A Traitor Is A Traitor Is A Traitor



Let Me Make This 100% Clear . . . You’re Either With Us Or You’re Against Us!


If you’re Not with Freedom of Expression for Everyone . . . Then You’re Against Freedom Of Expression For Everyone.

If you Believe the Government has a Right to Share your Wealth as the Government Deems Necessary . . . You’re A Socialist/Communist Against Free Enterprise!

If you Believe that Only Privileged People Should be Permitted to Protect Themselves with Guns held by Men & Women who Operate as Guns-For-Hire . . . You’re An Elitist.

If you Believe the Second Amendment has anything to do with Hunting & Self Protection . . . You Have No Understanding Of The American Constitution.

If you Believe that a Sovereign Nation Doesn’t Need Absolute Defensible Borders and a National Culture Unique to Your Specific Nation . . . Then You’re Far Removed From Being A Patriot.

And if you Think every Issue is Debatable . . . You Deserve The Consequences Of Your Stupidity.

I Could Go On & On . . . But I’m Certain You’ve Gotten The Point.


Take What I’m Writing Very Seriously . . . Because It Always Starts The Same.

In Nazi Germany . . . First They Banned Jews From Owning Guns. Political Opponents whom the Nazis Didn’t Like, were Visited by the Brown-Shirts in the Darkness of Night, to be Dragged from their Respective Homes in Horror.

And Before the Nazis Stopped Pretending to be Democratic . . . They Terrified their Targets with a Plethora of Charges, Time in Jail & Inquisitions, all Designed to Break Whomever the Nazis Wanted to Break. Premeditated Coercion to Rat on their Friends & Colleagues.

If This Doesn’t Sound & Look Familiar To Americans In America . . . Wake-Up!

AND DO YOU THINK THEY’RE NOT ACTING LIKE NAZIS? . . . Look at what the FBI has Done to Flynn, Manafort, Cohen & Roger Stone to Name just a Few.

Look at the Secret Spying on a Political Campaign, Before, During & After a National Presidential Election by the FBI – IN CONTRAST TO THE VERY FOUNDATION OF THE US CONSTITUTION.

If None Of This Doesn’t Scare The Hell Out Of You . . . What Will?

WHERE’S THE CRIME? . . . Look at the 81-Subpoenas Issued by The Democrats Against Friends & Workers of the Republican President, for what Appears to be . . . The Sole Purpose of Terrifying, Rattling & Bankrupting People, who the Democrats want to Shake Down for Possible Evidence . . . OF WHAT?

All of this is so Beyond the Legitimate Purpose & Mandate of Government Oversight, that it Smacks Entirely of what you would have Expected from the Nazis, KGB, Stasi and all other Nefarious Political Goons Acting in the Name of Government.


Here’s Why I DESPISE The Jewish Left . . . & The Equivocation.


We Have All Seen This Movie Before . . . Played-Out for Thousands of Years, all the Time Ending in the Exact Same Way – So Here We Are, with Vile Anti-Semitism in the Democrat Party, where an Avowed Jew-Hater, Ilhan Omar, made Clear & Unabashed Insults to the Jewish Community.

In A Normal Society . . . The Party of the Religious Racist, would Severely & Clearly Admonish the Guilty Member, by Simply Saying . . . We Fully Stand Against Any Kind Of Anti-Semitism & Remove Ilhan Omar From All House Committees.

BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED . . . Worse – Every Jewish Democrat Showed Their Absolute True Colors, By Voting For A Resolution, Which Said Nothing About The Reason For The Resolution . . . Giving The Anti-Semite A Free Ride, A Whitewash & A Platform For Her & Other Jew-Haters To Continue To Spew Their Venom.


During The Run-Up To World War Two . . . By September 15, 1935, the Nazis had Passed the Nuremburg Laws, which Disenfranchised All German Jews. Essentially making German Jews Untermenschen . . . Less Than Human.

Initially . . . The Nazis Used The Same Tactics Then . . . As The FBI’s Using Today.

When The Jews Had The Chance To Stand-Up & Fight Back . . . The Vast Majority of Jews Didn’t, even though German Jews were Stripped of their Jobs, Professions, Possessions, Political Associations, and the Right to Pray as Jews . . .


Why Would A Rich, Educated & Well Connected People Simply Succumb En Masse?


Rabbi Leo Baeck . . . was also Leader of the National Agency of Jews in Germany & Chairman Of The World Union For Progressive Judaism – with a Heavy Emphasis on the Word Progressive.

Because Of His Titles . . . This Elitist Prick Was A Man Of Great Distinction.

BEING A LEFTIST . . . Baeck Believed that he was Smarter & More Important than Anyone Else in Germany. Certainly – More Erudite than all the Stupid Worker-Jews, who could have Never Understood the Philosophy & Intricacies of Real Politick, to Deal with the Nazi OSTRACIZATION of the Entire Jewish Population.

So . . . Being The Respected Chief Rabbi Of Berlin, the Leader of the National Agency of Jews in Germany, and the Chairman of the World Union For Progressive Judaism . . . People Believed This LEFTIST Rabbi, when Baeck told Germany’s Jews . . . DON’T FIGHT, DON’T RESIST, COOPERATE, AND IT WILL BE BETTER FOR YOU.

Baeck . . . Repeated this Mantra Throughout the Early Years of the Holocaust, even when Jews were being Loaded & Crammed like Livestock onto Railway Cattle Cars Headed for the Hell of the Nazi Death Camps.

As For The Rabbi . . . Who Should Rot In Hell, with all the Other Jewish Elitist Judenrat, who Enabled the Nazis To Murder 6-Million Jews, with Barely a Struggle from their Victims, Wound-Up Himself, as a Prisoner of the Holocaust in Theresienstadt (Czechoslovakia), the Nazi Show-Camp, Administered by Sell-Out Jews like Baeck.

And Even After Baeck Knew . . . What was Really Happening to the Jews Headed for the “Camps”, this Elitist Piece of Crap, kept that Information from the Jewish Victims, Because Baeck Didn’t Think They Could Handle-It.

Baeck Survived The War & Amongst Fellow Leftists Was Lauded As A Great Rabbi.


INSTEAD OF REFUSING TO SIGN A RESOLUTION, which Pandered to Jew-Haters . . . Jewish Democrat House Members (Law-Makers) Caved, & Unanimously Signed a Resolution, which in Fact Punished all American Jews With Their Cowardice, while Rewarding the Jew-Haters.

Some 75-Years Ago . . . We Called These Jewish Elitist Traitors Judenrat . . .


The Nazis Pulled The Trigger . . . The Elitist Jewish LEFT Gathered The Targets.

The Democrats Are The Party Of Infanticide, Regulations, Open Borders, High Taxes, Climate Change Propaganda, Socialism & Anti-Semitism.

I’m Telling You About These LEFTIST Jewish Sell-Outs . . . Because Like History Dictates . . . It’s A Precursor Of Things To Come – It’s An Old Story, Where The Ending Never Changes.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What a stark comparison ….. Bibi and Barack …… wow, one has a yellow spine and the other has a spine made of steel. He recognizes what is going on and instead of catering and bowing to the enemy, he chooses to call them out for who they really are ….. ruthless killers …… MUSLIM TERRORISTS! a phrase Mr. Pres. seems not to be able to utter. What a class act Obama is! I’d take Bibi N. as our President any day over our “great pretender.”

  2. Thank you for voicing a stand so many of us ignore … to our eventual demise.

  3. Howard, you’ve said it all…The Democrats Are The Party Of Infanticide, Regulations, Open Borders, High Taxes, Climate Change Propaganda, Socialism & Anti-Semitism.They ARE acting like Nazis!The so-called Democrats are using the same Nazi message of…DON’T FIGHT, DON’T RESIST, COOPERATE, AND IT WILL BE BETTER FOR YOU.Yes, what the FBI has Done to Flynn, Manafort, Cohen & Roger Stone, etc.. is DESPISCABLE and UN-AMERICAN! WAKE UP PEOPLE before it’s too late!PRAY FOR PRES. TRUMP! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  4. Howard is dead solid perfect on this. It’s long past time to speak up. If we let this go on, we deserve what is going to happen to us. We ARE living in 1930s Germany if the behavior of the FBI/Deep State is any indication.

  5. SPOT ON! And a ‘history’ lesson to be LEARNED & remembered so WE may fight against this tyranny. Thank God my Grandparents had the knowledge to see & hear what was happening & they were able to come to America to escape the horrendous happenings. If my Grandparents were alive today, they would be standing against every Democrat alive & working FOR THE PEOPLE & WITH THE PEOPLE to SAVE America. We must do the same. We are looking TYRANNY in the eye. Get rid of it. MAGA God Bless

  6. The Jewish Left are perhaps the greatest anti Semites of all. They are a self-hating, despicable lot who reject who they are, yet use it as a convenience to serve up their own kind to their enemies as a sacrifice. They immediately and automatically side with those who wish to destroy them, often coming to their defence, justifying their actions and promoting their hatred for them. Their stand is a true mental derangement, like the self destructive, mental state of all leftists.

  7. HC will you explain why the Jewish people are Democrats instead of being any thing else than that.? Why and I think I know why so much is going on has to do with the fifty rich in this country who are controlling it, Sorors for one if I spelled that old mans name right if I did not no big deal you know who I am talking about. There are billionaires all over the world who control so much of what is going on, the Clinton’s should be in jail, Nancy Pelosia should be Robet Shuller should be so many

  8. Howard, the truth hurts. But I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling it like it is. In past, we’ve exchanged some pretty interesting e-mails…and I have always responded to your Editorials because you speak the TRUTH. My quest for you is to keep on keeping on…and more power to you !!! As folksinging legend Pete Seeger would say….
    Take it easy, but take it !!! – Brucester

  9. Both the Democrat Jews in the House and those in the Senate can’t see beyond their petty Party. I can’t believe that they can’t understand that Omar was talking about them and not some imaginary Jew. No protest from Schumer in the Senate. Nadler didn’t press to get her off his committee. What a bunch of stupid idiots who can’t recognize the fox in the coop. I understand that Pelosi made a Faustian deal with AOC and her ilk to keep her job as Speaker and now a free pass for Omar.

  10. Once again I am encouraging EVERYONE to write an editorial. This should not be a choice. This should be in YOUR local news paper. Do your part and that would be a honor to Howard.

  11. Howard, You didn’t mention that Hitler was a socialist who promised lots of free things, much like today’s socialists.

  12. The new rapidly growing website “JEXODUS” is organizing to expose and even be rid of elitist leftist Jews in America.
    The RINO and DNC Jews are seen as they truly are – the Type who would thank Hitler for the train ride and who are doing it once again

  13. Face Book is NOT ALLOWING ME TO REPOST THIS ARTIVLE…..I guess this article hits to close to the Democrat home and shows the various 3 letter agencies are and were in cahoots with the Democrats…..😡😡😡😡😡

  14. In the election of 2020 Trump will win hands down by 75% of Americans. However the 2020 election won’t be a normal election because the left is not about to let this happen. By election time in 2020 this Country of ours will be in a total uproar. The Liberals will keep stirring the pot with fake news and illegal moves. The illegals will be voting legal or not, the big reason for more illegals. The left has already made it known that they want the illegals voting. Civil war in our future?

  15. You know you hit the big time when good ol David Duke conplements you….and he has complemented that piece of trash as the most important politician in that swamp. We should be afraid

  16. Learn from history or you are destined to repeat it. every country that has moved to Socialism has moved to the same level, rich live good poor die off slowly. The Politicos are using Drugs to disable the minds of our youth, conviencing them that guns are bad (people are bad, guns are tools)and that under Socialism everything will be free. When the other shoe drops it will be too late for the drugged up fools to do anything. Washington is the central problem of Elite fools.

  17. Easy to talk and complain but how many take action. How many send a check to the campaigns, make phone calls, go door to door. Those that have an audience Limbaugh, Hanity do they provide the tools the leadership etc… to take the talk to the next level?
    We need organization and leadership at the top to rally the troops. The left sure seems to get that accomplished and be unified the Conservatives ook and are all over the place and afraid to speak out or take a stand. That effects the base

  18. You might read an old book that warned us many years ago. The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America
    by Leonard Peikoff | Jun 1, 1983

  19. Your editorial makes me Sad & MAD at the same time. Seems earth’s inhabitants continually cycle the history of atrocious behavior even though mankind at the same time moves forward in discoveries. Intelligence doesn’t seem to alter the basic behavior of sinful man. What a disappointment we humans are. Not only do we continually succumb to the baser self but never seem to learn from the devastation/hurt/pain it causes self & others. “Wretched man that I am, who will deliver me..?” Only God can.

  20. A history lesson for all. Too bad so many Americans and Jews have forgotten, overlook or ignore history, and never learn from it.

  21. Thanks for these historical lessons, Howard. Not being Jewish, I have always wondered why those of your faith have consistently remained silent amidst all of the anti-Semitic insults and slurs being thrown at them. You have also perfectly described the notorious human being named George Soros.

  22. You are “spot-on” as usual. This time even more so.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

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