Pile It On Baby . . . PILE IT ON!


Had you told me, Just 3-Months Ago, that the Democrat Party would be on Suicide Watch, less than 2-Months into their House Mandate, I would have Wondered what you were Drinking and/or Smoking.

BUT HERE WE ARE . . . March 6, 2019 – and the Idiot Democrats are Being Run by the Idiot Uber LEFT, with a Coterie of Primary Candidates, who Publicly want to Destroy the Very Fabric of the United States of America by way of Socialism/Communism and their Insane New Green Deal.


I Also Believe In Global Warming & Global Cooling . . . Because, if I didn’t, I would have to Believe that the Planet, which is some 4.5-Billion Years Old, According to Virtually All Scientific Consensus, Except Perhaps for the Few People who still Might Believe the World is Flat . . . Never Experienced Climate Change At Any Time During That 4.5-Billion Year Span Until Now.

WHAT I DON’T BELIEVE WHATSOEVER . . . Is that Somehow, the Existence of Mankind, and How we go about our Daily Lives – Actually Amounts to a Hill-Of-Beans to the Warming & Cooling of the Globe.

I Remember In The 1970’s . . . that Panicked Weather “Geniuses”, who we Depended upon for Weather Knowledge, Swore Up & Down, that we were Headed for Another Ice-Age. I also Remember that Mankind was Responsible for the Gargantuan Hole in the Ozone Layer above South America & Antarctica, where Ultra Violet Rays from the Sun were going to Blind Millions of People & Cause Mass Outbreaks of Cancer.

Then There Was Al Gore . . . Make Me Rich & I’ll Save The Planet.

And Now – There’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . Leading the Pack of Democrat Presidential Wannabes, who is Convinced that if we don’t Succumb to her Climate Change Beliefs, THE WORLD WILL COME TO AN END IN 12-YEARS.

To Cortez . . . This Battle To Save The World Is Akin To WWII.


Science – Which Is Not Political Hyperbole . . . Dictates Through Careful Study, Measurements & Facts, that the Gravitational Pull of the Moon has a Serious Influence on the Movement of the Tides, which has a Serious Influence on the Flow of the World’s Currents, which have a Serious Influence on the Temperature of the Oceans, which has a Serious Influence on Global Temperatures . . . Which Influences El Nino & La Nina – Where La Nina Brings Cold & Moisture, while El Nino Brings Warmth & Dryness.


The Sun Is Just Under 93-Million Miles Away . . . Yet Sunspots & Solar Flares have an Enormous Affect on all Aspects of the Planet – INCLUDING Temperatures.

Then There’s The Earth’s Elliptical Orbit Around The Sun . . . which Causes Earth’s 4-Seasons, which is also not Predictable, where any Deviation of the Orbit, even the Most Minute Deviation on our Axis will Cause Effects we Cannot Predict.

AND WHAT ABOUT . . . Carbon Gasses Escaping from the World’s Ocean Floors, Massive Wildfires & Erupting Volcanoes? Do they somehow not Count?

I’m Amazed at how the LEFT has all The Answers, and a Lock on The Truth, when Real Science hasn’t Even Scratched the Surface.

But . . . If We Don’t Listen To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The World Will Come To An End in Just 12-Years.


Can You Believe This? No One of Decent Conscience, who Isn’t an Anti-Semite, Believes that the Jew-Hatred Remarks of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar . . . Weren’t Anti-Semitic.

You Would Think . . . That in this Day & Age, in the Freest Country on the Planet, in a Political Party, Which Is Supported By More Than 80% Of Jewish Voters, where Key Members of the Ruling Democrat House are Jewish – Would Have Zero Issues With a Simple Resolution That Would Condemn Ilhan Omar For Her Anti-Semitism, While Simultaneously Removing Her From Her Very Important Committee.

You Would Think It – But Think Again . . . Because the Democrats are Scrambling to Find Mealy-Mouthed Words to Water-Down Their Rebuke of the Anti-Semite, while Trying to Conflate Omar’s Anti-Semitism with Islamophobia.

Pretty Soon . . . America Will Have To Place The LEFT On Suicide Watch.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Today is, for me, very special. I got to watch Mr. Netanyahu’s speech from beginning to end. Later, I got to review Howard Galganov’s critique of the speech and of our situation. Superb performances, both!

  2. I doubt that the Dems will be a viable party after 2020 because of their incompetence and their Trump hatred.

  3. The madness on the idiot left is unparalleled. Frankly, they should rename their party The Socialist Infanticide Anti-semitic Party fo America. Moderate democrats, sit as independents or join the republicans. Make a statement.

  4. Unfortunately our education systems (USA and Canada, plus Europe) have been churning out socialist liberals for the last 40, 50, 60 years. Those are the people who will eventually win out. Who do you think put these current leftist leaders in office? Do you think any great number of them are changing their minds? I see no evidence of it.

  5. The Left on a suicide watch–we can only hope. But without drastically changing their liberal mindset, the GOP doesn’t need them either. We already have enough non-conservatives. I find it ironic that the left kept saying/predicting during 2016 that the GOP was destroying itself with in-fighting. Whatever goes around, comes around. Might they have actually been predicting their own party’s demise? At least a split with 1/3-1/2 splitting off to form Socialist Party. Then see who wins elections.

  6. Cortez and Omar need a few good kicks on their arses. I’m Canadian and If I were younger I’d offer my assistance. Hey, when I was young I used to arm wrestle the boys and I even beat them!

  7. It’s telling to observe the anthropomorphic GW crowd jump through so many hoops to validate their truths, while failing to notice that the polar ice cap on Mars (actually frozen CO2 — ‘dry ice’) has been observed for centuries to advance and retreat in perfect synchrony with Earth’s polar ice. The cause, of course, that should be obvious to the most casual observer, is the ever-variable thermal flux from our Sun, that affects both planets simultaneously. Les Horn Eagle River, Alaska

  8. The weather geniuses can not accurately predict our weather from one week to the next. Now we are supposed to buy into their global climate change/control agenda? I am with you Howard, on climate change. I remember the coming ICE AGE in the early 70’S. NOT!

  9. And up here in Canada the left is Imploding over all the Trudeau Scandals …. What a wonderful time to be a Conservative!!!

  10. Your take on Ms. Cortez, the new “Goddess of Folly” is spot on. However, I am really thankful, for even though her 29 years
    of living have given her less experience and qualifications than those owned by Mr. Obama when he was elected Pres. of the U. S., the Justice Democrats of N. Y. got her a spot in Congress. They can now worship at her feet while she spews forth
    ridiculous nonsense which will surely help get Mr. Trump re-elected.

  11. Watching the antics of the Democrats in the U.S. is like watching a Saturday Night Live sketch. The dancing clown AOC now has a bigger following and more credibility than the equally moronic Nancy Pelosi. I find it hard to believe that Maxine Waters gets even one single vote. OK OK … people with an IQ lower then 2 are exempt. Watching the stupidity of our brain dead PM Justin Trudeau is no better. The scary thing to me is the Canadian and American voters actually put them there.

  12. Also be aware that the heat radiating from the Sun can vary to the point the temperature on Earth is directly affected. No actions taken by mankind, including nuclear weapons testing, have not impacted our climate. We know that at the end of the last ice age that the Milankovitch cycle also has a greater impact. But I have to disagree and that mankind has indeed affected the climate. Deforestation of rain forests, incidents like Chernobyl and Fukushima impact the environment affecting climate.

  13. Here is a fact that I tell enviro-freaks when they start shooting out of their mouths AGW. Question, what was human civilisation like 10 to 12 thousand years ago ??? Hunters and gatherers using fire to cook and keep warm. So pray tell, what caused the last ice age to finish 10 to 12 thousand years ago and who or what is responsible for melting glaciers as thick as 4 miles high or 6 Km if you are metric ??? DUH, the SUN !!!

  14. Don’t count out the Left, although it is fun watching their idiocy.

    Trudope just had a climate change open house in Toronto, and the house was filled with his worshippers.

    And Obama was in Calgary, at the Saddledome. A sold out crowd of Trump haters filled the place, paying as much as $500 to listen to his Marxist claptrap.

  15. The mapping of glaciers in Alaska by Captain Cook in one century, and the discovery by John Muir in the next century that the glaciers had retreated many (30? 40?) miles, is enough to convince me that yes, there is global warming, and no, man is not causing it.

  16. Another good one Howard thank you as always. The only way our planet would go anywhere is to have it bombed for one or a meter hit the entire thing. Only thing I worry about is if our Senators and Congressman stand up for our President and help him all that they can. Those who do not help him will never get my vote again and sure as all get out think there will be many more to follow. He is doing all that he can all the Democrats are doing is trying to get him out of office.

  17. The planet wobbles that affects climate, & the magnetic north pole began lurching unexpectedly away from the Canadian Arctic toward Siberia more quickly than expected. The N-S poles have reversed twice indicated by two magnetic layers discovered by archeologists; iron particles lined up according to position of N-S. The earths core is molten metal, it moves. These things plus Al Gore and Suzukis multiple houses and planes account for climate change. AOC has the answer, eat less meat & don’t fart

  18. It is said that “the HIGHER one rises, the HARDER one falls”! AOC, the “boss”, had better prepare herself for HER fall. No one can EXPECT the RADICAL LEFT to PUNISH their own [e. g., Omar], because they believe that PUNISHMENT is only MEANT for the RIGHT. They LOVE to PREACH to others, but do just the OPPOSITE and give all sorts of EXCUSES for THEIR BEHAVIOR! All in all, Pres. Trump is BENEFITING from their CLASSLESS ACTIONS and WILL WIN in 2020! Meanwhile, PRAYERS are needed! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  19. Most certainly agree. Our input to climate change, or whatever the UN, Gore and silly Suzuki decide to call it this week is infinitesimal. Nature plays the big card and all we can do is watch. Meanwhile Trudeau bumbles on as if he had all his facilities.

  20. Sure there is climate change but nothing is causing it because the way we live. They have smog in California which is good, maybe a few Democrats with bad lungs will die quicker. Republicans are leaving California in droves because they don’t want to live next to a whacko. California’s government is busted, can’t wait till I hear no more Government handouts to California. Why worry about all that is wrong with America as some bamboo republic will start an atomic bomb war and do us all in.

  21. You don’t suppose this global warming thing has anything to do with being able to justify more taxes, do you? I knew this was coming but had trouble believing it. Today, I read that, I believe it was in Denmark, politicians were suggesting a $100 tax each year on each cow … because cows “fart” and thus could have an effect on global warming. WAIT A MINUTE … it just dawned on me … OMG! … who’s next? Humans also “fart.”

    Jay Lindsay, Spring Branch, TX – USA

  22. It seems “they” do not want to be confused by facts or explanations that require multi-syllabic words, based on genuine data accumulated over decades.

  23. Drugs, alcohol and suicide are at unprecedented levels in the USA; yet Dimms fight over who is the most left. Then the Dimm Congress thinks Mueller’s Witch Hunt wasn’t enough, so let’s go after anyone who has known Trump, even his dry cleaner. There must a crime somewhere, so let’s destroy our Republic trying desperately to find something, anything. Welcome to Leftist World, run by the clueless, desperate, and Trump hating loons….

  24. One has to remember that all democrats learned what they are preaching in our public schools. The teachers are not like the ones I had in the 40s and early 50s. Back then they believed in God and we could pray & talk about God & the bible but now it is only Muslims that are allowed to pray & even have a room to pray in.Dems cannot think for themselves or study history, they might learn something the teacher did not want them to learn.

  25. Science is based on the scientific method which is, stated in its most basic form: (1) hypothesis; (2) real world observation; and (3) comparison between (1) and (2). If your hypothesis doesn’t match the measurements from the real world, the hypothesis is thrown out. Over 100 “catastrophic man-made climate change” hypotheses (aka computer models) have been presented over the years. None have come close to being accurate, with most over-predicting warming by 300-400%.

  26. I honestly don’t believe my eyes or ears anymore. I also don’t know how much more I can take or how much longer I can wait for the swamp to drain….. I learned a new word/phrase today that I’m using for what the left is doing “death blossom” …. I pray it’s true and they are on their last leg! I can’t believe these three new people, I’m assuming they were funded by soros because they are to well trained and to well planned and not quite as stupid as we think they are!

  27. You can’t fix stupid, but we sure can VOTE them out of office IF we have enough intelligent people available. All anyone in Government knows is GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE. Omar will NOT be chastised for her ‘remarks’ even though it seemed she ‘might’ be. Where are the Republicans with lawsuits against all those who are screwing up our WORLD? Why they are just sitting their, getting their paychecks at OUR EXPENSE. And the VOTERS are allowing it.

  28. It’s disturbing the House Dems can’t do anything about Omar’s actions. Here are two reports on March 6: (1) the House Dems delayed their vote condemning anti-Semitism because they couldn’t agree amongst themselves. And (2), Pelosi claimed Omar’s comments were not “intentionally anti-Semitic”. Yeah, right. She and others don’t understand that Omar’s remarks are intentional. It’s in her DNA. She needs to be rebuked but it’s not going to happen. Trump’s tweet to both reports would end with “Sad”.

  29. We have studied the human body for how long and spent how much? And how much do we really know about it. And the climate “experts” think that they understand the complex relationship with the sun, moon, geology, oceans and on and on. And they want us to believe that a trace gas in the atmosphere is the control lever for the whole thing. Preposterous on it’s face!

  30. The mere mention of the word “Democrat” makes me ill. Just a bunch of hate-filled LOSERS! I was in the local senior center shooting pool this morning and made the comment “half the people in this country don’t have a clue”. One guy (probably a labroid) said, “what makes you say that”? I felt like saying, “if you don’t know, you must be in that group”. I said, “as you go about your daily activities, just ask people in the grocery store, “whose the Vice President?”” Electoral College!!

  31. Greetings: So far the Democrat-led House has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that they’ve been charged to do! They sang a good tune leading up to the mid terms about a PLETHORA of issues they were going to tackle, IF you vote Democrat. REALITY? THERE IS BUT 1 ISSUE: IMPEACH, RESIST, BLAME. Let’s see how that gets them re-elected in 2020. I’m hopeful that the left including Omar & Tlaib CONTINUE spewing anti-Semitism. WHY? At one point, Dems will run out of making excuses for them! GO TRUMP! MAGA!

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