The LEFT Never Pay Their Fair Share


You & Me . . . Believe It Or Not – We’re Making A Real Difference!


So – A Maniac Murdered 49-Moslems at Prayer in Liberal New Zealand, which is 8,904-Miles Away from Washington DC . . . And Somehow It Was Trump’s Fault.

But, According to the LEFT, it was also the NRA’s Fault, which has Nothing to do with New Zealand . . . But if you’re going to Pile-It-Onto the Dung Pile, you Might as well Pile-It-On as High as you Can.

How I Despise LEFTIST European Condescension . . . Let Me Count The Ways.

LEFTIST EUROPEAN CHEAPSKATES . . . With all their Opinions, which are not Worth a Pinch of Manure in the Real World . . . Can’t Help themselves from Sniping at President Donald Trump. And while it is True, that Many NATO Countries have Anteed-Up more Money for their Own Defense, It’s Barely Enough, since the USA still Pays THE LION’S SHARE Of NATO’S MASSIVE BUDGET.

What Gives Canada The Right To Criticize President Trump?

Canada Is Not Europe . . . At Least not Yet – But I’m Ashamed To Say That Canada Still Pays Less Than Half Of Our NATO Commitment. Where we should be Spending 2% Of Our Canadian GDP On NATO . . . as Canada Promised in Writing, we are Spending LESS Than 1%. I Really Don’t Like Canada Being A Freeloader.

Maybe Trudeau Can Take A Few Less Family Vacations & Pay Our Fair Share.

AS FOR BREXIT . . . The EU Needs England For The EU To Survive. No-England In The EU, and the EU with their One World Pompous Government goes away like the Bad Dream it Always Was . . . AND TRUMP WILL BE RIGHT AGAIN.


More Than An Estimated EIGHT HUNDRED . . . Mostly LEFTIST University Entrance Liars & Cheater Hypocrites Gamed The System – Which Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg. And It Certainly Doesn’t Stop In Academia . . .

Just ask Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, who “STOLE VALOR” by Lying about his Service in Vietnam, and the Horrific & Insulting Treatment Blumenthal Received on his Return Home . . . According to Blumenthal he was even Spat Upon.

Problem Is . . . Blumenthal Never Served In Vietnam – HE LIED LIKE A RUG.

And What About Senator Elizabeth Warren . . . AKA – Pocahontas, who wants to be the 46th President of the United States of America, who Lied her Way through University, Law School, and Right-Up to Warren’s Current Seat in the US Senate?

And That Doesn’t Even Begin To Tell The Tale Of LEFTIST Lies & Deceit.

Or The Latest High Profile Victim Of The LEFT . . . Feasting on one of their own, in this Case – Chelsea Clinton, Because Clinton Stood up to Defend Jews (Clinton’s Husband Is Jewish) against the Anti-Semitism of Ilhan Omar, to Name just one Jew/Israel-Hating Democrat in the Bunch.

Instead of Chastising Chelsea Clinton for actually Standing up for something of Merit, perhaps the LEFT should Smack her Upside the Head for having a Lavish Wedding, which was Paid for by Charitable Money from the Clinton Foundation. Or for the UNDESERVED High Profile Big Paying Jobs Chelsea Clinton Enjoys, Solely Because of her Parents’ many National Deceits. Chelsea Clinton’s “Privilege” Certainly Wasn’t Earned On Merit.

Here’s Some God-Awful News About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

According to Everything I’ve been Reading, Cortez is on an Atomic Slide to the Bottom, even though, and Probably because, of all the Incredibly Stupendous LEFTIST News Coverage of Her . . . Dumb-Ass Stupid Can’t Hide Forever.

The Fact That Cortez is Either A Dummy (Doesn’t Know Squat) . . . or an Idiot (Too Stupid To Know Squat) Is Finally Becoming Apparent . . . Which is Too Bad for Conservatives, since Nothing is Like The Stupid-Gift Of Cortez, which is like a Venereal Disease . . . That Just Keeps-On Giving.


I’m Going To Tell You This In All Sincerity . . . It Ain’t Over – But thus far, we have all More-Or-Less Dodged a Bullet, not because we were so Smart, but Rather, because the People Elected to Vote for Donald Trump in Preference to Crooked Hillary.

If You Are A Religious Person . . . It Wouldn’t Be Hard To Imagine – that God sent Trump to the American People, and to the World, because without Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, we all would have Fallen over the Socialist/Communist Precipice.

In Essence . . . Donald Trump Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize – Not for keeping the World at Peace, or from what might Happen with North Korea, but Rather, Because President Donald J Trump, might be Single Handedly Responsible for Keeping America from Going to War in America Against Itself.


In My Opening Sentence I Wrote . . . “Believe It Or Not – We’re Making A Real Difference”, which is 100% True & Accurate, because, People like You & Me are Spreading the Word, We’re Speaking-Up & Shouting-Out, Perhaps for the First Time, We’re Fighting-Back, Not With Sticks & Stones (It Still Might Come To That), but Rather . . . With Truth, Logic & Common Sense.


I Am Extremely Proud To Say That I & This BLOG – . . . Are Part Of The War For Truth, Honesty & Our Return To Real Values.

We Haven’t Won By A Long Shot . . . and this War will Never be Done, since it has been Raging for as Long as Mankind has been Recording History, and Much Longer than that I am Certain. And that said . . . In Virtually Every Span of Generations, there Comes a Time when Evil seems to Grasp the Upper-Hand, where Defeat for Good & Decency seems all but Inevitable, but then . . . from Literally Nowhere, Comes Good People of Courage & Decent Conviction to Fight-Back, Followed By A Champion, very Often from the Most Unanticipated Source, who Comes Forward to Lead His or Her People From Defeat to Victory.

We Are Bearing Witness Of That Today . . . But One Man or One Woman Can’t Do it Alone, Not Even Donald Trump. And Neither can one Writer, one Pundit, one Talk-Show Host or one Blogger . . . & None of the Aforementioned Can Do It Without At Least Some Public Support.

As Always . . . At Every Mid Month – I Turn To All The People Who Read This BLOG, To Help Support What I Write, Say & Do. And even as I Write this . . . is Making Significant Programming Upgrades to this BLOG, to Conform with the Newest Hosting Platforms . . . AND WE’RE ALSO ADDING A FULL BLOWN PODCAST.

This Isn’t Easy . . . None Of It’s Cheap & You’re The Only Revenue We Have.

And as I Always Write – Whether You Can Help Or Not, I will Continue to Upgrade, and I will Write, Speak & Advocate for Truth, Common Sense & Decent Values.

But With Your Help . . . I Can Do More & You Can Lighten My Load.

SO . . . If You’re in the Financial Position to Help Out, and if you Believe has Merit and is Worth your Contribution . . . PLEASE CLICK-HERE TO SEE HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT GALGANOV.COM.

Anne & I Will Be Heading Back North In 2-Weeks . . . So, if you want to Send a Check or Money Order, Please Send it to our Canadian Address Included In The Above Link.

They’re Eating Their Own . . . Pass the Popcorn & Pop The Cap Off Another Cold One, ‘Cause As Bessie Smith Sang In 1927 . . . “There’s Gonna-Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight”.

And We All Should Want To Be A Part Of It . . . Thank You All In Advance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” – Winston Churchill1938
    paraphrased yesterday by Winston Netanyahu, directed at Neville Obama.

  2. HG, the faster you try to LEAVE Canada, the better for all of you!America may be DECLINING but not as quickly as Canada.Hope you can find some way to do so!There is NOTHING FAIR with the LEFT, but after all, they are so MORAL!The LEFT, AOC & BETO have NO SUBSTANCE in their MESSAGES; they are just COMPETING for HOLLYWOOD!Can anyone imagine HOW the LEFT will REACT when Pres. Trump TRULY REAPS what he has SOWN?What TACTICS will they USE then?TRUTH & PRAYERS is what will SAVE America!GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  3. If they paid their fair share, they would be conservatives.

  4. AOC and the other socialists in the Dems are a 6 year gift to Republicans. Trump wins in 2020.
    But could it be Pence wins in 2024 because of them??? – and to my American Friends. Push Trump to Manufacture the Fence in Swing States. Imagine the perception on TV ads of Dems threatening all those new high paying jobs.

  5. the only way the left gets away with their lies is because the moron pundits at FOX don’t ask the right questions.sanctuary city officials claim if they worked with ICE, illegals would not report crimes.if they don’t ask legal status,how do they know if it’s an illegal reporting the illegal with a felony record is NOT going to the PD to report illegal turning in another illegal felon is putting his family in danger,that’s the mexican code.they have NO stats to back-up it up.

  6. HG, you are in Texas, correct? So just stay here!!! Just go a little further south, then turn around, find a place where you and your 5th wheel can cross the Rio Grande, AND CLAIM ASYLUM!! You may have to change your name to Garcia or something, but, think of all the free stuff you will be able to get.
    Here in Ca. when I go to emergency, I wear my I.C.E. hat and presto, I’m at the front of the line.
    Sounds funny, but, not that far from reality. Howard thanks so much for saying it like it is.

  7. On New Zealand – I just want to know how for two days a hero was a Muslim at the second mosque who backed by 80 others came outside and fired a gun several times at the armed assailants (revealing Mosques are arms depots) Now today the story is reworked and the Hero chased away the armed assailants by pointing not gun but a portable ATM machine at them –
    (how did it shoot?)
    A clever PC Police cover up? about Mosques world wide (even in disarmed NZ) are actually weapons storage facilities.

  8. You are not alone spreading the good word Howard. Some but not all on Fox news are on the same side. We have Blaze TV featuring Mark Levin and Steven Crowder, Info Wars with Alex Jones, Glen Beck, The Rebel in Canada with Ezra Levant. Nick Vandergragt, Brian Lilley of Sun News and many many more across Canada and the U.S.A. Keep up the good work and have a save trip back to Canada.

  9. A small technical correction. Canada has agreed to, and is committed to spending 2 percent of our GDP on defense, not on NATO. Not all defense money is spent on NATO commitments.

  10. It is interesting Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to 16. Occasional Cortex (AOC) is 29. If a 29 year old doesn’t have the intelligence and critical thinking skills, what makes Pelosi think that a 16 year old will have it. Maybe that is what she wants is stupid people to vote Democrat

  11. Alexandria Occasional-Cortex is truly a ditsy young woman. Why she garners so much press is beyond me. Yes, I also have come to the conclusion that God sent Trump for this time of trouble. Hopefully there is an awakening coming to the U.S.A.

  12. Howard thank you once again for your wonderful editorial, I will try my best to send you a small amount of money to you once you and Anne return to Canada. Cannot believe it is time for you to head back to Canada once again seems like you just arrived here in the U.S. and now time to go once again. Will not say good bye but will say until we have you back home here in the U.S. once again you will be very missed by many of us. Have a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day on Sunday tomorrow. God bless.

  13. I’m NOT “religious”, but as Jesus Christ as my Savior, I do believe God chooses the leaders. I’m not saying Trudeau and Obama were leaders, though…..chuckle

  14. All of your US friends/readers wish you, Anne, Stryker and April could stay with us here. Seems every time you return to Canada, things there are worse than when you left. Hope that hasn’t been the case for the US each time you come down. We look forward to your return here next fall. Have a safe trip.

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