“I Don’t Care” . . . Is Not A Reason To Vote


IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That the Democrats, Including the Judenrat (Jewish Sell-Outs) are Betting that there are More Anti-Semites, or Dumb-Enough Americans, Not to Care One Way or Another about Jew-Hatred in the Guise of “Legitimate” Criticism of Israel, As A Smart Election Strategy.

 They Might Be Right . . . But I’m Betting They’re Wrong . . . Even though in the Final Analysis, the LEFT is Really Betting on People who are Too Stupid, Ill-Informed, or Want Something-For-Nothing To Care about What Is & What Isn’t . . . That There Are More People Who Actually Do Care.


The Fox News Brain-Trust . . . Did the Math, and Came Away with the Conclusion, that if Fox News wants to Increase its Audience, they Need to Attract STUPID PEOPLE, who Want to be Spoon-Fed LEFTIST BS, Hence . . . the Fox News Shift to Pander to the LEFT.

I’m Hoping . . . This Will Blow-Up In The LEFT’S Face.

I HAD A BLOW-OUT TODAY WITH AN RV NEIGHBOR . . . who is Slightly Older than me, who Served for A Number Of Years in the US Navy, and is very Proud to Say he Never Listens to the News, Watches the New, or Reads the News – BUT HAS A VISCERAL HATE-ON FOR TRUMP.

And When I Used To Ask Why . . . It Was Always The Same Answer – Because.

His LEFTIST Wife thinks that ONLY Young People should Run the United States of America, because they have Fresh New Ideas. With the Likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib & the Latest “Genius” . . . Beto O’Rourke, How’s That Working-Out?

UP UNTIL TODAY . . . I have Held my Tongue for 3-Years. But in Discussion Today, I Mentioned Several Things which brought our Tepid Relationship to a Boil . . . I should also Mention that this Neighbor is Jewish, who is Proud NOT to Mention or let People know that He’s Jewish, which is his Prerogative, even though he Loves using Jewish Idioms when he is Around Me.

1 – That the Democrat Party is Mostly Boycotting AIPAC (America Israel Political Action Committee), to show their Disdain for Israel, which to me is the Height of an Insult to the Jewish People . . . And To The People Of United States Of America.

His Response . . . I DON’T CARE!

2 – That New Zealand Jews Have Decided To Cancel Shabbat to show Solidarity with the Slain New Zealand Moslems . . . Jews Don’t Cancel the Sabbath. Even in the Nazi Death Camps, many Jews did what they could to Honor the Sabbath as Best they Could, even as they were Beaten, Deprived & on their way to Slaughter.

His Response . . . I DON’T CARE!

I Asked Him . . . What will you do when Anti-Semites come Pounding on your Door because you’re Jewish, Even Though You Don’t Care?

His Response . . . No one knows I’m Jewish, and this is the United States, where that will Never Happen.

TO WHICH I ANSWERED . . . “That’s What The German Jews Said In The 1930’s. That’s What Jews Thought During The Eastern European Pogroms, & That Was What Happened To Jews During The Inquisitions”.

How Could You Not Care?

His Response Again . . . I DON’T CARE!

If You Don’t Care About Your Own Politics . . . What Gives You The Right To Vote? To which my Neighbor became Incensed & Indignant . . . “Because I Served My Country, and I don’t Need Some Damned Canadian Telling me that I don’t Have the Right To Vote”.

My Response To This Neighbor As I Walked Away Was Succinct . . .

That Was Then When You Cared – And This Is Now . . . When You Don’t.

The Problem Perhaps . . . With Far Too Many Americans (And Canadians Too), Young & Old, but More Specifically with the Young, IS THAT THEY DON’T CARE, and they Make Very Little To No Effort – To Really Try To Understand The Truth . . . So They Can Care.

I’m Sorry That This 3-Year Relationship With This Neighbor No longer Exists . . . But how could Someone like me, Who Cares So Much About the Future for all of us, Canadian, American, Israeli & Decent People Everywhere . . . Have an Honest Relationship with Someone so Full of Opinions Contrary to Mine . . . WHO DOESN’T CARE, Nor Care Enough To Want To Care . . . But Is Proud To Vote Nonetheless?


Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Pissed-Away. . . Hundreds Of Lives Ruined.

If Jussie Smollett has been Indicted with 16-Felony Accounts for Creating & Promoting a Lie, which also Stirred the Racial Pot AGAINST White Conservative Men & Specifically Against Supporters of President Trump, and the Costs Incurred by the Chicago Police . . .

What Should The Penalty Be For All The Purveyors Of The Phony Dossier?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If your neighbour is white?….he may want to rethink the “I dont care!”
    Maybe he should also check out some of those publicly available data bases that include religion?
    Maybe he may want to check on some still available Obituary notices where he is listed as a descendent of a Jewish person who passed away.
    In today’s world you can run…but how can you hide?

  2. Seems to me that your camp partner proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it isn’t that he “doesn’t care” rather that he is an idiot. I find many folks to be like him who when they are questioned about the current state of affairs use the “doesn’t care” mantra while at the same time loudly proclaiming that they know who is making the right decisions and who isn’t within our political system. I guess an idiot is an idiot and he proved it to you.

  3. We, your readers, care. We appreciate that you care enough to keep writing, commenting & reporting. Thank you.

  4. It is absolutely incredible to me that a Jewish man that you know, cannot see how what is happening here and now happened in Germany in the 1930’s. It is so obvious yet people can be so blinded and refuse the facts. He is old enough to know better as he has had some history in his life, more than the kids growing up today. Just totally incredible…….and inexcusable and on top of all that…so rude to you as a person. Disgusting. Makes my righteous indignation flare up.

  5. I have family members that I can hardly speak to for the same reason. They were raised democrat as I was, but haven’t had the courage or intelligence I believe, to walk away.
    Obama has created such division in this country. I think the constant ridiculous daily statements are just to cause confusion and constant unrest….so that people will no longer know who to believe. Saul Alinsky.

  6. Howard,
    “I don’t care” translates into “I have no valid answer to the issue you raise” therefore he can’t intelligently engage you . Usually the next statement is “you’re a racist” or a bigot. To those folks, socialism is a religion, I prefer to call it a fanatical belief that cannot be validated & they come out lashing & hiding behind masks or platitudes.

  7. I am not Jewish, but am very confused why so many Jewish in this country will belong to the Democratic party. It is obvious now looking at that new young crop of voters coming up do not pay attention to the history. I am old enough to have lived through it and remember it and would never be on the Democrat side of the future. Looking at the new Dems. voted into congress, that is what we will see will happen. Let us make sure Trump is reelected next year for some peace a few more years.

  8. Howard, you have found out that MOST people don’t care about any issue unless they are directly affected. People are selfish enough not to want to know about anything unless they or someone close to them are affected. You are one of the few people who cares deeply about many issues. You fought the French-language zealots when you were in QC; you fought it when you came to ON too. Not enough people cared to help because they were not directly affected. It is a sad commentary on all humans.

  9. Since I reached 21, I have never missed a voting opportunity…EVER. I get out to vote & we rally those around us to vote. We will bus them to the polls with any means available. A VOTE makes the difference. We don’t accept I DON’T CARE…we cajole, push & get them to the polls, or assist them getting them their Absentee Ballots & make sure we take them to Hand it in, or get it mailed. We are rather persistent!!!

  10. They have eyes but do not see. They have ears but do not hear. Have pity on such hapless souls.

  11. Trying to talk to someone like your neighbor is akin to beating your head against a wall. I gave up that fight a long time ago. I plan to be around to to tell them ‘I told you so’ as loud as I can. My Mom is one of those people!

  12. It seems to occur frequently when someone holds an irrational belief, such as “hating” something. (Trump in this case); but any discussion I have with anyone who precedes a comment with “I DON’T CARE…..WHAT YOU SAY!” (implied) should receive one of two responses. Intentionally, change the subject vocally, or just turn away. Knowing who you are, he was probably wary and unfriendly in the first place.

  13. Well, the Navy DID draft a lot of idiots, at one time… (Some without even High School Diplomas!) Sure glad I served in the Top 1% of the Service, the United States Coast Guard, where you HAD to learn multiple crafts and be able to perform wherever they needed you!
    Uninformed people are STUPID people! (Too bad some of those people are in the Government!).

  14. I hate to say that I have heard more people say “I do not care about the news”. They will care when weapons confiscation starts happening here, when Social Security runs out, when tax base becomes so high that they barely can afford to live. I am with you on not understanding the “I don’t Care”. I joined and served this country and I damn sure CARE about the future of it. Mueller came up with a blank after 40 million tax dollars spent, made a bunch of lawyers rich.

  15. Hard to rationalize with someone that has the I.Q. Of a low watt light bulb.

  16. Most Alarming… your note re Jews in NZ . Absolutely unbelievable any religion/culture and their leaders would react in such a fashion, particularly Jews ?? . I personally have moved on from “debating ” people . I prefer speaking to my dog and I avoid mentioning JT to him.

  17. Because, and/or you’re a racist, bigot, Islamophobe are cop-outs by people who are uninformed and too lazy to learn. I’m sure many people see and understand what is happening today but somehow can’t admit it. We who are not afraid, like you Howard feel it’s our duty to speak out no matter the consequences. As you have often said something like, “If I don’t speak who speaks for me”. We will not be silenced.

  18. I’m old enough to remember WWII. What happened “can’t” or “won’t” happen here????? Really! I know- I sense my environment – it CAN happen here in quebec. Want to argue the point? Come on. But a limit of 500 words is no where’s near enough. So I’m with you, Howard, but perhaps from a too local outlook.

  19. HC thank you as always for your wonderful editorial to all of us. I am sorry your neighbor was rude to you, he not caring is very sad. You walking away was a good thing for you cannot fix people such as he. True but as I said very sad., We give it our best to try and that is all we can do. All we can do is pray for those who do not care as they say. I pray for my country and your country as well as Israel. I know you an Anne are leaving to go back to Canada may you have a safe journey.

  20. I am amazed how Israel keeps the hyenas at bay! Where in heck does all that venom come from towards a people who have given so much ‘brain power’ to the world! It may be jealousy, but what do I know!
    p.s. always enjoy your articles.

  21. Herbert Hoover – “Honest difference of views and honest debate are not disunity.They are the vital process of policy among free men. ”Many people FEAR facing the TRUTH or simply DON’T want to. “I DON’T CARE” is an EASY way out of INTELLIGENTLY discussing a topic, due to not being INFORMED nor truly INTERESTED, unless it AFFECTS them PERSONALLY. Some people must “touch fire” to realize that it burns!Usually, the same people are UNCARING and LIE to themselves about their state of affairs. AMEN!

  22. This person is a prime example of what happens when a someone is uninformed or misinformed. To not come back with intelligent statements just shows he is not in the same league as you. Like they say, you can’t fix stupid. There are a lot of parks in Texas, find one where there are intelligent people. I knew many people while I was in the service and there were all kind’s. Way back, you didn’t have to be smart to be accepted in the service, some were even given the choice of jail or service.

  23. I am Protestant. I don’t believe a person has to be Jewish to care about Jews. We are ALL brothers & sisters, are we not? When something bad happens to another person, are we not part of the same human race… and therefore connected ? Referring to a church bell ringing, a man once asked John Donne who died. John’s reply: “We are all part of mankind, Sir. That church bell is not ringing for the dead man. Therefore, ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.” – Brucester

  24. I care. I cared before I found out I was genetically Askenazi which was a shock to me as a lifelong Catholic (now Episcopalian since I will not support pedophile priests and the infrastructure that protects them) but shows me beyond all doubt that there is only one race: Human.

  25. The latest Poll on Liberals. It was discovered that one in five Liberals is just as stupid as the remaining four.

  26. I don’t care about issues or anything except one, to discredit Trump and convict him of everything of which he has ever been accused, (with no credible evidence whatever. That mist surely be the platform of the Democrat party. Sadly I have a son who believes that. All of the politicians want the entire Mueller report to be made public, homeland security be damned. Tje media will gladly comply if they can gain access to Top secret information.

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