And America’s LEFT Keep On Making It Worse


The World Is In An Enormous State Of Flux . . . And It Isn’t Good!


The Ultimate Fascist/Communist Country of China, is Rapidly Becoming, not just a Military World Superpower In Its Own Mind, but No Less a Global Financial Power to Boot . . . ALL OF WHICH HAS BEEN CREATED ON THE THEFT OF TECHNOLOGY & CHINESE SLAVE LABOR.

BUT . . . China’s Image Of Grandeur Is Crafted On A Wisp Of Truth.

In an All-Out Military Confrontation Against The USA & NATO, which would Most Probably Include Japan & Taiwan On Our Side – China Would Fold Like A Cheap Suit.

AND IF THE USA . . . Were To Impose Real Sanctions & Tariffs Against China – The Chinese Economy Would Collapse On Itself, Leaving the Fascist/Communist State, which is Run . . . On A Government Of Fear . . . In Economic Rubble.

I’m Not All That Worried About Russia, since Russia is Literally Hanging-On Financially by a Thread & Has its Hands Full, Just Controlling the Bit they Already Have. The Russians Talk a Good Game . . . But Talk Is Just Talk, unless the Fear Mongering is Coming from the American LEFT.

I’m Also Not All That Worried About The Arab/Moslem Middle East, because, if Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and their Cadre of Like-Minded Islamists were to Really Try To Go Head-To-Head with Israel . . . Israel would Take a Beating, while the Islamists Would be Beaten Back . . . To The 19th CenturyWhere Many Of Them Belong.

I’m Far More Worried About LEFTIST Europe . . . Canada & The United States.

Europe has Dropped all of its Pretentions about being a Free & Open Society, which Used to Cherish Freedom of Expression for Everyone, where the Rule of Law Represented the Rule Of The People . . . where a Plebiscite In England (Brexit), which Was Voted YES By The People, In Spite of Political Party & Big Business Dirty Tricks, is now Taken by the Government as a “SUGGESTION”, Opposed To Being A National Resolution As It Should Be.

And As Thus . . . The British Insiders, Financial Powerbrokers & LEFT, are Doing all they Can to USURP the Democratic Will of the People.

I Believe . . . Almost Without Reservation – That Europe is On-Track to Absolutely Collapse into Chaos and Probable Dystopia. I KNOW, that Europe is Running on LIES, LIES & MORE LIES about Everything, but Especially, about their Economy, which for all Intents & Purposes, in a Free Market Society, where the Government Doesn’t Control Most of the Information, the Entire EU would Collapse on Europe’s Gargantuan Financial Debt & Unsustainable Social Promises.

Europe . . . Under the Guise of UNION, as in United, Isn’t Even Close, as Islam is Playing Havoc with Europe’s Thousand-Plus Year’s of Separate & Distinct Independent Cultures, Laws & Morals.


Taking Away The Right Of Dissent Is The Beginning Of The End.

Freedom Of Expression . . . The Most Sacrosanct Freedom A Nation Could Have – Is No Longer Free in Countries like France & England, where Contrary Opinions will get a Person Fined, Arrested & Jailed. Where Judges can Order Men & Women with their own Conflicting Opinions to the Establishment Doctrine . . . Can & Do – Impose “GAG-ORDERS” – TO SILENCE DISSENT!

PS – I Worry About Canada & The USA . . . Which Also Impose Gag Orders.

President George H W Bush’s (Bush-41), New World Order, CANNOT HAPPEN without the Full Compliance & Participation of the United States Of America with Europe, China, Russia and the Islamists, which is Precisely Why . . . It Isn’t Only The Democrats Going After President Trump, But In All Reality . . . There Is A Significant Movement Worldwide To Unseat America’s Populist Conservative President.


As If The LEFT . . . Don’t Sell Their Souls For The Benjamins From People Who Hate American Exceptionalism & Global Independence From Wherever & From Whomever They Can Get It?

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Anti-Semitism Is Very Much A Disease Of The LEFT.

And Whenever There Is “Polite” Anti-Semitism . . . There Is Global Dystopia.

As Per German/Christian Pastor Niemöller’s Incredible Poem . . . From His Memories As He Languished In A Nazi Concentration Camp.

“. . . . Then They Came For The Jews . . . And I Didn’t Speak-Up, Because I Was Not A Jew . . . Then They Came For Me – And There Was No One Left To Speak For Me”.


On September 5, 2012 . . . During A Democrat Convention To Establish The Democrat Party Platform, A Resolution to Support Jerusalem as Israel’s National Capital Was BOOED-DOWN!


We Think We Know All About The Level Of Anti-Semitism Throughout Europe – But We Don’t. My DAD, and the Dads & Granddads of MANY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of North Americans (Canada In There First) . . . Gave It Their All, to Liberate Belgium from the Nazis some 75-Years Ago, so the Belgium People Could Be Free . . .

Today . . . 75-Years – After the Liberation of Belgium from the Nazis – Less Than 3/10ths Of Just One Percent of the Belgium Population is Jewish (30,000 In A Population of 11-Million) . . . Click On The Bottom Link To See What The Belgium People Think Of Jews (March 3, 2019) . . . As Acceptable Behavior.

European Anti-Semitism On Full Display This Past Week In Belgium.

While It Is True . . . that the EU showed Outrage at this Display of Anti-Semitism, it is in my Opinion, not Because Europe is a Core of Jew Hatred, but Rather, it is Because they Got Caught, Which Disturbed The EU Muckety-Mucks.

Europe Doesn’t Hate Israel Because Israel Is A Bad Country . . . Europe Hates Israel, Because Israel is an Incredibly Successful & Good Country, which was Against all Odds . . . RECREATED AFTER 2000-YEARS OF EXILE – FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE TO ONCE AGAIN CALL HOME!

When Moslem Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Of Minnesota . . . Accused Jews Of Buying Political Influence In The USA . . . “It’s All About The Benjamins Baby”, it was no Different than the Anti-Semitic Float in Belgium.

Pelosi Said Ilhan Omar Didn’t Mean-It . . . Just Like Hitler Didn’t Mean Mein Kampf.

When the Democrat Party REFUSED to Simply Condemn Omar for Her Anti-Semitic Remarks, INCLUDING . . . Jews have DUAL National Loyalties, Meaning that Jews Cannot be Trusted, Because Jews are not Loyal Americans . . . At that, Omar should have Been Expelled from all Committees for these Incredibly Anti-Semitic Insults . . . Instead – The Democrats Chose To Whitewash & Pile-It-On.

Even Though Islamophobia Had Nothing To Do With It . . .

ALL OF A SUDDEN . . . Instead of being Admonished to the Extreme Condemnation Possible for Omar’s Open Display of Anti-Semitism . . . The Democrats Presented a Resolution Condemning All Forms Of Racism . . . Including Islamophobia.

Rashida Tlaib – Broadcast How This Resolution Was A Huge Victory For Islam.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Staged A Successful Fundraiser . . . Claiming That “Now AIPAC (American Israel Action Committee) Will Come After Us”.


Ever Wonder How 6-Million Jews Went Near Passively To Their Slaughter?

It Could Not Have Happened Without Judenrat . . . Compliant Jewish Elitists, many of whom were Captains of Industry, Educators, Professionals & Intellectuals before and During the Holocaust, who Self-Believed that they were Smarter than the Entire Jewish Population, who CONVINCED Fellow Jews to Surrender their Enfranchisement, Abandon their Homes, and Get Onto the Trains of Death & Hell, Because They Were Going To Save Them.


TODAY’S JUDENRAT ARE IN CONGRESS . . . The Media, Academia & Big Business, who are also Self-Convinced, just like the Judenrat of 80-Years Ago, of their Genius Compared to the “Little People”, even when Anti-Semitism Is Rubbed In Their Collective Face.

The Entire World Is Headed Towards No Place Good . . . While Conservative America Under President Trump . . . Is The World’s Last Best Hope.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, may I address the uneducated Robert O’Brien of Canada? Bob, you must have been living in a cave somewhere or in a cocoon where nothing could reach you. The US military had hundreds of ordinance disposal soldiers and others attached to these units who returned to the US with symptoms of being exposed to chemical weapons. You won’t see it in the msm or on the news because that is not what they want to hear being liberal and all knowing. Last I knew, chemical weapons are wmds!

  2. Political news is SO depressing! I sit idly by and watch what is happening, but I am ready to join a revolution!!

  3. What Democrats and the media are hiding is that Omar, Tlaib and AOC etc all have dual loyalties. Each of them supports and raises money for Hamas, Hezballah and ISIS. Each of these groups of terrorists is out to destroy the West. How is is that these women who pledge loyalty to the USA but raise money for terrorists out to destroy the USA are still allowed to be members of Congress? Truly we are living in difficult if interesting times.

  4. I have never been able to understand Jewish and Catholic support for the Democrats.

    The Democrats are without question anti Semitic and pro abortion!

  5. Howard, your comments are so correct about what we see happening right before our eyes. President Trump is our last best hope to right the wrongs happening around the World.

  6. All that I can say is that the Democrats are toast if Trump wins again in 2020 and they know this. So look for lots of fake news for those who are not well informed. we will see fake news most everyday from most major news networks. Another thing the Democrats will do to win is voter fraud, their voter fraud was not enough to put them over the top in 2016. Most every place that has voting will have fraud of some kind by the Democrats. I’ve yet to see those elected by voter fraud to be jailed.

  7. Even though he is in the Senate, Schumer is still a Democrat and a Jew. I guess he could not take it personally that Omar’s comments were directed at him as well as all the other Jewish and pro-Israel members of Congress. He should have. Jews have to stand up for all Jews and these people in Congress couldn’t do it. We are both Americans and Jews and deserve better from our own.

  8. As I watch the news and read Internet reports, I grow very angry with the Democrats (and RINOs) in Congress. But I realize that my anger is misdirected. Why should I be angry with a rattlesnake for being a rattlesnake. The Democrats are power mad socialists. Mine and all our anger needs to be directed at those who vote for these traitors. If you vote for ANY democrat, you are not part of the problem, you ARE the problem.

  9. I remember when I was 9 or 10 years old our teacher telling us about those delusional Jews in Germany,so assimilated they used to call themselves Deutsche mit Moses Glaube. It didn’t save them. The leftists, Democrats, Jewish Voices for Peace, Commies. etc. think they will escape the redneck wrath. Good luck. History repeating itself! Maybe they will wake up.

  10. Like a lot of science fiction books that I read especially Star Trek, the earth before it unites and travels the stars goes through WW 3. We can’t escape it, the planet is a huge powder keg about 1000 more deadly than the one that started WW 1. WW 3 is coming not if but when. If that doesn’t happen then the earth will plunge into a dystopian society just like in George Orwell’s “1984 book and movie. Unless europe and canada wakes up, make a hard turn right we are doomed and Trump must win again.

  11. One of the big things that happened in Germany in the ’30s was that they all gave up their guns, and had no way to keep from being killed or at least fighting back. I don’t believe that will happen here in the US. Most gun owners that I know have vowed never to give them up, and I won’t either. We will not be dragged off to be imprisoned or killed without a fight.

  12. I was just a small girl when all this was taking place in Europe with the people being boarded on trains to go to their death.
    As a grown woman my heart cry’s out for all the lost children and their families. I pray for all of Israel and it’s people not to have to have bombs hitting them all the time. That they can live a life in peace. God be with them all.

  13. Great Editorial. As a youngster my Grandparents told me of their coming to America because of the horrendous CHANGE they saw in France and Germany, in the 1930s. They embraced America. French was only spoken at home, otherwise English was THE language. Grandpa made sure I knew what was going on during the war. I learned to READ at Grandpa’s knee & newspapers. I don’t understand HOW people can be so BLIND to the Jewish plight. God Help Us. MAGA. Shame on the Democrats.

  14. And David Duke didn’t really mean he supported Omar’s statements against the Jews … thus why the liberal media didn’t call her out to condemn Dukes support ??? Hmmmm…………… The Dems are returning to their KKK Roots …. Virginia government, the east coast Dem who called the one county the N County … and the media looked away again ????

  15. The USA doesn’t have a monopoly on Muslim women in government sitting on committees. Canada has one Iqra, Khalid on the Justice committee questioning Jody Wilson Raybould, former Attorney General who resigned under pressure from Trudeau, who demoted her to be Minister of Veterans Affairs. JWR resigned that position two weeks later and is under a gag order not to give reasons why ?????????? We also have a Somali Muslim Immigration Minister and thousands of Muslims getting into Canada unchecked.

  16. I’m ready to meet the Lord in the air and they’ll all be here basking in their torment. COMING SOON! It was foretold in the Book of Daniel (first and second comings of Christ).

  17. It’s really depressing that there is so much anti-Jewish sentiment in the world. I never thought that I’d hear it from Americans (or pretend Americans). I was so furious to hear those two Muslim women and their criticisms that I would have liked to kick their backsides. Here they are, heads covered to please their ‘betters’ and I wonder if they walk two steps behind their men to show their submissiveness; it all makes me ill. By the way, I have Pastor Niedmoller’s poem on the wall above.

  18. Another top notch excellent Editorial, Howard. Speaking of “Judenrat” which translated into Jewish people turning on Jews….we’ve got the same thing here in ethnocentric anti-anglo French Quebec. I call it “Anglorat”….the English people turning on the English !!! And I believe, that is why you, Howard, had enough of this crap and shut down QPAC. It was never those damn separatists that drove you away, Howard. It was our own kiss a** “Anglophones” !!! I don’t blame you one bit. – Brucester

  19. I was curious about this “new young Left.” I learned they originate from two groups: Our Revolution and Justice Democrats. Both websites are interesting.The latter supported AOC and I suspect are the ones scripting her more structured mouthings. Stacy Abrams (the unknown who answered the SOTHU address for the Dems was one of the five unsuccessful OR candidates in GA. They supported seven candidates in GA, five failed.

  20. Greetings: Just when I think you’ve written your most insightful editorial, YOU OUTDO YOURSELF! I’m hopeful SOME Democrats in Congress take HEED and come to their SENSES! What is happening here is part & parcel of the same thing that happened almost a HUNDRED YEARS ago. Trump is OUR modern day SAVIOR! MAGA.

  21. Liked your interesting world nation power analysis. After watching the video of parade I clicked on 2 videos of 10 Worst places/nations to be if/when WWIII breaks out, as well as 10 Best nations. As much as we’d all hate to think about it much less see it, I believe we are headed in that direction. Just turned 77 so maybe won’t be here. Even Trump as today’s only hope, he can be in White House only 6 more years if re-elected. Then what–there is no other on horizon like him, at present anyway.

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