream and a single row of houses.

  29. East Tennessee is the best; come here sometime.

  30. You story echoed a friend’s story. Her adult son was dying and asked his parents for one last vacation. They went to Ohio and stayed with an Amish family. As the husband worked the fields with his host, the mother and son sat on the porch. The son turned to his mother and said, “I’ve spent my life designing cutting edge technology and traveling the world. This is America. I’ve wasted my life chasing a dream when happiness was right here. These people have a life far superior to mine.”

  31. Nice. You are right and we “nice, kind and thoughtful” people are beginning to stir. It seems we have had enough of being “nice, kind and thoughtful” to those who hate us. Yes, HATE us.
    We need a few more Thomas Paines today, but we are out there and beginning to realise it is not too late.
    So, my traveling friend, as that is what I consider you, when are you going to check out our portion of the great North American Cordillera, specifically Buena Vista, CO, the heart of it all.

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