A LEFTIST World Of Insane Double Standards



I’m Willing To Bet Dollars To Doughnuts . . . that the VAST Majority of the American College/University Cheaters – Were LEFTIST Trump Haters, who spend all their Public Time Moralizing for the Rest of Us, while they Cheat The System Without Conscience . . . Because They’re Special & The Rules Don’t Apply To Them.

It’s Not Fair To Be Cheated . . . But I don’t much Care about the Small Number of High School Graduates who were Cheated out of Admission to the College/University of their Choice, since that Number in the Grand Scheme of Things is Negligible.

BUT WHAT WE SHOULD ALL CARE ABOUT . . . Is How These LEFTISTS Cheated the Very Foundation of America’s Educational System, and the Trust & Virtue, which the American People have Blindly Placed in the Epitome of Academia.

As I’ve Written A Gazillion Times . . . 21st Century Education – Is A Gentrified Con-Game, where Academia is Stealing the People Blind, while Delivering very Little in the Process, Where Up-To & More Than $100,000 – is Spent per Student for Higher Education, For The Result Of Graduating Indebted Dummies.

We Should All Care About This Extraordinarily Sick LEFTIST Mindset.


Then How Wrong Has It Been For Almost 50-Years . . . For People of Color, Without the Marks, Academic Talents & Common Sense, Not Better Qualified Than White Children WHO DIDN’T GET IN BECAUSE OF COLOR, to be PUSHED to the Front of the Line . . . ONLY BECAUSE OF THEIR DARK SKIN COLOR?

North American Meritocracy Has Become A Joke:


Worse Than Unearned College/University Entrance . . . How about Unearned Positions in the Government & Pseudo or Quasi Government Positions, Based not on any Merit Whatsoever, but Rather, Based on the Color of the Applicant’s Skin?


George Washington & Thomas Jefferson Were Slave Owners 250-Years Ago, so there is a Movement to Remove their Names from Public View. It doesn’t Matter that Combined, Washington, Franklin & a Handful of Others like them, did More for American and World Freedom, Than A Global Army of Ne’er-Do-Well Virtue Hounds.

The LEFT have been Extremely Successful in Removing Confederate History & Accomplishments from the Narrative of the American Journey, to the Point that Being a Southerner Today, to a Northern Elitist, is something to be Ashamed-Of. Anne and I are in the South all the Time . . . And We Love Dixie.

If the LEFT Really wants to Start Cherry-Picking Amongst the Morals of America’s Forefathers & Current Icons, let them Start with all the Democrats which Supported Slavery, the KKK & Jim Crow.

Let The LEFT Begin with all Their Hollywood & Music Heroes who have been the Epitome of Racist & Misogynistic Contempt. Let’s Ban all their Entertainment Achievements like they’re doing with Michael Jackson.

Let The LEFT Explain their Adulation for the Nazi Inspired Founder of Family Planning (Margaret Sanger), who believed not just by Speech, but Rather by her Actions . . . that the Best thing to do with Black Babies, was to Euthanize them (Abort) Before they were Born.

And What About FDR, the Icon of the LIBERAL LEFT, who was only too Happy to do Nothing to save Holocaust Jews when he had the Chance. Or Men like Joe Kennedy, who was a Major Supporter of Hitler, Including Sosthenes Behn (Founder & CEO of ITT) who Aided & Abetted Hitler during the War, Along with Henry Ford & Charles Lindbergh?

AND GOD FORBID . . . That We in North America, should ever Point-Out, that Mohamed was a Xenophobe, Racist, Pedophile & Mass Murderer, whose Global Religion is Built Upon Mohamed’s Xenophobic Hatred for All People who Aren’t Mohamed’s Followers.


Now We’re Seeing Jussie Smollett . . . The Self-Avowed Black Hollywood Trump Hater, who Stands Accused of Orchestrating Faked Self-Threats by Mail, and a Faked Attack by “TWO WHITE MEN” (Who Turned Out To Be Black & On Smollett’s Payroll), who Allegedly Called Smollett a Racial Epithet, as they “Reportedly” Beat Smollett, Poured Bleach On Him & Hung a Noose Around his Neck, as they Purportedly Said to the Beaten Smollett . . . “This Is MAGA Country”.

All Of A Sudden . . . Because of this Alleged Lie by Uber LEFTIST Black Smollett, President Trump is Somehow Responsible for Smollett’s Beating . . . AS IS EVERY WHITE CONSERVATIVE PERSON IN AMERICA.

If This Is Not Anti—White Egregious Racism – Tell Me What It Is?


As I See It . . . The LEFT has Really Gone Insane. And Unless the People Come to their Senses, while it is very Possible – that at Least Half Won’t, because the People have Lost their Ability to See Truth from Fiction, & Conflate Fake News with Reality, & Television Reality Shows with Real Life – We Are Doomed To See Our Society Torn Asunder.

We All Have To Keep Hammering The Truth . . . And Not Be Silent.

SPECIAL NOTE . . . I Realize that we are Living at a Time & Place of Serious Mental Anguish & Frayed Nerves. And that it’s Easy for any of us to Explode with a Litany of Things we Generally Hold Deeply Inside or Discuss only with Friends.

Over The Last Few Editorials . . . I Removed Several Comments, Written by People who Allowed their Deep Thoughts to Find their Way onto my Galganov.com Comment Page.

Do Not Write About Who Has The Guns, Ammunition & Civil War . . . Period!


This Is My Website, My Editorials & My BLOG, where almost Everyone is Invited to Comment. But Understand This – I will NOT have Galganov.com thought of as an Inciteful BLOG . . . Because It Is Not.

I will Not have Anyone who Wishes to Comment on Galganov.com, Write Anything that Could give the LEFT any Reason to Block Or Remove Galganov.com. Or to Give the Appearance or Impression that Yahoo Conspiracy Theorists & Jerks Egging-On a Civil War . . . are the Only People who Read Galganov.com, because that isn’t even Close to being True.


If you Write Anything that Promotes Violence & Or Racism . . . You will be Permanently Removed from the Galganov.com Directory, no Matter who you are, and Without Warning.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bibi made me proud I am a Jew, You made proud I am a Jew and all the people who made comments to your Blog already ready knew we are proud Jews and part of this great nation . I didn’t count
    but I am guessing by the commenters name many were non-Jews and renewed my faith in all the good people of this world and I thank G-D for showing me this . Thank you Joseph Werner

  2. These are the very institutions of learning that have been taken over by the most liberal
    Professors spewing their liberal idiology and turning out liberal indoctrinated voters. I am & have
    Been advocating parents send their children to Trade Schools . Out country has an overabundance
    Of indebted graduates who can’t find jobs in their field of study. Our country is lacking in
    Tradesmen/women who can become welders, die makers, iron workers, draftsmen/women,etc, etc.
    Woe is me..Mary Bemis

  3. I’d love to see the list. Current and Past over the last 25 years. I wonder if any Supreme Court Justices were involved ? Or any other judges too. Wouldn’t that be interesting … they’d have to resign and Trump could replace them.

  4. I thought Dinesh D’Souza’s “Death of a Nation” did an excellent job in describing how the Democratic party had, since Jackson’s Presidency, supported slavery, the KKK, segregation in the military and a host of other leftist policies. And that even today the Democratic party seeks to continue to subjugate many through welfare and the dole.

  5. Unfortunately SPOT ON HG The equivalent of Affirmative Action here in Canada is of course forced bilingualism in our Federal Institutions and biased hiring practices. The Medical and Legal Systems here have been controlling membership for 50 years in similar fashion . It’s only now that the systems are failing that we are paying attention.

  6. I am increasingly becoming angrier with the fact, that we the average people, are powerless to do anything. Violence against the left is not acceptable, but, it may very well be the end result and the only choice we have. We can mock them, try to discuss rationally, lay the proof of their folly at their feet,and they won’t listen till they get slapped, and hard.They keep on slapping us normals and they slap us harder and more often than ever before. It must stop!!!

  7. Margaret Sanger was doing her thing before Hitler and Co. Hitler invited her to explain her theories to him and to others in the Nazi (National Socialist for the others who might not know) party. She came up with the concepts of Euthanasia and the need to abort those of lesser abilities (Blacks) and of forced sterilization. She was truly an EVIL woman. Somehow she is a star in the eye of the LEFTISTS. Obviously, TRUTH does not matter to them.

  8. Excellent Editorial. When I went to college, I had to pass tests & submit gobs of information & was accepted on MY OWN MERIT. What are we teaching OTHER kids when adults go to such lengths to get THEIR kids in college by payoffs & cheating? Pure moral decay by those supercilious, rich, two-faced people are exactly like the House & Senate & FBI & Hillary & DOJ. We must present the worst of the worst to the rest of the world. I am sickened by all of this. MAGA.

  9. Hi, Howard: I agree with 99% of what you say; however, there have been many ASIAN students with excellent grades and test scores who were not admitted to colleges they applied at. Because Asian students are known for being diligently studious and excelling in school, there were too many of them applying for college admittance, and let’s face it: colleges are into diversity and receiving money from big donors, rather than educating the ones who really want to be in school.

  10. First, let’s thank GOD for Pres. Trump being our President!How this man could have thrived through the onslaught which the RADICAL LEFT has put him through is almost beyond understanding.Were it not for Pres.Trump, this Country would have already gone to HELL, which is where HUSSEIN OBAMA was leading us to.WHY is MORALITY so IMPORTANT to the LEFT all of a sudden?It’s certainly NOT because they believe in GOD!Trump Derangement Syndrome/TDS is definitely RAMPANT and someone MUST find a CURE! AMEN!

  11. I have to agree with Jeffrey Zucker the Leftists do no want to believe the truth . They want our country to turn into communist all we can do is Pray it works so much so . Wishing you and family all the best

  12. whoa,a group of rich white people pulls this scam in ca.the world explodes.a group of poor black people pull same scam in tx. and no one hears about it,uses somthing more powerful than money – the race card,does that make me a racist for bringing it up ?

  13. Howard, I’m with you! It’s very frustrating to read and see where the USA is heading! I’ve always loved this country and I still do! I really appreciate how you articulate our country’s state of affairs and yes we are sailing into troubled waters! Thanks for keeping the conservative fire burning!

  14. Back in the 1960’s I remember we actually had 2 paid holidays in February, 1 for Washington and 1 for Lincoln . They combined them, removed their birthdays and then they made it President’s Day on another day altogether. So I knew back then they were trying to change history. Now we can think of Clinton and Obama on President’s day and forget about “slaveowner” Washington and “mentally ill” Abe Lincoln. Disgusting. Younger Americans are not aware of this change. I do remember!

  15. Over the years I have met several “Sports Figures” that graduated from college, many were money makers for the college. My kids were given a small amount of money to go to college, one saved most of it became a fire fighter with a 2 year degree and makes lots of money. The other spent most of the money, borrowed more is deeply in debt in college loans has a Masters Degree and is teaching barely getting by. Both had good grades but not scholarship level. College is a waste for 75% of kids.

  16. I spent almost 22 years in the Navy and was “passed over” for promotion due to affirmative action. Then I worked in the Civil Service close enough to D.C. to see what happened in the civilian work force there when the knowledge base retired during the years I was there. It’s pretty similar to E.D. Pathetic.

  17. Well stated!! All these happenings and “mouthy” idiots, or “talking heads” who NEED to be acknowledged by thier “ratings”, “guest shots” and “special contributor” monikas all seem to be cowering in the corner, using the comment “Let justice take it’s course”, well they forgot the last line of the comment,….”unless they accuse me or mine.” A little rant there, but I EARNED my college acceptance, but subsequently joined the Navy because MY country was in a war (Vietnam Nam) an I owed my support.

  18. I’ve always thought that the great USA could only be destroyed from within. Well, the lefties are doing their damnedest to do just that. What do they expect the future to look like? Darn, at my old age I’ll have to wait for my motorized cloud to watch the fun. Always enjoy your articles Mr. G.!

  19. Wow Howard, how alike we think. The College scandal is only the mist above the iceberg, not even the tip. Scholarships are generally wasted on kids of wealthy families. In addition to the current scandal, I have known for 65 years or more that POLITICS are also involved. Wealthy parents of High School graduates who contribute large amounts to the campaigns of political candidates can get favorable endorsement to Ivy League or other prestigious Schools. Nobody dares to expose this.

  20. For the most part, there are no ethics or morals in business or governments anymore. Love of wealth and power are the driving force. Seems the ‘ivy league’ colleges are no different. The quality of our education has not been worth the $$ spent on it for a very long time. Campaigns for ‘no child left behind’ & affirmative action have had the opposite effect. Few excel these days. What a pathetic result. BUT those campaigns still exist. Gov’t still expects a different result–insanity.

  21. Howard, I cannot add to what you have already stated. As always, you’re bang on !!! Thank you again for telling it like it is and exposing us to the TRUTH. Trouble is, I happen to be LEFT HANDED (just like Beatles’ Paul McCartney)….but after reading your Editorial….I feel so guilty. HELP :>( – Brucester

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