There’s Something Very Wrong With The Values Of Too Many Black Americans.

I Know That What I’m Writing Is TABOO . . . Because – We Can Screw-Over as many White People, in More Ways than we Can Imagine With Full Impunity . . .

We Can Crap all over Christians & Demonize any Jew who Supports Israel . . . And we Can Even Demean & Defame Heterosexuals who have Judeo/Christian Values – But Don’t Even Whisper Any Consternation Over Bad Black Behavior, Gays, Lesbians & Whatever & Whomever Else Who Believes Beyond The Two Genders.


Black Lives Matter, Black Congressional Caucus, Black Music Awards, Miss Black America, Black Only College Dorms, Black Colleges . . . & Keep On Going.

Where Are The White-Only Equivalents?

I Remember When Michael Jackson Died, and Jamie Foxx more or less Told White Americans to Keep their Hands-Off . . . Because Michael’s Ours.

Samuel Jackson Starred in the “Hateful Eight”, a Violent Tarantino Western. When Asked what was one of the things Jackson Liked Most about the Movie, Jackson’s Answer was . . . “I GET TO KILL WHITE PEOPLE”.

When “Training Day” Was The Number One Movie Of The Year, I Cringed Nonstop, as Denzel Washington used the Word NIGGER more Times than I want to Remember. And Washington Won an Academy Award.

With Every Opportunity For Black Advantage . . . “Affirmative Action” – Which in my Opinion was Nothing short of Reverse Discrimination, many Black Americans took Advantage of the Opportunity, and many Made Something of Themselves, while Far Too Many Black Americans Squandered the Reward Granted to them because of White Guilt & White Largesse, to Become White-Hating Racists . . . & Victims of Their Own Making.

IN SPITE OF WHITE GUILT & WHITE POLITICAL BRIBERY . . . How come Black Americans are Slaughtering Each other Far More, than American Members of the Military are Dying in Global War Zones?

Why is it that Major Black Communities are Killing-Zones . . . The Likes of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Saint Louis, Oakland . . . Etc?

Why Is It . . . That a Gay Hollywood Punk like Jussie Smollett, who Created an Egregious LIE, to add Fuel to the Anti-White Anti-Heterosexual Fire, about being Attacked by Two White Men, who Beat him, Tied a Noose around his Neck & Poured Bleach on him, while they Declared “THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY”, which was a Direct Assault on President Donald Trump, and the Many Tens of Millions of People who Support America’s President . . . Gets A Free Ride After All But Proven To Be A Liar?

I Won’t Even Touch-On The Indecency & Misogyny Of Black Rap.

All Of This Is Bad . . . Really Bad – but Perhaps, Not nearly as Bad as Democrat Candidates like Beto O’Rourke & Joe Biden, who are Apologizing for Being White Men.

Or As Bad As Americans . . . who are Saying, that it’s Time for A Woman to be President of the USA, and or a Black Person to be President (How Quickly They Forget)?

What About The Best Person To Be President Of The United States Of America?

While It Is Absolutely True – That America Has Become A Terribly Divided Nation . . . This Is Nothing New. America was Divided even During the Revolution, where many “Pre-American’s” supported the British.

America was Divided During the Civil War, which Produced more Dead Americans as a Result of Blue-On-Gray Battles, than all of America’s Foreign Wars (Including WWI & WWII) Combined.

America was an Incredibly Divided Country During the Days of the Vietnam War, to the Point, that Ohio National Guardsmen Opened-Fire, Killing & Wounding Demonstrating American University Students at Kent State.

But Each Time . . . There has Been Serious Division Between Americans, with the Exception of the Revolution, those Divisions were Caused by the LEFT, which Embraced Slavery, Created the KKK, Riled-Up the American People Against Drafted American Troops Fighting In Vietnam – Even when the American Boys Returned Home, Fought Against The Civil Rights Act, Supported Eugenics (Margaret Sanger-Family Planning) . . . And with Barack Hussein Obama – The LEFT Pitted Black Americans Against White Americans, Women Against Men, The Poor Against The Successful & Conflicted Genders Against Straight Men & Women . . .

. . . Basically Doing All That Could Be Done To Pit Americans Against America.

But Now . . . With The Idea – that America is a Hopelessly Racist Country, because Idiot White People & Mean-Spirited Black People Say-So . . . Is More Of A Problem Than Just Somewhat.

I Would Offer President Trump Some Pearls Of My Wisdom . . . But what could I Possibly Say to the Man Carrying the Weight of the World Upon His Shoulders, as President Trump Takes-On All Comers . . . & Thus Far, has Backed Down to No One . . . To Make America Great Again, and to Make All Willing Countries – As Free & Successful As Possible.

SO . . . I won’t Waste the President’s Time with my Advice – But I will Forward it to Anyone Reading this Editorial . . . You don’t have to get into a Fist Fight to get into their Face, Simply call them Out for the Idiots they are.

And when the LEFT make their Stupid Comments . . . ASK THEM HOW. How are they going to Make the Climate Change to what they Believe it Should Be, when in Fact, the Global Climate has been Changing for more than 4.5-Billion Years.

Ask the LEFTIST Know-It-Alls . . . How they’re Going to Control the Solar Rays of Sun Spots, the Elliptical Rotation of the Earth, the Gravitational Pull of the Moon, the Gulf Stream & the Four Other Global Gyres (Ocean Currents)?

Ask The Self-Absorbed Cool-Kids on the Planet, If there were any Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes & Regions Inundated by Massive Flood Waters Before these Geniuses Discovered the Global Flavor of the Day . . . Climate Change, Global Warming, or Whatever Else the Cool-Kids can Come-up With?

And While These Self-Hating LEFTIST Americans Are At It . . . Ask how the North American Indians were so Righteous as they Proclaim, who Drove Vast Buffalo Herds off Cliffs, which they Called a Hunt, or Warred Tribe Against Tribe . . . Massacring, Raping & Making Slaves of their Indian Prisoners?

In The Meantime . . . It’s Become a Democrat-American Obsession – to Promote Race-Baiting. It’s now the American-Democrat-Way, to Crap on White People, Especially White Men. Socialism is Good – A Meritocracy Is Evil. And What You Make . . . Should Belong To The Socialists.

I Know, That I Write About This A Lot . . . But I Can’t Write About It Too Much.

SPECIAL NOTE . . . Many of the Readers have Informed Me – Anne Included, that when they Try to Forward some of the Latest Editorials, what Happens, is that a Previous Editorial is Forwarded Instead of the Current One.

I Suspect . . . This Might have Something To Do With Facebook and/or Google. Which is why, I will be Investing a Great Deal of Money to Upgrade the Platform of to make it More Difficult for Social Media Sites & Email Providers to Screw with us. We’re Already Laying The Groundwork.

Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I . . . Will Be Traveling East Over The Next Few Days, and I will do whatever I can to Write while We’re on the Road . . . But I’m No Longer a Spring Chicken, and Travel is Somewhat Tiring. But I Will Do My Best. And I Will Read Whatever Anyone Sends Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You know, it’s just really sad that the Left, & all their “friends” can’t see the truth when it smacks them in the face. All we can really hope for is that there are still enough of us left who KNOW the truth will fight for it. Our lives depend on it.

  2. About climate change, ask the leftist how about 10,000 years ago when the earth population was about 1 Million and were primitive hunter-gatherers using fire to help them keep warm and cook and if men are the cause of global warming, how did the last ice age end ??? Glaciers were 4 miles, 6 Km thick and they all melted DUH, the Sun I guess.
    RACIST = (R)ather (A)nnoying (C)ommunist (I)nspired (S)ilencing (T)actic
    You hit the nail on the head yet again Howard.

  3. I for one am kind of glad at all the crazy crazy stuff the libs are doing. Except for the kool aid kids, I think they are really revealing themselves to most Americans. I have posted about Smollett what sounds like a conspiracy theory, but could it be true: Was he hired to play a part, and when he got caught and they were afraid he would reveal the truth rather than go to jail, did they have to get him off…hmmm. Could be?
    Safe travels.

  4. Just a word on the global warming philosophy we are enduring. The folks who are eating this up are also the folks who have no idea of the scale of the planet and of the man’s place. Most believe that if everyone had a square yard to stand on in one area the area occupied would be the size of Texas, or the size of New England. FYI, for fun, it is only a square whose one side would be Boston to New Bedford, or Denver to a bit past Monument, ~51miles! Fun Party Democrat party question.

  5. Thank you for your great Editorial as always. We are all sorry you will be leaving us once again, & will be waiting for your return nest year. Your correct it is a long drive home so do be careful & make stops to rest your legs & cool the tires down on the RV with driving it makes your tires get hot also. Will your weather be cold or hot when you return to Canada? Give yourself a break don’t write while you are on the road till you get home rested. Wishing you and family a very safe journey.

  6. There have been Three Crises in America: The American Revolution,The Civil War, Progressism. We won the first,We saved the Union second. Now is the time for all good men and women to come together and save our country from those that do not know what they have until they loose it. Then it will too late. Enough is enough.

  7. When you wrote about the American Indians you left out one thing. Some of the tribes practiced cannibalism with the defeated ones being the meal.

  8. Howard, here’s wishing you & Anne safe travel. Oh, and speaking of travelling, I got stopped by the police, the other day. This traffic cop says to me: “Hey Mister, you’re driving in a 50 Miles Per Hour zone” – – -> so I told him: “Yes officer, I know…. but I wasn’t planning on being out that long.” :>) Bon Voyage & Be Well, My Friends !!!

  9. Also, it is known of the North American Indians; not all them considered the white man an enemy. But, many started war with the white man and killed, kidnapped and raped white Americans. They are the one’s who brought the problems upon themselves, and should-not have the right to keep claiming their rights and the land they lost.

  10. Howard, will you be coming back through New York State again? You had a problem with them about your guns going down, right?

  11. Have a safe trip back to Canada; we’re sorry you & fam must go but will welcome you with open arms(hearts) again in the fall. If you go through Virginia, you likely will be traveling via I-81; at one point where I-64 heads east & you keep north, wave ’cause you’ll be 6 miles from me. I agree with another commenter, don’t worry about writing while on the road unless you take a break to rest & you “just have to share” your thoughts. We will understand the lapsed time hearing from you. God bless.

  12. Enjoy all your articles but this one may just be the best!

  13. This was my business: When I arrived on the scene the carbon dioxide load was 200 parts per million (ppm) and going down. If it got below 100 ppm we’d all be dead. Well it turned around and we’re at 300 ppm now and worried about a living disaster of a 0.2 degree increase in average temperature by the end of this century. At that level England grew wine grapes and the Roman empire was at its height of glory. At a 3 degree increase we had dynasaurs and the elements of “people” kind. CO2, bring

  14. Re: “ASK THEM HOW”. Yes, we all learned when, ah, “asking questions” of leftists, they never have answers when confronted with actual facts or any other “truth”. We see it all the time. In fact, if this happens on live TV, the station will cut away from the program and go somewhere else. CNN does this all the time. Howard, you, Anne, Stryker, and April be safe on your travel home. We, your loyal readers, will patiently await your next post, whenever that is!

  15. Can anyone name ONE LEFTIST who COULD have WITHSTOOD all the ATTACKS which Pres. Trump has ENDURED? There are NONE! Isn’t it SAD where the LEFT uses the WEATHER to PROMOTE their AGENDA–whatever THAT is! Well, the WEATHER can’t RESPOND..HA! The WELL-MEANING BLACKS don’t attack the WHITES! The LEFT BLACKS do, however, by FOCUSING on their ENTITLEMENT to SPECIAL PRIVILEGES! We are ALL the SAME in GOD’S eyes, so GET OVER IT, LEFTISTS! Open YOUR EYES and SEE the PERSON vs. the COLOR! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  16. Excellent thoughts & what is the reality of the situation. May you, Anne, Stryker & April the Cat have a good trip home. Yes, we will miss you being in our USA, but Canada is home & the weather will be warmer up there. Please, only write if you must get things off of your chest. All of your fans do understand & respect what you must do while traveling. Make sure you get enough rest to have a safe trip north, for those who believe in the True G-d, we are praying for your safety & health.

  17. Boy, oh, boy, this article is spot on, Howard!!! I agree with you 100%. Safe journey back to Canada. God Bless

  18. Wow! Howard, your comments on reverse racism are spot on just as I have been preaching for years. Racism was almost non-existent in Texas before Obama enttered the arena. Reverse racism anti-Chrustian, anti-Jew, anti-male and anti-white have become the Democrat platform (all except themselves). Ever since Obama the divide between Leftist, liberal, socialist Democrats and conservative, level headed adults seems to be growing. I refuse to apologize for being a white male Christian. Be SAFE.

  19. I’ll bet the progressive liberal lunatics would go bonkers if someone out there started a WET (White Entertainment Television) channel on cable TV.

  20. You speak nothing but simple TRUTH! Believe me Americans can see where we are and sadly where we are headed! Some days it causes us to weep as we watch FoxNews who has given us the proverbial finger after years of making them who they are…believe me Howard, we know what is happening and we don’t seem to be able to do a darn thing about it!!!! Many of us have spent our lives trying!!!! Drive safe…

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