Even Fox News Can’t Un-Ring The Bell


Before Reading-On . . . To all the People who Financially Supported Galganov.com this Past Month, and for the Few who Offered their Support, whose Money I Returned, because it was Money they Couldn’t Really Afford for one Reason or Another . . . PLEASE ACCEPT THIS AS MY EXPRESSION OF MY DEEPLY FELT GRATITUDE.

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I know that Sean Hannity, who I view as a Good Guy . . . Often Says that he Answers to No One. And No One at Fox News Tells Hannity What To Say – That Sounds Good, But It Ain’t True.

Fox News Pays Hannity . . . Period – Full Stop!

All of the People who Broadcast or Write . . . for Broadcast or Print Publications – ANSWER to the People who Write the Checks . . . And That’s a Fact!

And as Brave & Independent as a Broadcaster like Hannity Tries to Come-Off, his Reach, is only as Far as the Fox News Network Will Allow Him. And if you think I’m Wrong, ask yourself Where’s Bill O’Reilly Today, who just Yesterday, had the Highest Rated Television Talk-Show in all of North America?

No One Pays Me To Write, Speak, Advocate Or Opine . . . I Answer To No One!


Right Or Wrong – The Moslem Pair of Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib are Fighting for what they Believe . . . It’s just too Bad that Pelosi & Pelosi’s Gang of Democrats Won’t do the Same, because Silence and/or Appeasement Makes one NO LESS CULPABLE THAN THE PURVEYORS OF HATE.

In This Case – It’s Anti-Semitism (Jew-Hatred) . . . In The Very Heart Of America’s Seat Of Power . . . The Democrat Majority In The Congress Of The United States America’s.

I’ve Already Stated My Disgust . . . with the Democrat Party and the Jews within the Democrat Party, WHICH APPEASED THE ISLAMIST BEAST, to Accept & Vote for what Amounts to Nothing More than a Jew-Hatred Whitewash.

As far As I’m Concerned . . . All the Jewish Democrat Lawmakers who Voted for this “Anti-Semitic” Democrat Resolution, which wouldn’t Name Anti-Semitism for what it is, and wouldn’t Name the Anti-Semite for who she is (Ilhan Omar), Are The 21st Century’s Version Of Post Nazi Judenrat.

The Three Oldest Professions In The World . . . Politics, Media & Prostitution.

I’ve Written This More Times Than I Can Remember . . . which Means, that Most of You have Probably Read this More Times than you can Remember. But It’s Worth Re-Emphasizing As Many Times As Possible . . . The News Media Is A Whore’s Domain, with the Exception, that Whores are More Honest about what they do and how they do it than the Media can or Ever will be.

I Haven’t Watched Much Of FOX News For Quite A While, since being Fair & Balanced has become a White Wash for Political Correctness. I really don’t want to Hear the Whining Voice of Juan Williams telling Fox News Watchers how Stupid we are for Wanting to be Free & Independent, as he Rakes in a Small Media Fortune for his LEFTIST Anti-Conservative Opinions.

I DON’T WANT TO HEAR FROM ANY OF THEM . . . The Fox Leftists Are Hypocrites, whether on Outnumbered, the Five on Five . . . or Wherever – as they Tell Me How Stupid & Ungrateful I am, or should be, for a Government Wanting to Suffocate my Freedoms to be Successful, Safe & Financially Independent.

I Don’t Need Fox News to Explain to me why I have to Listen to People, or Debate with People who want to Destroy my Values and the Things I Believe-In. SO I DON’T WATCH.

I Want To Know What’s Happening In The World, so I leave Fox News Turned-On MUTED, to look up from time to time to Read the Crawl, as I do Things like Write this Editorial, Read as much National & International News from Reliable Sources as I can Absorb, Research Information for Subsequent Editorials & Speeches . . . And As I Read All Of Your Comments & Emails.

I Have no Interest in Listening to or Watching the Talking Heads on Fox, who Relish in their own Perceived Self-Brilliance, As They Blather-On & On & On.

That Said . . . In spite of my Disinterest in the Opinions of the Fox Pundits, I do wake-up to Fox & Friends in the Morning, mostly to Hear the News & Enjoy the Solid Conservative Performance of Steve Doocy. Occasionally, I’ll watch a bit of Hemmer, while Preparing my Day before Writing . . . AND THAT’S MOSTLY IT FOR FOX NEWS, until the 6:00 O’Clock News Broadcast with Bret Baier, when I might Tune-In, if there’s something Interesting to Learn.

And while we’re Cleaning-Up after Supper, we might Catch some of Martha MacCallum’s Show, and maybe even a bit of Tucker Carlson, whose “Guests” Just Turn Me off His Entire Broadcast.

And by the Time, Anne & I finish Watching some of our Favorite Made for Cable Series, Movies, or Selective TV Programs, which are usually Series we can Binge Watch, it’s Time to Walk Stryker, Prepare the RV for Sleep & Call it a Night.

ON THE WEEKENDS . . . We are Busy doing all Kinds of Things, and Rarely have Time for Television, and Usually set-up a Movie to Watch before Going to Bed, which allows me on some Occasions to Watch Water’s World & the Opening Comment by Jeanine Pirro . . . EXCEPT FOR THIS PAST SATURDAY.

AS YOU ALL PROBABLY KNOW . . . Jeanine Pirro Was Kicked-Off Her Saturday Night Show This Past Weekend, Because Of What The “Judge” Said The Weekend Before.

What Judge Jeanine Pirro Said – And I Heard It For Myself Was . . .

The Judge Questioned Whether Ilhan Omar, who is a Devout Hijab Wearing Moslem, who Ascribes to Sharia, could possibly Support the US Constitution, since Sharia and the Freedoms of the US Constitution are at Odds?

The Point Jeanine Pirro Was Making . . . was to Juxtapose the Comments of the Jew-Hating/Israel Hating Congresswoman Omar, who Espoused in her Public Query, whether Jews can be Trusted to be Loyal American Citizens, because of Jewish Dual Loyalties Between Israel & The United States Of America?


Fox News Showed All Their Viewers For Who They Are.

Just like the Democrat Congress and Democrat Judenrat Jewish Members of Congress . . . Smacked-Israel and the American Jewish Community Down with their Trash Resolution . . . Fox Did It Again To Judge Jeanine Pirro . . . Who Only Asked A Valid Question.


So Who’s Celebrating Pelosi’s Anti-Semitic Congressional House & Fox’s Removal Of The “Judge”? You Guessed-It – Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, and their Bevy of Jew & Conservative-America Haters.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bibi is a true statesman, and certainly showed up the empty suit we have in our White House.

  2. One America News Network Howard–they are unbiased and honest and replaced Fox. They have credibility and I trust their news. Channel 347 on DirecTV. Liz Wheeler and Graham Ledger are amazing and Emerald Robinson is a tigress. They are not crazed propagandists, they are JOURNALISTS–and good ones.

  3. I quit watching Fox News some time ago for the same reason you described. I do watckyfox business as long as they discuss business, but as soon as they start in on politics , I mute it. That said, I must say I NEVER watch cnn

  4. I agree with all you said. Judge Jeanine Pirro was the one person that I always watched. What she said was true and when someone uses the Kuran (sp) to take the oath for Congress that tells me all I need to know. Omar is not for anything American! Rashida and OAC are not for anything American either. Israel is our friend and we need to stand by them and all Jewish people. Now maybe the Jewish people here in America will realize that Republicans are their friends and not the Democrats.

  5. What a load of racist bunk from Ilhan Omar about dual loyalty. How come no one called out Rep. Rashida Tlaib for wrapping herself in a Palestinian flag when she got elected? Of course not. Why would they? It goes against their inner-cabal narrative. The glaringness of Omar’s and the Democrats’ anti-semitism and phoniness is astounding.

  6. My leanings toward Fox News was severely crushed when they took Judge Jeanine off Saturday night. You are so right – they showed who they really are. I felt betrayed when they banished Bill O’Reilly. And now Judge Jeanine!

  7. I was hoping you would talk about FOX as I agree with you and have had those same thoughts. What I was hoping you would mention was FOX Nation. We are disparately in need of a place to get news that we can trust. We read and trust your words and are grateful when you write. What I am saying is we are in Colorado and are unable to trust any local stations to get even truth in local news much less national news. Thanks for all you do and for keeping us on the straight and narrow.

  8. I am calling for Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham to resign in solidarity for Pirro, and for FOX to replace their prime time shows, with Williams, Wallace and Smith – and become an arm of CNN, MSMBC without their disguise. I am disgusted with the administration of FOX. we need conservative station, that does not bow to the leftist lies. Oh, yes that sweet Shannon Bream slurps all over her leftist guest and allows them to take over her show. Pirro posed an honest question that deserves an answer.

  9. I have called Fox (212) 301-3000 multiple times a day & into the evening with NO answer “busy sound”! I enjoy Judge Jeanine because she takes the gloves off & calls it for what it is! TRUTH. Freedom of Speech. I watch little news on US stations. But I liked Pirro, Carlson & Hannity. Slowly but surely Fox is shedding MY commentators. (Those who tell the TRUTH & Support POTUS Trump). I do like Lou Dobbs. I find I listen to WJR 760 in the US, BBC, Asia. I need positivity in my life!

  10. Freedom of religion is supposedly protected in Canada and the US. Omar and Tlaib are using their positions as elected Representatives to spread their bigotry and racism and using the false term of Islamophobia to deflect any criticism of their actions. Islamophobia means only Muslims can be bigots. The Democrat action, by not censuring Omar, was a direct blow against the Constitution and is unforgivable. The left have lost their minds.

  11. I have severed my cable tv and have Internet only. By paying for cable tV, I am without choice supporting CNN, FoxNews and any other left wing media outlets. Good riddance!

  12. It gets better Howard…Fox News just hired Donna Brazile to day as a contributor.

  13. Howard–can you recommend real news sources that we can get in Canada-northern Ontario in particular or even on the computer? I’ve heard of AOON, but am not familiar with it. I read A.T & National Review on the p.c.

  14. Ditto for me, along with your other followers. Truth in news can only be found on OAN, Newsmax and conservative talk radio (and of course blogs like yours). We seem to be selling our nation to radical Islam and generation Z is ok with that. (I wonder at times if “Z” is the last generation.). Thanks much for allowing us to share on your page; much appreciated.

  15. quote The Point Jeanine Pirro Was Making . . . was to Juxtapose the Comments of the Jew-Hating/Israel Hating Congresswoman Omar, who Espoused in her Public Query, whether Jews can be Trusted to be Loyal American Citizens, because of Jewish Dual Loyalties Between Israel & The United States Of America?” Exactly the same could be asked of a practicing Muslim and the relationship to Sharia. Her question hit “close to the bone”. Mr. Murdoch is aging and perhaps does not feel like struggling.

  16. Howard as usual you are 100% correct in your blog. I have just about stopped watching the news except for the local from
    Tampa.I enjoyed the Judge getting fired up about things. Bye,bye Fox news…………..

  17. Three oldest professions in the world ? I thought “begging ” was ranked in the top 3 : Somebody had to beg for it !
    NONE of what we see from the majors is News Reporting : It’s all Commentary , the great unwashed cannot form their own opinions and when we do it’s erroneous . Canadian Leaders have the answer : increased censorship on what we can get as News, and penalties when we act / speak otherwise . AND that is ALL Canadian Politicians.

  18. Your comments are a breath of fresh air! Your description of Williams at Fox is spot on. I WAS a constant watcher of Fox News and Business News but now find very little need to tune in. An excellent alternative source of news is One American News Network out of San Diego. OANN, 347 on Direct TV.

  19. I like to call them girly men. Must be a few macho men in the media and the government
    Wish they would come alive and shame the 12 that voted againest our security and safety.
    Could they be on the dole too?
    Good ole buddies system just dosen’t float my boat.

  20. Muslims make great Democrats–they too lie to get what they want, exactly what Oman’s swearing in reveals. One hand on Koran & pledging to uphold Constitution & protect USA? One or other is lie; no-brainer. As for FOX, I’ve not had regular TV since December; canceled service & use Roku, Netflix or other. Haven’t missed it. I too like One-America News (OAN); can’t get it on tv set but on web news page, as well as Breitbart, CBN, Fox, & couple MSN pages just to see what they’re pushing.

  21. Obviously Freedom of Speech is down the drain. Evidently leftists can say anything they want about President Trump ( or almost anyone who isn’t a lefty) I’m sorry but I just plain don’t get it.
    I fail to see why there is such a horrible double standard.
    Unlike most of your readership, I DO contribute a little bit of $$ occasionally
    PLEASE keep it up !!

  22. My fellow Louisiana citizen, Teri Newman, is with me in switching to OANN. It is a fine place to get the news without listening to whiny jerks like that awful juan williams and his ilk. Graham Ledger is the kind of American that we should all emulate. Truthful and straight forward in his anyalyses, and someone who sees and celebrates the good that President Trump has done for this country. For me, it’s only OANN for news; Fox is done.

  23. I, too, have stopped watching Fox News except for a few snippets here and there. They are beginning to sound just like the other networks.
    Now, tell me please, where IS Bill O’Riley? Is he on another network?

  24. FOX is finished.
    I am finished with them after what they have done to Judge Pirro.
    THEN The last straw, they bring D Brazille on-board. A cheater who provided “just the answers” to Hillary.
    WHO do they think they are kidding?

  25. Allowing anyone in the US to be sworn in, using the Koran, is absolute insanity. This should not be allowed.

    Swear in with hand on Bible, or you will not be a member of Congress. Simple.

    And having any Muslim in a position of power is similar to allowing treason.

  26. Newsmax.com is where you find O’Reilly on newsmax tv. On Spectrum it’s channel 172 or 222. Also,
    provides location of other channels. They are more conservative.
    Russ Boggs

  27. Howard, you are so right on. I have not watched Fox for years because their stuff is pablum. do watch occasionally to find it still the same. Wish I were able to support your efforts more, but I give what I can on occasion.Wish you or somebody could overtake ABC, CBS or NBC which I watch only to find out what to fight against.

  28. Howard: I have been a avid watcher of Fox News Judge Jeanine #1, Bret #2, tucker #4 or 5. Now Except for your blog not much to look at for this news nut watcher. As I will not watch CTV or CBC both left wing news.

  29. Folks that read your blog, like me, agree with your views 99% of the time. Folks that could learn from you are not interested and don’t subscribe, I suspect. Jewish people are God’s chosen, cited in the Christian Bible many times. Can anyone explain this phenomenon of Anti-semiticism in a majority Christian Country? Fact – Islam is an “all-inclusive” religion incapable of separation of Church and State required by our constitution. Fact – The duty of an Islamist is to Convert or Kill.

  30. I very rarely watch the news at all any of the station anymore. I just don’t trust what any of them are saying to we the people. I use to like to watch Fox News but once in awhile & I do say once in awhile I will watch Hanninty for about ten minutes and that is enough for me. As for kicking Bill and now Jeannie forget it. I know it is not good not knowing what is going on with our world by not watching the News but I love what you write and will do my best to fine Bill O’Riley ‘ Thank you HC.

  31. Very true. But Fox does have a few decent programs that should be supported
    But very few. They better put the judge back on or i will drop my supported programs in protest

  32. They not only fired the Judge, they hired Donna Brazile! Hopefully, decent people everywhere will be tuning in to One America and abandoning Fox totally!

  33. As I recall, didn’t Rupert Murdock (sp?) “retire and leave FOX to his uber-liberal son(s) who are destroying it and becoming the whores you mentioned above? Another sad commentary.

  34. I am so very glad you pointed out the fact that you answer to no one Howard. I hope you will continue to do so because if that ever changes, color me gone. Thanks for all you do.

  35. Murdock’s LIBERAL son(s) are DESTROYING FOX.Judge Jeanine did NOTHING WRONG! Williams is a JOKE–a good thing to POKE AT! FOX’s hiring DONNA BRAZILE as a CONTRIBUTOR is SUSPICIOUS at best!The best Conservative news is seen on Lou Dobbs, OAN, and Newsmax.The Moslems are SLOWLY taking over AMERICA–as proven by using the KORAN vs. the BIBLE when pledging to uphold Constitution & protect USA! When in ROME, do as the ROMANS do! WHY is FREEDOM OF SPEECH only good for the LEFT? SPEAK UP AMERICA! AMEN!

  36. I guess you’re pleased as punch Donna Brazile has joined the fox staff. A pox on the owners and lackeys!!

  37. Heard so far that she was suspended for 2 weeks, 2 shows. If she is not allowed to return, a lot of her fans which is probably above 50% of the American population that follow Fox News will be super angry and there could be a serious backlash against Fox News. She should consider joining Blaze TV with Mark Levin and Steven Crowder where there is true free speech. Let’s hope it’s not the last we hear from Judge Jeanine Pirro !!!

  38. Howard, what happened to the ability to forward your column via email, facebook, etc. on the first page? Edgar Sellers

  39. You sound just like me!! I don’t have TV but catch bits and pieces of shows on facebook (yuk) and youtube. You really should add Greg Gutfeld to your list as he is the funniest show in this whole mess and his guests are great. It’s a welcome relief. Wondering how long these networks can endure, especially CNN, as people stop watching.

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