Paul Ryan Named To Fox News Board Of Directors


In My Last Editorial I Wrote . . .

“No One Pays Me To Write, Speak, Advocate Or Opine . . . I Answer To No One!

One of the Readers Commented . . . Bob Wuench Of Linden VirginiaWho Wrote:

I hope you will continue to do so because if that ever changes, color me gone”.

So Here’s My Pledge To Bob Wuench . . . and to all the other Readers & Listeners of the Many Things I Write & Say – “Before I Will Succumb To Pressure From Any Source, Including Financial Contributors To, I Will Quit Everything & Retire As A Hermit” . . . And I Don’t See That Happening Any Time Soon.

Taking Religion Aside . . . No Matter What You Believe – I Believe that Everyone of us is Preordained, or Somehow Destined to Walk Down a Specific Path. And My Path, whether I Like it or Not, Seems to be along a Path as a Player in the Eternal Battle between Righteousness & Evil . . . And Not Necessarily In The Biblical Sense.


I See An Insane World All Around US . . . Threatening Decency & Ethics Everywhere. I see Global Populations Raised in Ignorance, Pandering to Lies, Whims & Wishes Beyond Reality . . .

I See A World . . . Where an Enormous Number of People have Forsaken Decency for Debauchery – Where in the Final Analysis . . . The Consequence Will Be Of Biblical Proportions.

If You Prefer Not To Look At The History & Lessons Of The Bible . . . Ask Yourself This; if after a Span of Thousands of Years . . . Is Today Really That Far Removed – from the Debauchery, and Reason for the Fall of Ancient Greece & Ancient Rome . . . And even in more Modern Times, the Depravity in France, which Led to the French Revolution & Collapse of the French Monarchy?

This Isn’t A New Phenomenon . . . Perhaps It’s New To Us – But Not To History.

The Media Has Chosen The Wrong Side Of The Debate . . . Or Maybe The Media Didn’t Have A Choice, because perhaps, the Side the Media has Chosen . . . has also Somehow been Preordained for the Media to Fulfill the Conditions needed to Renew our Civilization . . . To A More Righteous & Conservative Value Oriented Path.

Or Maybe I’m Just Full Of Beans . . . But it’s Hard for me to Imagine, how so many Smart People, can be so Stupid all at the Same Time – And All In The Same Way.


It Was no Accident that Paul Ryan (A Connected RINO) has been Chosen to Sit on the Board of Directors at Fox News. The Only Question I have . . . was Ryan Chosen to Sit on the Board Before Ryan Resigned from the Republican House . . . Or After?

It’s Also No Accident . . . That Netflix Chose Susan Rice, the Benghazi “YouTube Video Liar”, and Inside Fixer for Barack Obama, to sit on their Board of Directors. As well as the Co-Hiring of the Obama’s . . . To Preach & Spread Their Propaganda.

It’s Also No Accident . . . that Fox News has Hired Extreme LEFTISTS to their “Fox News Family”, in the Names of Donna Brazile, a Self Admitted Liar & Cheater, who Tried to Explain her Innocence, by Claiming that she couldn’t have Done what she was Charged with Doing (Giving CNN Debate Questions To Crooked Hillary In Advance Of The Debate), because, as Brazile Said . . . She Couldn’t Have Done Anything That Dishonest, Because “She Is A Christian Woman”.

Brazile’s Complete Live Unedited Answer to the On-Camera Charge was . . . “As A Christian Woman, I Understand Persecution. I Will Not Sit Here & Be Persecuted Because Your Information Is Totally ‘False”.

Brazile Later ‘Fessed-Up That She Was Guilty & Asked For Redemption. I Guess Fox News Redeemed Her, After Fox News Spat On Judge Jeanine Pirro & Her Viewers.

I Watched Donna Brazile on her Maiden Fox News Broadcast with Sean Hannity Last Night (March 19, 2019), and was Deeply Offended to Hear Her Lies, Lies & More Lies.

Brazile is only the Tip of the Iceberg at Fox News, along with Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, Mary Anne Marsh, Marie Harf, Jessica Tarlov, Leslie Marshall & Alan Dershowitz . . . Amongst A Host Of Other Self-Hating Americans, Who Want To Fundamentally Change America, As Former President Barack Hussein Obama Promised.


Nikita Khrushchev Was Almost Right . . . America Will Destroy Itself From Within.

First Secretary Of The Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev . . . Never Anticipated Donald Trump – Nor Did Khrushchev Ever Imagine A Second American Revolution . . . Nor The Reality That His Communist Dream Would Die An Ignoble Death In Tatters.


For Generations . . . The LEFT has been Conspiring in the Shadows, as they have Essentially & Effectively Transformed America, first through Academia, then through the Propagandized Media – And Now Through Elected Officials Who Can No Longer Hide In The Shadows . . . Or Under Their Rocks.

Because Of The Media . . . Not by Intention I’m Sure, and not by Design, Fox News Included – Perhaps The Destiny Of The Media has Been to Illustrate for all who Care, and for all who have Enough Sense to Care . . . to Bear Witness Everyday, when they Watch TV, Read LEFTIST Newspapers, Listen to LEFTIST Propaganda on the Radio & See for Themselves how Internet Information is Being Controlled through Social Media . . . To Envision A Future Draconian World Of The LEFT.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Until The LEFT Began To Consume Itself.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’D climb I a foxhole with bibi any day! At least I would no he had my six!
    The big O would be on my back hiding!

  2. Astonishingly RT News and Russian Television seem to be the growing champion for Free speech – whereas the MSM and the Billionaire moguls seem dedicated to Fake Speech and Fake News and cold war thought control. provides the balanced overarching editorials.

  3. Thank you for your service. You are a patriot. The leftist controlled media are parasites. They say that it’s darkest before dawn, and it’s pretty damn dark.

  4. Right on target good Sir. Stay well and keep up your good “preaching.”

  5. I, too, wondered about the timing of Paul Ryan’s Fox News affiliation. I’ve rid myself of my satellite TV and worried when I did that I might miss Fox News, but there’s little left there to miss. Such a shame. Thank goodness we still can trust you to tell things as they are. Thanks.

  6. Spot on, Mr. G!!! I will proudly share your column because I couldn’t have said it better myself. God bless you and your family. Keep fighting the good fight. We need you!

  7. Paul Ryan is just another DISGUSTING RINO. We NEVER watch FOX when RINOS like GEALDO are on.

  8. Names, faces, dates & locations change, but people have been and are still motivated by the same things since time immemorial. I stopped watching cable/tv news years ago and read online selectively…so thank you Howard for staying true to your course and values; they are my course and my values too. The left cannot eat themselves fast enough.

  9. Howard, ever heard of the fabians ? The fabian society is a British socialist organization whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist and reformist effort in democracies, rather than by revolutionary overthrow. Formation 4 January 1884; 135 years ago. To promote greater equality of power, wealth and opportunity, the value of collective action and public service. They are slowly taking over in the past 135 years. This explains the “left” to a “T”.

  10. I”m selective Now with even the Fox news I watch.
    Brazile turned my stomache last night on Hannity.
    Do they really expect us to watch her dish out all the liberal socialist dribble.
    Even CNN didn’t invite her back …. what does that tell ya

  11. Meanwhile Howard, I got my own problems. Out of nowhere, my niece, Kathy, asks me: “Uncle Bruce, what is a cannibal?”
    Her parents are left-wing “socialists”…so maybe there’s some connection there. Anyhow, I told Kathy a cannibal is somebody who walks into a restaurant and orders a waiter. Then I wished her parents “Bon Appetit” !!! – Brucester

  12. I too, watched Hannity last evening … & she was a ……… unmentionable. But Sean wasn’t having it. He actually turned RED. With my poor eyesight if I could see it, I am sure others saw his ‘dissatisfaction’ with her. And Paul Ryan….FOX definitely has ‘turned the corner’. LEFT, Left, Left!! But I watched Lou Dobbs this evening & he was EXTRA SPECIAL! He is a TRUMP man all the way! BTW: The Pentagon is GIVING Trump $$ for the Border Wall!

  13. Just a “Thot”….about Fox News bringing these combative Liberals on to Fox News…I couldn’t take more than 3 Minutes of Brazile with Hannity last night..and turned off His entire program…Wondering…… WHY — Her and Others like her ????… Does anyone else think that Fox news actually believes they will get Cnn & msnbc & similar viewers to come to watch them on Fox ?.. My Guess is they want old Fox viewers to–now Pay the 5 bucks a month to Pay Salaries and for us to join Fox Nation!!!

  14. In Kohelles AKA Eclesiastes, Solomon wrote that “there is nothing new under the Sun” and how true those words written twenty-five hundred years ago still are. Human nature in the long run does not change. Happy Purim!

  15. Just because some people claim to be “Christian ” does make it so. Wheat an tares grow up together and are separated at the harvest on Judgment Day. We must search for the truth that makes us free and Satan has his counterfeits which shows that there is the REAL thing.
    Thank you for your awesome blog today! I look forward to every one, Howard.

  16. Ryan has always been a scumbag never-Trumper. One America News Network has unbiased truthful news. I stopped watching Fox over a year ago for OANN and it’s channel 347 on DirecTV. They speak the truth without bias and I trust them.

  17. watched brazille on hannity last nite,ending with hannity sucking up to brazille,as he often does to his bff less program I have to put up with on FOX.adios hannity.

  18. Howard I must live under a rock no one can fine, I do not watch any news at all have not just the same old stuff bunch of made up lies after lies. So I watch Hallmark movies, and other good programs such as that, Science, we don’t even watch the commercials of any kind we fast forward them. So if someone shows up at our door we don’t know or like they are going to have to shoot us or possibly we can still run like the devil himself is after us. Thank you for all you do write :))

  19. would someone tell me what happen to Rosen on fox about a year ago. All of a sudden he was gone and I never heard what happened . Now the Judge on Saturday night. Fox seems to be going SOFT and too bad for the rest of us. This is not the same country that it was when I enlisted during the Korean war. The Arizona Republic newspaper is a ghost of itself 20 years ago. I have to read the Wall Street Journal to find out what is happening around the world.

  20. Re Ryan. Of course

    With Ryan on the Board of Directors, of course they had to get rid of
    Judge Jeanine. She asked too many of the right questions. Isn’t it sad
    *****For the last 15 years I have paid my cable service an extra fee every month
    just for the priviledge of having Fox –no more. Thanks Mr. G. for your Editorials.
    Flo Dickinson, West Vancouver, B.C.

  21. I’m afraid I cannot imagine what is going on with FOX casting out clear thinking realistic commentators like Judge Jennine and blowhard self loving (but conservative) O’Reily for the likes of Brazille et al. Ryan belongs on the board of FOX like a fox belongs guarding the henhouse. Sorry for my defocused rant but I am so disgusted with what I thought was the last bastion of sanity on broadcast TV. I had been forgiving them for bringing forth Geraldo, Dershowitz, Juan as if they were honest reps

  22. Thank you Howard: I never thought that I would see my thoughts so clearly expressed. I have spent a lifetime studying history including the Old testament and feel that the actions of people all over the world today, can not be totally out of stupidity. Maybe our destiny is a result of our immoral actions as was the case in the bible, we are going to suffer the consequences of our actions; God always uses the wicked to punish the wicked.

  23. FYI FOX is now OWNED by DISNEY. Just google Did Disney purchase FOX. They paid $71 plus BILLION $$$$$ for it The article has an INDEX, just pick and chose what you want to read. It blew my mind! Sorry I missed Donna with Hannity last night. Did not know she would be on so soon, but it did save me losing my dinner! Look for things to ge much worse. HG this was a wonderful & scathing blog! T.Y.

  24. As to present human condition, part of answer is in Romans 1–25Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator…. 26For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: (gives behavior of homosexuals). 28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind,… There is other Scripture describing man’s delusional state. It’s USA w/sep of church-state, Roe v Wade, legalizing same-sex unions.

  25. We are getting ready to give up on FOX news. In Western Canada, we have to pay extra to get it, and we are wondering if it is really worth all the aggravation from the increasing number of leftists and disappearance of Judge Jeanine.

    Calgary, Alberta

  26. One of your best editorials, Howard. I hope people start to realize the spiritual implications of all the events on the daily “news”.

  27. I just can’t find the words to describe what Fox news is sinking to, as one person said “color me gone” !!!!!!!!

  28. Excellent. Also, the evil Progressives at Google, Facebook, & Twitter relentlessly squelch conservative opinions. With that, I just did an experiment using Duck Duck Go vs. Google to search for Political Article Reference List, which provides links to daily relevant articles from a Conservative viewpoint, where you appear often. It didn’t appear on Google unless I put quote marks around it. It was on page one of Duck Duck Go without any quotes needed. Yes, they are truly evil.

  29. Yes, “People have Forsaken Decency for Debauchery and the Consequence Will Be Of Biblical Proportions.” CLIMATE CHANGE is due to GOD’S anger, NOT because of HUMAN reasons! If FOX continues as is…on a DOWNGRADE to LIBERALISM, I too will no longer pay to watch them! Brazile was just plain DISGUSTING on HANNITY! RYAN’s joining FOX is BAD NEWS! Their RATINGS will SPEAK for themselves! The FAKE MEDIA will also DESTROY themselves! Let’s hope that the TRUTH is REVEALED about the BENGHAZI event! AMEN!

  30. RE: Your comment, “I Believe that Everyone of us is Preordained..”. I agree. Having survived a rocket exploding 25 feet away from me in Vietnam; two bicycle accidents resulting in six broken bones (including a severed collarbone) and two cracked helmets; and two possible actions after falling into a coma after acquiring West Nile virus, I can come to no other conclusions: I’m still here for a reason and I’m still looking for it. Maybe it’s two books I’m writing or something else. We’ll see.

  31. You are right again Howard. Morals have gone to hell in a hand basket. All the mainstream media has subscribed to atheism, (indirectly). Virtually all of us understand the problem but most of us, myself included do not know how to fix the problems. IMHO none of those running for public office are desirable and those who are desirable avoid political offices like the plague.Conservatives need to regain control of the media somehow…

  32. Howard, you should take Dershowitz off your list. He’s come a long way, baby! And, I for one am thrilled he’s on our side!

  33. Safe trip back home Howard. I’m sure you are paying attention to the filibuster taking place in Ottawa? The Conservatives are being helped to expose how corrupt our PM is by none other than female Liberals. All this time we have been told what an exceptional and fair-minded feminist Justin Trudeau is, only to find out he is a fraud as well as a liar. Time to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the REAL feminists have a go at him.

  34. Your editorial is telling it like it is.
    Today I feel we are living the Old Testament. David and Solomon were Godly men but in the end both succumbed to doing bad things. Both were undone by women. Kinda like what we have in this country now. Men are the caretakers and women are nurturers. Somehow we have lost what God intended. But I still love the human race. Billie

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