Don’t Tell Me . . . SHOW ME


If The Media Didn’t COLLUDE With Crooked Hillary In 2016 . . . And If the DNC didn’t Hamstring, Lie & Cheat for Crooked Hillary’s Competition to be Thrown Under the DNC Bus, and if Crooked Hillary didn’t get the CNN Debate Questions before the Debate(s), and if the DNC didn’t have their Rigged Super Delegate Nonsense Working for Crooked Hillary – Crooked Hillary Would Not Have Won The DNC Primary.

Crooked Hillary Might Not Have Even Been The Nominee.

And In-Spite Of All The Denials About ILLEGAL Voting . . . Especially within Several of the Most Corrupt Political Jurisdictions in America (California, Florida, New York, Illinois . . . Etc), Crooked Hillary Would Never Have Won The Popular Vote.

I Recently Heard The Argument From A LEFTIST . . . That after Exhaustive Research, there is Absolutely No Evidence of Illegal Voting (Voter Fraud).

OK – Let’s Assume That’s Accurate . . . which is an Over-The-Hill Assumption, which Belies the Facts. But Let’s Just Say-So Anyway . . .

Why Would Anyone . . . Who is so Utterly Convinced that the Voting Process is so Perfect, to be Against SERIOUS Voting Registration, which would Remove all Doubt?

AND TO THE KNOW-IT-ALL LEFTISTS . . . who are 100% Certain – that there is no Voter Fraud . . . How Would They Know What They Don’t Know?


BUT I ALSO NEVER THOUGHT . . . That After The Vindication of President Trump, that the LEFT, the Media & the Democrats would Continue their Egregious Rant to Promote their own Created Fantasy, that President Trump Is A Traitor To The United States Of America.


This Is Like A Massive Dam That’s Just About To Be Breached.

I Think . . . The Fear Of The DEMOCRATS & RINOS – is that once the FISA Report, the Phony Dossier, the Mueller Report, the FBI Agents Texts & Emails & the Upcoming Michael Horowitz (Inspector General) Report on the Scurrilous Hillary Clinton Illegal Computer Investigation (Plus) – All Become Public . . . They Will All get Caught-Up In the Same Shameful Criminal Net.

It’s Time For America To Fully Cleanse Itself As Much As Possible . . . & Dig Out The Rot – And No One Should Be Spared – Or America Will Not Survive. And even at that, I think the National Rot is so Deep, That It Makes the Washington Swamp Look Less Ominous.

And If You Think I’m Wrong . . . Think of the Drugs, Derelicts & Violent Criminals Infecting the Streets & Neighborhoods of Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago & On & On. And Think of Sanctuary Cities, Sanctuary States and a Cry for Open Borders.

Think Of Jussie Smollett . . . And What Justice In America Has Become.


As A Selfish Canadian . . . I am Desperate for America to Succeed as America has Done for Much of my Life. Because, as Long as my Neighbor to the South is Proud, Strong & Free . . . Canada Will-Not & Can-Not Succumb To The Dark Side Of Socialism.

But . . . If The American LEFT Were To Win, the Canada of my Birth would Cease to Exist, and all that would be Left as Canada became a Self-Victim of Dystopia, would be . . . How Canada Used To Be A Free Society Known As The Great White North.

Even Now As I Write . . . Our Idiot Canadian Liberal Government, is set to Impose a Carbon Tax (April 1st) on all Fossil Fuels, Including Products made from Fossil Fuels, like Roof Shingles, to the Point, where Automotive Fuel (Trucks, Cars, Trains, Planes & Work Equipment), Coupled with Oil & Gas for Home & Building Heating, is Going to make Everything in Canada UNAFFORDABLE to most Canadians.

Even Though Anne & I No Longer Eat Out That Much . . . I Know that Anne & I will not be Able to Afford to Eat-Out much at All, because the Fuel to get to a Restaurant or anywhere else is gong to Seriously Eat into our Budget.

And if Costs are going to go Over-The-Roof, in Terms of Basic Groceries, Dry Goods – Etc, Including a Forced Raise in Minimum Wages, how will the Restaurants be able to Keep their Meal Prices Down?

The Simple Answer, is the Restaurants Won’t. And Anne & I will Not be Able to Afford to Eat Out & Maintain the Simple, yet Pleasant Lifestyle we Currently Enjoy.


According To The Canadian Liberal Government . . . the NDP (Canadian Socialists) and the Green Party (Canadian Socialist Nut-Jobs) . . . THE CARBON TAX WILL BE REVENUE NEUTRAL . . . Because the Tax Will be Given Back To People The Government Discerns Would Need It Most.

So . . . If The Carbon Tax Is Not Going To Raise Money For The Government & Won’t Do Anything For The Environment – WHAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THIS JOB-KILLING, INFLATION-DRIVING-TAX, WHICH WILL MAKE LIFE UNAFFORDABLE FOR MOST CANADIANS?

THIS CANADIAN SOCIO/POLITICAL INSANITY . . . Is With A Strong America On Our Southern Flank. Just Imagine what Canada Would & Will be Like if the United States of America ever did Travel on the Dark-Side, and there Wasn’t a Strong & Free America to Keep Canada in Check & Provide Hope for Canadians, Who Long To Live Prosperous & Free?

As It Is . . . The Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau is Under a Serious Cloud for Many Things, from Promoting Illegal Immigration, Free-Wheel Spending, and now with Justice Tampering at the Highest Levels, INCLUDING the Prime Minister Himself.

This is What Happens when you Don’t have Informed Voters (Don’t Know – Don’t Care). When Teachers at all Levels Teach Propaganda. When the Media is as Corrupt as the Politicians. When Bureaucrats Aren’t Held to Account & Can’t be Fired. Where Real Politics Is All About Greed, Corruption, Power & Winning.

LISTEN TO ME CAREFULLY . . . If The American Traitors Are Not Punished To The Fullest Extent Of The Law – America Will Not Recover . . . & Canada Will Become Just Another Failed State Like Venezuela.

And In The Near Future People Will Ask . . . How Did This Happen?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Amen; my reactions to the reception by the left of Netanyahu’s speech were the sme. Pelosi again displayed her ignorance & bigotry against the American way of life, as planned byour founders. Lincoln destroyed it. He changed the Republic to a Union, & it’s gone downhill ever since. It wasn’t meant to be a union; the states were to rule over the feds; they had the right to secede or to refuse federal laws. That’s gone & the left intends to kill the Constitution, making this a Socialist nation

  2. Those who are GUILTY WILL be “punished To The Fullest Extent Of The Law” and NO ONE will be SPARED only because TRUMP is our PRESIDENT! AMERICA WILL RECOVER because Pres. Trump is a WINNER! The LEFT “ain’t seen nothing yet”! Also, the FAKE MEDIA should ALL apologize to Pres. Trump. As expected, their RATINGS have significantly DECLINED…and they DESERVE it! Just wondering….if Americans can MOVE to Canada, why can’t Canadians MOVE to America? GO TRUMP GO—MAGA! AMEN!

  3. Get ready for the calamity that the left wing is going to bring when the younger crowd get their numbers up. Our only hope is that they won’t show up to vote because they were too busy on their social media sites. Makes me glad to be old when I see the young suckers lap up what the socialists have to say.

  4. Precisely put Howard..It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that America is on the brink. and they will go over the edge if they do not start justifiably imprisoning the country’s corrupt politicians. Not doing so will result in colossal disregard for the law, by the very institutions that were supposed to protect Americans, and apply justice fairly, when required. The Chicago prosecutors, brazenly freeing Smollet, is a prime example, and will surely lead to disaster in that system.

  5. Well, the Canadian and American sheeples have a serious choice to make, it’s A or B and nothing in between. A: Live in a free democratic country or B: live in a George Orwell’s “1984” movie dystopia world. Sheeples hope you make the right choice and right now it scares me that they won’t and wake up when it’s already too late. I certainly will choose A !!!

  6. With the viewership of many MSMs dropping like flies after the Mueller announcement, and, the left-wingers in Congress continuing the anti-Triump investigation, the public is way tired of the leftists’ continuing saga. We can only hope these malcontents will vote for Trump in 2020. One more thing: the Republicans need to jump and DO something about the 13 states who have voted their electoral votes will go to whomever wins the national popular vote – which is against the Constitution!

  7. Thoughts about illegal voting and similar transgressions: The forthcoming early voting scares me. Where is the accountability going to be?
    And to my way of thinking absentee ballots are becoming ( or maybe always have been) a problem. It never ceases to amaze me about how many absentee ballot ( nearly all for democrat candidates) suddenly appear in close election races.
    Then there is the issue of deceased folks voting, either at democratic-dominated polling places or, once again, on absentees

  8. I’ve always loved that saying from “My Fair Lady” — “Don’t Tell Me, “Show Me!”
    I know you love your time in the States Howard, but It will feel good to have you back home!

  9. Another insightful article Howard. Kinda fun watching the Dem meltdown after Mueller vindicated Trump. More fun watching the Occasional-Cortez meltdown after her ridiculous Green New Deal got shot down. Yum. The Dems are reduced to trying to find something else to hit Trump with but they’re on the stump of their last leg. But, they’re still screaming. At home the Trudeau Government is continuing on their destructive and possibly illegal path. I shake my head a lot and pray for relief in October

  10. it appears that politicians as well as the members of the public active are politics,start out with good ideas and with a desire to be straight and honest,but sooner or later change,become extreme and sometimes violently so.this applies more so on the left side of the spectrum perhaps because they are self delusional,lose their compass and get lost.this is especially striking in the USA.Donald Trump is realistic,aware of the dangers of the leftists and has the guts to call their bluff.

  11. World Tribune & others reported that Soros donated $408K in 2016 to a SuperPAC for prosecuting attorney who suddenly dropped the case against Smollett. Soros did same for a number of other state’s races for prosecuting attys & governors with far left leanings. He is using his wealth to reshape our political map. No doubt he was instrumental in laws passed in Congress that removed restrictions on political donations in races. Bought & paid for politicians at all levels have been increasing since.

  12. ” CRISIS AT THE BORDER”poor starving impoverished aslyum seekers.who the hell is paying for all those expensive cellphones they are proudly showing, and who’s paying their monthly bills,U.S.TAXPAYERS of course.but I guess that’s a small price to pay for their votes.adios america.

  13. WIKILEAKS PROVED the liberal bias Main Stream Media were Colluding with Hillary. The Irony is Hillary asked the media to give Trump lots of attention to help him win the nomination as she thought she could beet him. So they DID! Just duckduckgo (not google anymore… too bias) Hillary and Pied piper. Notice its the Alternative Media reporting on the story. The main stream media didn’t report on it because they were the story.

  14. Howard, when I tried to share this on Twitter it links to an article you had written on July 23, 2015. The heading “Don’t Tell Me . . . Show Me” was right but the rest of the article was not the correct one. Oops!

  15. No exactly on topic; but, I’ve been promoting duckduckgo over the past ?two years. It’s amazingly efficient; I try to stay as far away from Google as possible.

  16. Howard, I never knew you were from the State of Missouri – the “Show Me” state !!! (hahaha) And here I always thought you were Canadian, eh? Anyhow, I got my own problems. I signed up for skydiving but my gf Julie says to me: “If at first you don’t succeed….skydiving might not be the sport for you, Bruce” !!! (hahaha) So I replied: “Yeah, but Howard Galganov says “Show Me” !!! So tomorrow I head up to St Jerome to skydive. Wish me luck, Howard G !!! – Flying Brucester :>)

  17. Mr. G do you ever think you are preaching to the choir? Everyday that you blog you are my dose of reality. Most people have ears but do not hear have eyes but do not see. So keep preaching to the choir and maybe just maybe your words will make a difference. Let us pray and thank God for his covement to our great countries. Miss you already. Stay safe and healthy looking forward to the next truth in telling.Billie

  18. Speaking of the problem of the left teaching our kids, I live in wonderful Idaho and was talking to my Granddaughter the other day and ask her how school was going. She told me her teacher just hates President Trump and every day he has an unkind remark to say about our President. She then laughed and said she and most of friends are considered hicks and realize that the teacher is just full of himself and they love our President. It looks like some of our kids are not drinking the koolaid.

  19. Well, maybe, our new Civil War is finally upon us. President Trump is just going to have to force the spineless Republican Party to go on the offensive and expose the depths of corruption infecting our government, our educations system and the pathetic so-called mainstream media. DO THE INVESTIGATION AND NAME THE NAMES. Yes, some Republicans will also get hurt. Too bad. They deserve it. We need to save our country from the filth threatening it.

  20. I read recently that the NON BINDING (a big lie) Marrakesh Agreement that Trudeau committed Canada to is actually BINDING. Another whitewash job by our incompetent PM who has committed us to open borders, unlimited, uncontrolled, unvetted immigration which means more Muslims will come to Islamatise Canada. Kudos to President Trump who promised in his Michigan speech that immigrants will only be allowed into the USA based on MERIT.

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